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    *looks at Liverpool* You go to hell. You go to hell, and you die.
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    oh HEY oh ma ma MA ma do-dah-nye-eh HEY oh ma ma ma HEEYYYYYYYYYYYYyaaaaa LIFE IN A ONE SPORT TOWN oh hey ma ma ma MA oh HEY oh ma ma MA ma do-dah-nye-eh HEY oh ma ma ma HEEYYYYYYYYYYYYyaaaaa BLUES AND RAMS SHUT DOWN
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    Must have been designed with the Logoinator
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    you might want to put these on the uniforms, especially now that the collar is fixed, is top 10 in the league
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    Got to see the jags for the first time in the new uniforms. I rarely use superlatives on here, and I think it's really dangerous to do so, but I will here. Those are the worst uniforms in the league by far, and possibly the worst in the history of the league. The helmet is comical. The matte black in the front looks like an amateur spray paint job, while the gold in the back just looks like someone got tired and stopped. There does not appear to be any gradient. The gold doesn't even match the logo, and the matte black clashes with the gloss black in the decal. The number font is totally overdone, and the jerseys look like white tank tops worn over black sleeves. The pants with the weird stripe in the middle that doesn't extend to the top or bottom are just silly.
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    These were awesome: Taking green out and getting rid of the tree-trimmed collar was a huge mistake, now they just look dreary and bland.
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    I'd lost count of all of 'em...I'll start doing the expansion teams as soon as I'm finished with the Original 20. Updated per JCRGraphix' suggestion...some more C&C would be nice between now and when I do the Blues.
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    The Miami Heat seem to be doing just fine. If a black jersey = more revenue, then it's a great business move. Keep in mind purple and yellow are still a key part of the uniform. It's not like the Lakers will have a black jersey with green and pink. Or one sans black...
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    Biggest inconsistancy is having a player on there that wont be elligable to play
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    Haha, aka "the team was owned by the league aka the every other team's owners and they decided to not to let new orleans bend over like memphis and orlando and every other laker farm team"
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    I haven't followed baseball in eons. Are the St.Louis Brown Stockings still around?
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    Wiser words have never been heard of by a San Jose Sharks executive. THESE JERSEYS NEED LESS EVERYTHING AND MORE SPEED HOLES
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    The whole series is great. Keep up the good work!
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    This feels kinda familiar, lol. But basically when you've got a bandwagon...errr fanbase... As big as the one operating out of Chicago and on southward, this is going to happen. Their market has more money and tickets to Hawks games are ridiculously priced. The "Tony Amonte's name sounds familiar so I've been a fan for life" crowd (and also some truly good fans who I'm wrongly painting with a broad brush) jump on the chance to get some cheap seats in a relatively close locale. It's not like the Blues don't do we'll at the gate. Or like the seats wouldn't be full of Blues fans if Hawks fans just didn't by seats. Or like Hawks fans have been doing this for decades. But a massive market with money got motivated with success, and they jump very quickly on the opportunity to take a short trip and see a good game. In this case, it's just market realities. If the Hawks weren't fresh off Stanley Cups it wouldn't happen to this degree (or if the Blues won one maybe it also wouldn't--but I'm not suggesting they should have to), but like I said, it's really just the nature of the markets. It's going to happen. I don't really mind coming up with a sales plan to dissuade it or at least make a buck off it if you can't stop it. If there are bandwagon 'Hawks fans in areas that should be saturated with Blues fans then it's on the Blues to win them over. That's how you pack an arena with your fans. You win, and you convert the people on the fence. This sort of thing seems like an attempt to artificially prop up the team's fanbase. The Blues have a dedicated, supportive fanbase in St. Louis. We've established that. Which is why it's so unexpected coming from them. Nashville? An inconsistent team in a non-traditional market that's still (relatively) new. Ok, I can see that. I may think it's ridiculous, but I can see it. The Blues though? Come on.
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    Could not agree more. The late '90's set with the blue and orange was the classiest looking set the Pads have worn. And the color pairing while not as unique as brown and yellow was far better looking and far more marketable while still being unique enough to stand out in the crowd.
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    More than putting a logo on one side of the helmet?
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    I agree with BigBubba. Looks awful. -I'm gothamite, and I approve this message.
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    I really like the Rays and Braves Navy/White numbers on Navy look - especially since they are just alts. I've never had a problem from a readability standpoint.
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    Maybe I'm just inching closer to "get off my lawn" territory, but I hope the NFL never allows oversized logos. They seem gimmicky and distracting if they get much bigger. I'd rather they keep it simple and professional.
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    I would like it if a team could do that on their field (but preferably with a bit less more Phineas and Ferb). FYP
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    See, I think the sleeve stripes are the best part.
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    I hope Ottawa makes latex castings of Paul MacLean's mustache for the Heritage Classic, requiring all players on both teams to wear them as they run down the ice in their mukluks, swatting at frozen horse droppings with their branches.
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    Something like this: Credits co c0n4ad for base That wordmark would be awesome since it matches the Hollywood Nights font. Although, it looks like it clashes with the number font.
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    Here comes the part that gets me blasted out of the thread: I'd rather have the Padres go back to navy and orange. While yes 1) the brown and yellow go back to the team's original roots and 2) the brown and yellow is much more unique and will help them stand out against all the red, blue, and black in professional sports these days, I still contend their late 1990s set's colors look better.
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    Great set. Wordmark is perfect. And the use of brown/yellow/orange works very well. IMHO, of course. Nice work.
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    This is the best concept we've seen here. But, it has a few flaws: * get rid of the orange; use only brown and yellow * wordmarks should be radially arched * one cap -- the one with the bell; get rid of the single-colour cap and the yellow-front-panel cap But kudos on that wordmark, especially on your creation of the road version. Nice numbers, too. There are three design elements that are distinctively "Padres": the brown-and-yellow colour scheme, the bell cap, and that wonderful wordmark. A redesign will be successful to the extent that it incorporates these distinctive elements of the brand. I definitely agree. The only thing I would disagree with is getting rid of the orange. If it's kept to almost an absolute minimum, then this concept would work beautifully. Either this or the blue and orange 1990s jerseys would work.
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    Hopefully we get new throwbacks for next-gen. It's crazy how 2k5 had nearly every teams uniform they ever wore on ps2/xbox while Madden is still lacking in the current gen (and probably in the next-gen too). I get a little angry thinking about all the great throwback match-ups we could have if EA wasn't so lazy. This was nearly 10 years ago and look at all these awesome options http://www.nfl2k5rosters.com/uniforms.html Even though the 2K team missed some unis that Madden has included, I'd still rather take the 2K options rather than what EA offers.
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    Nice... This is definitely an improvement in that it makes all 3 uniforms look like they belong to the same team. The simplification vs. the actuals is nice too.
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    i think that "stripe" is actually the center ridge of the helmet, not an actual stripe
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    Looking at those jerseys made me want stab myself..those are bad and pretty dated ..not bad just the placement..kinda like a purple version of the blazers unis
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    That's no excuse for rolling out a :censored:ty product. This won't be the last game for PS3 or 360. They still made games for PS2 for a few years after the PS3 came out, I don't expect it to be any different this time around.
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    Sports dreams come true! This was an amazing night, I actually got to walk on and touch the floor. From a standpoint the court is in disrepair but it looked and felt great. It was my Holy Grail and I actually was on it!!!! I got a ton of pics and when I can get around to it I will post them. A once in a lifetime opportunity I am so glad I didn't pass up! This was awesome!!!!! I walk on NBA and NCAA courts for a living, but this time it was very special! I loved this night!
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    - Now, this website in your browser history, sportslogos.net, this is a message board of some kind? Don't tell her you were looking at sports logos! But what else would you be doing at night? - It's a pornography site. I was watching pornography. Hehehe, I would have never thought of that.
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    All in all, I don't think it looks bad, but the fact that it's just BFBS pisses me off.
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    Is it me, or does this jersey look like it's got velvet material? Kinda got that dark purple velvet shimmer, no? "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable." - George Costanza
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    They won't be the only ones to mock them.
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    Family decided to take a last little vacation before school and stuff started, and my laptop didn't make the trip. Anyways... The Falcons current look was kinda cool when Michael Vick was on the cover of Madden. (Madden 04 if you didnt know that). I like the current throwbacks, but I wanted something with stripes on it maybe. Helmets: The black one remains stripeless BUT this is where Nike began to have a little fun. The black helmet has a slight red gradient effect to it, not like a Jags attempt at a gradient, but kind of a radial splash of red under the logo. There is a red helmet. I gave it the stripes from the throwback helmet in case people missed seeing them. The face mask is grey and white, only to attempt a chrome looking facemask. The silver helmet is a "Pro Combat" helmet and has a black/red facemask. Jerseys: I didn't want anything too overly gaudy but something that isn't too boring. For the normal set of jerseys, there's a red, white and black set. Gold is added as a trim color, the stripes are similar to the helmet stripe and taper like the logo. This is the first time I've done a "Pro Combat" set, that is different than the set. This black jersey features little to no white, silver makes a return and has a wing pattern on the sleeves. The team would choose to keep the "PC" set around, or not use it again Pants: I thought about red pants, but the Falcons have never worn red pants, red monochrome really doesn't work for me, so they were omitted. Black and white pants are the normal set pants with a similar stripe to the jerseys. Before anyone says it, I'll have to go back and change the black pants to match the jersey. The silver pants use the logo as the stripe, similar to the jersey. Black, red and silver socks are the team options. Aside from the black pants not matching anything, let me know if anything needs to be fixed and .... let me have it!
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    probably the best look so far at the on-ice appearance of the new stars brand. somehow even without gold, i feel like that shade of green paired with black has a very strong north stars vibe to it. i couldn't be happier as a fan.
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    I'm thinking about building a Photoshop template for this:
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