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    Then maybe its time to bring that ship back to port. Here, I'll go out to sea and drag it back myself for everybody.
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    If yellow turns out to be the new fad, I hope the Bruins jump on the wagon and make their alternate a yellow version of the home/road jerseys.
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    Wisconsin and Arizona State should be the 8pm ET ABC game.
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    Correction to the correction: UCLA has looked awful ever since they dumped that beautiful serif font for plain block. UCLA has looked awful ever since they got rid of the metallic gold pants (with the sheen).
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    Holy $hit. Johnny Football is amazing.
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    That's pretty not-yellow. It's so not-yellow it appears to be red.
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    Correction: UCLA has looked awful ever since they decided that having navy blue on their road jerseys instead of powder blue was a good idea.
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    as does UCLA, well UCLA has looked ugly ever since adidas gave them those hideous techfit jerseys 2010 Current
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    Advocating 20 games off for Toews and Kane is boundlessly stupid, but face facts, there are going to be nights that you have to scratch Sharp or Hossa to let their batteries recharge a little if you're trying to win the marathon again. They're old and sore. Keith is also in his thirties now, but the Hawks are deep enough at the blue line to keep his TOI under 30:00, which matters more than missing games here and there.
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    Nebraska deserves this for those hideously ugly duds they are wearing today.
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    Louisville looks much better with the new number font.
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    VT: Don't change a thing from this road uniform. You look incredible. See what happens when you FINALLY add stripes to the pants!?
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    VT and ECU might be one of the better looking games of the afternoon. Both schools with their traditional (maroon/white/white vs. purple/purple/white) unis. No gimmicks. Just good looking uniforms.
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    It'll be required soon that every Western conference team will have to have a yellow sweater.Rumour has it the Sharks are all for it as yellow is lighter than teal, and less pigment equals better performance.
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    The Kraken's PA announcer would have to say this before every period and when a Kraken was released from the penalty box: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SqC_m3yUDU
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    Pardon me as I go full oddball with this post No. No. No. Allow me to explain a bit. Yes, I totally think Gordon got screwed over with everything at Richmond. However, I don't think NASCAR should, in essence, totally throw the entire structure of its series out the window just for the sake of "doing what's right." Other leagues don't add teams to playoffs just because something was wrong before they started. You can't just change things on a whim like that. With the Penske/Front Row situation, I feel like you either stick to the precedent you had set earlier in the week, swapping Logano for Gordon a la Bowyer for Newman if they were found guilty, or you don't penalize them at all if the evidence is not sufficient. Instead, you get a totally patchworked solution where you don't really penalize Logano, but you throw all the rules you set out in place for Gordon to get in, making your 12 driver playoff a sham. Which, well, we can have that debate on the Chase at any time, but just roll along with me for a second. On top of that, why do I think I'm not alone in thinking if Gordon wasn't a Hendrick guy, he wouldn't be getting this 13th spot? If any organization has gotten gift calls on gift calls on gift calls through the years, it's Hendrick. For example, basically every Chad Knaus suspension/Johnson points reduction gets appealed. Most of the time that appeal is won. If it isn't, some completely obscure last entrance of appeal accepts it like that one time they did for Johnson. Now don't get me wrong, RCR gets the benefit of no calls quite a bit, but I just don't see Penske or JGR or MWR getting this same benefit of the doubt. /takes off tin foil hat So yeah, this ended up going from a cluster:censored: to an extreme cluster:censored: and NASCAR ended up, instead of coming to a clear solution, made things even worse in the end.
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    Only the retail versions of the WC unis are CCM cuts, the game worn jerseys are EDGE. Uhhh no winter classics are reebok edge cut jerseys, I have blackhawks and Red Wings winter classic jerseys and have seen many more, the only ccm cut jersey I have seen in the past 7 years is my Montreal Barber pole jersey
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    I would put a small brown 'throwback' ball at the bottom to give it that last touch of soccer. The one that resembles a volleyball.
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    Any of the Flames jerseys with black in them suck. Even pre-Edge. This is how they should look.
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    Casper now has jerseys, now they dont have to walk around in bedsheets. ha ha ha i crack myself up...ghost humor. sorry its late. HERE YA GO!
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    Well, I think you got it now. Congrats.
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    The Patriots, Jets and Browns all have one set of striped socks and one set that's solid. Why can't the Jets have green-topped socks with two white stripes, and why is it so hard for the Browns to have a pair of brown-topped socks with orange and white stripes? The inconsistency bothers me to no end. The Pats' uniforms just bother me as a whole. The striped socks don't fit that uniform.
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    Toronto Blue Jays: Thought I'd go with the throwback version of their jerseys.
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    These: Panini sticker albums. Before sports cards were widely available over here, we had these (this was the first one I collected). 7-8 players per team, and beautiful foil logo stickers. The best part was, you could just order whatever stickers you needed out of the back, which would always result in me ordering dozens of Hornets logos and sticking them everywhere...
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    The crossover uniforms are probably my favorite concepts on these boards...your series is very well good, jb. These uniforms look excellent and legit, in that these could go over well if these were real-life unis. Keep up the great work!
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    How about you just never visit this thread. Then all your problems are solved.
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    I think at the end I might do all the teams in a wallpaper
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