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    So far in this thread, we've seen as many basketball courts as Donald Sterling will the rest of his life.
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    With feedback like this, he should be able to right the ship in no time.
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    Jonathan Cheechoo is from my favorite hometown I've ever heard anybody be from: Moose Factory, Ontario.
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    http://deadspin.com/twitter-users-rage-against-death-of-the-first-amendment-1569415262 I can only imagine FOX News trying to capitalize on this: "Tonight on Hannity: Beloved American Entrepreneur Donald Sterling Forcefully Removed From His Job Because of NSA Wiretaps Approved by the Socialist Obama Administration and Carried Out By the NAACP in an Effort from their Welfare Recipient Constituents to Screw Hard-Working, Conservative-Leaning Taxpayers."
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    hyeah, f-ckin' all-star tied the game, hyeah, course he did, ya f-ckin' assh-le, what'd you think he was gonna do, be a healthy scratch? hyeah. he'll score all the f-ckin' goals from here on out if he has to, f-ckin' all-star, ask for a trade the next day, too. hyeah.
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    My new favorite thread. I am honored that the Jayhawks were the first Clean, creative work and beautiful presentation format. Cannot wait for more! P.S. - love the little touches like correct manufacturers, the yellow shoes for KU and the thin red highlights and shoes for TCU. You've really captured school branding beautifully. I see that KSU home kit and immediately tie it to the football team white stripes outlined in the grey yet it stands alone as a unique soccer kit as well.
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    The amount of creepy Clippers-to-Seattle people around here is starting to become nearly as detestable as the "THIS IS A VIOLATION OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT" people.
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    *points fingers up to the song* "Da daaa, Da da da-da da-da da daaa..."
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    Took me a second to realize that was Messier in the top pic. "Players in the Wrong Uniforms"... The Canucks' look would be greatly improved if they used the striping from the alts or the 40th anniversary thirds. The current pattern with the super-thin outer stripes bugs me...beef those puppies up. Also use a block font (like the aforementioned 40tu anniversary thirds) with a Kelly green outline. That would clean up two big flaws.
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    That link is not working for me. Probably a good thing.
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    I always associate the Buccaneers new uniforms with their unveiling:
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    Hell, It's impossible to have an intersquad scrimmage that doesnt feature one of those three colors much less a SCF. lol Not unless the Kings and Stars go back to their inaugural looks. i bet this matchup was absolutely gorgeous in person.
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    I disagree. The Clippers name is older than Sterling's ownership of the team and the Reds didn't change their name when Marge Schott was given the heave-ho even though she was a freakin' Nazi.
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    I think it screams 1970s. An update inspired by it may work, but I would not want them to go to this very version.
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    What exactly is/was that logo supposed to look like? It's an abstract take on sails of a clipper ship sitting in water, with the sun beaming down. This is My favorite logo. They need this back and it doesn't need much work. Held up nicely all these years.Yep, definitely one of the nicer NBA logos out there, past or present. I've always liked that is was obvious that it was a Clipper ship, without being blatant or cartoony as many teams would do today. It kind of shows that it was chosen by a man who so wanted to have a team in San Diego and California that he was willing to sell his multi champion Celtics to make it happen. Always been a shame they ended up in Sterlings hands for over 30 years shortly there after.
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    For me its the Motherloving Sugar Corp.
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    the orca looks fantastic in these colors: not so much in these colors: just my opinion. maybe the orca is salvageable if they re-order the colors or re-arrange some stuff... but the simple blue/green/white of the sweaters doesn't mesh at all with the navy/royal/silver/white of the logo. it looks like a rec league screen printed logo on a blank nhl jersey. -edit- this just seems so much more logical than adding navy and subtracting green from the color scheme in the logos. the ice being metallic silver would also contrast a whole lot better than having the ice white with a thin metallic silver sliver. that said, i still think they need to go the lumberjack route. i don't like logos that aren't designed around the team name. the blue jackets logo is more designed around ohio than the union soliders of the civil war. the canucks orca has nothing at all to do with a canuck, but rather the pacific northwest as a whole... be a lumberjack. embody johnny canuck. even non canadians would flock to buy merchandise with that imagery, imo. this is the best lumberjack canucks concept i've ever seen: but the full body canuck is equally as fantastic, and actually has a history behind it.
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    Billy Hamilton hit his first major league home run last night and I won a beer from my roommate at the next Reds game we go to. He bet me before the season that Billy Hamilton would not hit a home run and I took him up on it.
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    I've said it from the beginning and I'll stand by it now...there's really nothing wrong with the orca logo in and of itself. It's a well designed logo and represents the region well. I would be happy if it was out logo forever. I have a strong feeling that will never happen, but if they just got rid of that damned agency font above it I think it'd be a big step in the right direction. The absolute worst thing they could do is promote the Johnny Canuck V head to the front of the jersey. Honestly, if that happened I don't know what I'd do. Probably freak the hell out.
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    You're wrong about your new Falcons concept...I like it too.
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    Since 1920, New Era Cap has been devoted to perfecting the art and science of crafting the world's finest headwear. In 1993, that dedication came to fruition as the company inked a deal to become the exclusive supplier of on-field caps for Major League Baseball. From the description for these caps. That's why they used 1993.
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    If you look really closely, you can see me crying in the upper deck. I think I see you! With the bottle of whisky, right? Nah, I had already finished mine and thrown it at Brett Hull by that point (I missed). Must be some other kid.
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    Hey Moose, Rocco. Help Mr. Sterling find his checkbook.
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    I feel like these should be used for the next backbreaker game haha
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    http://blogs.mercurynews.com/thompson/2014/04/29/warriors-had-the-blueprint-for-a-dramatic-boycott-ready-to-go/ It would've been pretty amazing if this had happened. Wow... I didn't even think about players starting the game and then just walking off the court; I was thinking of a situation like a weather delay where the game is cancelled beforehand. I think there would literally be a riot if 18,000 people came to watch a playoff game and then the players left the court after the start.I think they would have got a standing ovation. I'd say that witnessing a moment that monumental in not only the history of sports, but as well the civil rights movement, would be WELL worth the price of admission. For some. For others it would have been a reason to do something stupid.
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    Transparent/invisible courts? Now that's the future
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    Second worse record in the league to a semi-realistic chance at the Conference Finals in two seasons. Is this real life? Is it just fantasy?
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    They have that sideline font, the endcourt font, jerseys font and the one they use on their wordmark. Maybe its just me
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    Why are there so many concept threads lately with nothing in them??
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    Maroon and Royal Blue???? O.O seriously? Ok i wanna see how it goes when it show up in logos Works for the Avalanche of course I forgot about them
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    It would have been nice to actually see a concept..
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    I made this one a while ago, please tell me if you like it or not.
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    It's gotta be the little bit of Cleveland in them.
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    Cincinnati Bengals. They used to wear what I considered the best uniform in the league. Now, they are far from it. Such a shame to have those beautiful helmets paired with the crap they wear now.
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    The all black Mets cap. Thank God it's gone.
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    I'll always associate these uniforms with the first forward pass. I remember it like it was yesterday and it caused quite a commotion.
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    Everyone needs to understand the mindset of the individual regions...in the case of the Phoenix metro-area, they consider each community separate...people in Mesa or Chandler, or Glendale, or Tempe do not consider themselves as part of Phoenix, any more than people in Scottsdale do. Most Arizonans (?) were offended that the Cardinals labeled themselves "Phoenix", when they played in Tempe. The Cards SHOULD HAVE named themselves "Arizona" in the beginning; this one act may have gone a long way in helping public relations initially. Calling the hockey team "Phoenix" while playing in Glendale was not very endearing to the locals (from what I've heard; I don't live there), and there's also the issue of the Glendale-based NFL team having "University of PHOENIX" emblazoned on the football stadium. I don't think one can use a one-size-fits-all approach with naming conventions; you need to take each region on a case-by-case basis.
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    it's not though, New England is superior because the stadium is located 20 miles from Providence and Boston. That might not sound like far but it is a good 45 minute drive from either city without traffic and that by itself makes it so they can't name themselves after either city. it was also located there for that very reason to be close enough for both to appeal to fans from around both metropolitan areas and appeal to the whole area of southern new england. and the whole area of new england identifies with the patriots not just boston. No, they built in Foxboro (when did we add the -ugh on, anyway?) because the owners were poor, the land was cheap, and there was nowhere to drop a football stadium in the dense and tiny city of Boston, Fenway Park and wherever else the AFL Boston Patriots hung out all falling well short of NFL standards. Who has ever given a jack about Providence? Come on. If that were such a crackerjack business move, all their teams would do it, but nope, just the one that was the bad joke of sports for 35ish years. The original Foxboro Stadium had, what, one entrance/exit off a two-lane highway when it was built? Yes, this was a calculated move, if the calculations were "30,000 + 2 / 1 = potato." Also, their original choice for a non-Boston name was "Bay State Patriots" to tie in with the Bay State Raceway, but they were disabused of this when someone pointed out that they'd be labeled "B.S." in box scores, so not buyin' the importance of Providence here. Should have just kept Boston Patriots. It's perfectly understandable that you can't fit a football stadium in Boston. More teams should probably put their football stadiums in the middle of nowhere so cities can use that land for things that don't, you know, sit around doing nothing for 325+ days a year. COUGH COUGH CHICAGO COUGH COUGH.
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    I don't get the hate for Copperplate, I actually love that the Warriors use it.
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    Why are so many against Europeanizing? Since Europeanizing the MLS, Its become a huge success. You can't possibly be serious when you say Dallas Burn, Wizards, Clash, Mutiny, and Fusion were better than their Europeanized Counterparts. Most went defunct anyway. Im gonna compare this to hockey for a second. Europe had a Soccer style setup for hockey, each country had a league. It never worked out. Since the KHL has North Americanized itself, its has expanded into multiple countries and has more popularity worldwide. There comes a time when it just isnt working that well and its time to change it up. Europeanization is proving successful as well as being classier organizations that wont get laughed at around the world. The MLS used to be a joke around the world. Hell the A-League used to be better. But now, they are selling MLS jerseys in Europe and the MLS is now getting legitamate professional players into the league. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and realize what you like isnt best for the sport as a whole. Sorry, but thats my opinion lol
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    That logo is nothing but a slight modification of the original. It's like Shia Labeouf posted that pic.
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    Liverpool....don't like it. 80% of what they come out with I'm not a fan of.
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    I decided to update davidmiller5's index to include links to the post containing the logo, as well as the wallpapers and embroidery contributed to this thread. This index also fixes several errors from davidmiller5's (mainly just post numbers), and moves some entries out of the "Unknown" category. It is accurate as of 2/15/2015 at 7:00 AM. NCAA Alabama #117, 906, 928, 971 Appalachian State #1503 Arizona #1655 Arizona State #1686 Arkansas #215 Army #1136 Auburn #70, 264, 777 Baylor #74 Bethune-Cookman #137 Boston College #1503 Boston University #1576 BYU #769 Cal #49, 983 Cal State, Fullerton #1096 Charlotte #483 Citadel #1503 Clemson #1338 (DEAD), 1503, 1658, 1683 Colby #38 Colorado #31 Columbia #303 Connecticut #719 Dartmouth #1695, 1698 Delgado #1249 Duke #1208 Eastern Illinois #287 Eastern Michigan #920, 1643 Endicott College #387 Florida St. #317, 1637 Georgia #1580 Illinois #1073, 1640 Indiana #91 Iowa #55 Kansas #275 Kentucky #398, 1409, 1417 Kentucky Wesleyan College #1424 Lafayette College #176 Lehigh #81 Louisville #413 LSU #238, 780 Loyola #683, 685, 1217 Marquette #73 Marshall #1225 Maryland #664, 1559 Merced College #1288 Miami (Fl.) #136, 879, 1503 Michigan #252, 354, 1101 Michigan St. #206 Milwaukee-Wisconsin #889, 915 Minnesota #1104, 1128 Missouri #477 Montana #644, 1383 Navy #358, 991, 1468 NC State #1706 Nebraska #484, 747 Nevada #1044 New Mexico #942, 1095, 1103, 1298 North Dakota St. #22 Northern Illinois #409 Northern Kentucky #1695 Notre Dame #981 Ohio State #1275 Oklahoma #871 Ole’ Miss #981 Oregon #1213, 1503 Penn St. #953 Prarie View A&M #451 Princeton #493, 780 Reedley Community College #1273 Rice #1067 Richmond #1009 Rutgers #1503 Sam Houston St. #212 SMU #31, 101, 203, 1647 South Carolina #1695 South Dakota #44 Southern Illinois #1159 Stanford #1695 Syracuse #1367, 1703 TCU #32, 103 Temple #265, 277 Texas #1, 13, 19, 1665 Texas A&M #959, 1610 Texas Tech #296, 1627 Trinity College #1583 Tulane #1694 Tulsa #376, 1503 UCLA #418 UNLV #1512, 1612 USF #1512 Utah #1695 Villanova #38 Virginia Highlands Community College #1309, 1315 Virginia Tech #989, 1599 Wake Forest #664, 981 Washburn #1661 Washington #57 Washington St. Louis #557 Whatcom Community College #1262, 1266 Wichita St. #120 Yale #1634 Basketball Bucks #816, 822, 842, 854 Bullets, Baltimore #1108, 1112, 1114 Celtics #734, 1609 Chaparrals #679 Colonels, Kentucky #1145 Does, Milwaukee (Women's Professional Basketball League) #1398 Hawks #1081 Huskies, Toronto #1432 Knicks #84 Mavericks, Houston #1190 Muskies, Minnesota #1234 Packers, Chicago #604 Pistons #1478 Pistons, Ft. Wayne #357 Rockets #141, 1339, 1361 Rockets, Denver #577, 584 Squires, Virginia #1179 Stags #141 Warriors #124 1977 All-Star Game Logo #862 Football 49ers #500 Bears #441, 476 Bengals #1503 Bills #165, 543, 557, 1373 Broncos #240 Broncos, Brisbane (Australian Rules) #1571 Browns #85, 765, 1043 Buccaneers #1629, 1633 Bulldogs, Canton #735 Bulldogs, Footscray (Australian Rules) #1518 Cardinals, Chicago #559, 593 Cardinals, St. Louis #346 Chargers #504, 512 Chiefs #179 Dodgers, Brooklyn #644 Dolphins #235 Eagles #412, #1240 Fighting Pike, Minnesota (Arena Football League) #1524 Generals #575 Giants #226 Lions #332, 439 Lions, BC #1645 Monsters, Minnesota #784 Packers #165, 201, 463 Patriots #572 Phantoms, Toronto (Arena Football League) #1331 Rams #1493 Redskins #255, 1211, 1650 Roosters, Sydney (Australian Rules) #1668 Steelers #1086 Swans, South Melbourne (Australian Rules) #1500 Texans, Dallas #496 Yankees, New York #1164, 1175, 1187 Yellow Jackets, Frankford #428 Baseball Angels #1035, 1053, 1192 Athletics, Kansas City #353 Athletics, Philadelphia #1307, 1311 Braves #165 Brewers #1585 Cardinals #1048, 1064 Cubs #820, 832 Dodgers, Brooklyn #1031 Jets, Jacksonville #723 Marlins #1547 Mets #1014 Nationals #1148 Orioles #1209, 1496 Pirates #278, 1278 Phillies #725, 1169 Rangers #137 Red Sox #987, 1001 Sea Dogs, Portland #1146 Senators #567 Tigers #135 Tigres de Quintana Roo #704 White Sox #1121 Yaquis de Obregón #1657 1950 All-Star Game Logo #1198 Hockey Bighorns, Billings #1201 Bisons, Buffalo #180 Broncos, Humbolt #404 Clippers, Baltimore #1410 Eagles, St. Louis #1412 Fire, Ft. Worth #730 Kilty B's, Hamilton #1265 Tecumsehs, Toronto #1289 Voyageurs, Nova Scotia #1293 1976 USA Olympic Team Logo #1547 Soccer Liverpool FC #1594 Unknown Pirate #394 Grayhawks #591 High Schools Aberdeen Bobcats #1425 Collins Hill Eagles #529 Dexter Dreadnaughts #1420 Fondy Cardinals #943 Palantine Pirates #879 Bird w/ C sweater #90 Running bird w/ football #335 Horse #652 Husky #674 Wallpapers Auburn #306, 309 Baylor #363 Colorado #363 Miami (Fl.) #708 Michigan #306, 309 TCU #713 Texas Tech #363 Embroidery Michigan #321 Tutorial Videos Part 1 #924 Part 2 #946
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