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    This team jerks itself off over the stupidest crap. Go hang another First Place In The Conference banner, you dorks. Well, now we know why the Sharks will never win. They worry more about improving a jersey than they do a team. Here's a thought, just put a bunch of good players who can get it done in the playoffs in a jersey with a bunch of stripes, logo, and numbers on it, and stop believing the b.s. that uniform manufacturers keep telling you. Ain't no jersey ever made a player better. Only a player can make a jersey better. I realize this is a novel concept for the Sharks franchise who fired Dean Lombardi and Darryl Sutter...
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    Hi everybody! I'm gonna start a FIBA basketball uniform database. Spain at the 1984 Summer Olympics, Los Angeles (USA)
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    2002 AFC Divisional Playoff Game; Raiders vs. Patriots (The Snow Bowl) Final game ever played at Foxboro Stadium
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    That hit on Brees being a penalty is laughable. With that said, I'm all for the rules that reduce "he just got JACKED UP!" types of hits. If the NFL demanded that players use proper form when tackling, I'd bet that you'd see fewer injuries/long lasting brain injuries. Those Seahawks unis were truly beautiful. I hope they throw back to these some day. That color scheme + the redesigned logo = beautiful.
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    What did I just witness... weird OT for Leafs and Sabres.
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    Well, after this you need to take a nice, long break. It would be good for you, man you earned it.
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    It's a bad thing because the NFL is cracking down on big hits but then wants to sell and promote them anyway.
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    After seeing how Tyler Murphy played today, I really am in no hurry to see Jeff Driskel return to being the Gators starting QB.
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    It's not so much that the Sharks are incompetent, more that they're a mediocre organization that mistakes themselves for a great one. It takes a special, arguably Silicon Valley brand of self-importance to think you've gamed the system by not putting stripes on your uniform.
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    It never ceases to bother me how the Syracuse Orange keep adding more and more navy to their football uniforms. How hard is it to just make a football version of their basketball uniforms? Ask the Texas Tech RED Raiders. Dammit. I'm still on the fence about that one.
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    I don't understand why you keep complaining about the white helmet as it looks good. If it had a gray facemask or if it was chrome I could see the need to complain, but it is a nice clean look for them....now their uniform template is out-of-date and needs to be changed.
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    And I finally got around to separating out the Bay Area teams.
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    Still looking for some C+C on El Paso, but in the meantime here is the next team. The Providence Sailors were on of the 4 founding members of the PFL and have won 4 PFL Titles in their history. Almost all of New England supports the team and want the name to be changed to the New England Sailors, but their owner, Sean Weirup, is from Providence and says he will never change the name. The Sailors have not reached the playoffs since 2001 when they won the PFL Title and have had 4 different coaches since then. Their current coach, James Whelan, has an extremely hot seat heading into this season after going 4-11, but their GM has faith that this year they will finally break back into the playoffs. Here are the Providence Sailors! I attempted to make this anchor with a bevel, but I couldn't get it right so I settled with this look. I would really like to be able to make an accurate bevel so please give some C+C with advice, thanks!
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    I hated the UNC uniforms when they were first introduced, but I am starting to like them. As far as VT, they piss me off because they could have some of the best looking uniforms in the NCAA but they choose to wear UGLY ASS uni's like they have on today.
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    Very interesting article, and thanks for sharing. My thought as I was looking through it was that the Bills logo was so many light years ahead of all his other designs, and it wasn't even close. Was it because the others were just rough drafts that would have been refined if selected? Oh, and if you're over 45-50 years old, I'll bet this guy popped into your head for at least a split second when you saw the thread title...
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    Ok made a couple updates. Changed the pattern on the alternate to look less argyle and added a few shimmers. Lightened up the pattern on the home and aways to make the other stuff stand out and changed the numbers as suggested. Take 2!
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    You're right - even today, I don't think that many people are aware that the biggest potential problem isn't a concussion, but the series of small repetitive hits that occur over the course of every game. Much less ten, twenty or fifty years ago.
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    I don't know if they buried it, so much as that information just wasn't as accessible as it is today. People like to play the 'they should have known' card a lot with the older players, but 20-30 years ago the extent of damage that this game can cause just wasn't fully known. Especially the long term affects.
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    If the Sharks must go the "eliminate stripes to improve performance" route, I would've liked them to have a teal and white version of this (with updated logos and whathaveyou) The stripes on the sleeves they had with this are much better than traditional striping without any on the hems
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    How that Leafs jersey is not used 41 times a year is beyond me. It's beautiful and puts their current one to shame.
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    Now here's the thing, while you showed three images of Safari animals in logos, and they all look good, two of them have logical ties to the animal. Zimplats is an African company, and African Pride, well do we need to say more? There's a perfect use of a cliche image that works. Why Ken Luallen was using what looks like an impala, it might go back to his roots and he might have bloodlines from Africa that he's proud of. The funny thing, is he's actually changed his logo, so obviously the animal head wasn't working. You can make the elephants work, but you shouldn't have to sell it. If you have to sell it, then it needs work. Here's what you can try, focus on the heads and the trunks making the heart and you might have that out of the box design that works and no one questions it. If you use just the head and trunks, then the focus is on the heart, and I think that's a winner right there. To me, the trunks and the heart are the stronger emotional part of the image and what you should focus on.
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    I hate to say this, but this is far worse than Jacksonville. I said that exact Dr Farnsworth to myself when I saw that monstrosity. College football is aesthetically out of control.
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    I wish there was a .gif of the Heat Miser when the Snow Miser calls him on "The Hotline" and he jumps up and down in anger. I mean, a navy helmet, had it been with the normal striping, I don't care if it's matte or chrome or normal, with a normal block S would've been fine. Navy pants with white or orange alternates would be fine. Out of nowhere, however, this all navy look, and at that much worse, an all navy look with inspiration out of Jacksonville's god awful helmets for the lids is breaking out. I mean, I've been hoping Cuse would break out an alternate look for some time now, but not like this. All they had to do was a little color swapping and make it navy/orange/navy and you'd have an alternate that's not over the top and be one of the best in college football without diluting the brand or whatever you guys hate every week with Oregon or whatever. Instead, we're becoming a navy blobbed with some orange gradients mess.
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    I've yet to see any soft drink come up with a logo as good as the Avalanche Primary. That logo's only real problem is the unnecessary circle. I think it's actually quite clever, a puck avalanching down a mountain in the shape of an A. The secondary logo is not a foot, it's a Yeti footprint which connects to the mountain stripe motif perfectly. Making the footprint silver is also a stroke of genius as it shimmers like the snow it would be imprinted in. First off, it's an opinion. You like it? Great. I don't, and that factors into my opinion of the Aves' pre-Edge primaries. As for the foot? Yeah, I know it's supposed to be a yeti footprint, but a yeti doesn't make much sense in a North American context. The North American version is Bigfoot, which isn't as synonymous with mountains and snow as the Asian yeti is. Plus I just think it looks goofy. Maybe not the jerseys but the logo definitely is. I don't know what school of design would call the Nordiques logo superior to any of the Avalanche' marks. I wouldn't call the Nords' logo generic at all. It's got a very specific style. I'm not saying you have to like it, just that generic probably isn't the best way to describe it.
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    What does George Lucas' audio company have anything to do with the NHL expanding?
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    It's also what the Bucs have done in previous years. This whole thing is stupid. NoFunLeague
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    A part of me wants to root for these knockoffs to get better, because it will force the NHL and NFL to bring down their prices.
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    It's called giving you a head start, we're sporting like that. Heh.
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    Regarding Virginia Tech's recent uniforms:
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    This is a good trade for Cleveland. It really is. It's not the fault of the current regime that the past regime's moves were bad or failed. Richardson wasn't worth the third-overall pick. Unless you know you're getting Adrian Peterson no running backs are. Even Adrian Peterson isn't delivering a Super Bowl to Minnesota on his own. The league simply isn't won or lost with the running game any more. Beyond that Richardson isn't even clearly good enough to have been a first-round pick. His YPC is mediocre and his durability is questionable. He's very young, and it's fair to still talk about his potential. But the Browns need a QB more than than they need a RB that isn't ever likely to be the best in the league. And now they have a high first-round draft pick and a mid-first round draft pick. This is a good move for them even if it's a shot to the fans that have to watch them this season. As for the Colts. It's a hell of a gamble. I think they overpaid. I don't think you give up a first rounder for a running back, especially one who has yet to be overly impressive at this level (and has played games at this level). And I don't think you can expect Richardson to suddenly find running room behind the Colts line. It's probably worse than the Browns line. Yes, the defense has to play the pass a little more, but I wouldn't expect to see Richardson run wild. The truth is, it's a big gamble for both teams. It could go very right for both or very wrong for both or something in between. It's obviously way less exciting for Cleveland fans than it is for Indy fans, but at the same time, I think it's a bit more likely to be more positive for the Browns than the Colts.
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    What a sad day for an already sad franchise. It's been years and they have no earthly idea what they're doing anymore. All they have is a frothing segment of their original fanbase while the rest watch with rheumy eyes in the shadows, fingers resting on the well-worn "last" button of their remote controls. They can only take a few plays at a time now, much less an entire game. Their biggest accomplishment was getting the Madden cover with a crappy running back who they cut ties with almost immediately afterward. They've made the playoffs once. They're about as good at drafting quarterbacks as the Jaguars are at selling out home games. They benched another first round pick (the god-awful and strangely old Brandon Weeden) for Cleveland native Brian Hoyer, who I'm pretty sure got lost, came to training camp to ask for directions and was promptly signed because Browns. Other NFL fans, even ones from the hated Ravens and Steelers, are all looking in on this and the response has been one of universal pity. Could one desperately argue that the Browns did this in order to assure themselves an additional 1st round pick while securing a high (potentially number one) overall pick in 2014 with the league's worst record? Sure, but even with new ownership and another round of forgettable GM/head coaching hirings, what will ever change? Polishing the brass on the Titanic. At least one of us is having fun.
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    The guy in the mismatching uniform actually played for the Spurs. He lost his uniform so the Bullets lent him one of their road uniforms and he turned the jersey inside out.
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