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    What a game last night for the Ducks. That's the team that started 20-0-2 at home. That is what that team can do when they show up motivated and commit to the full 60 minutes. Another very good defensive effort to help out John Gibson, but even then the kid stepped up with 36 saves. I don't think he's the guy going forward this season once Andersen is healthy, but I'm very confident about the future in net. Also, standing-room only sellout, just about everyone in their seats for puck drop, and a for real playoff atmosphere. Last night was awesome. Back-to-back Pacific Division champions. It's pretty nice. --- And major congrats to the Blue Jackets! A lot of people doubted you, but I never did. Go kick ass. --- And stupid Red Wings. I was just shy of two months old when they last missed the playoffs. As a hockey fan, I've never known a world in which Detroit missed the playoffs. That's stupid. Go away.
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    Cal State University Fullerton
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    I didn't add the scarf at the bottom, I liked the look of it better without. Detailed version coming soon. Thanks for the compliments Hontas and WSU151! Glad you liked the Illini redesign
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    don't worry dudes it's just these stupid kids playing around on grown-ups' message boards; once school is back in session they'll all go back to fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccck
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    Well, that last part isn't technically correct...
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    FIFYNo. I know that "a plague on both your houses" is a common sentiment, but it's as lazy as it is inaccurate. Democrats worked plenty with Bush when he was in the White House. They fought on somethings, as an opposition party should, but they also worked with him for the good of the nation. But the Republican Party has devoted itself to ensuring first and foremost that Obama fails, regardless of what it does to the country. That's why I left my party, when they openly admitted it. There are good Republicans left, but they no longer run the party. So again, no. We have one party interested in governance, and one interested solely in opposing anything that first party stands for, even if they themselves supported it last year. If the Francophone separatists are anything like the GOP has become, it's no wonder they lost the team.
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    I've never cared for the script I hat. In isolation from the rest of the Indians wordmark, I always read that character as a cursive 'J'. Anything is better than Chief Wahoo, though. Personally, I like the Chief Wahoo logo. I am so sick of all this political correctness!! It's a bunch of BS!!!
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    I think a better idea would be to pin a "how-to" thread explaining things like how to post images. I know when I first posted stuff I had to dig kinda deep to find out how to do seemingly simple tasks.
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    I've never cared for the script I hat. In isolation from the rest of the Indians wordmark, I always read that character as a cursive 'J'. Anything is better than Chief Wahoo, though.
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    here is the updated version. The White letters on the back were even worse. I settled with just removing the back striping as there is no brown jersey anyway. Hopefully it retains it's uniqueness. I'm going to hate chocolate when I'm done this thread
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    That summed it up oh so nicely. If we haven't learned from the Jameis Winston case, you actually need facts to back up these pointless allegations in a hope to profit from it financially or for the attention. I still think it's important for this to be investigated, because you never know. There was nobody "forcing themself" on her. You can't just imply that from these allegations, OnWis97. There is no justice in assuming. Innocent until proven guilty. There isn't a shred of evidence tat he is guilty. So let's not assume.
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    Was there a logo on the first set? All I could see was the Heat Dancer! Talk about a focal point!! lol. But seriously, I love the logo concept. So much better than what they have. I do agree with nxche's post. I've never been a big fan of gradients in logos. They don't seem to translate well on printed or embroidered items. I prefer the Night Life color palette, but it might be too "trendy".
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    Best part of that whole article (which is really terrible in the first place) was the comment at the bottom: "SO... Unnamed woman admits to doing drugs, willingly gets naked, does not have sex, can't remember anything else. I should file a police report on myself every weekend, I guess. :/"
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    No matter what is probably going to happen, if she isn't not feeling it 100% the guy needs to stop. There is absolutely no excuse for forcing yourself on an unwilling or unable to consistent person. The blame falls squarely on the guy in these types of situations. And there's a difference between false reports, and claims that are dropped because of other reasons. I'm willing to bet that most cases fall under the other reason category. The girls who report these rapes are harassed daily, threatened with death from "fans", judged beyond measure, have their name sullied forever, and lose a lot of relationships because people don't believe them. I find it hard to believe that they would subject themselves to all of that just for their 15 minutes of fame.
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    Does it even matter? Real jersey or some generic red jersey, it doesn't indicate a new jersey for the team
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    I can totally see both aspects, but I'm wondering if purple is the right choice for the "hot" option. The hottest part of a flame is blue or white, though. If you wanted to incorporate a "cool" color, I'd go that route myself. Blue and orange/red/yellow is a classic color combo, but set on black would make both of those colors pop. To really set the look apart, I think the wordmark is going to be the strong selling point. You could incorporate flame into the wordmark itself - more than the single tendrilly-wisp of flame they've got now. Heat is expansive and engulfing. You could practically envelop the whole thing in fire and it'd look great. Capture the "heat," capture the look. IE - the Bloomington Blaze. You've got the chops to pull it off - I can't wait to see what you do with it!
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    They do gray a lot in college now. I guess this is the sign of the times
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    I just got my ticket today for Game 1 at Nationwide Arena. Can't wait!
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    I don't know if I should brag about being the first to request a specific logo or to apologize! haha anyway let me add to the praise these are amazing Ren! And dont let me forget mdlesatz! You both do wonderful work. And I love how you both have a definite "style"
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    You want a Ranger as someone's wrong uniform, here is two guys who it is: Bobby Holik Marc Savard Funny thing is, these two guys met with one another shortly after in Atlanta......
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    MLB forced them to use the Mariners as one of the teams, which is why the Dodgers weren't the home team. Really? Why was that? They had some of the lowest attendance/merch sales and were one of the worse teams at the time. Trying to boost the brand a little bit. That may be true, but it sounds like an urban legend.Do you have anything that says differently?Um, the person making the original claim usually provides proof.
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    That's some quality pedantry. Because no one would ever round and say "five million" for an area with that population.
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    Already been done: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052748703989304575503821229703834
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    What is it with the Braves mucking up Flags durring the Anthem
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    Sounds like the Republican Party. Hard to believe they were once interested in actual governance not just knee-jerk intransigence.
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    Background: This is a question that was posed in an episode of Star Trek Voyager entitled "Blink of an Eye," where the crew happened upon a planet where one day on the planet equaled one second on the ship. They sent their holographic doctor to investigate surface conditions and the people that inhabited it, intending for his stay to be a few planet-days. Because of technical difficulties technical dificutlies He spent three years (planet time) on the surface. The question was posed to the ship's Holographic doctor by a man named Gotana-Retz, a member of the species from the planet who found his way up to Voyager. as a challenge to the claim that the Doctor spent time on the planet. It pertains to a sports rivalry on the planet. Relavent dialogue: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0708856/quotes?item=qt0959600 What's this got to do with sports uniforms? Well, Im wondering what the community here would come up with for uniforms for the that sport's known teams: * Mountain * Lakeside * Red River
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    I'm just so ecstatic right now, I'll be getting my ticket for sure this weekend!
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    Wizards vs. Warriors in 2011. First year in Golden State's current unis, last year in Washington's blue and gold unis.
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    From a hockey fan standpoint I really liked Ruff's move to pull the goalie on the power play with 11 minutes left. Not many coaches would try that kind of thing and it worked because the Blue Jackets are the worst team in the world with the empty net. I have a good feeling you'll beat Phoenix in the finale showdown on Sunday. Everyone's pulling for you guys because :censored: the Phoenix Coyotes.
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    Bravebird is one of the best members of this forum. He offers really good advice, and is a hell of a designer
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    Take him off the I-beam, color him sky blue and red and you have a Houston Oiler mascot.
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    No it's not, the white is more American, and the most American has to be the hoops kitThis one will likely be forgotten long after the World Cup:
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    Oh my goodness. This one blew me away. Another great update Ren and I love that you put in the new blue and red. Fantastic
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    Congrats. You guys deserve it. With that being said, I hope we (Flyers) stay ahead of you in the standings. Lol
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    obviously the Browns have had a great competitive advantage from having the brown jerseys all these years. All of their Super Bowl titles should be erased from the record books!
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    I think what made the Expos' logo work was how odd it looks. It was somehow emblematic of a team from a foreign country with a foreign language. A block/Tuscan/script M, that could be anywhere in America, but the swirly eMb looks like something from a bilingual culture, like it's meant to communicate something without communicating it in one language or the other. I feel the same way about the Blue Jays to a lesser extent, where the logo and the soccer numbers looked like baseball through a not-necessarily-American prism.
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    Ok, thanks for the comments. I'll get a Pirates update without the hat stripes soon.
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    If you want a chrome effect, you'll need to add a layer. You cant achieve a reflection with the layers provided, you need more information. I would suggest just finding a simple chrome orb photo like that used below and placing it in the helmet colour layer using an overlay transfer mode. Probably works well enough.
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    Hey man, you misread. It's BEST look. Not WORST. Half of what you posted are amongst the worst in league history.
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