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    Nonsense. Si Robertson has seen a black panther on several occasions.
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    Oh wow. Those are TERRIBLE. Absolutely terrible. They managed to improve nothing from their last set while also making a brand new mistake with the lack of hem stripes.
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    I'm tired of my text getting mutated when I save from .svg to .png. Could you possibly be pressing ctrl+l? That mutilates things. I'm tired of having all the corners rounded off on my rectangles, no matter how much I adjust the nodes, and having to just make an extremely thick line that I convert to a path if I really need right angles. When making a rectangle, there are two squares in the corners, and the circle adjusts the corner curve. I'm tired of elements of my drawings randomly disappearing when I save from .svg to .png. Are you selecting everything? I'm tired of objects not copy-pasting properly between .svg documents. When you have to get something from document a to doc b, open doc b using the open tool in doc a. It's not bad program, you just don't know how to use it.
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    Paul Lukas is an ass, But not becuss he disagrees with you on MLB rankings.
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    However, this set is easily savable with two major changes: adding hem stripes and removing the front numbers. Sure there are a bunch of little things you could change as well: a better font, the fin logo on the shoulders, a better balance of orange, etc... but those two main changes would make this redeemable.
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    A Sharks fan being irrationally, angrily defensive of a poor decision by his team? Well, I never!
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    Bah. I'm sorry but I'm not buying into the "stripes are heavy" crap. Even if a basic, fundamental design element of a hockey uniform adds weight to the jersey, it has to be a very miniscule amount, if anything at all. I have a hard time believing anyone would be stupid enough to buy into that, Sharks management included. It's a lousy excuse for them to reveal such a heavily trimmed down version of their uniforms, and it's an even lousier excuse for the players to be choking in the postseason. Also, I still despise that leaping shark logo. And I still hate it even more as a shoulder patch that's too similar to the primary crest. About the only thing I like about this is the removal of orange from the numbers. But the front numbers... no, Sharks. Just no.
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    Two things from that picture: 1) The white jersey definitely needs yellow outlines. 2) The yellow stripe on that player looks like old gold, due to the jersey fabric Nike stupidly uses for the stripes. Those pants look like something the Washington Huskies should wear. I'll go ahead and disagree to both of those statements.
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    No wonder this organization has won a total of 3 Conference Finals games in its history... Absolutely incompetent. Losing the hem stripes is an instant fail, as is keeping the full bodied shark as shoulder patch… It’s the same damn logo as on the front, minus a triangle. They could have used the Fin or even the sheild with the sun would be a better alternative... At least with the front numbers they have something in common with an equally incompetent organization in the Sabres… Only thing this unveiling is good for is a hearty laugh at this team’s expense… I hope they never win a Stanley Cup. Rant over.
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    Front numbers still there. Why? WHY?Half-assing the removal of orange.Lace-up collar with a contemporary design doesn't workThe collar contrasts on the road, but not the home. It should be black on bothThey still use that cheap, truncated font for the captain's "C" - look how small it is compared to the front numbersI still don't like having three similar shark logos on the same uniform. Use the fin, or at the very least, the "SJ" as a shoulder patch and save the full-bodied shark as an alternate jersey crestNo hem stripes. Why? Because it's like the "kewl" black third? Because it's 0.000007% lighter like the players like and they can wear them in the playoffs?Thank God I cheer for a team with well-established uniforms. Tampa Bay, Carolina, San José, and probably Minnesota...which '90s/'00s expansion team is next to update their Edge set and make it even worse? Columbus? Florida?
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    Not sure how Lukas' opinions are worthy of any more hate than anyone's who posts their lists in this forum. Agree or disagree with him, at least he expresses his opinions clearly and coherently. The entire purpose of this list (and any power ranking list, really) is just to generate discussion and debate. Unfortunately it generally turns into attacking the author, or taking a low ranking of your team's uniform as a personal attack on you, your family, and anyone you hold dear.
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    This is exactly why this board has fallen from a great site to an okay site. Replys like this. I'm sorry, but if you're going to critique something, bring some insight. There's nothing wrong with angled stripes and they aren't so '90's, if done well, they look good. That would be like replying to a team that wears pinstripes in baseball "That's so 1912" (the year the Yankees first wore pinstripes).
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    Tampa Bay is a viable baseball market, its just that the population center is closer to the Tampa side of the bay rather that St Pete. Use the following photos as an example: The red circle is a 5 mile radius and blue circle is 10 miles. As you can see, nearly half of the population within a five mile radius of the Trop (St Pete) breathes through gills while most of population within ten miles does the same. As for the Tampa map, it now includes much more landmass than the Trop location allows for and gets the stadium close to major area traffic arteries such as I-75, I-275, the Crosstown Expressway, as well as US-92. Also another point of information is the generations of fandoms from other areas who cannot give up their other teams. People like me (I'm 28) are the older end of the diehard majority of Rays fans, as we were early teens when Tampa Bay got the team. As kids grow up, they keep their teams so over time the Rays fans who began as kids become the diehard adult fans with the 25-30 crowd being the beginning of that movement.
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    Wow. Not something I'd do, but the artwork looks really well done.
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    Which is exactly why it doesn't need a roof. The entire premise of this thread is flawed since really only one of the stadiums listed could have benefitted from a roof in Arlington. The rest are laughable.
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    Is this a serious post? I swear, people just look at cities that have other major teams, and just automatically assume that they're big flourishing cities. There are a lot of cities that if the leagues were starting up today, wouldn't have teams. Nothing against those cities, but the economic climate was different back in the day before some industries either left town or other things happened to cause them to lose population and affluence. Buffalo seems to do a fine job supporting the Bills and Sabers (at least when they're good) but there's no way it's a candidate for another team. If we were starting from scratch, the Bills probably wouldn't even be there.
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    I'm partial to the Oilers super high-pitched, loud horn.
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    The white and black stripes don't add any weight, nor do contrasting shoulder yokes. The stripes are sewn into the jersey, replacing the base layer, rather than on top of it. The shoulder yokes are merely just substituting one color of material for another in a portion of the template. The thin piping does add negligible weight, but they went ahead and left some of that on the sleeves anyway. The heaviest material on the jersey is tackle-twill, and it's still there unnecessarily on the front. Plus, there's the added weight of the metal grommets from the lace-up neck, the lace, and the additional layer of material behind the lace-up area. All of which is to say: Bull , San Jose.
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    Perhaps to the crowd, sure, but what if you're, say, trying to put on a pickoff play at second and the pitcher can't tell which player's his shortstop and which is the baserunner at a quick glance? Sure, he should be throwing the ball to the bag regardless but he may well let one get away that shouldn't have even been thrown. I once played a white-on-white and a blue-on-blue game. Both were pure hell.
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    ugh, that's an awful notion then. why in the name of hell would anyone buy a sleeved version of an exact uni they already have? just buy this and save yourself some money (and embarrassment if you're not a muscled person filling out the compression material)...
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    Israel is a regular team? No more qualifiers? PARTY! Will you be updating/designing new uniforms for the old teams for 2021?
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    I don't like that because that's basically the teal version of the Devils and I think the Sharks need a third color to play with, but not orange. They're one of those teams who got it right on the first try and have been missing ever since. (I'll admit the Flyers inspired uniforms of the early 2000s weren't bad)
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    But the hem stripes make them slower. Maybe the front numbers make them faster. And the tie-down collar must really improve respiration. The old collars were too tight, you see. AND THAT'S WHY THEY WERE ALWAYS CHOKING!!! WOCKA WOCKA
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    The new Sharks jersey instantly reminded me of what happened to the Coyotes (loss of hem stripe, simplification of previous set) when they introduced their current set. Personally, if the players felt better in the black alt, the organization should have gone all the way to mimic the design on the home and road (the simplified diagonal striping and sans hem stripe). The jerseys look very unfinished.
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    I had a minor rant earlier in this summer in defense of Dallas's jersey and talking about people getting too picky about teams "copying" each other's waist striping patterns. First, I'd like to REPEAT what I said earlier, which is that I would be FINE if every team freakin' used the basic mock-up for the Rangers/ Devils/Flyers/ Bruins/Canadiens/ Wings/ Hawks/ Leafs and then color and fill and swap to your liking. Why? Because those jerseys look the freakin' best. It's really not up for debate. If the bashing of Dallas centered on their "mimicking" /"stealing" the Hawks striping, I seriously want to look at that crowd and say: Well, boys, would you rather look like the SJ Sharks? Second, we hear a lot of chatter on this board about modern vs. "old-school"/ "vintage"/ "throwback" aesthetics. I never in my life considered myself an old-school guy. I owned a Statue of Liberty jersey (2, actually), and despite my love for my team (the Rangers), I was always drawn to the Whalers/ original Sharks/ Spawn-inspired Oilers/ Flames horsey/ original Avs and Stars. Those, to me, were truly modern aesthetics. Now, flash forward to 2013, and I've been marginalized as an old fogey who merely wants everyone to be "original 6" and "boooooooooring." And here's where I'm getting to my point/ theme: Over the past 5 years, can you give me examples of good-quality modern designs? What makes up a modern design? I can really own think of one, and that's the Preds. Because you can't simply be "modern" and "new" by removing elements of a classic design. If a "modern" hockey jersey looks like this new Sharks slop, count me out. There's almost nothing to it. There's NO DESIGN, NO NOTHING. It's just the slow removal of items that made you relevant and interesting to the eye. So I guess I'm reluctantly finding myself on the old/ stodgy side of the great uniform divide of the early 21st Century, not because I am a traditionalist who simply won't change with the times. No, no, no. Au contraire. I simply haven't been shown (outside of the Preds) a great modern design that rejects/ improves upon what came before. People might reference the Kings home jersey, but look at how improved the away is from the home. The Capitals have a similar format. It's passable, but is it really better than their current thirds? Hardly! Where are these great modern designers? Either we have teams trying too hard to have a grown-up design (but more importantly, eliminating all signs of uniqueness): Tampa/ Carolina... or teams are simply trying to revert to the glory days (Sharks/Panthers) by hearkening back and simplifying but leaving the design wholly missing anything resembling a soul (for as much as a dumb jersey can emote such a thing). Every team that has dumbed its jersey down has done it under the guise of "simplifying" or "cleaning up" the thing, from the Sharks to the Panthers to the Oilers (first RBK) to the Avs. Think back to what was said at all the press conferences. They're all a big, fat failure. Fail doesn't do it justice. FAILURE.
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    Should have seen this coming. All offseason they were talking about the black jersey, the black jersey is lighter, the black jersey is streamlined, black jersey, black jersey, black jersey. So what do they do? Make a teal version of the black jersey. While I always did think the previous jersey was clunky with the W/O/B/O/W stripes, the yoke, the numbers, the triple sharks logos, (hell look where they shoved the GG3 and 20 years patches), this is too much in the other direction. Half assed removal of orange. Kept the front numbers. No hemstripe. I guess you could hear the "lighter" argument with enough spin, but these aren't streamlined. The black jerseys work without the hem stripe and get that streamlined feel, because the while thing is black. It blends together. This looks disjointed. I wouldn't say they should have gone head to toe teal, but a hem stripe would go miles to helping this. And the triple sharks logos... Ugh. At least with the yoke, they were bordered or separated, but now there isn't that separation. They're all on teal. USE THE FIN LOGO. Downgrade.
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    Corrected for more truthfull accuracy.
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    They went with a inferior look, just to have a cash grab. They put selling more jerseys before their team's appearance. This does nothing to improve the their look. Only downgrade it. I give these a big fat F-
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    Yeah, get rid of hem stripes because they're "too heavy" (um, they're sewn into the jersey, not onto it), but keep multi-layer tackle-twill numbers on the front. Sharks manangement is 2007ing all over the place with these.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the first team to have downgraded from their original Edge set: I can guarantee that their hired some new-wave graphic designer who wanted a "cleaner" look and knew absolutely nothing about hockey aesthetic.
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    This is exactly why this board has fallen from a great site to an okay site. Replys like this. I'm sorry, but if you're going to critique something, bring some insight. There's nothing wrong with angled stripes and they aren't so '90's, if done well, they look good. That would be like replying to a team that wears pinstripes in baseball "That's so 1912" (the year the Yankees first wore pinstripes). Exactly. And even if angled stripes were strictly 90's, what would be wrong with a 90's expansion team using them? The mind boggles...
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    Hawk is obviously the brooding. I don't think Hawk is at all to blame for a bad public image, but he certainly doesn't help. This image of the Sox has gone back to early years of the Reinsdorf era, at least. Hawk can pout at times when the team is doing poorly in a game, but the only time he was completely unlistenable to me was last year. Even in 2007, with a talented team sandwiched between 99, 90 and 89 win teams, which just so happened to crap the bed, he wasn't bad. You get a lot of Hawk hate from Cubs fans, obviously, but I don't think he has been a detriment among casual fans. If anything, his catch phrases would pull people in somewhat. Hawk was at his best with Wimpy, and I really believe they were one of the best PBP teams in baseball. They played off eachother well. Jackson is just dry toast; he did little to complement Hawk, and added very little of his own. Hawk didn't get to really bad until he was paired with Steve Stone. I think there's just too much ego for one booth to contain. Stone is a brilliant analyst, but his smugness can at times be grating. Hawk and Stone are a lot better than they were last year, but I still wouldn't be at all depressed if both left at this point. As for radio, Farmer's pretty bad. John Rooney is one of the best PBP guys in baseball - great skill and a classic voice. When he left to go home to St. Louis, Farmer was promoted and the broadcasts have struggled since. Farmer would blabber on about whatever, but Rooney would always cut him off with, "I see, Ed. Runner in motion and here's the 3-2 pitch to Frank..." Rooney adequately reigned him in. Admiral's not exaggerating about Farmer. I listen get in my car at times and listen for 10 minutes before I hear the score of the game. "Welcome back. First pitch of the inning was fouled off. So, on our off day yesterday, I did a little golfing. I went to the X charity golf outing out at Ruffled Feathers. You ever played there?" (No) "Ruffled Feathers in Lemont. Have you played that course?" (No sir) "Well, anyway, a lot of the '85 Bears were there" *crack of bat, loud groan of fans in background* "and I got paired up with Hall-of-Famer Dan Hampton. Did you know he's in the Hall of Fame now? Dan was telling me about times back in Arkansas, they were playing Alabama, coached by legendary Bear Bryant" *audible sound of ball hitting mitt, mixed reaction from fans* "and it was a big deal playing Alabama back in the day. Today, Arkansas is in the same conference, but back then they were in the Big Eight, so they didn't" *crack of bat, fans get very loud, then groan* "play all that often. It was a big deal. Alabama had some great teams. So, Morneau leads off with a double, just out of the reach of De Aza. Dan told me that..." Jackson and Farmer just have this creepy love/hate relationship where they take shots at each other that really aren't that funny. Lots of awkward pauses, too. On Pat Hughes, I think he has a good voice, but at least from what I've heard of him, his delivery is too schmaltzy. Or maybe it's the Cubs' schmaltz machine that shapes his delivery. I would think it's hard to sound legitimate when you're reading between batters "we've got a letter here from Beatrice in Des Moines, Iowa. She's 82, been a Cubs fan for 70 years, and listens to every game on WGN. She asks 'Pat, why do the Cubs wear pinstripes at home but not on the road?'" Anyway, I think teams could do worse than him, but they could also do better.
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    Thank you. And ironically I'm the same idiot pondering why the AZ Cardinals never changed their name. Didn't think in simplest terms: IT'S THEIR HISTORY, DUMMY! Suns are the oldest franchise in Phoenix. Since their inception their whole identity has been "the Purple Gang from Phoenix". When they moved to what was American West Arena, now US Airways, it became "the Purple Palace". I keep looking at these home jerseys with orange and black and can't help but feel slapped in the face. I know a lot of people simply don't like the design on the jerseys for one reason or another. I can't disagree on many points, but sadly I feel the new designs on the logos and jerseys are here to stay for a while. Changing a logo or jerseys design isn't a simple process and I'd imagine it would take a few years before they'd even consider it. What is more likely, however, is changing, adding or replacing colors, and in this instance: purple. Many fans agree that decreasing the usage of purple is both sad and unnecessary. If you agree and would like to see more purple in the jerseys, home court and primary logos, I've started a petition to hopefully get that point across to management. If anyone is interested, you can sign it here: http://www.change.org/petitions/robert-sarver-and-the-phoenix-suns-organization-please-return-to-using-purple-and-orange-as-the-team-colors-of-the-phoenix-suns
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    BTW: Thanks to Darth Brooks for this awesome court template
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    I remembered posting this and then goddammit Kramerica Industries you stole my bit from the past in the future
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    This is exactly why this board has fallen from a great site to an okay site. Replys like this. I'm sorry, but if you're going to critique something, bring some insight. There's nothing wrong with angled stripes and they aren't so '90's, if done well, they look good. That would be like replying to a team that wears pinstripes in baseball "That's so 1912" (the year the Yankees first wore pinstripes)."Replies". Also, that's a sentence fragment. Quit dragging down this operation.
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    Even if it's the SJ+fin patch that'll work too but the shoulder fin is preferred
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    My List: Oakland.....................................The entire city.
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    Quick update: The black jersey now has a red collar and red cuffs on the sleeves and the black pant stripe has been corrected. Anything else wrong? let me know
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    The shoulder yoke is gone, awesome....just go back to a updated original jersey and call it a day
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    The list lost credibility with Oakland not ranked #1.
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    I think we should reopen the conversation about having minor-league forums...
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    It bothers me how Lukas always ranks the Tribe near the bottom because of Wahoo. Whether you consider the logo racist or not, you do have to admit that they have very nice looking jerseys. It's silly.
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    Just who in the world do they have creating the new identities of all these teams? We can pull up a concept on sportslogos.net and it's more often than not infinitely better than the stuff that's actually worn. (Love this concept, by the way.) Exhibits A thru whatever: A. The Suns killed their famous purple then tacked it on the roads as a last ditch. Their numbers look like iron-ons for the league you and your brother made up in the vacant lot next to the dump. B. The Pelicans took a potentially great new identity and un-New-Orleans'ed it by having side stripes with no character and a subliminal city name. C. The Jaguars helmet literally looks like a joke someone made to set up the eventual, more pleasing unveiling of an adequate helmet. D. The Dolphins decided to take the one thing that took away from their signature aqua-n-orange set--navy--and amplify it past the orange. E. The Vikings put things right, but then couldn't sit pat. Instead, they had to create a potentially cool number design that just doesn't work with every number. F. The Astros brought back their classic Shooting Star-era set, but somehow left off the Shooting Star. Oops! G. The Marlins rectified their "relies too much on black at the expense of their brighter color" set by moving to a set that "relies too much on black at the expense of their brighter colors"...topped off by killing their new orange hat. H. The Padres went from brown-n-gold to brown-gold-n-orange to brown-n-orange to navy-n-orange to navy-n-sand to navy-n-we-don't-care-any-more. I. The Diamondbacks left behind their fairly recent World Series identity to copy the South Texas Railmen, who, when seeing how bad it looked on Arizona, abandoned it (and the never-used name) for their old colors. J. thru infinity...there's no time right now. Thank goodness for the Blue Jays and the Bills. I enjoy those reboots just fine.
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    NEW YORK YANKEES (since 2005) Division: American League East Colors: Red, Blue, White Ballpark: New Yankee Stadium (would've opened 4 years earlier) Era: Wildcard Era The New York Yankees now have colors of the American Flag (which are slightly different colors than their current logo). Being a 2005 team, the teams colors are very representative of how patriotic New York City was around that time. The 'Yankees' script and numbers feature a black shadow to make it stand out a little. It features the United States flag on the sleeve (backwards for etiquette) as a reference to 9/11.
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    To old guys like me, the Seahawks and Bucs are still expansion teams. *going outside to sit on my porch with a flyswatter and yell at kids to stay off my lawn now*
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