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    Here's a fun graphic of home hockey jersey history, my hockey jersey friends. It's huge so either click on the image below or this link
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    Someone revive me, that's so good I fainted.
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    I hope it implodes. The NFL product has been getting worse, and football culture is abhorrent.
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    We match up great with Louisville (we beat them on Dec. 28th) and we are hot right now and I want Florida in the Championship game as I want revenge! BTW, the SEC is 6-0 in the tournament, so much for a weak conference! Florida is playing the kind of schedule that a #1 overall seed should and Tennessee had to navigate a "gauntlet" of an Iowa team that has played like crap since January, an overseeded UMass team, and a 14 seeded Mercer team. Only Kentucky has had a challenging schedule, so don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. And that doesn't exactly mean that the other 11 teams in your Conference would have done well this weekend. If you look at both the NCAA & NIT Tournament the SEC teams are currently 11-1 and that to me says something. 1) The SEC is 10-2 in postseason tournaments with only Arkansas still being alive in the NIT. 2) It says SEC schools can beat cupcakes. The NIT victories came at home against lower-seeded midmajors. Now I know this might impress you in light of Kentucky's failure last year to beat Robert ing Morris, but the reality is this is not that impressive. What you are doing is kind of like using the SEC's reign of terror against the SoCon as a way to extrapolate football dominance. Except for the part where Florida loses at home to Georgia Southern. Whoops!
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    the thing is the stars isn't retro for retro's sake, they are a team that was founded in 1967, the lightning is completely different though, they were a 90's expansion team and should look like such.
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    Because of the retro-for-retro's sake fad around the NHL. Same reason why the Stars now look like the St. Patrick's Day Rangers.Coming from the guy that said these two jerseys were too similar, no. You don't get to have hockey uniform opinions.
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    Following the major increase of soccer concepts in this board, I believe this is a nice upload. I organized all my soccer fonts in a Google Drive Folder, to everyone acess and use. I'm not the author of all fonts, like Conrad. I made some but long time ago, and now all of it is in my HD without practical use. Hope it helps in some way, to new concepts or reproduction of old designs. The fonts are in .TTF and .OTF format. Below is a link to Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxoUuevqYtVEQnQ1NkZ5YUFCbFE&usp=sharing I don't ask donations or anything. I found it freely, I pass it freely, but would be nice if you comment in the folder. Some problem, let me know.
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    Okay, it is now Monday, so I am officially putting my hat into the ring here. I will only do logos from the big four (NFL, NHL, NBA & MLB) and D1 (FBS) NCAA schools.
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    I have a feeling that decal placement will be the biggest problem with that helmet. It should look like this:
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    Agreed. And I think that less orange works really well with their color scheme. The combination of the orange and blue looks absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.
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    Thanks a lot. I love the Giants cap too. I think it has a minor league, whimsical quality to it. Anyway, just got Ipava updated by adding the blue outline. I added the new one under the original concept so you can see them together. Does it fix the problem or should I try something else?
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    If only they'd kept gold instead of switching to silver.
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    That's a reference only true New Yorkers will get; anyone who's lived in the city for a length of time remembers the days before MetroCards: I always appreciated a reference meant strictly for locals.
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    The Lightning deserve all the ridicule they can get. In a league of 30 teams there's no reason to look that similar to another team, let alone a team with the history of the Maple Leafs. You're a 90's Floridian expansion team, be a 90's Floridian expansion team. It'd be akin to the Marlins wearing the same uniforms and colors as the Red Sox. The Stars though? The Stars have a look all their own even if one of the jerseys uses a very similar striping pattern as the Rangers. The white jersey is completely unique and the color scheme is theirs and theirs alone. You're not going to confuse the Stars with anybody else.
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    Here is the last of the original 6 teams of the SFWL, the Ipava Bombers. The Bombers name is derived from the Camp Ellis, a military camp erected during WWII between the towns of Ipava and Table Grove. Ipava's homecoming festival is now known as Camp Ellis days and the ruins of the camp are a an interesting and somewhat eerie look into the past to imagine what once was. The Bomber's colors are a dark drab green, silver and sky blue, to go along with the military theme of the team. So, without futher ado, here are the Ipava Bombers, the last of the original SFWL teams: Is the IB in the hat logo distinctive enough or is it too subtle? Thanks for taking a look. As always I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say. I just got the Bombers updated(added an outline to the numbers). I think it does the job of including some more of the sky blue. I
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    Good gravy. The Penn State video is awesome. Although I've been using the pen tool for a while, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. So this video is very helpful. If nothing else, it at least lets me know I'm not doing things way off the mark. By the way, using the pen tool in a Penn State video... even more genius.
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    Wow. Three or four years ago, who would of thought that this statement would ever be made? It's interesting... I think in the instances in which Nike simply came in and recreated existing designs, the on-field product generally looks better. (With a few obvious exceptions... Jets and Titans, for example.) But that's not really what everyone wants to discuss... what gets the people talking are the major overhauls and redbranding projects. And IMO if you compare the "cutting edge" redesigns done under Reeboks watch (Chargers, Cardinals, Vikings, etc) to the "cutting edge" redesigns of the past 3 years (Seahawks, Jaguars, Bucs), the Reebok unforms are all better. Still crappy, yes, but all of the former are obviously more about the individual team, and less about the manufacturer. I feel like Reebok was so much less likely to impose their corporate will on the teams (in fact most of the uniforms from the mid to late 00's seem to be more of a product of NFL properties then of Reebok) and, if not carefully controled by the team, Nike would be happy to make each redesign about them. That's why I feel this whole "who's to blame" argument just really misses the point. People keep saying that the teams should be held more accountable because "of course, Nike is going to try to promote themselves first... that's their job". But, no... it isn't. At least it shouldn't be, not in this case. IMO Nike's number one responsibity here is to create the best possible product for the client. Any self-promotion should be a far distant second to that. Sure, the team should be invoved in the process, and in the end is to "blame" for what they end up agreeing to. But why should they (the client) have to be so mindful of the possibilty that the company the league hired to make them look good will try to hijack the process? Why do we all just blindly accept that the company in charge of the NFL's uniforms will just "obviously" choose self-promotion over the needs of their client if they aren't watched like a hawk? That's a ridiculous position. THIS is why I wish we still had Reebok. Yeah, Reebok's Vikings re-design was overly-trendy and not sustainable in terms of sticking around long-term. But I'd much rather see disappointing designs that are meant to represent the team than those meant to say "Nike is designing the uniforms." The Bucs and Seahawks now have uniforms that are meant to advertise Nike. I don't think Reebok was doing that.
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    As are TCU and Miami: I think the stripe on Florida's helmet is 100x better than Miami's as the break looks horrible. I'm waiting for a jack in the box to pop out...
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    I am all for a comeback of baseball in MTL but who will pay 500M + for a new stadium?
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    Comcast owns no part of the sixers and has a poor relationship with them. That would never happen. More likely would be Guinness Beer as their from Philly.It would be hysterical for OKC to wear Sonic hahaha as their based in OKC.
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    The fauxbacks don't have black. I find them to be a massive upgrade.
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    Who else is excited for the Montreal games this weekend?
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    You really need to start realizing that your own personal opinion is not actually factual information.
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    That NRL Live Stream last year got me hooked. Too bad it isn't available in America for this season. Wiziwig.tv is a my go-to live streaming site, but the appeal of the NRL on livestream.com last year was the ability to play archived matches from the night before. Wiziwig.tv can let you watch every sports game going on in the world, but only while the game is being played. That Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh match at 4am is only going to be available at 4am... In the NRL, I was partial to the Parramatta Eels, Penrith Panthers, and Canberra Raiders, but I think the only real question for determining NRL fandom is whether one supports the Roosters or Rabbitohs (...and everybody picks the Rabbitohs). Go Rabbitohs.
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    Wow. Stunning in its creativity and thoroughness. And equally stunned to find out you're only a sophomore in high school. Keep this up and you'll have endless offers for job opportunities. Have you thought about video game architectural design? Every building in every game needs to be designed by someone, and you clearly have the chops. I'm just fascinated by where you're pulling all these ideas from. This one especially is the coolest one of them all, especially the perspective sketch. It shows a real understanding of how buildings are designed and placed into the surrounding area. Great stuff. Keep it coming.
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    We match up great with Louisville (we beat them on Dec. 28th) and we are hot right now and I want Florida in the Championship game as I want revenge! BTW, the SEC is 6-0 in the tournament, so much for a weak conference! Florida is playing the kind of schedule that a #1 overall seed should and Tennessee had to navigate a "gauntlet" of an Iowa team that has played like crap since January, an overseeded UMass team, and a 14 seeded Mercer team. Only Kentucky has had a challenging schedule, so don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. And that doesn't exactly mean that the other 11 teams in your Conference would have done well this weekend.
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    I think I went to summer camp with Janice Sample. She looks great.
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    Pretty bland. Some paint bucket clicks, some lines for no reason running vertically down the arms and three minutes later, complete concept? Laziness runs amuck. Take your time. Be more creative. Show the full back of the jersey with the number and name. Give them some TV sleeve numbers and potentially a shoulder logo. Also, stay away from just using the paint bucket tool on elements of the jersey.
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    Kentucky came together as a team in the second half of their game at Florida. Aside from their 1-point loss to Florida in the SEC Tournament, they've been rolling since then. Yes, that's the flipside of that game. Kentucky finally played like the preseason #1, just when they needed to the most.
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    Always thought Carlsberg looked so perfect on Liverpool's kits that I've never quite got used to them with a different sponsor. http://cached.imagescaler.hbpl.co.uk/resize/scaleWidth/620/?sUrl=http://offlinehbpl.hbpl.co.uk/news/OKM/54D9293D-E84F-8837-A2A8B6D1F49F0849.jpg
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    Firstly, as a matter of etiquette on the boards, you don't need to bump your thread after less than an hour. As far as the logo itself goes, you've got a real mashup of styles going on here. It's something I remember doing myself when I first seriously got into designing logos. You've got a realistic looking knight's helmet sort of plunked on top of swords and a shield that are not as realistic. Use the helmet as a jumping-off point for your own illustration -- don't just copy and paste it into Photoshop and throw on an effect or two. The whole thing will look better and more cohesive if the elements are the same stylistically.
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    You really think the money will be used on that......hahahaha... nah son, it goes straight in some rich bastard´s allready fat pocket.
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    I've always thought Villa looked pretty good with "acorns" across the chest—a local Birmingham children's hospital. While I liked the rest of the kit, the "FxPro" in claret on the black road kits a few years ago was brutal.
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    I've never hated them, but I just think they're a little too simple for a team called the lightning. I think even a lightning bolt down the pants would make them so much better.
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    So for today I am adding two teams to hold you guys over for the next week as I will be in Florida playing baseball and will be away from my computer. Here we have the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians
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    I thought the choice of Springfield, Vermont would raise a few eyebrows. Firstly the reasoning behind the Springfield Atoms is a sentimental one. Every year when Madden came out I'd make the Springfield Atoms (a reference to the football team from the Simpsons) and run through multi year franchises with them. I got attached to the name and the team and when Madden removed the ability to make your own team I wanted them to live on somewhere, so I chose the board game. Now as for the Vermont part, not my hometown (I'm from Australia), that was because it was the Springfield that became the 'official' Springfield around the time of the Simpsons movie. However, I didn't realise that it's population was so small. Perhaps I could move it to Springfield, Illinois? They've got over 100,000. ---- re: the Portland Beavers - I was looking around at other cities in Oregon I could put a team in and thought about Salem. Would the Salem Warlocks work? ---- re: the Wisconsin Woodsmen - how about the Wisconsin/Milwaukee Stags? ---- re: the template - I plan on releasing it eventually, I just need to work out a few kinks in the organisation of layers and such. ---- re: the board game - i'll see if i can put together a few pics giving a look at the board and such soon. ---- ---- I'm currently working on the Boston Crusaders, which will be an updated version of a London Crusaders concept I was doing for the Madden comp.
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    Nice to see the state of New Jersey showing me some love! ....oh wait.
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    The majority of Canadian cities do not have NHL teams. That might make your goal unattainable.
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    It needs to be seen, on top of the helmet 2 numbers would look ridiculous. Now if the team uses 3 numbers it'd make sense, just put 035 for number 35.
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    If you're doing that, go crazy and put it on top of the helmet.
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    Wait, maybe Gotham's not beyond saving... We just get a bunch of us to send in selfies of ourselves painted navy blue. Before you know it the Kalamazoo Growlers will have a classy looking navy blue alternate.
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    Sold ! And since the following didn't take me much time to do and the last one didn't change from my previous work, I've decided to release three in one take. SC Vancouver I've just realized these colours are Cascadia's too ! SoCal FC Sporting Seattle
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    Damn fine work, ren, all of it. But that Marquette Warriors update is terrific! Which will you do next?
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    Here is more of App State new unis, i especially like the white pullover v neck
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    Ottawa Revolution _Ottawa Rampage _Ottawa River Rats
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