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    Love it. Dump their current home and road, promote their current third to home, and this to road. Ottawa Fixed.
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    Jesus Christ. The poor state of college football aesthetics is turning us on each other now.
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    You think they're going to give the Heisman to a guy who could potentially be charged with rape in the next few weeks? Oh yes, they will still give it to him. Because FOOTBALL!!! They gave it to Cam Newton and he took money to go to Auburn. They really don't care. Besides who else are you going to give it to? You're 14 so you have no idea about sex or money. It makes sense that you don't see or know the difference between Cam Newton taking money and Jameis Winston allegedly sexually assaulting a woman. My guess is Heisman voters aren't willing to overlook sexual assault like they are willing to overlook a player taking money - at least I hope they aren't.
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    Its way past absurd. And I am far from the typical stodgy, "everything used to look better 30 years ago" CC uniform dork. I am very progressive and like to see teams mix-and-match and not be so set-in-stone with how they look. But lets put a limit on this. Here is what you do...you get 4 jerseys MAX to wear for the season. Pick your 4 jerseys (and many teams will be happy with only having 2) and wear them how you please. You want to have 2 normal looking jerseys and one pink one for the ladies and one camo one for the dudes, then that's your 4. You can wear as many different pairs of pants that you like. You get 2 helmets you can wear during the year. TWO. Not 102 like some of these teams seem to have (one for each day of the season???). Pick your 2 helmets and that's all you get. The NCAA is big business just like the NFL is. All of these concussion lawsuits and whining is going to make helmet rules pretty standard soon for football teams at all levels. You aren't going to get to keep changing helmets all the time, like some of these colleges do. I wonder just how some of these athletic departments afford all of these different helmets and equipment. Helmets aren't cheap. Talk about a complete waste of money. Does Baylor really need 5 different helmets? Do they really need one helmet for 80 players that they will wear once all year? You want to have 2 normal looking jerseys and one pink one for the ladies and one camo one for the dudes, then that's your 4 No, there needs to be rule against that too. Pink and Camo accessories are perfectly fine, but Toldeo showed us why pink is evil on the uniforms, and unless you are the Army Black Knights, Camo shouldn't be on your uniform either. With 4 possible uniforms, you should have 4 team colored uniforms. LIke lets say Georgia is getting new uniforms, they get a red and silver helmet, red,white,black,and silver jerseys, and respective pants. If they get nominated for a Pro Combat set, they can wear it for the one game and if the players like it enough to keep it, they replace one of their current sets. Simple right?
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    So when did Yoshi from Super Mario decide to rob banks? EDIT: All jokes aside, its a pretty good logo.
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    I wish you luck on the 3 or 4 logo concept series you have committed yourself to. Open up MS Paint and get cracking. Or leave this forum forever.
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    Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Oregon lose after prematurely running their mouths. It never gets old.
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    Florida's coach will be gone
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    Watching the Sens 82 times a year drained the life out of him
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    I would like to go on record to say I loved those new Latin Night jerseys designs especially the Suns,Bulls..but LOATHE the fact that they are sleeved jerseys. Anyways, I rather the NBA had Nike-esque back designs on uniforms as opposed to the sleeves. Nets is still TOO DAMN BLAND! Wish they could have used some form of CURSIVE style or either use Tor's design or the Griffin's without the sleeves of course . I don't think the Dodgers not allowing them the old "Brooklyn font" have anything to do with it. Chicago Bears ,Cincinnati Reds,and Twins use the same type of "C" and Georgia,Gambling State and Packers use the same "G" font l In fact there is a nice article here that shows same logo different teams. So I'm wondering the real reason why Brooklyn couldn't use the cursive font http://www.lucidsportsfan.com/2013/09/different-teams-same-logos.html?m=1 .
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    New Vermont Lake Monsters logo ... no word on hats or uniforms.
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    This is what happens when you return too soon from injury. Rose had all the time in the world to heal, get rest, take some time off, etc., but instead he just had to rush back.
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    Also, they basically killed the Celtics amazing St. Patricks jersey. That Los Lakers jersey pisses me off too. This is all stupid. They really couldn't leave it at slapping "Los" on front of the regular jerseys? What's next? Lebron James introducing the newest Heat uniform consisting of wild colors and condom wrapper print?
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    That's been a problem ever since Oregon started wearing black despite it being a color of their in-state rival.All you do is talk about Oregon thoughSounds like Kevin. You weren't here for ANY of that... How the would you know? The technical term for that is "I so desperately want to fit in around here that I'll drop references I know nothing about in the hope that it will make people like me more." Or something like that. Get a room you two. Because that makes perfect sense
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    I like the Padres hat and I understand the military influence in the area, but if you're going that route (RWB/Military) then change your name to the Aviators or something. When I think padre, I think of the friar...who wears a brown robe with a (gold color) rope belt...which makes brown/gold or yellow a unique color scheme in MLB and unique to your nickname.
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    Steelheads!!!!... after the show power play
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    I still think Orlando's original look was by far their best one ever.
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    Just like when Duke never converted a 3rd down in Blacksburg?
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    The Packers, Supersonics, North Stars and the Australian national team also use(d) it to great effect.
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    The A's Green and Yellow also looks really sharp.
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