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    Adidas can go suck a dick, every single one of their ideas have been awful
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    I'm putting my money on yesterday. If yesterday just manages to get a few good hits in, its all over.
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    I'm not going to make any Romo jokes because they aren't funny, original, or really accurate, but it is rather amusing how Dallas, in their usual form, found a way to F up a good bit of fortune that had come their way. Now, enough of this annual Week 17 SNF stuff with them. This is the third strike on them. They're out.
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    Doesn't matter the QB, Dallas' gonna Dallas.
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    lol. You had me looking for them
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    It's 10-7 Dallas. I just heard. Are you dyslexic?
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    Goos opinion carries an equal amount of weight to the effort put into his panda concepts.
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    I am so sick and tired of your team getting wins, only to miss the postseason! Winning 10 games and missing the playoffs cost Lovie his job! And your team embarrassed themselves last week, yet your team just blew it! The Packers had what it takes to win with Aaron Rodgers! The Bears like the Lions stunk it up the last three games! At least your Blackhawks playoff run will be 2014's only highlight! Same goes for the Red Wings!Damn. Like I didn't feel bad enough for Andy already. Now the freakin Goo takes him to task. Tough week.
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    The weird combination of side panels and piping to nowhere is worse than the flags, IMO. If the Flames wanted to modernize with the switch to Edge, I don't understand why they couldn't have gone with something along the lines of this template: Because that's terrible.
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    Phew. I'm glad I won't be hearing about the Steelers come this January. Sorry, Steeler fans.
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    I hate you Ryan Succop. Steelers fans will go to your house and burn it down! Rest well tonight. I hope you guys lose next week!
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    This was foretold. This was written in the cards once Rodgers was hurt weeks ago that he would return to screw over this pathetic defense. Greg: eat a dick.
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    I hate my life and all things Packers. You can all collectively go to hell.
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    Ryan Succop is currently the most hated person in Pittsburgh.
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    I now understand what Lights Out goes through as a Chargers fan. This team is losing at home to the backups of a team they already beat. Mind boggling an frustrating. If the steelers make the playoffs I will flip a table.
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    *&$(*)*)*()*(&%$#&^#*&%& Falcons! The ONE TIME I need them to win a game they blow it. What a perfect ending too. They were driving well for a potential game-winning FG when the Panthers showed blitz. Ryan steps up to adjust the protection and the center snaps the ball right past him. The Falcons recovered but that was that. Oh well. The best I can hope for is for Dallas to win and the Saints to end up playing them. I like their chances in Jerrah-world a lot better than outside in Philly, Chicago or Green Bay.
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    Redskins are firing Shanahan.
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    Whoop-de-freaking-doo. I mean, being Russell Athletic Bowl champs is kinda like being the tallest midget: Nobody is going to give a rat's ass.
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    Griffinmarlins, i was wondering if your profile is the collins hill logo, because i go to north gwinnett
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    Oh my God, if we ever saw Ohio State's reds vs. Oregon in bright green, I might faint. As long as it was one of Oregon's more conservative looks, I bet it'd look amazing.
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    THIS is what I like to see with NA imagery in sports... an opportunity to respectfully educate the public about indigenous peoples and their culture (instead of paying" tribute" with racial slurs and racist imagery).
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    Hopefully Bama-Oklahoma will go color on color.
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    Well, the thread no one cares about is making a comeback. Nyah. I'm working on a new jersey design for the team; I'm thinking we might go with fully-sublimated jerseys, which seem to be all the rage these days. I'm generally more of a traditionalist, but this is rec softball we're talking about. Here's my initial design (and, yes, those are shorts; not sure if we'd get them, but I figured I'd make a design anyway): Any thoughts? I'd love to hear 'em. Also, if anyone's had any experience ordering these kinds of jerseys, I'd love to hear recommendations on where to order them.
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    I'm just gonna come out and say this....... (NOTE: I don't follow the NBA much, love the new Hornets look though) I don't think the idea of a sleeved uniform is/was a bad one. The issue here is that they are making these super thin and tight, which seems to affect the players shooting abilities, and is just annoying. If the sleeves were looser and less form fitting, alongside them not looking like (Example: T-Wolves/Clipps, and even the GSW for their new ones) Also, the NBA should change the rules around before someone gets hurt because of the pulling people can do with sleeves.
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    More like a design because I thought it looked good.
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    Well lets jump in the time machine back to when South Dakota was cool and bring some of that back. The Rush is reborn. I decided to just give in and go with the better name. I made a few adjustments from the old version and as always slapped the new look on the threads. Have a look see at um.
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    Just imagine if you were a fan of both (or all three?) of those teams, though! It would be like the universe was reshaping itself according to your will, like you were Dr. Manhattan or something.
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    They once lost to the Celtics by 60 or something some years ago and nobody blamed the uniforms. I understand superstition but let's not kill this dead already. It's a great jersey.
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    Yeah, "clownsuit" doesn't mean "any uniform I don't personally like."
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    Found some interesting concepts on the http://fanbrandz.com for the Tampa Bay Rays. More from http://fanbrandz.com for the Anaheim Ducks.
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    I know this thread is half a year old, but I wanted to add some things I managed to come across on my hard drive.
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