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    Bobrovsky gets the Vezina. I bet Philadelphia feels stupid right about now.
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    Each pinstripe represents a decade since their last world championship.
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    Ah yes, the old Cleveland Browns no logo trick.
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    Yes. On a related note, I have no problem with people who are selling Boston Strong gear where it's clearly labeled "100% of net profits goes to the One Fund." However, about 90% of the vendors around the city will charge $30 for a cheaply made Boston Strong shirt, and give $5 to charity. Disgusting. You can tell those shirts apart from certain companies who donate it all. People walking around in those are some of the douchiest people on the planet, and there's a lot of them. I think you're the only one on here who portrays Boston teams as invincible. We get it, you think Boston Strong is a joke. I'll grant you, some of it is - as I've mentioned above. However, as someone who lives in this city, and who's volunteered at the past 4 Marathons (except this year because Patriots Day fell on my birthday), it's not a joke. Don't play the intellectual troll card just because it's your favorite hand, every other page is you complaining about it. Boston Strong was about unifying an often divided city, it was about awareness of the victims, and raising the proper money to take care of their needs. So if you want to keep deriding that go ahead, but your posts on the topic wreak of ignorance. Which isn't typical of you.
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    I've said this before but I'll say it again; the red jersey looked infinitely better with the blue piping. If they just did that, it would be a very respectable jersey.
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    The thing is though, Cleveland had SEVEN years to make those moves, and still didn't. Lebron basically willed those Cavs teams to the success they had, yet they still didn't have the pieces to make it work. I really don't understand why Cleveland's management gets off scott-free while Lebron is derided as selfish and not a true leader. And , in the three years that Lebron has been in Miami, he's been to three Finals, has won one, and has a shot at a second title, so he was kinda right. But yeah, Lebron. Selfish. Weak. Lazy. Let's just go with that instead.
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    They'll move to Seattle. Where they'll play in one of two arenas that don't have ice while they wait for a new arena that may not ever be built.
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    Right, Nike should be inspecting every member of every team before they step foot in public. We've seen Nike blamed for just about everything now.
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    I agree. "Original 6 Dress Up" is to me a snarky term intended to demean a perfectly legitimate design aesthetic. There's nothing wrong with a relatively new team wanting to follow the design cues that have come to define its sport.
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    That's not Nike's fault. He probably just grabbed whatever random Dolphins t-shirt was lying around.
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    Now if they only fix the pants/socks we'll have the ball rolling again.
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    Yep, amazing how it all it takes is the addition of blue piping to bring the red alt from blah to beautiful. Bring it back, Henry! And while we're at it, the original green jersey was pretty great too, before they used a stock BP template for the greens. Everything beats the boring navy road alts.
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    So instead of ripping of the fisher cats, you ripped of the fisher cats? http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/1039/New_Hampshire_Fisher_Cats/
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    Padres looked amazing.. Please go back to this look full time!!
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    Kill it with fire. That thing better not see the field. Adidas has done good with Mississippi State football so far. They messed up baseball with the astrodog unis, but we got out of wearing those. This is bad. South Carolina wore it two years ago and it was bad then but this is worse. you, Adidas. We need Nike back.
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    It looks like "supporting breast cancer" is quickly turning as superficial and phony as "honoring our soldiers" in the world of sports design. EDIT: That being said, it could just be something that they've cooked up for a special purpose, not to be seen on the field. Auction, perhaps?
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    It's only a matter of time before the Vikings helmet features actual horns. I guarantee it will reduce the league incidence of concussions....because it'll dramatically increase the league incidence of impalements.
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    I haven't heard a whole lot of bashing of the Windows Metro design. It's the functionality that gets bashed. And a large part of that bashing comes from Windows users themselves. I for one have always begrudgingly respected Windows move to flat design. They took the leap a bit sooner. That said, what Apple unveiled in iOS 7 is NOT what Windows is using. Windows is truly flat design. What Apple unveiled might on that side of the scale, but it is not flat. It features a lot of depth. It is clean, not flat. They're not the same at all. As for revolutionary, that seems like a straw man, to me. Not sure you can find one person who called the design "revolutionary". I'll bet you can find lots of people who called the functionality and transitions, etc. etc. revolutionary. But the graphics? I doubt it. The graphics are clean and beautiful. Nobody believes they're revolutionary.
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    Yahoo! News never lets their images leave their page. Bunch of savages. It's an improvement I'll give it that. I like the whole current series that started with the 2003 $20 to this new $100 (the big heads without the oval portrait hole and the different colors for the various denominations) more than the previous series that debuted in 1996 with the outgoing $100 (the big heads with the oval portrait hole). The outgoing series were just so sparse when it came to detail and use of ink, particularly compared to the even older pre-1996 bills. At least the new series have tried to fill in some of the previously unused space with small denomination numbers, flags, liberty torches, etc... That said the current $100 and its fellow bills are all garbage compositionally when compared to the pre-96 bills (the still current $1 and $2 being the obvious exceptions). With the new $100's since 96 and continuing into this new series bill the portrait of Franklin in particular is awful. He just looks so damned dour compared to the old small head pre-96 bills. You'd think they could have found a way to keep our money looking classy while adding some of the new security elements to it. In particular I never bought their rationale for making the heads bigger and moving them off center. As a result I'd say the $2 is currently the best looking US bill despite being the oldest obverse design in the whole bill line.
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    Not a fan of the lighter blue. It is a little distracting.
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    Was also going to add "because you probably will never see the Philles in the World Series again."
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    I have to admit that I actually like all of the new Liverpool shirts. Miles better than last years. Have you been sent by Satan to help torture us by promoting these Liverpool shirts?
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    I think OliverP's intention was to match the current color scheme, which looks pretty faded as is, IMO. The other reason why I think his version compliments the current primary is the gray being used for the perspective and I think it illustrates a NY-like skyline pretty well. I could easily see what he made being incorporated into a shorts logo or warm-ups. No offense to Brandon Moore, i love his logos and concepts (damn i just sounded like Kanye West), but i was going for everything funkatron101 said. i went for the original colorways, i wanted letters to look like skyscrapers, i wanted to keep the original ball and try to keep it simple so here is an update so you can tell me is there anything else you would like to see or change.
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    I really love the new number font. For years on these boards, I've always preached that simple uniform designs go a long way when the number font is something unique. I've always tried to use original fonts as the driving force of my concepts as well. The flywire won't bug me as much because the collars are full and not toilet seat crap. I'm also kind of disappointed that there was an alternate that was scrapped.
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    what about the vintage phillies colors - baby blue and maroon? I feel like that's a very under-utilized color scheme.
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    They said I could be anything.... ...So I became a cheese grater.
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    The Eintracht Frankfurt kits look futuristic somehow, but I like them. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BMoTRuLCcAEt0uE.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BMoU1U_CAAAC3mS.jpg:large
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    Each team sends a player out in a kangaroo suit and they duke it out?
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    My hope is the Habs are simply straightening out the sleeve stripes, as they currently still follow the weird contours of the initial Edge template.
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    Many people liked this jersey too, including myself. I wouldn't even mark it as an unpopular opinion. The CCM version looked great, but the Edge version was .
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    I prefer Allstar games when the players wear their own team uniforms NHL Youngstars game
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    Josh Cribbs on the Raiders. My favorite Brown / Kent State Golden Flash
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    If you zoom in even closer, it reads: WE FIGHT relevancy and success. WE're always out by MARCH!
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    Actually, the blue pinstripes on this jersey represent that better
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    I think it's an interesting use of what is otherwise dead space. It's also a check against the laziest (which is probably most) of counterfeiting.
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    regarding Cody, how about the next time he tries another account. We all start speaking Spanish. That might put him off.
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    The best line of bull corporate buzz words is the "Hangar Effect" for the warning flags inside the collar. You make the most creative, unique, and identifying part of the entire existence of the Carolina Hurricane's jerseys and branding into something you can only see when it's hanging up... most likely in a fan's closet... which could be obscured by the actual ing hangar... or other clothes... (assuming the group of non-plussed fans at the even even buy the damn thing. Ugh. - Logo is too small. - Logo is too high. - Striping is uninspired and dull. - Striping doesn't match. - Design is uninspired and dull. - Design doesn't match. - Laces on the home, without a traditional yoke. - No laces on the road, with a traditional yoke. - Squared off yoke. - Hell, they didn't even use the samn god damn gloves or pants on each mannequin. To reiterate:
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    I immediately thought Tampa Bay when I saw the thread, but I was thinking this look:
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    Eagles care to differ. We aren't #1 in a lot of things, if anything. Let us have this one. I think the Rams, Vikings and Bengals would like a word with both of you. I think we've already had this discussion.
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    Rumor has it that they will be looking something like this...
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