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    Glenn Healy just got banned from HFBoards for TROLLING AN ENTIRE FANBASE
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    That. Is a great find.
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    With that, only the erstwhile Atlanta Thrashers franchise has yet to win an NHL playoff game.
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    Playoff OT is awesome, but it really sucks when your team is involved. This is nerve wracking. But, helluva job by the Jackets to get up off the mats and get this one to OT. They were down 2-0 before they knew what hit them. EDIT: Screw this "just happy to be here" I want to win. Double Secret EDIT: Yeah, this is nerve wracking, but damned if it isn't about as much fun as a person can have watching sports.
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    Nathan Mackinnon is pretty flippin' good for his age. Great game between the Wild and Avs so far.
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    If I was in charge, the legal change of posession of an object or entity wouldn't be complete until the receiving party says "yoink". In addition, posession in general becomes legal if the taker says "yoink". So if you get your wallet stolen out of your back pocket, there's nothing you can do about it as long as the pickpocket said the magic word.
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    Concept I put together because the Louisville Bats' current identity has always left me wanting something a little more. The name has so much potential. Here's my idea. Please let me know what you think.
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    I was the same way when the Leafs' unveiled their first Edge set with missing hem stripes. I refused to buy a new sweater until they came out with their current set. But the Blues are the team that doesn't say die! They won't quit! They turn it on when it's playoff time and win the right way! How can you NOT LOVE THE BLUES? I get it man, I really do. It's just that I've never seen a St. Louis fan go full on Cardinals mode regarding the Blues. They don't go around saying "best fans in hockey!" or anything. That's reserved for the Sharks and their fans. I hope the Western Conference Finals is Blues vs Sharks just for the sake of seeing how twisted the panties of some board members here would get.
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    Sorry, Chicago; you've won too much lately. I just can't root for you against a team that hasn't won a Stanley Cup in 45+ years in the league. Nothing personal. It's the playoffs, so he'll probably get fined $5,000 and have to send a musical "Get Well" card to Backes.
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    i can guess where you got this, Reddit?Twitter :censored:face Why did you have to get all mad? It was just a question.A condescending one at that. Especially given your past comments towards me.
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    No, it's just NBC doing it, and it's annoying. And whoa are you guys ever losing it over "he paid $11 for those seats." That was it? God. Glenn Healy probably said something stupider two minutes later because it's Glenn Healy. Buttshoooooooooooook
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    Kramerica's point is that a nationally-broadcasted game shouldn't have their broadcasters taking pot-shots towards one team. The remark about $11 glass seats (and no way does Tampa have the ticket-selling problems other teams have had) was certainly thought about in advance, waiting for the perfect opportunity once a game got out of hand or a Tampa fan banged on the glass in frustration, or both. And it's not like the CBC crew didn't know their game was being simulcasted on American airwaves. That said, CBC doesn't exactly hide who they're cheering for in the Stanley Cup playoffs. And with Montreal being the lone Canadian rep in the playoffs, they're fully on the Canadiens bandwagon, much like a lot of the hockey fans in Canada are doing. (Which is, by the way, one of the dumbest reasons to cheer for a team...especially a heated rival at that. Don't quite see how you can suddenly cheer for a team when you want them to lose all 82 of their regular season games....countries don't win Cups, singular teams do.)
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    "Bowling Green State"? Are you sure you live in BG? HahaBelieve it or not, that's the full name of the school -- Bowling Green State University.
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    I appreciate that they're willing to model these on actual living players, instead of the usual fake-ass superhero photo-robo-shop images that all the pinheads go wild over. Look at the shot of #71's gigantic caboose... I bet the designer cringed at the idea that his work would be displayed that honestly. Gotta give them credit for that anyway.
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    Please do these, and just so u know, THESE ARE ALL SUPERB!! http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/960/Philadelphia_Eagles/1996/Primary_Logo http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/957/Philadelphia_Eagles/1996/Alternate_Logo http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/o4lmh7dq5e3uordl7hvk6i3ug/Philadelphia_Phillies/1992/Primary_Logo http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/l7ho4l1oalefuqdpvg68h3tgq/Philadelphia_Phillies/2003/Jersey_Logo -----------(with white background) http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/9x3hi2m5kq4ehb1ecngfs0jyd/Philadelphia_Phillies/1994/Cap_Logo ------------(also with white background) EDIT: THANK YOU!!!
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    Next up, the Carolina Panthers: -Dropped silver from their color scheme, the team's colors are now only black and Carolina blue. -Black helmet, their new logo just looks like it was made for one -The 'blackout' look becomes their primary home. They are one of the teams that I think would pull it off. -New stripes featuring 'slashes' similar to their wordmark. Home: Away: Home alt: Away alt: Blue jersey options: Thanks for looking!
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    Updated this old Colonels logo, made a colored version with a bit more detail and added a Colonels style jersey. I'm not sure if it's designer's fatigue, but the hand/horseshoe area might need work....thoughts?
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    Couldn't happen to a more deserving hockey franchise than those scumbags from Detroit. Well, maybe except for Glendale... You, on that subject alone.
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    They should just use the Georgia state bird. That way they could be the Atlanta Thrash... um, nevermind.
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    Giants won Super Bowl XXI with that patch. I have a 1986 Brewers card with the SULLY patch.
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    I take off my glasses and mute the TV when watching the series so I can pretend the Leafs actually made the playoffs...
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    I don't disagree with that at all; I thought that an American/National Conference format would be beneficial for the NBA, and I put the NHL in the same format just for kicks and giggles.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I take you back to 1988 and Liverpool's FA Cup Final song from that year - the Anfield Rap. Really, there's no need to thank me.
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    It would look so much better if the facemask was grey.
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    Only thing I have to say about the Falcons is that the numbers are huge. Imagine if #22 is being worn, it looks like it would start to cross over to the other side. EDIT: The numbers won't die, but they will start to be out of place...they will literally cross over to the other side.
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    This is the best combo of them all.
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    How about the Atlanta Legion? Ya know. Terminus Legion, Atlanta Legion.
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    Don't ever post again, Frank.
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    Are you from Missouri? (that's not being condescending, its a genuine question lol) I didn't want to use anything Iconic in the state because of St.Louis and Kansas City being 2 very large and very different cities. I was also waiting to use a Dark Red base plate and since Missouri used an even more bland version for nearly 20 years, it only made sense to make a modern version. I'm also trying to avoid even making 2 plates per state. It's just too much work and not many really care for them. Also Missouri's current ones are very cluttered. There is a State outline, in the middle but overflows on the Characters, the stickers go in the middle, there is a random state bird on the bottom and then the month in the top left. It's just all over the place, that's why I went with the opposite. Simplicity. Thank you sir! With 3-0, I think the White base Wisconsin plates will be the Primary plates with the brown being an Alternate. I hope the Miss concept is saying the plate is good regardless of your opinion on the state haha. And I believe Ohio was to only state allowed to have a pre-rusted plate!! And in case anyone missed the last page
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    I live near Sacramento but am a Lakers fan, however I do enjoy the Kings ocasionally. What really kicked it off for me was their logo in NBA Jam (the original one) on Super Nintendo. I saw it when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Sometime in 1994, I believe. The funny part is when I started getting into Basketball more, they switched to the current logo. it was okay, but I preferred what I originally saw.
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    Ok the criticism here is pretty harsh. I agree you need to add some depth to your designs. And take your time. play with striping patterns etc. I really like fauxback unis. They dont need to be complicated but they must have some sort of depth.
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    For me, it's the Detroit Red Wings. I live in Michigan, so they're already my favorite hockey team (representing my home state and all). But when you add in some of the most beautiful uniforms in the NHL, it's a no brainier as to who my favorite team is.
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    The first baseball season I remember is 1972. I was a Yankee fan mainly because my mother was. (She cared more about baseball than my father did.) But, when I saw the Oakland A's uniforms (and mustaches), I took to them immediately. And the uniforms only got better the next year when they removed the front number, and added one more pip to the left side of the A: It was impossible not to groove on these guys. The funny thing is that, as a general rule, I never liked pullovers, and I always hated beltless pants. The A's and the Pirates were the only teams whose pullovers I liked; and the A's were the only team which looked good in beltless pants.
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    Wow! Everthing your did was amazing. Even taking a RWB jersey and still making it NOT look like any current team just blows my mind really. I like seeing the evolution behind the logo, it will help me when I design logos for sure. As for them not accepting it, that's pretty ridiculous. I'm nervous to see which logo they actually chose because I can't see any Ram logo being better than yours.
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    A very short while ago I can still remember when the Buccaneers would make me smile And I knew if I had my chance that I could redesign their pants And maybe fans would be happy for awhile But February made me shiver With every rumor they'd deliver Strange helmet on the door step...I couldn't shake it's bad rep I can't remember if I cried when I saw their unis got Nike-fied Something broke me deep inside the day...Bucs unis...died So bye, bye Quality Design Took the bevel to new levels and many souls cried And the good old red and pewter look that they denied For numbers that are chrome-ified For numbers that are chrome-ified Did you make a logo site and do you have faith in Philip Knight? If Nike tells us so Now do you believe in cut-and-paste with the XFL and toxic waste? And can you teach me how to meet deadlines real slow? Well I know that you're in love with matte I saw the Vikings helmet not quite fall flat You both made the purple look less blue And I dug those purply hues I was a lonely liker of the Bucs With their colors rad and their old coach Chuck But "God ing damn," I shouted, "these ing suck" The day Bucs Unis Died *chorus* Now for 17 years this look had been real swell Saving the franchise from creamsicle hell But that's now how it used to be When Dungy was praising Shaun E. King before Chucky hijacked his winning team And they both now haunt my TV And while our heads were looking down, the Glazers shopped their look around Big investment with no return All these jerseys should be burned And while Goodell re-wrote a book of rules, Nike went to work with Satan's tools and the NFL played us all for fools The day the Bucs Unis Died. *chorus* Hocus Pocus and a plague of locusts please descend upon the look that broke us After the Jags we're falling fast We landed hard upon the painted grass Mike Glennon fumbled a forward pass, Darrelle Revis on the sidelines counting cash The halftime air had scents of doom as their new jerseys entered the locker room Random swatches on their pants, clock numbers counted their last chance As Nike tried to rape the field The Bucs fans refused to yield Piss on the rotten NFL shield today Bucs Unis Died *chorus* And there we all were in the CCSLC Generations of aesthetics geeks With no patience left to start again So Licht Be Nimble, Licht Be Quick Fighting staph infections and Lovie Smith Firing everyone is just a means to an end As I watched the unveil take center stage My hands were clenched in fists of rage No designer ever lured to hell could design such a turd As the uniforms freshly ate the flames A fireball rose over Raymond James Here we are left to take the blame the day the Bucs Unis Died *chorus I met a fan who had season tix and I asked what he thought of this He simply frowned and turned away I went down to the sacred store where once hung the jerseys I did adore But the man there said the jerseys went away And in the streets the children screamed It's the XFL look of their dreams Not a word was spoken Adults hearts all were broken Red and pewter I admired most Now are ketchup mustard and burnt toast I'm glad as hell I don't live on the coast today, the Bucs Unis Died. So bye, bye Quality Design Took the bevel to new levels and many souls cried And the good old red and pewter look that they denied For numbers that are chrome-ified For numbers that are chrome-ified
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    Well, I tried to get rid of the silver outline, but to me it just looked... off. I dunno. But this is what I have. Any suggestions on what to do to make it better? I may retry the outline a bit later, I just wanted to get this up to show y'all. What I Did: The first thing that I did was change the logo. The Blue Jackets had a prototype logo that I always liked and I decided to incorporate that into my design, but making it just that; "my design". As I’ve already stated, I took the prototype logo and took it to take the shape of Ohio. I added 25 stars, each one to represent a state that was in the Union at one point. Also, I added an extra red line at the bottom to take up some of the empty blue space; I was thinking it looks like a patch that a Union soldier might wear. I think this way the residence and name are well represented. I kept the red circle in there so that it can double to represent the state flag of Ohio (even though there are only 17 stars in the flag I do believe). Now, Columbus’ uniforms aren’t too bad in my opinion. They were a 2000 expansion team and they look like one, which I think is a good thing. Unlike the Wild that have a fantastic logo but a horrible “we’re trying to brand like an ‘Original 6’ team”, but I digress. So in that respect I kept the general template that the Blue Jackets have because I like their uniforms, their logo is just a little less than to be desired. You’ll notice that on the sleeves, instead of having one star each, there are five stars. Each star represents one of the 10 major/costliest land battles of the Civil War. Now, I know that in a couple of those battles the Confederates won, but I figure each star can represent the men that died serving to protect our country’s name. I've also added some extra stripes to the arms, just to give the uniforms that extra flair. I really like how this type of striping looks on Florida's uniforms and I've decided to carry it over to Columbus as well. Another change is the font. I really dislike Columbus’ font (both on the home/away and on the alternate). Which brings us to the final part, the alternate jersey itself. Essentially it’s the same template that the Blue Jackets currently use, the only changes are obviously the logo and the fact that I don’t think the Blue Jackets are a team that should use two shades of blue. So I nixed the “Steel Blue” in favor of “Goal Red” and I chose to use the Blue Jacket’s current shoulder patch instead of the cannon logo. I just feel as though the cannon is too detailed to be used in a roundel and on such a simple template. And the last little thing is that I changed the name of the silver to “Soldier Silver” instead of “Capital Silver” because I thought that “Capital Silver” sounded too Washington-ish. So, I hope you guys like it. I think this is one of my better concepts of the series, but y’all out there are the experts! Thanks for lookin’!
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