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    Jackson is now a 'skin! A good example of why that's a stupid name for the team.the team name has nothing to do with the signingNowhere did I say it did. Oh really....
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    Respond, don't react. One of my psych profs in college said that, and I've pretty much lived by that mantra since then. Conveniently, it fits right in with the biggest thing I try to teach people who are asking for advice (or seem to need it) on being a designer: learn how to handle criticism. Since what you do as a designer is very subjective, and there will always be people that do not like your work. It's one of the more challenging professions in my opinion, because there's not a concrete measure of success, so to speak, past "I like it" or "I don't like it." That being said, though, everyone's feedback can be helpful — it's all in how you take it. As a designer, your work is very personal, and it's very easy to take negative feedback as a personal attack. More often than not, it's just a person giving an honest opinion. The sooner you recognize that and respond instead of react, the easier your job becomes. Don't get me wrong, we've all been pissed at a client's decision to scrap work at one point or another. But what is healthier for you and your relationship with them? Listening and delivering what they're asking for, or trying to convince them that you're right? Same goes for work posted here. While it may not be for a client per se, the general public is a wealth of information and opinion that a lot of designers dismiss as "haters" or people who don't understand the craft. There's some truth to that last bit, no doubt, but being hard-headed toward criticism and feedback is really self-limiting.
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    That's what she said. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    I decided to update davidmiller5's index to include links to the post containing the logo, as well as the wallpapers and embroidery contributed to this thread. This index also fixes several errors from davidmiller5's (mainly just post numbers), and moves some entries out of the "Unknown" category. It is accurate as of 2/15/2015 at 7:00 AM. NCAA Alabama #117, 906, 928, 971 Appalachian State #1503 Arizona #1655 Arizona State #1686 Arkansas #215 Army #1136 Auburn #70, 264, 777 Baylor #74 Bethune-Cookman #137 Boston College #1503 Boston University #1576 BYU #769 Cal #49, 983 Cal State, Fullerton #1096 Charlotte #483 Citadel #1503 Clemson #1338 (DEAD), 1503, 1658, 1683 Colby #38 Colorado #31 Columbia #303 Connecticut #719 Dartmouth #1695, 1698 Delgado #1249 Duke #1208 Eastern Illinois #287 Eastern Michigan #920, 1643 Endicott College #387 Florida St. #317, 1637 Georgia #1580 Illinois #1073, 1640 Indiana #91 Iowa #55 Kansas #275 Kentucky #398, 1409, 1417 Kentucky Wesleyan College #1424 Lafayette College #176 Lehigh #81 Louisville #413 LSU #238, 780 Loyola #683, 685, 1217 Marquette #73 Marshall #1225 Maryland #664, 1559 Merced College #1288 Miami (Fl.) #136, 879, 1503 Michigan #252, 354, 1101 Michigan St. #206 Milwaukee-Wisconsin #889, 915 Minnesota #1104, 1128 Missouri #477 Montana #644, 1383 Navy #358, 991, 1468 NC State #1706 Nebraska #484, 747 Nevada #1044 New Mexico #942, 1095, 1103, 1298 North Dakota St. #22 Northern Illinois #409 Northern Kentucky #1695 Notre Dame #981 Ohio State #1275 Oklahoma #871 Ole’ Miss #981 Oregon #1213, 1503 Penn St. #953 Prarie View A&M #451 Princeton #493, 780 Reedley Community College #1273 Rice #1067 Richmond #1009 Rutgers #1503 Sam Houston St. #212 SMU #31, 101, 203, 1647 South Carolina #1695 South Dakota #44 Southern Illinois #1159 Stanford #1695 Syracuse #1367, 1703 TCU #32, 103 Temple #265, 277 Texas #1, 13, 19, 1665 Texas A&M #959, 1610 Texas Tech #296, 1627 Trinity College #1583 Tulane #1694 Tulsa #376, 1503 UCLA #418 UNLV #1512, 1612 USF #1512 Utah #1695 Villanova #38 Virginia Highlands Community College #1309, 1315 Virginia Tech #989, 1599 Wake Forest #664, 981 Washburn #1661 Washington #57 Washington St. Louis #557 Whatcom Community College #1262, 1266 Wichita St. #120 Yale #1634 Basketball Bucks #816, 822, 842, 854 Bullets, Baltimore #1108, 1112, 1114 Celtics #734, 1609 Chaparrals #679 Colonels, Kentucky #1145 Does, Milwaukee (Women's Professional Basketball League) #1398 Hawks #1081 Huskies, Toronto #1432 Knicks #84 Mavericks, Houston #1190 Muskies, Minnesota #1234 Packers, Chicago #604 Pistons #1478 Pistons, Ft. Wayne #357 Rockets #141, 1339, 1361 Rockets, Denver #577, 584 Squires, Virginia #1179 Stags #141 Warriors #124 1977 All-Star Game Logo #862 Football 49ers #500 Bears #441, 476 Bengals #1503 Bills #165, 543, 557, 1373 Broncos #240 Broncos, Brisbane (Australian Rules) #1571 Browns #85, 765, 1043 Buccaneers #1629, 1633 Bulldogs, Canton #735 Bulldogs, Footscray (Australian Rules) #1518 Cardinals, Chicago #559, 593 Cardinals, St. Louis #346 Chargers #504, 512 Chiefs #179 Dodgers, Brooklyn #644 Dolphins #235 Eagles #412, #1240 Fighting Pike, Minnesota (Arena Football League) #1524 Generals #575 Giants #226 Lions #332, 439 Lions, BC #1645 Monsters, Minnesota #784 Packers #165, 201, 463 Patriots #572 Phantoms, Toronto (Arena Football League) #1331 Rams #1493 Redskins #255, 1211, 1650 Roosters, Sydney (Australian Rules) #1668 Steelers #1086 Swans, South Melbourne (Australian Rules) #1500 Texans, Dallas #496 Yankees, New York #1164, 1175, 1187 Yellow Jackets, Frankford #428 Baseball Angels #1035, 1053, 1192 Athletics, Kansas City #353 Athletics, Philadelphia #1307, 1311 Braves #165 Brewers #1585 Cardinals #1048, 1064 Cubs #820, 832 Dodgers, Brooklyn #1031 Jets, Jacksonville #723 Marlins #1547 Mets #1014 Nationals #1148 Orioles #1209, 1496 Pirates #278, 1278 Phillies #725, 1169 Rangers #137 Red Sox #987, 1001 Sea Dogs, Portland #1146 Senators #567 Tigers #135 Tigres de Quintana Roo #704 White Sox #1121 Yaquis de Obregón #1657 1950 All-Star Game Logo #1198 Hockey Bighorns, Billings #1201 Bisons, Buffalo #180 Broncos, Humbolt #404 Clippers, Baltimore #1410 Eagles, St. Louis #1412 Fire, Ft. Worth #730 Kilty B's, Hamilton #1265 Tecumsehs, Toronto #1289 Voyageurs, Nova Scotia #1293 1976 USA Olympic Team Logo #1547 Soccer Liverpool FC #1594 Unknown Pirate #394 Grayhawks #591 High Schools Aberdeen Bobcats #1425 Collins Hill Eagles #529 Dexter Dreadnaughts #1420 Fondy Cardinals #943 Palantine Pirates #879 Bird w/ C sweater #90 Running bird w/ football #335 Horse #652 Husky #674 Wallpapers Auburn #306, 309 Baylor #363 Colorado #363 Miami (Fl.) #708 Michigan #306, 309 TCU #713 Texas Tech #363 Embroidery Michigan #321 Tutorial Videos Part 1 #924 Part 2 #946
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    Fellow designers: What's the best piece of advice that you've seen/heard/read? I think for me it's the idea that Jessica Hische outlined in a talk about "Procrastiworking." Basically she said that multiples times throughout her career she found herself procrastinating on her day-to-day work on other projects. When she was an illustrator, she spent all her time working on lettering. When she lettered she got big into coding and font creation. What this amounts to is two things: 1) Whatever you are procrastiworking on, is likely what you should be doing full time. It's clearly your passion and you should pursue it. 2) If there is some area you'd like to work in, you have to be able to show people you can do it before they hire you to do so. If you have a portfolio full of publication design, but want to work in sports branding, the only way you'll get hired to do so is to fill your portfolio with more sports branding. So go procrastiwork on some sports logos to prove to potential clients that you can do it. What advice has impacted you the most?
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    Howdy Guys I'm working on this logo set for a team I've come up with, the Mexico City Aztecs. I've got a primary and a word mark but I'm open on suggestions on how to Improv them and I also want to come up with a secondary logo and I'm not sure where to go with that. Let me know how to Make this better guys! Also what I should do for a secondary maybe a version of the eagle on the Mexican Flag?
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    please just shut up... I'm ready for GotPixels decision next. Not that I have to have it right now, but I really am tired of all these other people posting, especially if they're really annoying like all these texas state fans...
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    Hey Bobcat, what you're doing is "threadjacking." Please stop. Stop posting. Stop. You're more than welcome to start a thread in the general sports forum, but to be completely frank, I don't want to see another post by you in this thread unless it's constructive criticism for GP'S work.
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    If your playoff atmosphere involves chants from opposing fan bases, then you shouldn't have a team.
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    a lot of those schemes aren't uniqueThe Penguins wear orange? The Bulls and Blazers wear yellow? The Grizzlies have orange? The Mavericks have orange and yellow in their uniforms? The Sixers and Clippers wear navy, red, and gold? I could have sworn the Patriots had some red in their unis. And that the Falcons had a lighter silver and no orange.
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    Because they're far superior to the ones they had been wearing?
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    Michael Yormark posts here now?
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    If it's real, I think it's awesome. Cleaned up the bacon and the feather while adding aggression.
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    It looks like anime, and the picture was taken at a Walmart — I'm going to wager on this not being it.
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    We'll be announcing the nominees for the 2013 Creamer Awards this evening! Stay tuned.
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    thank you everyone for your feedback, I decided to go with the white for Oregon but up next is Washington: nothing to special, a matte helmet with a large, gold version of their alternate logo. Parden me is Washington doesn't use this logo anymore, lol it seems like all Universities has abandoned their alternates striping -
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    also should be the end of "it'll be a distraction in the locker room"BREAKING NEWS: GAY MAN PLAYS SPORT JUST AS WELL AS STRAIGHT PLAYERS! MORE AT ELEVEN! Something something Bible something something freedom of speech.
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    Giving players the opportunity to rape indentured servants from Bangladesh will broaden their global horizons from their traditional opportunities to rape their classmates.
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    If Beckham got his wish then no team besides Toronto, the Galaxy, Seattle, Miami, and the 2 New York teams would have a shot. He probably knows this and is trying to reduce the amount of competition his team would have to face. Can't have those pesky small market teams getting in your way.
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    That game was from 1961, the Cardinals had just moved to St. Louis.
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    No problem guys, it's my pleasure to help a thread as excellent as this one!
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    Pioneer Pete looks more like a miner than what I'd think a pioneer mascot would look like (unless the early explorers to the Plattville area wore a lighted helmet and carried a pick-axe)
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    But 11,000 people.....man....
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    A revised AP is part of this new identity. It's subtle, but in my opinion, a marketable improvement. I'll post some things on my dribble: http://dribbble.com/joebosack
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    MLS has become the success that is is by being smart and managing their money well. This does not need to turn into the the old NASL.
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    Next up from the Central division is the Cleveland Cavaliers! I think this turned out to be a pretty classic set with a hint of modernity. I took their trim striping and translated it here. I liked the way to color-blocked sleeves looked with the striping. It added some interest beyond just three lines.
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    Louisville Dunking Cardinal
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    I was gonna say usually paul lukas would do one on uniwatch, but I guess he may be above that now. (Or just to busy looking for petty stuff to actively complain about) So today he posted a recap of what other sites did, but before he did rambles for 3 paragraphs or more on what makes an april fools joke "legit" in his elite mind. April fools is simple, if its something that people can believe, its good, that is all, not a god damn science.
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    Very nice. Now do the Florida Panthers and the Nashville Predators, please!
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    If we're talking about jokes involving uniforms, how about everything that relates to the “Miami" Marlins identity? Yeesh.....
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    How about this old school DePaul bball logo?
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    LAAAAAAAAAATE to this thread. Anyway, I agree the logos are done, but you should make uni's and a court, then this thread will be complete.
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    Geezus, you'd think they'd use a better font than the one used for "Welcome the newest Eagles to the nest". That's just ridiculously awful for an NFL team.
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    @ dfwabel, don't play that game. I've said repeatedly that change is needed. I'm not against those things, I'm against the method they're pursuing. But who knows? Maybe the end result of threatening the union course will be reform we can all live with. But there are already too many people on this board who ignore what people say and throw mud in an effort to distract people and force them to defend baseless accusations instead of discussing the issue. Just say no to that, okay? I also said that my experience seeing how unions operate in the real world influences my view. I'll bet it would influence yours too if you were an airline passenger and a pilot participating in an illegal work-to-rule action delayed your flight with bogus nitpicks that force maintenance to come out again and again. That's just one of many - and I mean many - such acts I saw. Labor has its place and (again, as I've said) the smartest organizations treat their people in a way that makes unions unnecessary.
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    I think a white helmet with a stripe of that pattern on the basketball uniforms a few years ago would be pretty sweet. They've been showing recruits that for a year or so now. Unfortunately, I doubt that it's what we'll be seeing. I hope your right as that grey facemask ruins an otherwise beautiful helmet! I'm with you on the gray mask. If the uniform is simple and clean without too much modern clutter, the gray mask would look great. It wouldn't look great at all. I get that you love grey facemasks, cause you grew up with them, but you just need to deal with the fact that facemasks nowadays aren't going to be grey. A navy facemask would make those helmets much better. That's funny, because I still see lots of teams that still have gray masks and won't be changing them any time soon. I guess one of us needs to "deal with facts" but i'm not sure its me.
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    Flames, Jets to play Stadium Series game in Atlanta. http://nhluniforms.com/Blog/040114.html
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    So now that they've been replaced, how long til someone says the red sox road uniforms they just ditched? (Oh im sure it could already be in this thread) Good riddance to those tho imo.
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    I was messing around with my image program I have and made this. I used the hornets just for the fluff of it. at first I thought about sizing it down and making it a sig but I kinda like it as a wallpaper. anyways carry on.
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    I went and made another of these cross-over concepts. This time I went with the crazy Pittsburgh Steeler's bumblebee/jailhouse uniforms. I actually liked these uniforms even though many people didn't. I did this waiting on a class to start, so I just recolored the Steeler's uniforms in this template so I didn't have to draw it all over again in my usual template. I did remake the patch, but didn't want to change the dates since Auburn has been playing for about 150 years or so now. Plus I couldn't find any good fonts in a quick search that matched. I actually like how this came out. One thing I couldn't decide on was whether or not to put the AU helmet logo in a circle like the Steeler's or just leave it as the AU. Any thoughts on that would be great.
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    This is not a repeat from 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010...
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