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    i for one don´t care............the franchise died when they dished the name and previous uniforms..........
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    It's good to see Purple and gold sometimes. A bit refreshing from the red-blue-white-black usual colors that all the teams have.
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    That this: Looks WAAY better than this:
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    I feel like there should be a better tie-breaker than "subtract the shootout wins, but if you had one more of those, you'd have avoided the tie in the first place."
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    I'm already sick of hearing "stretch the floor." Can these buzz words and trendy phrases go away, please?
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    I love the overall look of this one but for some reason the paw is reading "reptilian" for me if that makes sense. Hmm...Maybe a more supple fur instead of the spiky one here would fix that.
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    Thanks guys! We're getting really close to post 1000. I have something special in store for that post when we get there. Hopefully I get to make the post before someone else posts.
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    the world needs more Forum Blue & Gold, no doubt about it.
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    Oh, I almost forgot, this one goes out to my fallen board bro: RAMS LOSE
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    Unprofessional??? What world do you some of people live in? What is a "professional" team supposed to look like? Like they did 40 years ago? 20 years ago? Last year? Should all coaches wear suits and ties? Should all the games be on grass fields and outdoors? The Vikings play in a freakin' dome stadium with a mascot who rides around on a motorcycle and whose owner is named "Zigi". Are any of those things the proper ideals of a "professional" football squad? Counting all the white/white teams (and that is as much "monochrome" as anything else is) and the teams with dark pants options, there are a grand total of 4 teams (Buffalo, Washington, New England and Chicago) who haven't gone "monochrome" yet through the first 12 games of 2013 that could conceivably do it. A few teams (like San Fran, Dallas and Pittsburgh) don't have the option to do it, so they don't count. So for about 80% of the elgible teams, they have decided to look "unprofessional" (according to you) for at least one game this year. I guess they didn't get the memo how unprofessional that look is now. Either that or folks like you need to get into the 21st century and quit labeling a team that dares to wear all purple or all black or all red as "unprofessional". You know what made the Vikes look "unprofessional"? Their dogcrap QB play and their unwillingness to stop anybody on defense. Not what pants they wore with their purple jersey. It was a solid look. Which is what makes it even better for those of us who like to watch the "traditionalists" squirm anytime one of their beloved teams dares to look a little different once or twice a year.
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    I didn't even know the Kings still wore those. Good to see they do - it's a great change of flavour from the drab black/white/silver all the time.
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    Yeah, that's what happens when every damn team uses the same damn design firm.
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    is teal a troll, or does he just have the worst taste on these boards
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    Seeing the defensive and offensive linemen in monochrome made me think of this:
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    October 27, 1986. Giants beat Washington 27-20 the same night as the Mets won Game 7. But then Shea and Giants Stadium aren't exactly in the same neighborhood, so does that really count?
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    Before the World Series started, I was in here wondering why people were so down on this match-up. After five games, I'm wondering what I was thinking. I've really tried to give a flying about this World Series, but I just don't. It pains me to say that because baseball is my favorite sport, but I just don't have it in me to invest any time in this series. Unlike the majority around here, I actually like the Cardinals. Like the majority around here, I don't like the Red Sox. Normally, my Red Sox "hate" combined with an appreciation for the Cards would be enough to rustle up some interest, but it's not happening. It's probably the fact that, going in to the playoffs, we had a shot at seeing some new blood in the World Series only to end up with more of the same. Anyway, I'd like to retract my earlier statements questioning the lack of interest in this World Series. I totally get it now.
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    Thanks for the comment. Since I have gotten some good feedback about the uniforms, I don't think I will make any more changes unless more people agree with you. If commenters do back up this opinion I will do an edit. Hopefully I will be able to get Crystal Palace up soon.
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    "It's cute! It's wacky! It's compound name-y! Brandiose!" YOU.
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    So are you seriously saying they should change simply because a blue team hasn't won as many championships recently? Like the color actually has something to do with it?
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    here's the image: maybe they'll wear the original Wolves unis as throwbacks this season...
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    Sergei Bobrovsky went as the #1 COP ON THE FORCE for halloween. I love this guy!
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    LeBron calling Iverson the greatest basketball player hands down has to be some sort of subtle Donovan McNabb shout out.
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    And on another level, Reebok brought the NHL counterfeiting problem on itself by outsourcing production to Asia to save on costs while silmultaneously boosting prices. I don't think it's mere coincidence that NHL bootlegs started flooding the market right around the same time Reebok moved production of jerseys fairly close to the global epicenter of counterfeit goods.
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    What manufacturer logo is that?Sports Belle. They were based in Knoxville.Sports Belle outfitted college teams? I had no idea.My high school wore Sports Belle up until 2009. They are still around I believe. I'm not a fan of that Indiana set, just the colors. Actually from what I understand Sports Belle went under a few years ago. I believe I read on here that they took on too much overflow work from one of the big guys (Nike, adidas, etc.) and cut back their innovation and sales of their own product...and when the contracted work was swapped to someone else they went belly up. Shame, too. I've always loved SB stuff...and some of the coaches here in TN are similarly bothered that SB is gone. I keep prowling the internets for my favorite college uni ever, but I can't find it. It's MTSU (of course, with it being me) from the 80's I believe, modeled on the Cowboys' blue set. Multiple stripes on the sleeves with a bubble for an alt logo....but in this case it's a two-dimensional MT silver helmet as the logo. Royal blue jersey, with silver pants and lids. Chili's here in the boro had two jerseys and helmets on display, then just tossed them in the trash during a remodel. The Hall of Fame guy and I were appalled. I'll post pics if I can find them; I may be back by Middle tomorrow.
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    Thanks for the input guys. I've made some edits. Changed his face because it was bothering me. Also what was really irking me about it was how it was so asymmetrical, specifically the thick red outside stroke. I worked to fix that. Also I changed the helmet a bit, tried to make it more medieval. Got rid of gold too. I've also included a logo in the bottom right that's a little bit more dynamic, warped it a bit to make it look a little more three dimensional. Included a preliminary wordmark type too. Helmet is not final, just showing what it would look like on one! Let me know what you think!
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    Is this really happening? This drive by St. Louis is very impressive up to this point. They're just running the ball down Seattle's throat on this drive. Seattle is still a completely different, and considerably less intimidating, team on the road.
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    You know, as much as people complain about the current state of college football uniforms, if every team looked like Alabama and USC this thread would probably be like 3 pages long and boring.
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    Yeah, it makes perfect sense for a team that's been around for half a season in a league that's been around for 2 seasons to put six stars on their jersey's after their first championship.
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    While the majority agree with this sentiment, and rightfully so, there are reasons why people still buy counterfeit sports goods. I don't agree with buying fake jerseys for all of the reasons mentioned, but I really don't have any sympathy for these large companies who produce these jerseys on the cheap, and often with questionable labor practices themselves, and sell them for $300-$400 apiece. If these major companies really want to lessen the purchase of fake goods, they're going to have to change their pricing models. Most people who buy jerseys don't have nearly the intellect when it comes to this stuff that most of us here who really care about this stuff do. Most people see a great deal and that's all that matters. They don't even have the ability to think about the consequences, because they aren't even aware of the problem. If anything at all positive can come from counterfeit goods, it's going to have to come from the companies themselves by offering quality goods at reasonable prices. I've yet to hear any other solution to this problem that is really feasible. Tl;dr: I don't support counterfeit goods, but I certainly understand why people buy them. These major companies really brought this problem on themselves.
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    Matt Carpenter just removed his helmet to argue with the umpire. He should be traded immediately for violating the Cardinal Way.
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    Am I the only one who liked the prank jersey better? As long as the red is visible, seems like genius in simplicity to me. Yep, totally should have been something heinous. Just downright heinous for a prank.
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    The Dallas Mavericks are scheduled to announce the winner of the alternate jersey contest today on mavs.com According to the vote the winner should be the blue jersey with the star inside the A
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    I think some brown piping down the chest would look incredible on that uni. Thanks! After a bit of a hiatus, here's the new look Cubbies. Kudos to Conrad's Grand Forks font.
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    ...welcome site to see as a Bengals fan. I was in attendance and it was a ton of fun. I have, we have been on the receiving end of a lot hopeless asskickings. It's nice to turn it around on somebody. I was nervous about the Jets going into that game and that faded away once I saw the way Dalton and his receivers were playing and the way the defense was handling the Jets offense. and how about Marvin Jones? 4 touchdown catches in a single game for a guy who had 4 in his career before this game. It was definitely a case where their best DB’s were on AJ Green so Jones got some good looks, but still none of those TD’s were easy catches. One of the question marks surrounding this team in the preseason was do they have another receiver to take pressure off of AJ Green. That question has been answered.
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    Now Miami. This was tough though.
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    Why can't VA tech go stripe-happy fall-gorgeous every week?
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    Of all three of these, the Chihuahuas, Travelers, and Knights, nothing about these even makes me think "baseball" logo (other than the swinging chihuahua logo emulating the swinging Padres logo). Although not necessary, I personally like to see something that tells me it's a baseball logo, even if it is just a diamond shape. On the Travelers, I do like the sort of rocky texture given to the horse, but I can't seem to grasp what is going on with the neck and mane area. How does the neck loop around the leg of the A, almost as if it morphs into snake? It ruins the logo for me. The neck also gets awkwardly thin in the alternative logo. Also, I just wish there was more consistency between the logos. I know it is minor league baseball so variety and fun is what it is all about, but the LR fashion cap logo looks different than the rest of the wordmarks and letter logos. Why do the two horse logos have different manes? All in all, it's a decent rebrand, but too much variety and it's mainly that snake-horse that bugs me. On the Charlotte Knights, again, to me there is just too much variety and not enough consistency. How many identities does one team need? There's a knight, a horse, and a dragon. Just too much for me. And couldn't they have at least used the same sword in the logos that have sword? The crown just seems like an after-thought that was slapped over the H in the wordmark. Also, missing the old color scheme. There is a lot I like about these logos individually, but as a set, they just seem to be all over the place with swords and dragons and knight helmets and horses.
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    I gave Norwich a more classic look that has the same shoulder stripes that the Colts have. Norwich has had yellow shirts with green trim since 1947 and green shorts since at least 1970 so I wanted to keep this look. The alternate is another city pride uniform. The helmet crest is the city's coat of arms. The black and the helmet and pant striping is taken from the flag of Norfolk which is the county in which Norwich is located.
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    It also explains why many of Brandiose's recent releases can be described as "abortions".
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    Here's the revision for the White Sox. Yeah, it's more a logo for Chicago. But so is the current Yankees mark for NY.
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    Yes, but you also like sleeved jerseys, which pretty much says it all.
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    nah, you've just got to pull REALLY hard. oh
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    Those black jerseys on the left would look so good with yellow pants.
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    Not surprised, but still a part of me that's disappointed my submission didn't make the cut.
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    I love, LOVE the Terps uniforms. That helmet is a work of art. Much better than their previous Pride uniforms.
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