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  1. So a Texas-based "sports facility planning business" is trying to gauge interest in Toronto, but they won't say if their looking on behalf of anyone actually connected with the NFL. Not much smoke there, much less fire. Especially since the local response to the Bills games has been underwhelming.
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  2. Here's just a chunk of mine. Yes. I have a problem. oh well, at least it's not heroin
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  3. My personal rules: I prefer a flat brim bent only slightly. Only caps of teams I root for. Fashion caps are ok if they're in team colors. Prefer New Era. But I don't judge people who wear differently! I don't have very many, either, owing to these rules and the fact that I wear knit hats all winter and baseball caps only occasionally in the warmer months, but here they are: - Boston Red Sox mid-70s Cooperstown 5950: the classic mid-70s red cap/navy brim and my personal favorite. - Boston Celtics 5950: black with green/white logo, green brim, tonal black New Era flag. A Hat Club exclusive I think. - Vermont Lake Monsters green alternate authentic 5950: green with white front panel and alternate logo. From my old stomping grounds. Never saw them wear this hat, actually, but glad I bought it before this year's downgrade redesign of the cap. - San Francisco Giants tonal 3930: black with black SF logo, outlined in orange and white. I don't wear this one much, because I hate both the fit and the pre-curved brim of 3930s. - Boston Celtics '47 brand trucker hat: white "trucker" style with green front panel, which includes yellow and white front stripe and retro wordmark around the logo. Don't wear this one much, either, but this curved brim offends my style less than the SF hat at least. Also my only 47 hat.
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  4. I've got a Walla Walla Sweets cap that Is one of the most comfortable hats I own. It is made by the Game. I also have a Mizzou hat made by the Game but in the moisture wicking material. in my opinion the wool caps are a hundred times more comforrtable then the new fabrics
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