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    Well my bracket's now destroyed. Hard to believe that all my Final Four teams were alive in the Sweet Sixteen and three of them remained in the Elite Eight. And now, pfft... (borrowing McCarthy's language from the NHL boards) Why do a$$hole teams like UConn and Kentucky half-ass their regular season then have to spoil everyone's March away?
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    What's one more vacated title at this point?
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    I'll raise you Sergei Fedorov the Mighty Duck At least Fedorov the Capital is red.
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    It would be the Holy Divinity of a conglomeration of a$$holes meeting in one place. Two a$$hole teams playing a basketball championship game located within an a$$hole state, in an a$$hole stadium, built by an a$$hole football owner, his a$$hole starting quarterback and the legion of a$$holes following such team to mediocrity every year. The only thing missing is the analysis of Dickie V pounding into Duke's a$$hole.
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    I feel for you. The officiating in the UK-Louisville game is beyond sickening. It seems like they get every call that is in favor of them. Kentucky and Calipari! I hope Wisconsin gives them a whipping so bad that Adolph Rupp could feel it in his grave.
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    I don't know, I believe this experience should be quite educational for the OP. The real world doesn't coddle you. Posting GIFS that were funny in 2009 isn't the best way to "teach" a member not to bump his thread twice in a row.No, no, the GIFS are still funny in 2014.No they actually aren't. They're pointless.Pointless is sometimes funny, like in this case.no they aren't funny at all.
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    Here goes the typical end of game Kentucky ref love fest. I'm really getting sick of this crap.
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    I picked up the 2014 N98 jacket for Netherlands. Really like it except for one thing: Nike put a reversible zipper on it. They've been doing that randomly on some of their track jackets for the last couple of years. Who needs a reversible zipper on a jacket? I am not wearing the top zipped and the bottom unzipped.
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    the only Canadian team left played, and a team from New York played there, which is close enough to make a trip along with some Montreal fans that are left you are going to get a result like that for ONE game, there is no way that would be the case for an entire season.Plus it's nostalgia. The reason for the demise of the Expos was three things - ownership, dwindling crowds (10,000 fans was a good night), and the bad stadium. The league saw new revenues and a new stadium in DC and that was that.
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    My favorite is that it has nothing to say on whether they'll wear their grey jerseys or not.
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    Amazing how much pull Denis Leary really has in that town.Is there anything you two don't have a problem with or a joke about?
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    Hedley's predictions for the 2014 MLB season: AL East: Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Toronto AL Central: Detroit, Kansas City**, Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago AL West: Oakland, Texas*, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston NL East: Washington, Atlanta*, Miami, New York, Philadelphia NL Central: St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Chicago NL West: Los Angeles, San Francisco**, Arizona, Colorado, San Diego AL Wild Card: Texas over Kansas City NL Wild Card: Atlanta over San Francisco ALDS: Boston over Texas, Detroit over Oakland NLDS: Los Angeles over Atlanta, St. Louis over Washington ALCS: Detroit over Boston NLCS: Los Angeles over St. Louis World Series: Los Angeles over Detroit
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    I don't know, I believe this experience should be quite educational for the OP. The real world doesn't coddle you. Posting GIFS that were funny in 2009 isn't the best way to "teach" a member not to bump his thread twice in a row.
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    Why can't an a$$hole team like the Red Wings or the Penguins go through what the Leafs are going through? Why's it always gotta be the Maple Leafs? Starting Tuesday the Blue Jackets have 8 games in the next 12 days. I think 4 or 5 more W's should do the trick.
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    I'd agree with Real Salt Lake being a bad one but FC Dallas is completely fine, and much better than the Dallas Burn. Even Sporting Kansas City (marginal) is light years better than the Kansas City Wizards. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I'd guess that a majority of those who have grown up with and follow world soccer appreciate and welcome the more traditional sounding soccer team names.
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    Oh man, I hope so. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE that OSU jersey, as well as the white version, and I wouldn't mind at all if they made a tweaked version their primary look. That jersey's a shining example of being modern with respect to tradition.
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    Exactly what I would hope for. That's a good example (like Oregon State) of creating a modern traditional look.
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    Pierre Garçon is the most overrated piece of garbage wide receiver in the whole league. The Redskins would have to run straight fly routes every play because both of them are afraid of getting hit up the middle.
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    You guys are some serious tools.
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    wow so original. You're a little late bud.
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    Every stadium/arena that has a corporate name. Nothing is sacred in sports anymore. All about the Benjis!
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    Louisville's 'neon red' was practically orange. Out of all of the new Adidas uniforms, Michigan's are probably my favorite. They aren't too 'out there', if you didn't know better, you'd think that's what they always wore. Better than last year's yellow-on-yellow.
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    I love that idea for the Kings! Using the Needle as the centerpoint for the crown, perfect. I feel like there may be too many lines going on, but I'll leave that judgment for people who know more about logo design. The font is also great, seems to be harkening back to the past, and then the modern logo successfully bridges the gap. In fact, the wordmark is the sort of thing I'd save and want to show off/see used in any Seattle Kings concept out there. I don't know if this is because of your change to the Atoms wordmark or because I just noticed it, but why is the O so close to the T and so far from the M?
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    It could have easily been avoided if the Lightning and Stars didn't choose to hop on the retro-for-retro's-sake bandwagon and blatantly rip off other teams.The Stars didn't rip off anyone. Who else was wearing kelly green as their primary colour when they redesigned?Further, the team was founded in 1967. They can get away with the retro look. They aren't the G-ddamn Florida Panthers. exactly... founded in 1967... as a team that wears kelly green... why this is so hard for some people is beyond me. yeah... stars are totally playing dress-up... I'm confused as to how the fact that they've been green since 1967 justifies the current set (or makes it look less like the Hawks/Rangers)? The two aren't anything at all alike, in fact it's not even the same shade of green any more. They can still be 'retro for retro's sake" if they look like someone else's retro that preceded them. (Been lurking here for awhile and decided to post on this subject) It's pretty close in my opinion... As a Stars fan, I will admit I absolutely HATED the move away from gold after the unveil, and if they kept the gold we wouldn't see as many Blackhawks comparisons that I've read around the internet. Yet after seeing the uniforms in action all season, I love the way we look now. That being said, there are still some minor improvements that could be made such as adding outlines to the letters and numbers on the uniforms, etc. I still can't stand how small and bland the "C" and "A" letters look on the captain/alternate captains' jerseys. The new logo has grown on me but I don't love it, it could use some improvements as well. The roundel logo is just uninspired and bland and I wish they used the new Texas state logo on the shoulders instead of that. I guess I should be flattered someone used my xmas photo...Let me guess Reddit/r/hockey?
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    tonight, during the stars/blues game, i noticed that the blues changed helmet stickers this season. they dropped the wordmark for the blue note. it kept bugging me that the helmet uses a royal-blue note on a navy background, while just inches away on their shoulders, they use a navy-blue note on a navy background.
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    Like DG said, a lot of assumptions. Plus, wouldn't you know the government would screw it up anyway?
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    Washington Capitals:
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    Carlton is a club that's been in the decline for the last few years. They are bleeding defensively and offensively
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    The Perds' old arena, the Gaylord Arts and Entertainment and Center was basically just asking to be made of.
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    Made a new template for folks to play with. In 1991 the NFL used this style of format for licensee style guides. They were made so that logos and team colors were consistent. I saw a copy on Uni-watch.com and thought it would make an interesting template. One of the original images. The template It's here: http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/NFL-Style-Guide-443606943?ga_submit_new=10%253A1396122490
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    I could see this with the Blazer stripe being wood stained
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    They were wiped out at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
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    I know it wasn't their fault. Any way you slice it, the Expos were ultimately doomed. Stadium, demographics, strike season, Loria, there was no way that team was going to hold on.
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    Okay so I know I said I would fix the other logos that I've done. But I found this logo tonight and fell in love immediately. It's for Eastern Arizona College, a community college. They're the Gila Monsters, and this is Hank, their mascot: Here's my update in the current colors: And in their actual colors of Purple, gold, and white:
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    No. Just no. Save it for basketball. I like sleeves in lacrosse.
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    That's for diabeetus testing supplies, not full-fledged health insurance.
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    Maybe change "Arizona" to "Cardinals"? I know the Cardinals organization has been around for awhile, but the Arizona Cardinals have not. For me, it's strictly personal preference, but stuff like that has always bugged me. That being said, that's some mighty nice work.
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    They're not quite the true to form updates that Ren has been doing, but here's my update: Great jobYou should post this as a stand alone concept. Way ahead of you.
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    my wife bought me an authentic for my birthday this week. in person, it just blows me away how great it looks. none of that indo-edge crap either. made in canada. -edit- she also bought me one of these cakes:
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    Looks like the Red Wings Winter Classic wordmark wasn't a new logo after all... Sid Abel, Detroit Red Wings, Unknown Date Paul Henderson, Hamilton Red Wings, 1962 Detroit Red Wings, Winter Classic 2014
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    *sigh*You have no idea what you're talking about. ,Let me re-phrase that. I don't believe his 'struggle' Let me stop you right there. The quotation marks aren't helping you. You don't know what Jason Collins had to go through. Having to hide who you truly are? That's not easy. And yeah, there are more "movie worthy" stories out there, but have you seen what they make into movies these days? I'm not even saying Jason Collins' story should be made a movie. Just that if it were to be made into one it wouldn't be the worst thing to come out of Hollywood. First off, the Jackie Robinson movie that recently came out kinda sucked. So if a not so great Jason Collins movie were to be made it would be about right for this sort of thing. Secondly, you're right. There is no comparison. The struggles the LBGT community have gone through are not as monumental as the struggles African Americans have gone through. That doesn't mean they didn't face obstacles. This is why I HATE it when someone tries to compare the hardships of one group of people to the hardships of another group. Not only do you inevitably find yourself trying to compare apples and oranges, but you also inevitably end up saying "group A has suffered more then group B." This ends up trivializing the very real hardships group B faced. Is Jason Collins on par with Jackie Robinson? No, but he's still very important. If for no other reason than this... If Jason Collins playing the NBA and doing relatively well for himself makes it easier for a gay youth to be more comfortable about who they are then Jason Collins becomes very, very important.
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    *sigh*You have no idea what you're talking about. ,Let me re-phrase that. I don't believe his 'struggle' was anywhere near as 'dramatic' as a lot of athletes have gone through. I've seen some incredible stories about players overcoming a lot bigger challenges (coming from foster homes, a disability, drugs in the family) that would've been a far larger obstacle to overcome than what Collins has had to go through. Collins was already a well-known journeyman in the league when he came out of the closet. Michael Sam's situation is a little different. I said I can't stand the people who want it as a movie because I feel the comparisons of the Jackie Robinson Vs. Jason Collins story is where people are getting these ideas. And in reality, there is no comparison. I don't know - you could tell a good story with his (I'm assuming) struggle to keep it a secret while in the league, dealing (and possibly even faking it to "fit in" and stay in the closet) with players who use anti-gay slurs, his inner-turmoil deciding whether to come out or not, his dealing with the media reaction (and player reaction via twitter which wasn't all positive) in the days after, and then his nerves leading up to his first time walking in to the locker room as an openly-gay man, and then coming out on to the court. There's also his dealing with family and friends, pressure from both sides to come out or stay in, and possibly even his dealings with other gay players who haven't come out (obviously they would have names changed if they haven't come out yet.) It's not as "action packed" as Jackie Robinson having bottles thrown at him or being kicked out of a white hotel, but it's certainly dramatic, and a major significant moment. Does it need to be a movie? I don't know - not to me. But then again, some middle school or high school kid who realizes he's gay might appreciate a movie like that and to see how Collins handled it and maybe that would help him. Of course hopefully by then being gay won't be a "thing", but I don't know how realistic that is, especially in some of the less-enlightened parts of society.
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    Serifs are just extra lines added to the ends of letters and numbering. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though. Here are the Bucs, and boy what a mess their new unis are. What I did was take elements from their new uniform and merge them with elements from the previous set. -Helmet remains the same. The oversized logo and chrome grill don't bother me much. -Put the 'Bucs' wordmark on the center of the jersey and placed the ship logo on each sleeve. -New font that resembles their new wordmark a little better. -Got rid of the shoulder yoke, turned the little orange triangles into a tapered stripe that wraps around the shoulder. -Pant stripe is keeps a similar shape to the new one, with a striping pattern reminiscent of the old set. -Red socks to go with the pewter pants, pewter socks for the white. Although the red looks pretty good with both sets. -No alts. Tried an orange jersey, didn't like it. Tried red pants and oh man did they look bad. Home: Away: White pant options:
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    1989, maybe? The Cubs wore non-pinstriped white pants on the road with their blue pullover tops.I've been wanting the Cubs to go back to that blue jersey as the alternate, but as a button jersey.Nevar!!!!!!!!!! Pullovers are DA best!!!!!1!111!!1oneoneone
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    now just ban the rest of adidas´s unis.........hahahahah
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    This change hit me as hard as any in a long time. I'm a huge fan of their uniforms and that helmet is one of my favorites. Tis a shame. Goodnight, sweet prince.
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