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    Time to bump. Mariners radio voice Rick Rizzs mentioned during Saturday's game against the Twins, who happened to be wearing their archaic cream garbage uniforms, that the Mariners were considering wearing cream uniforms for Sunday home games. Rizzs is a good guy, but he is in his sixties now. Baseball already has that demo. Baseball needs younger viewers. It needs more viewers period. Cream is not the way to accomplish that. Time to revolt I guess. Teams are taking the "old' in old ballgame, much too literally.I'm nearly seventeen, and I know pullovers aren't the way to go. I was so excited when I was thirteen that my parks and rec baseball "jersey" had buttons (even though it was only two buttons, but still). The reason my generation isn't watching as much baseball is not because of the uniforms, it's the pace of the game. Basketball and football, even hockey are faster paced games. I actually like cream, but it is being overused now. The Giants did it well, but for teams like the Braves (my favorite team) it is unnecessary, although I think it looks nice, it's still not really necessary. Oh and Phantom, next time you message me, please make it worth my time, instead of whatever the hell you said in that short sentence like "nothing to see here".
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    I have always been under the impression that all golds are metallic. Any form of gold that is not metallic is yellow. In fact, the description of actual gold ore I believe is that of a "lusterous yellow metal" From what I gather, gold is metallic yellow. Not metallic? Well, then its yellow. It might have a different hue, but its still yellow. Either way, the Mariners look better without it.
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    Time to bump. Mariners radio voice Rick Rizzs mentioned during Saturday's game against the Twins, who happened to be wearing their archaic cream garbage uniforms, that the Mariners were considering wearing cream uniforms for Sunday home games. Rizzs is a good guy, but he is in his sixties now. Baseball already has that demo. Baseball needs younger viewers. It needs more viewers period. Cream is not the way to accomplish that. Time to revolt I guess. Teams are taking the "old' in old ballgame, much too literally.*guts phantomdreamer with a trident*
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    It was seized at the border. "Quadrata" sounds a little ethnic.
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    So now literally Rednecks???
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    Having an opinion is good, but shoving it down everyone's throats constantly like you like to do makes me want to take a trident to my head.
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    Having an opinion is good, but shoving it down everyone's throats constantly like you like to do makes me want to take a trident to my head.
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    For those blasting the Dean Lombardi way, excuse me that he's built a team from the ground up through the draft and then filled it out with winners that other teams are looking to dump. Is it Dean's fault that Philly, Columbus, etc are stupid? You look at players that he's assembled and there's a reason they are good. You just look at Williams, Gaborik, and Richards who are all players that Lombardi got and are all 6-0 in Game 7's. Wouldn't San Jose, Anaheim, Vancouver, Pittsburgh like to have players that when it's on the line, they step up. Admiral, I realize your bitter, not because Richards and Carter and Lombardi are succeeding in LA, but because you're from Philly and that's what people from Philly do, hate everything. But just relax for a bit and watch the Kings and get use to it, because that's what Hextall's going to do in Philly if given the chance by management. Lombardi has made mistakes in the past, hence why he's in LA and not still in San Jose, but he's smart enough to learn from those mistakes. As far as the series goes, I expect it to go 7. You have two evenly matched teams. I'm going to sit back and enjoy it, and unlike dbadefense1990, Chicago doesn't scare me.
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    For the last time... Yellow: Athletic Gold: NOT the same color.
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    Let's mix Syracuse's alternate lid from last year and take UConn's lid and turn it around. Done! Then add carbon fiber because its kewl
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    No it doesn't. There are ways to bet and there are two cable channels (TVG and HRTV). A parent can take their kids to see the horses any day of the week, and so can NJTank. For whatever reason, you choose not to go and a Triple Crown winning horse not going to make the general public visit local track in the next month, since that horse ain't going on tour. The next 3-year old which wins the Triple Crown will be retired, never to race again not to hurt its legacy, most likely sold (to the Japanese or someone in Dubai) and would live the great live of being a stud. That does not assist racing. It is a pretty cheaper cover charge for mom and dad to drink as opposed to even MiLB and people still don't go. A day at the track is slower than baseball, thus why they want casino style games. The Derby is first in line and still has the allure of it being what it is (some of it questionable regarding its Southern Gentility) so it gets coverage. The Preakness gave is the ill-fated Kegasus and this year had an infield concert of Lorde, Nas, Frank Walker and Switchfoot All it needs is a horse to win both the Derby and the Preakness, thus there is greater interest in the Belmont. While I bet on it every October/November (and attended twice), there is more money bet in the Breeder's Cup and little of the sport fanbase cares when great horses run past the age of 3.
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    I'm calling off work tomorrow and watching that gif all damn day. Sit your ass down, forehead-visor.
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    that looks nice! you're welcome!
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    Just my 2cents -- but perhaps we'd get more voting if people knew this has gone to 'voting' by putting it in the title (or by doing an entirely new thread all together).
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    Jason Collins should be in that picture. Michael Sam, too?
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    already has been mentioned
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    Oh wow, this is so tough, it's hard to find an accurate Top 5 here. Some of the names are actually weird though. 1. Union Dortmund For me this is just the best overall concept here. The logo is great, the kits are nice and clean and everything fits the location. 2. Hamburg Altstadt The logo is really really nice. You can really feel that this is a club from Hamburg. 3. Viktoria Berlin There is so much history incorporated in this concept. As a Berliner, I really like this! 4. Stuttgart Eintracht The logo is the highlight here. As Stuttgart is Germany's 'Motor-City' the logo has an auto-industry feel to it. That's just great. 5. 1. FC Jena The logo is so clever, I just had to put them in my fifth spot.
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    I thought it was just my Google chrome pr something, image wouldnt even expand for me. Still managed to read everything though. It looks dreadful on my ipad currently... It was uploaded the same way the previous one was. Doesn't look blurry to me Chris...
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    Seriously? Why is it garbage? What constructive thing could you say to aid in its improvement? What can you add to make us realize you have a brain and are capable of using it? Here, let me show you: This design has potential but is inconsistent. I like the northwestern style striping, but I'd carry that theme throughout the uniform. That, or go more modern like the script logo. It looks a bit "thrown on" currently. See, Phelpy, that wasn't so hard right?
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    Fun fact: way back in the stone ages The Minnesota Archers were originally branded the Milwaukee Archers. It was brought to my attention from a Milwaukee resident that while those type of things represent the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee itself is quite different. Thus the move to Minnesota. I have three or four ideas as to what I want to do with Milwaukee but for now its just on the list and I wanna make sure I get it right.
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    I might add some more details in later...
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    Haul, shmaul. I'll take Richards over the Royal Sampler any day, any year. I'd lean toward Carter over Couturier and Voracek, too.
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    Building a franchise the Dean Lombardi way: 1) assemble a team that's kind of good but lacks the firepower to get past better teams 2) wait for the Philadelphia Flyers to inexplicably trade away their #1 and #2 centers for drinking too much 3) Dynasty in the making
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    From the article: "[T]he Charlotte Bobcats will once again be known as the Charlotte Hornets..." And fixed.
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    What's wrong with this? The fact that a 16 year old kid has helped Josh Wise and Phil Parsons Racing? Wow! I guess you're a supporter of over-rated/over-hyped people getting shot after shot, when they don't deserve it. Danica's proven that she's nothing but average. It's horrible that she has 1 good run and people are having orgasms over it. Whereas you have the hard work of Phil Parsons Racing and Josh Wise, who get a break because someone outsmarted the Danica Hype Machine? Yes, Danica has been smart enough to use her "Girl Power" to get where she is. The results show she's an average driver in both NASCAR and IRL. Now a 16 year old outsmarts the Hype Machine, we should applaud the intelligence of the people who outsmarted the Hype Machine. It's how we progress, intelligent people outsmarting what has become the norm. Or should we just make the rules so the Hype Machines of Danica and Jr always make it?
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    Single digit numbers should be centered based on the overall width of the digit.
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    But they should keep wearing black even though the Kings and Sharks wear it? The Sharks should be wearing teal, so I'd say the onus is on them to change. As for the Kings? I prefer them in black and silver. It's the only colour scheme they've ever really been relevant in. I also like the current Ducks scheme...emphasizing orange might not be the worst idea for them, really. I could even accept the classic Mighty Ducks logo so long as they keep the "Mighty" portion out of the name. I agree with you on the Sharks, they should use teal more than black. For the Kings I would like them in purple and silver. It would be a unique color combination not only in the NHL, but all of sports. It would combine colors from different eras of the franchise and just look better than black and silver. *cough*Sacramento Kings*cough*
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    Well, t'was a good run. Plenty of highs, plenty of lows. Of course, I do wonder if this was the best chance to make a run the Wizards'll have for years. I could see potentially six teams in the East better then them if nothing drastic rosterwise changes (i.e. Miami stays together, Lance Stephenson and Indiana can come to an agreement) Miami and Indiana-obviously Chicago and Atlanta- if they both get their stars back healthy (Rose and Horford) Toronto-Raptors were on a mid-50s winning pace after they traded away Rudy Gay Pistons-Godzilla might be coming out in a week or two, but the real monster to watch'll be Andre Drummond coached by Stan Van Gundy Maybe It's DC Sports Syndrome, but I just don't know. Anyways, it sucks to see Ibaka out. Steven Adams has shown some good stuff, but he is still a rookie in the Conference Finals, and I think more people would trust Kendrick Lamar to have a big game then Kendrick Perkins. Perkins had negative win shares last postseason, and he was starting.
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    Felt like tackling the Oregon logo that was posted a few pages back. Changed the bowtie and updated the hat with the O. Not sure about the shadows I added on the second one...I still haven't come near Ren's expertise on that area! It feels like it could use some more but everything I tried felt forced.
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    The bastard is running for re - election next year. Maybe a new guy can say you Qatar. Stay away and the middle east can get a world cup when you figure your crap out. Which will be never so , who cares.
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    It's really a hard-sell between the Rams (Sam) and the Browns (Johnny Football). Then again, the way the NFL picked on Manziel during the draft makes me thinks they'll snub Cleveland. Browns won't want it with a first-year head coach. Maybe next year though. But next year they'll have another first-year head coach. FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So the Braves have joined the White Sox and Mets as the teams who've, when asked why their stadiums face away from the downtown skylines, told their fans to go fornicate themselves.
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    I was going to post the same thing this would really make it better This feels like it's much bulgier and fatter. The original one felt a lot more mainstream and faster and such.
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    Yeah, if you ever needed proof that sports isn't fair, just remember that the Yankees lost to the freakin' Diamondbacks six weeks after 9/11.Aww, yeah that was just so sad that the Yankees couldn't have won their FOURTH straight World Series that year and had to lose to a team that brought their city it's first ever professional sports championship. How tragic.
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    Dear Lord, Is there anything worse than listening to the stupid, moronic, completely blind Brian Heyward on a Ducks broadcast? Absolutely not! He has got to be the worst color guy in the history of sports. Oh yeah, he's that friggin' horrible! I have no idea who he has pictures of that he could blackmail, but there is no reason this guy should be anywhere near a microphone. The guy knows nothing about hockey and is the biggest whiney _itch sports has ever known. Heyward was the athlete that the nerds shoved in his locker and gave swirleys to.
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