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    I say this every year, but I miss the system of painting the helmets in the endzones.
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    California doesn't appear to be an easy trip anymore. Combined, the California teams are 51-8-8 at home this season.
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    Alright well I've been on this site for about 6 months. 3 months as just a viewer then I made an account and now I'm taking a step trying my first concept. I enjoy the old school-new school concepts and this is one I'd love to see. Bucs with their old cream colored uniforms. I did this on regular paint and touched it up best I could so please don't bash me too hard for that lol. I basically just tweaked with colors to change their new uniforms style to what a collision with the old ones would look like. Another one I'd like to see is Eagles return to that Green and Silver but that's another topic. Anyways thanks, and can't wait to see what ya'll think.
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    Nothing groundbreaking here. Just sharing a tweak I've done of the Cowboys. Decided, instead of getting rid of their unique shade of silver, to tone it down just a touch and use it in the helmet and pants, as well as trim and stripes. Blue and white jerseys are more consistent. No more black or screen printed jerseys. Wordmarks on jerseys. The alternate is pretty much the same.
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    Per chance, can we see the yearly progression like the others? I'm not knocking this, you hit this out of the park. Like I said, you worked your magic with the Nords. Amazing work.
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    Tampa Bay Rowdies The new Rowdies started playing again in 2010 as FC Tampa Bay. The club got the rights to the NASL club's name and rebranded. After the club won a Soccer Bowl in 2012, the team continued to build as a club, and as a presence in Tampa Bay. With new owners adding seats along the sideline at Al Lang Field, the club could now seat 10,000 fans of the team. This was only the start. In 2015 and 2016, the club won back to back Soccer Bowls on the shoulders of strong free agent signings. The team could hardly hold the fans. The team needed a bigger stadium to fit the new supporters. After losing the Rays to Tampa in 2015, the city wanted to work with the Rowdies to ensure the club's future was in Pinellas County. A new 15,000 seat soccer specific stadium was in the plans for a renovated waterfront district. The stadium rand the same way as the field currently does, but renovated it for a rectangular field only. This left the great view of the water open at one section of the stadium, while packing 15,000 supporters around the other 80% of the field. For two years, the Rowdies played in places around the Bay, not settling in too long. The club's new stadium didn't mean immediate success on the field. Bitter rivals New York Cosmos won 2 of the next 4 championships. After one overachieving team snuck into the Soccer Bowl in 2023, the Rowdies figured they couldn't compete the way US soccer was trending. They merged with the Tampa USL side, who did have a youth system, and started using that to work players up to the big time. The Rowdies had strong youth players from all around the area join the Rowdies academy. The team's free agent buying ways were slowly coming to an end. The first player though the system was a defender from Clearwater, who earned a NASL best XI honor in his rookie season. Orlando City offered a bigger contract, but the player chose to stay home and grow with the club.The team continued to add free agents from all over the world, US, and local area. The team made it to the 2027 Soccer Bowl final after 4 years of frustration, losing to Cleveland in PKs. The next year, the Rowdies lifted the trophy over Richmond. This team could easily transition to the Championship, provided they take care of business in League One. That story made me seem like a super homer. But this is my favorite team, and I really like their hooped look. I think the jerseys currently are perfect, I replaced the Rowdies' wordmark with Publix as a sponsor. I wanted to make a crest logo instead of just the word Rowdies, so I did a very simplistic design. Not too much to write home about! Updated the Tampa Bay script 1/16/14 Could I get some more comments please?
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    Starzz, because it's the 90s and jamming extra letters in team names makes them EXTREME TO THE MAX!!
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    Source: Area Idiot. You're really gonna have to be more specific.
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    I love all your work and even before I saw this thread I started following you on Behance. Can't wait to see what will you do in the future.
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    And with that, the whoreization of the NHL's outdoor game is complete. At first, it was because of price-gouging (in a stadium with 2.5x seating capacity of either Staples Center or the Honda Center, I've seen tickets for this game as cheap as $300-400 on the secondary markets, excluding all their fees), but after understanding how a concert stage and beach volleyball play area were added near the pavilions, I've given up going to this game. Maybe it is better to stay at home, watch the game from your TV, and save yourself all the trouble. Could be worse. Imagine what will happen on the sides if the Coyotes get their proposal for an outdoor game. I'm imagining they'll build a little housing complex where people will stay inside and a basketball court closer to the stands so people can be there instead of watching the Coyotes play.
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    I never cared for helmets logo in the end zone or any where on the field
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    Honestly, I like this a lot better. I always found Silver Stars to be a mouthful and that the old logo was unnecessarily hard to read. Major upgrade IMO.
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    Before you ban MarkiMn, consider that dfwabel pretty much goes around posting inscrutable off-topic information with weird hyperlinks embedded in them and you don't ban him, I'm just saying is all
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    Good job posting that box to prove his point.
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    My original idea was to have just an arm and the pick axe swinging through the logo similar to the arm and hammer logo, but when I found the old shoot-em-up 'niner I decided to go a different route and make the logos different miners. Plus arm and pickax would be similar to the Charlotte 49ers
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    I like the Athletics script because we do need to stress every now and then that the actual team name is in fact the Athletics. And I like the Oakland script because we do need to stress every now and then that the team, despite its own best efforts, plays in Oakland.
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    The Oilers are moving to Sunrise? Can South Florida support two teams? With Bettman, you never know. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Miami Oilers! Mascot leaked:
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    The worst part about the Ducks' thirds are those god awful orange knee things. Get rid of those!
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    They are taking a page right out of the book of John McDonough and what he did with the Blackhawks.(after he left the Cubs) Get the right fans on board, kids(and parent) and older people with money. Move more games to nighttime. Create interest with those buyers and slowly move away from the drunken, afternoon Bleacher crowd. Those people don't pay the bills.
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    Yawn. The actual mascot does look rather bland and generic, but seriously? It's not even close to the worst mascot in MLB, and it's the perfect type of mascot for an older team like the Cubs. (waits for the inevitable "but you're a dirty furry" comment)
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    We finished the Spurs Paint Trinity and it looks like we're going to start the Grandma's Hand Towels saga.
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    A tip for all Braves fans making the trek out to Cobb County for Braves games in a couple years: If you ever take a trip down to Cobb County, GA, you better read the signs; respect the law and order; you'll serve hard times.
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    Those were some great sweaters. I just think the days where we see something like what they and Dallas wore are gone. Teams now (it seems) are more inclined to stick with what works. In regards to new home,road, and alternates...well, unless you are the Islanders. Anyway, got a couple more concepts...including those Islanders. Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus has some of the best colors in the league, IMO. There is a good deal of potential for some good with the Jackets. The striping for was inspired partly by the striping in the tunnel of the Nationwide Arena on NHL 12. Unsure if its actually like that in real life. Used the font from their 3rd (which I like..the font that is). Combined their current primary and their alternative and darkened the colors. New York Islanders For this I looked towards their look from 98-07 and tried to modernize it a bit. Used the current colors and added an additional stripe to vary it a bit from the Wilds current 3rd. Added 4 stripes to the collar for their Stanley Cups.
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