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    My reaction towards Adidas over the past few months:
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    What a stretch. That ducks sweater looks absolutely nothing like the Stars. Or anyone else.
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    It would be a good week for the Vikings to wear their white pants on the road. Especially if the Ravens' go with black pants.
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    with the game at soldier field this week i have a feeling the cowboys and bears will both be wearing brown on brown
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    I don't really mind all the orange in the Ducks' jersey, but if I had a time machine, and could only use it for strictly trivial purposes, I'd travel back to when Southern California was being settled, and convince everyone to plant eggplants instead of oranges. And since the Gold Rush worked up north, maybe mine for some jade, as well.
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    Sigh... No kidding. Gray facemasks are the worst.
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    I just realized why I don't like the Ducks' sweater. It reminds me a lot of the North Stars:
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    We knew it was just a matter of time...
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    IMO, it should be Florida State v. Alabama and Ohio State vs. Auburn if we had playoffs this year, Alabama is the best 1 loss team, and Auburn gave them their loss.
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    ^ My thoughts exactly. It looks unfinished. I'm glad they finally went with an orange jersey, but the way it was executed is terrible.
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    I like the Kings. The Ducks looks like a practice jersey
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    After letting it settle in for a while and coming back for a second and third look, I really like it. The chrome works because a crown is supposed to be shiny. The grey works well with the black and white. That could make a very nice third. I'd love to see the crown back on front in some shape or form.
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    with those tilted hem stripes, maybe that opens up some design ideas for the Avalanche to bring back their mountain striping.
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    And this is what they left Hartford for. Brilliant move, Ponytail Pete. (Yes, I'm still bitter. Deal with it. )
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    Not looking to hijack the thread, but here's a bigger version of the Leopard which might make it easier to replicate:
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    CHROME! aside, I like both those uniforms much more than their normal sets.
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    The Kings jersey is proof that A jersey looks better with hem stripes
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    I'm absolutely in love with the Ducks jersey. Can't wait to buy mine.
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    These are some sweaters that I'll have to see on ice to judge fully. Although I am liking that Kings one, even if the logo is freakishly large.
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    That Ducks shoulder patch. How cute, Orange County thinks they are people.
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    I'm really lovin' this idea darkp. ...A year-round tournament within the regular schedule. It's an added-value feature for the fans. Now...what if the NFL bought into this idea, and upped the interest by throwing in some cash. However, this cash which could be divvied-up between the teams...i.e. First Place gets x...Second Place gets y...etc., is not for the players or ownership. It's for the community. So, for example; Green Bay wins the CL, and gets $500,000 for the hospital's new wing. New England is runner-up and gets $250,000 for its new municipal centre or whatever... and so on down the line. Each game of the CL would have monetary value for the fans and community.
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    I gotta admit, when I saw the "my style" title, I went "oh crap". However, I'm pleasantly surprised. Both, while not perfect, look really nice. On Tampa, I'd try to incorporate the pewter in some way. It's a really unique color that separates them from the rest of the league
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    I've finally caught up to one of these. Last year I never caught up to this thread, so it's nice to be able to pitch in. Do the Yankees need alternates? Heck no. The Yankees look beautiful as they do now. To be honest, I hadn't thought of the situation a few of you guys mentioned, but it's a good point. Joe DiMaggio was famous for saying that he played his hardest every day just in case there was a kid in those stands who was there for his very first and possibly only game. The same thing applies to the uniforms. The New York Yankees have the number one uniform in the sport (backed up by MLB Network Countdown), and going to see the game and getting navy BP uniforms would be kinda disappointing. But beyond that, they just look great. The only alternates I would be okay with would be a rare throwback, and not for every Saturday or Sunday. I always worry about that when I hear that certain teams have a specific alternate for that day. Some people have season tickets for a specific day. Some people have school and can only get to those games. These people never get to see their team as they classicly look. Anyone in St. Louis with a Sunday package only ever sees their team in the navy bird-on-bat look. A lot of people crap on the Yankees away grays, but I really love them. People say the white is dated, but... I suppose I agree. But not in a bad way. They're dated like the home pinstripes, or the Red Sox and Tigers' home uniforms. When I look at the home pinstripes, it makes me think of the classic teams from the earlier part of the century, of Ruth and Gehrig, of Stengel's boys. When I look at the away grays, it makes me think of the classic teams from the latter part of the century, of the Boston Massacre and Bucky bleeping Dent, of that image of Mattingly in the dugout, of Leyritz tying it and O'Neil saving it in Atlanta. The white trimmed aways may not be the old classic look, but they have a lot of history behind them. Think of them as the Yankees' version of the Phillies' burgundy pinstripes, the Royals' powder blues, or the Big Red Machine look, all of which people wish they had back all the time here. Together, I think the look encapsulates Yankee history. Plus I like the extra pop the piping gives the navy, putting it above the Red Sox aways in my opinion. I wouldn't mind an away throwback alternate, though. And yeah, baseball is traditionally white-gray, and doesn't need to really change from that. Alternates are all right for some teams, and if they're made of good materials and not too goofy-looking they look pretty nice. The White Sox don't look bad in black. The Mariners look good in teal. However, this shouldn't completely eclipse white-gray. It just looks good. Gray isn't a bad color. It's just what you do with it. Some grays look pretty bad, but that's just because the team didn't design the uniform well. It can either be done with color, or with good wordmarks. I think the Tigers and White Sox have really cool and unique-looking city wordmarks that make their grays just look good. Bronx vs. Queens As traditionalist as I am towards the look of the Yankees, I actually think this would be cool. Although keeping it to BP would be an even better step. And yeah, everyone knows that the Big Ballpark in the Bronx where the Bronx Bombers play is in the Bronx. The Mets are the Kings of Queens. The Cubs play in the North Side, and the White Sox are the Southsiders. When the Yankees go off on a road trip to play the Angels or Rangers they play in Anaheim or Arlington as opposed to L.A. or Dallas. The Marlins play in Little Havana and the Dodgers, of course, at Chavez Ravine. Red, White, and Blue People complain about this all the time, and I've never understood it. There's a decent amount of these colors in the sport... but so what? The teams don't look alike at all. They look completely different. First of all, some of them are navy, and some are royal, and never the two shall meet. That's an extremely clear distinction, so lumping all those teams in together is invalid. If you look at the royal teams, the Braves have burgundy and the Rangers and Cubs have bright red. The Cubs have pinstripes and red cap logos, while the Rangers have clean white uniforms and white cap logos. As for the Navy teams, the Red Sox, Twins, and Indians have bright red as a secondary characteristic. The Red Sox have distinctive red plack piping and the Twins have pinstripes. And if you want to include the predominantly red teams in here, the Phillies have pinstripes, the Nationals have a cap logo, the Angels have a strikingly different type, and the Cardinals have bats on birds. Even if the teams have similar colors, they all have distinct characteristics that make each look unique and clearly distinguishable. If you include another team with the same colors, if you make it look different from the other teams, who cares? There's no sense of homogeny here. Plus, no matter how similar a team may look, they're going to wear two different color uniforms anyway... unless the alternate-choked universe ends up killing that distinction. I'm looking at you, Angels and Rangers.
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    anyone else notice that all of the minnesota wild players had these strange islanders-stadium-series-style drawstrings on their sweaters tonight? i really hope this isn't going to be the way reebok treats tie-ups from now, especially since the stars just got drawstrings. i'd hate to see this ugly version become standard.
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    Meh. I like it. Kinda harkens back to the days of the vintage college logos we all drool about in that other thread. Not everything needs gritted teeth and fifty shades of grey to show how the lighting is hitting him.
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    Orgeron is a fantastic recruiter and the type of guy you want to let loose after Kiffin's life-sucking stranglehold. But he's not the guy you want to coach your team in any long term capacity. He was able to ride his wave of fun once Kiffin was gone, but that didn't help any against UCLA and I don't think that could have been sustained into next year. Going with Sarkisian is the right call for USC.
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    Unless Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium has magically expanded to add 30,000 seats, they're not going to beat this year's Winter Classic at the Big House.
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    These are not an improvement on KU's current choices and "flashy" is not how I would refer to them.
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    Edmonton/Winnipeg would be nice, but a part of me (a dark, sadistic part) wants to see the Jets play the Flames in Atlanta throwbacks for both sides.
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    Welcome to the boards. Now, let me explain that this is the "concepts" section: people create things based on real and not-real teams alike. So, yes, he's probably aware of that fact.
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    You're mad at an argument nobody made.
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    Stadium Series wishlist for next season you ask? Well, Colorado has to be a lock, especially with Coors being the sponsor. Others in line would have to be St. Louis. It would have to be played at Busch Stadium, which I'm not sure will go over well. Minnesota, San Jose, Boston.. Colorado vs. Phoenix (only picked them because they can't really host and the other nominees are hopeful hosts) or insert someone else at Mile High St. Louis vs. Chicago at Busch Stadium (I know the Blackhawks would be in it 2 years in a row, but who else? Nashville?) Boston vs. Carolina at Foxboro (with Carolina rocking Whalers throwbacks) Minnesota vs. Dallas at Target Field (Minny's old team vs. the new. Someone must wear North Stars unis) OTHERS, possibly for the year after: San Jose vs. L.A. at AT & T Park Winnipeg vs. Edmonton at Investor's Group Field (Heritage Classic)
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    I can definitely understand how someone can lose his love for playing the game after spending that many years in a Lions uniform.
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    Remember the good old days when teams had one helmet, one home set and one road set?
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    To get inside that boy's hole.
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    Lol. I was about to ask why you had school the day after Thanksgiving, but then I remembered y'all are Canadians.
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    If by "fantastic" you mean dreadfully ugly, sure.
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    Nothing about uniforms should bother us as much as they do....yet here we are.
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    Logos: Home: (Middle Cap is BP) Road: (Middle Cap is BP) Alt.
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