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    There's a difference between who you think is going to go deep in the tournament and where teams will get seeded. Looking at who won their conference tournament on its own doesn't make any sense, just like where teams place in the regular season or what their conference record is. Arizona's list of quality wins (most of which are on the road or neutral sites) blows Louisville's out of the water.
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    I have a feeling the Bengals will be changing soon because some Nike prototypes have already been leaked I can't reveal how I know about these... I like them because they're a completely integrated system of dress with a new design that honors the Bengals' rich tradition while boldly bringing the team into the future through a modern design aesthetic. They incorporate many of the unique historical aspects of bengal tigers and also showcase the city's roots, vibrant culture and spirited fanbase. The new uniform will feature a realistic color scheme honoring the franchise's past and present, while confidently positioning the team for the future. I really feel that these will set the standard for both design and functionality, and the result will be a sleek, modern design that honors the franchise's past while also establishing a new, bolder identity moving forward. Thank you so much, Nike, for keeping the Bengals on the cutting edge.
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    I don't like the whale tale which is a total exact replica of the whalers logo and there the dolphins not the whales.
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    Maybe you're going too fast. Slow down and really think about what you want to see on the jerseys because right now it seems like Copy/Paste Football League.
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    I'm pretty sure the Dolphins wouldn't use a Hartford Whalers rip-off as their logo.
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    Milwaukee draws Villanova in the first round. I can't say I like our chances, but historically, east coast teams have brought the best out of the Panthers; and it's not like we haven't beaten a Big East team in the Tournament before.
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    Damn sucks for Wichita, drawing potentially Kentucky and Louisville in the 2nd and Sweet 16.
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    Okay...I really facepalmed. You're from Buffalo and have misspelled Sabres in almost everything in this thread. *facepalm*
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    Im convinced you are just an attention whore, go :censored: yourself, I'm done trying to help you
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    baseball needs traditional clean looks, not that crap. That has to be one of the worst uniforms I've ever seen, powder blue does not go with their color scheme.
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    Psssst....a bump isn't what you think it is.
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    Nike is at the forefront in my mind of sacrificing design quality for the sake of doing something different. Often it horrendous and lacks visual quality. A strong creative director with impeccable design sense would never let 50% of their uniform designs out the door. Says to me that they have a leader that's more interested in new/different and less interested in creating actual quality designs.
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    Whoever was doing the call for that game was great for CBS. Pair of really old guys who I don't recognize because I rarely watch college basketball. It also satisfies me to see Shaka Smart lose. How dare Shaka Smart not want to deal with the rolling disaster area that is Illinois athletics.
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    It is pretty close though. I think it's the "more than 2 interlocking letterforms that include a big C" and the circle combo that make it so similar. So basic, can't really say rip off but still I think most would admit it's very close. Now if their uniforms have vertical stripes, that will be too much.
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    I feel like every damn year I pick New Mexico and Georgetown to do ANYTHING and they always fail me.
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    If there's one thing we tend to frown upon over here, it's smacking another player in the bollocks.
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    Not including Arizona on that list is pretty funny.
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    Yeah this is actually how i feel. The TATCs were designed to be "out there" they weren't trying to design a uniform for everyday use. Despite them looking like something out of Design Junkie's portfolio, they actually seemed to achieve what they were trying to achieve. The shorts were just a bad idea that were supposed to be a legitmate idea. They failed at achieving what they were trying to achieve. I'd rather be seen playing baseball in the TATCs than the shorts.
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    That and Jeffrey Loria, who the MLB pinned to destroy baseball in Montreal ran the team into the ground. With the Expos failing, the MLB exercised the right to move the Expos.
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    That is an incredibly offensive remark. I have a cousin with Aspegers, and their is no "look" to him. I also am in a volunteer program, in which there are people on varying levels of the Autism spectrum, and again there is no "look" to them. Lastly, think before you speak, and realize that you could have been temp-banned for saying that.
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    Baseball boomed in popularity in Montreal in 1994. Well, before the lockout....You mean strike. Which was IN 1994. Fans in Montreal essentially disappeared once baseball returned in 1995.Fans everywhere disappeared in 1995 after the strike ended. Basically, no one gave two asses about baseball until the McGuire-Sosa home run race of 1998. According to mainstream sports fans still disgruntled with the strike to this day, the Braves have never won the World Series, the Indians still haven't reached the Fall Classic since 1948, the whole Jeffrey Maier story is a Yankee-oriented myth and the Marlins have won just one World Series in their lifetime (because of Steve Bartman). Can't blame Montreal fans. That was their best team, and their best shot at making it to the WS. Had the strike not cancelled the rest of the season, obviously a lot of things would be different, but we may still have a team in Montreal. Or not. As for this topic, either way we get two good logos back (provided the Nordiques go with the igloo and not the stupid wolf logo they brought out right before moving.)
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    *Had. It was perfect until they brought in the stupid second wild card.
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    Tropicana Field isn't "falling apart". If it was located in Tampa, the calls to replace it would be much less vocal. That said, I am rooting for the Rays to relocate to Montreal and become the Expos 2.0. The feasibility report the Montreal Baseball Project released recently seemed to under report the costs involved in buying a club, moving it and building a new ballpark. The upcoming games at Stade Olympique will be scrutinized more closely than any other exhibition games in recent memory.
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    Two great games today in Sounders/TFC and SJ/RSL...great to see guys like Defoe, Dempsey, and Wondo find the net.
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    F#cking garbage game. Absolute pieces of rhino, fecally-dehydrated s#it calls tonight. That's four points the Kings have been screwed out of this season, tonight's detestable no-goal and the Detroit game in January. Coyotes fans (only seven points back of LA) are in giddy celebration over all of this; f#ck them along with the referees. Yeah, OK. And if that call happened to any other hockey team on Earth, those fans would type-up a strongly-worded angry letter to the officials in 48-point Arial Black font...
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    That's actually for 2015-16.
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    Well that's one way to make an impression on your full league debut: two first half goals and MotM. I knew Defoe still had something in him, even though he wasnt getting the playing time at Spurs. I could see good things for him this season. He could be TFCs white knight or white elephant... Bradley was a constant force in the midfield. That is one thing TFC has been missing their entire time in MLS, a midfield General. Someone who can take the game and flip it on its own head.
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    My first thought was...
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    The backwards hat just completes the look. it "wasn't terrible" for the seeing impaired maybe.
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    Baseball is a "maybe" success. Hockey is a guaranteed winner in Canada. The only problem is that the NHL is making the decisions there.
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    So I have decided to go with Italy since Sweden already has pretty good unis. I've got 3 updates for you guys as well. Also if you've ever seen Poland's football team they already look pretty perfect, so if I were to redesign them it would be very minor tweaks. The poll feature on this thread is broken, so if you guys want to see someone else instead then just tell me who. Anyways let's get into the concepts Italy: Japan: I've decided to go with pink and blue just for the fact that it's really grown on me. Personally I didn't want the rising sun there either for the same reasons. To me it's like putting swachtzica's(is that how it's spelled?) on Germany. However every concept I've seen for any Japan team has the rising sun. I hate it, but I thought people would want it. (sorry for the political debate) Argentina: Brazil: Don't forget to tell me who the last team should be
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    Really? Slate blue and lime green? Is Oklahoma City just trolling Seattle these days?
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    They also played at the FirstOntario Centre (then Copps Coliseum) in Hamilton, Ontario.
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    To be honest, you're the one being rude to kevsim1, not vice versa. For the most part, people are giving you feedback on what needs to be done. Neither one nor two is perfect. Both of your concepts so far are very similar, and neither is all that great. I would go with option 3: start from square 1. Your concepts so far have been pretty unimaginative. I personally think that often the best way to make a concept is to first sketch something on paper before transferring to Paint. Try to think outside the box of stripes and colors. Study historical uniforms for the team you are designing to find unique design aspects, and take inspiration from that. Often when someone makes concepts in Paint, they end up just painting by number and adding a stripe or two to boot. Designing first on paper forces you to think more. I don't have any problem with you using Paint or the particular template you are using. However, do note that the parts you have colored in flesh tones are actually undershirts, not arms. Also, when resizing images (as you have with the Dolphins helmet logo), please use the Resize tool under the Image tab. Your logo is presently a bit squashed. Also, here's how you post images. Go to your imgur and click on the picture. Now roll your mouse over the picture and click on the Actions button, which looks like a gear. Click "View full resolution." Now copy the URL. To post it here, click the "Image" button, which is between the hyperlink button and the code button. Paste the URL.
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    This is what I have. I give the teams and their post number. There are a few I'm not sure about. NCAA · Alabama #117, 906 · Arkansas #215 · Auburn #70, 264, 777 · Baylor #74 · Bethune-Cookman #137 · BYU #769 · Cal #49 · Charlotte #483 · Colby #38 · Colorado #31 · Columbia #303 · Connecticut #721 · Eastern Illinois #287 · Endicott College #387 · Florida St. #317 · Indiana #91 · Iowa #55 · Kansas #275 · Kentucky #398 · Lafayette College #176 · Lehigh #81 · Louisville #413 · LSU # 236, 780 · Loyola #683, 685 · Marquette #73 · Maryland (?) #664 · Miami #136, 879 · Michigan #252, 354 · Michigan St. #206 · Milwaukee-Wisconsin #889, 915 · Missouri (?) #477 · Montana #644 · Navy #358 · Nebraska (?) #484, 747 · North Dakota St. #22 · Northern Illinois #409 · Oklahoma #871 · Prarie View A&M #451 · Princeton #780 · Sam Houston St. #212 · SMU #31, 101 · South Dakota (?) #44 · TCU #32, 103 · Temple #265, 277 · Texas #1, 17, 19 · Texas Tech #296 · Tulsa #376 · UCLA $418 · Villanova #38 · Wake Forest #664 · Washington #57, 557(?) · Wichita St. #120 Basketball · Bucks #816, 822, 842, 854 · Celtics #734 · Chaparrals #679 · Knicks #84 · Packers, Chicago #604 · Pistons (Ft. Wayne) #357 · Rockets #141 · Rockets, Denver #577, 584 · Stags #141 · Warriors (?) #124 · · 1977 All-Star Game Logo #862 Football · 49ers #500 · Bears #441, 476 · Bills #165, 543, 547 · Broncos #240 · Browns #85, 765 · Bulldogs, Canton #735 · Cardinals, Chicago #559, 593 · Cardinals (St.L) #346 · Chargers #504, 512 · Chiefs #179 · Dodgers, Brooklyn #644 · Dolphins #235 · Eagles #412 · Giants #226 · Lions #332, 439 · Monsters, Minnesota #784 · Packers #165, 201, 463 · Patriots #572 · Redskins #255 · Texans, Dallas #496 Baseball · Athletics (KC) #353 · Braves #165 · Cubs #820, 832 · Jets, Jacksonville #723 · Pirates #278 · Phillies #725 · Rangers #137 · Senators #567 · Tigers #135 · Tigres de Quintana Roo #704 Hockey · Broncos, Humbolt #404 · Fire, Ft. Worth #730 · Sabres (?) #180 Unknown · Horse w/ M sweater #203 · Pirate #394 · YFU logo #428 · CC Tiger #493 · Generals #575 · Midkota Mustangs #692 · Grayhawks #591 High Schools · #90 · #335 · #529 · #674 · #879
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    "Diamond Era" caps are the ones that are used during Spring Training and batting practice. Yup, however that didn't stop them from wearing them in-game last season:
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    Curious why you feel that way with my recolored logo and not the current primary. I originally had 76ers in all white, and the star in red, but I wanted to follow the distinction of highlighting the "6ers" part. Nevermind I didn't read your explanation fully. I'm guessing it's specifically the size difference between the 7 and 6? Edit: Here it is without the red 7
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    Not much to say about this concept. I basically brought back the old trident scripts and updated them, kept the current colors, and brought back the racing stripes that the Mariners wore in the '80s. The alternate merits discussion, though. The Mariners have long had a reputation of being a Japanese-friendly organization. They're owned by a Japanese company, their biggest star (Ichiro) is Japanese, the Japanese media regularly reports on the Mariners like they were a local team, and the Mariners often hold Japanese fan nights at Safeco. I decided to mix the colors of the Mariners' past (blue and gold) with a tribute to their current status as a Japanese-friendly team. The kanji in the script means "sailor" (the closest word I could find to "mariner"). The sleeve patch is the uniform number in kanji - obviously, this would be different for every player. I also made the uniform sky blue in honor of the sky blue uniforms the Mariners used to wear in the '80s (I hesitate to call it powder blue as it's quite a few shades darker than that). I still haven't decided on cap options. Comments thus far?
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