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    I've begun collecting logos that I'd like to update. The first one I did was an old amateur hockey team logo, and I posted it here. This time I thought I'd try to get a bit more elaborate. Here's what I started with: And here's my update: Let me know what you think! PS: here's the rest of the logos I'm currently going to try to work with: pinboard. Let me know if there's one in particular from there you'd like to see or if you have any suggestions. I'm not currently planning on doing requests like Ren, but I'll definitely consider suggestions.
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    So I'm going to redo the stadium series jerseys in not just a way I want but hopefully the way everyone wants And hopefully with a bit more thought than reebok put in. Up first we've got the Ducks! I decided to go for a modern take on the Mighty Ducks throwback they wore earlier this year seeing as they got all that shinny new equipment for it. And the throwback has been one of the best selling jerseys this year. But still tried to stay with in the Stadium Series boundaries that have been established this year. And Just in case you want to stick with the Duck's current Colors here you go Well that's it For the ducks stay tuned for the others!
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    Okay so I saw the Brooklyn Nets uniforms that are supposed to be a nod to the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball uniforms and they look awful to me personally. They sort of remind me of ref jerseys but I don't know. Anyways I got bored and made what I think would look cool. Basically kept the Nets jersey style and added blue. They are simple but I love them compared to the sleeved ones that came out. By the way whoever decided to put sleeves on a basketball jersey should be in the unemployment line...awful just awful.
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    I'm not too broken up by it. It was just one of those games. The Blue Jackets dominated in shots and possession and they'll win that game more times than not. The real test will be how they respond monday night in Raliegh.
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    Don't even use the Wild Cards. Top 4 in the division get in. With the unbalanced schedule, if you can't crack the top 4 in your division, you don't deserve to get in the playoffs. Ah Peoria used to have that effect too. Only with the Europeans though.
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    Does this count lol, he looks more ridiculous than the players wearing this
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    No, we don't get to claim "Original Six Dress-Up" on the St. Louis Blues. They were one of the first expansion teams!
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    Well all the NFL uniforms are designed by Nike. I wouldn't call that a coincidence, I'd call that sarcasm. That's not true .. The uniforms are all produced by Nike but not all are designed by Nike. Broncos and Seahawks are actually designed by Nike.
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    This series was awesome!!! Welcome back JMurr.
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    The people in the background in short sleeves is bugging me.
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    Today I finished up the University of North Florida. Old- Revamp-
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    I didn't notice initially, but the sleeve graphic appears to be slightly different on the white and grey jersey. On the navy jersey the green portion is closer to the grey and appears longer. It is even more noticeable on the original press released shots by nike. I think that might be part of the reason i didn't like them at first. Never understood why on the white and grey jerseys that the color area behind the Nike logo isn't lime green as on the blue jerseys ? Shouldn't they mirror the blue jerseys ? And the stripe on the white and/or grey pants should be green as on the blue pants At the risk of reopening a rather stale can of worms, I've always assumed that the color choice of that particular uniform element, home or road, was decided on the basis of what would give the most visual emphasis to the Nike logo. The navy swoosh pops out nicely against the neon green when the whole shape is surrounded by more navy, but picture it as a navy swoosh in a neon green shape on a white background? IMO the relatively small navy element would be harder to see. And Nike can't have that when they so carefully designed an effective frame for it. As a side question... has anybody seen an authentic jersey and can tell me what material the navy chest stripes are made from, and how it's applied? The up close view of it is surprisingly cheap-looking IMO. Was a sewn in element out of the question, for some reason?
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    Wow that's amazing. Love it. You should do uniforms next with the "update".
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    You mean like this one? Or this one? (Though they did win in extras) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPubuWgC2tM Or my personal favorite from last season, even though it wasn't in the Bronx? (Don't know why the link isn't working…)
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    This is how the Nets should have done it. The only change: a red 42 on the front and the actual player number on the back in blue.
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    Hey, everyone. I've been a member for a while now but have never tried my hand at posting anything. Recently I got an idea to do a concept for an MLB expansion team in Indianapolis (unrealistic maybe, but hey, seemed like a fun idea). I decided to try and do this by hand and see how it went. So, I present, the Indianapolis Thunderbirds. The team name and home uniform is inspired by my old high school, while the colors of red and black are inspired by the city's current AAA team. Indianapolis is a pretty traditional city, and this plays a pretty big role in its sports team's identities. The home jersey is white with red piping and trim, with black letters also trimmed in red, inspired by my alma mater's old unis. The away grey is pretty plain, with black piping and red lettering. The black alternate uses white letters with red trim. Also, I was inspired by TheGiantsFan to try and design a stadium. Please excuse by art skills and keep in mind these are still pretty early and unpolished designs. Just wanted to get some feedback and see what everyone thinks.
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    I think the regular season division champ gets the banner. The Islanders had a 1993 Patrick Division Playoff Champion banner that the NHL made them take down after the 1993-94 season ended. And the Devils have a 1988 Patrick Division Playoff Champion hanging at the Prudential Center that the NHL let them keep because they're not the Islanders.
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    Technically they can't use Dodgers font, because it's licensed to the Dodgers. But I honestly think there has to be some Red accents around the numbers and letters.
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    Can't wait to see KISS today. Should be a good concert!
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    Changing the A logo would be correct IF you wanted to keep to that uni style but I like that you've matched them. Not crazy about the numbers on the front for some reason.....I'm not sure where marble is seeing a different color blue unless you've changed it since....
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    The referees uniform comparison hits the nail on the head! I don't like this color neither. P.S.: Your design is fresh and clean. I like it!
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    Nah, the Mets finally fixed their uniforms. No more tinkering.
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    College football is more fun to watch now, but there are several logistical problems with the sport - most notably conference politics and the intentionally flawed postseason systems that cater to said politics, as well as the NCAA's dumb rules and inconsistent enforcement - that prevent it from being a better overall product than the NFL, IMO.
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    I like what you did with Atlanta Braves in this concept
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    Ok guys, got some more info. I asked our CCM/RBK rep why the Blues stuff was all TBD, and his answer was "because the logo is changing." Now for the bigger stuff, the jerseys! I will post pictures later this weekend but I saw the jersey catalog and what teams had blank TBD spots. Off the top of my head, new third jerseys in Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Phoenix. Anaheim's third displays as unchanged, but home and away are TBD. Islanders third jersey is still the current black one. St. Louis jerseys are all displayed as unchanged, however this is not surprising. In the catalog we had last year it still had Dallas's old jerseys shown despite all of the apparel being TBD for the new logo. I didn't see any changes to the CCM Classics line, but will post pics of those pages too. Tampa third jersey will be black. All I can say about that.
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    So so far the current re-brands we have are: Oregon (A mega-unveil of the Alamo Bowl stuff). Miami Arkansas Notre Dame Navy Correct me if I'm wrong, but those are what we have so far correct? The only one here I don't like is Arkansas, I personally am really starting to warm up for their current set.
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    And the Nets are heating up, LOOK OUT NYC UP IN THIS BIOTCH YEAHHHoh god we lost in the playoffs again.
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    T'here's a good chance that is it, I think. The J and the Q look little awkward. Suprised there's no trademark on it.
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    Come to the concepts forum, they said. There will be concepts, they said.
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    I love that you went out there on this. Baseball is the most bland unchanged uniform in sports. That said, you did a great job of making this adjustment. The feathers work well and you made a great "future past" look here. Putting the tomahawk on the front would've been overkill so you showed great restraint there as well
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    Thanks again everyone for the feedback. Here's an updated version with a lighter color for the chainmaile mesh as well as NFL-style socks. The sock striping on these mirrors the numbers' color pattern. I'll put up the Timberwolves a bit later.
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    Agreed. Right now the tusks are coming out of the cheek bones.
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    I don't think I'll ever lose interest in football (or sports as a whole), but I watch sports just for the entertainment value. MLB started it, and the NHL and NBA sealed it, in that these are "just another business" when they had their labor issues. If they want to play...great, I'll watch on TV and maybe attend a few games. If they don't want to play, there are other sports alternatives and other interests I have. Although, my interest in hockey has gone down significantly once the Thrashers left town. I'll watch some Hurricanes or Predators games if they're on TV or maybe catch a game on NBC or find a way to watch the Canucks (not that I have a big rooting interest in the fiance's team), but it's not appointment watching like it used to be. And maybe that's what it would take for me to lose interest in the NFL...the Falcons moving to another city. I've run a 20-team fantasy league for 12 years now, and the fun level hasn't dropped at all. That alone will keep me watching just about any game that's on. I do think it's kind of a cop-out to use CTE as a reason that you'd lose interest in football. Again, I look at football as entertainment only, so I don't get worked up about injury risks because the players should know that your short- and long-term health is at risk when you play a contact sport. Maybe that makes me cold-hearted, but one isn't a better fan and/or person just because they have CTE concerns for the players. If you're that gung-ho about CTE, don't watch any athletic event.
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    The Dallas-freaking-Stars trying to make fun of the Leafs' fanbase in hilarious in its own right. Oh, and the fact that he's not a Leafs fan.
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    Get rid of the feathers on the side's, and it's perfect.
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    I tweaked the colors to match their current secondary logo:
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    UK: Improvement, but still could be better, the gray's gotta go if you wanna make it look awesome. And you can just call it the UK, no need to exaggerate it based off an argument correctly explaining the nation. Germany: For the helmet logo, I'd use the Eagle that Kaz posted, it's been the German coat of arms for 200+ years, and I'd replace the cream/gold color with the flag yellow, you gotta be as patriotic as possible. Also, maybe move the flag back inside the collar? It kinda gets lost in the stripe. UK: I might tweak the gray but it's not going anywhere. USA: took your idea for the striping Germany: Input the coat of arms. and the reason for the Gold color is because their soccer team uses it. That might see a change
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    This was going to my selection. Love that look. Beautiful, I agree.
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    I am always a sucker of basic black with white and red highlights. Teams in that color always look classic, intimidating and completely bad-ass. DC United, Orlando Pirates, Saracens rugby, Atlanta Falcons, New Jersey Devils.......etc.
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    Sexy. Similar to the Florida Panthers, just with grey instead of yellow. And the red is more of a red/orange. I've always felt slightly unfavourable towards yellow in sports identities in general - more so when they are the primary colour though. Never have liked the Bruins look for this reason, and Nashville hurts my eyes. All NHL here as you can tell, sorry.
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