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  1. I know it's a low bar to clear, but putting the majority of the burden of the arena management fee on actual patrons of the arena is arguably the most logical concept we've had in this entire saga.
  2. HOCKEY Roger Clemente's Old School Template Speedy's template Roger Clemente's RBK Edge Template ASM's Template BASEBALL Roger Clemente's Baseball Template-1 Roger Clemente's Baseball Template - 2 Flameofatlanta's Baseball Template Swiss' Template FOOTBALL Joel_Fiasco's NikeTeam Templates Roger Clemente's Football Template Flameofatlanta's Football Template Geoff Der Idiot's Football Template BASKETBALL Syphi NikeTeam Basketball Templates - VECTOR Syphi's Classic Basketball Template Syphi's V-Neck Basketball Template Syphi's Nike Wishbone Basketball Template Roger Clemente's Basketball Template Nesi's T-Bone Template Nesi's V-Neck Template SOCCER Cole's Soccer Template-1 Cole's Soccer Template-2 Cole's Soccer Template - 3 js Soccer Template 1 - VECTOR js Soccer Template 2 - Vector OTHER Clannhoran's Sports Facilities Templates mjrbaseball's Complete Field Template Library Roger Clemente's Numbers and Letters Roger Clemente's Make Your Own Jersey Tank's Basketball Court NASCAR Templates Baseball Stadiums Itech Goalie Mask-Vector Updated December 21, 2007
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  3. The league is hell bent on realignment because Detroit and Columbus complained about going out West all the time. Of course, the ironic aspect this fervent desire for realignment is that if Detroit and Columbus were to stay out West, they would likely only play around 4 more games each in the Mountain or Pacific time zone than they would in the East thanks to the NHL's guarantee that each team plays at least a home and home. Mainly, it's a playoff thing. The travel for West coast games is taxing, while Eastern teams can literally drive to the visitors arena. If I am not mistaken, your playoff opponent is under the same travel conditions as you. Sorry, bad rationale.
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