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    Here's a what-if/what-could-have-been scenario: The difference that the presence of that ball/burst makes. Just looks complete. Also notice the omittance of black for purple - the lack of purple in the current set is dismal.
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    Personally, I really dislike what they showed. I understand that they are trying to modernize the streaking suns, but they ended up creating a mess in identity. I doubt these uniforms would grow on me despite how much the logos did. The home whites look too WNBA-ish due to how bare it looks. It's almost completely white minus a few orange highlights especially with the V-neck. When they showed the V-Neck in the teaser images, I feared that it'll look like a Women's basketball jersey, and my fear became reality. The road purple uniform is the best jersey in this new identity despite the dumb sun streaks. I understand what they are suppose to represent, but the Suns are the Suns, not the Pacers. Their fast paced offense can be shown on the court with how they play, not on the jerseys. The orange sleeved uniforms are terrible. Absolutely terrible. It's like they slapped the sun streaks, the number, and the wordmark on a t-shirt and called it a day. It's like they are begging to be called "The Great Pumpkin" from Peanuts. Also, the patch pattern on the shorts is absolutely dreadful. I understand they want to create a Sun with Phoenix wings, but it ended up being a cluttered mess. The butt stripe is completely idiotic too. What does that represent? What's their bs excuse to have that on their uniform? Too be honest, with the recent trend of some god awful jerseys, I should have seen this coming. With how Adidas, Nike, and UA competing on how not to make an iconic jersey, they are painting the NBA, NFL, and NCAA with ugly. I also disagree with oddball and racecarbackwardsisracecar. If you seen the throwback jerseys the Suns wore last season, it was the perfect uniform for the Suns. All they needed to do is update that style to their new identity. The uniforms in the nba these days are baggier than what they use to wear. If the Suns could have pulled off the throwback uniforms last year, they could have definitely pulled off what AAO pulled off with his concept even though it may seem like too much on the top.
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news (actually I don't, I rather like it), but all the concept and suggestions of how to make the Suns look better, are, well, to put it nicely, worse and completely cluttered. While, the Suns look is not the best, none of the concepts or suggestions remotely improve the look.
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    So in the main logo threads there's been some discussion on the possibility of the Rams overhauling their look. Of course, there's been quite a bit of love stated for the 70s - 80s blue and gold uniforms, but while I love those colors for the Rams, my favorite Rams' uniform goes back a little further. Based on this uniform, I posted a concept there, and I probably should've posted it here instead, so now I am. Tell me what you think. I am interested in all comments, but I have to say before I get a bunch of suggestions to add blue pants, that's one thing I have no intention of doing. Too me, the main thing I love about that old Rams' look is the gold over white. Without that, I have zero interest in it.
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    I prefer that look. I prefer this look:
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    Well, Detroit has a lot of bandwagoners and know-nothing douchebags, but I'd still give them a B+.
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    Congrats Hansen for turning Seattle from the sympathetic victim into nothing more than a crying kid that didn't get his new toy. If I was a Kings fan I would hate everything related to Seattle sports.
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    That is sweet! I wish they would change to something like that. Also, I'm glad you used the updated swinging friar logo, and not the original with the Peyton Manning forehead.
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    I'd also suggest rendering the fish and wordmark separately, so they can both work on their own, and together.
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    It's relevations like these which make me root against wanting an NBA team in Seattle. So much bitterness on the losing side here. The general consensus on those people, with respect towards people of Sacramento, was that "they had respect towards efforts by Kings fans for keeping their team while knowing what's at stake." Now it's looking more like, "no fair, we had our Sonics stolen and now we can't steal the Kings; the NBA hates us in Seattle." Their attitude (or at least Hansen's) resemble those of powty, whining and moaning per-tween girls.
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    Oh I understand how design works. You just set up a bunch of monkeys in a room with a bunch of computers with illustrator and in two years you get this. Is this the blurst uniform of all time?
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    Hansen really is no better than Bennett. I'd like to see Seattle get a team - but as an expansion team, with Hansen as far away from it as humanly possible.
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    I bought the $135 version, the stitched one. The white stripe (on purple jersey) terminates a bit weird because it wraps around, and of course it starts out smaller than it ends, to it looks a bit funky. I'll try get a picture tonight.
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    I hate that the Seahawks TV numbers aren't outlined like the front/back jersey numbers.
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    Switching to orange numbers would make me love them
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    Remember, you're talking to dfwabel.
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    Makes no sense. Pet peeve of mine. Why isn't everything other than the A lowercase then?
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    You won't, considering that Manizel will likely be in the 2014 NFL Draft.
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    The league wanted them to fail.In 2004, Expos/Blue Jays was played in Puerto Rico.
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    Only thing that will blind me is all the crystal footballs we have. I hear Tenn doesnt have that problem, and 1 isn't gonna blind you.
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    The giant ass Adidas logo and wordmark makes the front numbers look too low, but I do like that they've finally gotten rid of the black outline on the road jerseys. There's plenty of contrast between the orange and white without them.
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    Nope. Keeping the helmet the same was one of the stipulations given to adidas in the design process.You mean to tell me the school made a decision about its identity and adidas wasnt allowed to do/force any thing they wanted? Shocking!
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    My playoff predictions: AL Playoff Standings: 1. Detroit 95-67 2. Boston 93-69 3. Oakland 92-70 4. Texas 89-73 5. Kansas City 87-75 (After watching them dismantle my Tigers this past few days, they're a force to be reckoned with and I feel they'll have a strong run to the finish) NL Playoff Standings: 1. Atlanta 100-62 2. Los Angeles 96-76 3. Cincinnati 94-68 4. St. Louis 91-71 5. Pittsburgh 91-71 Wild Card games: AL- Texas over KC NL- St. Louis over Pittsburgh ALDS and NLDS: ALDS- Detroit over Texas in 4, Boston over Oakland in 5 NLDS- Atlanta over St. Louis in 4, Los Angeles over Cincinnati in 5 ALCS & NLCS: ALCS- Detroit over Boston in 6 NLCS- Los Angeles over Atlanta in 6 World Series: Detroit over Los Angeles in 6 MVP- Migggggggy
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    Its not at all Nazi based. Its a style of warfare used long before WW2. Under your theory the word "revolution" would be "racist"(not the right word no less) to the English. My wife is a German teacher. So its all good. The problem with prejudice(right word), and more so the prejudice of Americans is that we see anything German, and instantly try to tie it to Hitler, Nazis and Concentration Camps. I really wanted to use the Third Reich's eagle instead of the BDR's because its a better design, but decided not to because of the negative connotation tied to it.
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    Did the Dodgers just employ a rabbi to pitch? My God that beard is so thick.
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    As CWx said that story may not even be true.The original Chicago Cardinals origin was actually quite different than stories would have you believe. Founded in 1934 by Perkins "Pops" Slattery, the original name of the franchise was the Racine Crushed Velvets. Their logo was a confederate soldier swimming in a bucket of molasses; their colors were brown, jade, and the first recorded use of Vintage White (source). I've always wondered why every team doesn't base its identity on a confederate soldier swimming in a bucket of molasses.
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    LOGIC: Adapt the royal/yellow to a modern cut with a unique number font and call it a day. Fans rejoice in streets, profits soar. ACTUAL: Matte gold uni-horn carbon-texture helmet, this lame font for everything, new colors are gold, light blue, dark navy, bacon, and neon orange. Fans invest further in Cardinals merchandise, abandon franchise, relocate, rebrand as Bakersfield Honey Dragons. Burn down NFL. Embrace croquet.
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    The LFL rejected this idea, so Gene's gotta slum it in the Arena League.
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    I'm biased, but this primary logo and jersey script is majors-worthy. The entire rest of their identity, not so much.
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    On the white jersey, I'd get rid of the red shoulders and leave the sunburst subliminated. Right now the arm strips get disrupted by the red shoulders which makes it look awkward and unfinished.
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    It's a nickname for the Osprey, and just look at the photo, you can tell that's where the nickname comes from. The logo even has the same color separation as the birds' head/face. Where is the lime green on that bird? If the Jaguars move to LA, give them the Rams name and branding, give St. Louis the Cardinals name, and let the Arizona team pick its name. Some excellent suggestions have been made here, by the way. It is not possible to express "No" as strongly as this motion deserves.
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    OH MAN, Hell yeah! This drives me nuts! And it's a freaking epidemic!
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    Wiki lifts my summaries in several places BTW I also have several logo you may be able to use
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    I'm back finally with Florida State. Pro Combat from 09 design + Unconquered black-out = what you have just seen.
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