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    Because its instaswagkewl Because its instaswagkewl Because its instaswagkewl
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    They should come up with something original. Those are Syracuse's colors.
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    I think he wanted to cover up the pullover with something that actually looks good.
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    Been busy lately making logos for my multiple personal series. It's been a while since I've posted something concept-wise, so I thought I would post a logo for gits and shiggles. This logo is for a team called the Cleveland Walleye from my United Hockey League. Here's my reference picture: Feedback is welcome. May just post some other logos I've made for the league as well.
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    Tutorial Thread I hope this thread will be my thread to post tutorials to. Hell, if you want to help out and put in a tutorial TO ANY SPORT and ANY TEMPLATE feel free to make a video or have an image tutorial and post it to this thread. I will update this thread with any tutorials sent in (that I find helpful and done well). So as of right now. My hockey one is the only one in this thread, but I hope to expand. To be more specific. This is a thread just for any tutorials that someone might have. If you want to show people how YOU do your football jersey concepts, by all means start your own thread or post it here! Rugby? Sure. Tennis? Sure. Just a place where beginners can see how other designers go about making good or great concepts! Video is broken into three parts. If you have any suggestions or any other tips you find work to make it easier or more realistic, leave it in the comments of the video or just reply right here! Also, feel free to share your creations after watching and doing one (if you do) to see how you did). In the video I try to go step by step to show you how to re create the Dallas Stars home jersey! Hockey -MrWonka's Realistic Hockey Jersey Template Download Files: Back of Jersey: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8hiz0h4gvc0c8dl/Back+of+Jersey.psd Front of Jersey: http://www.mediafire.com/download/31q4t04int0hqii/ShopTemplate+copy.psd Tutorial Part 1: http://youtu.be/YZpl_A4Rip0 Tutorial Part 2: http://youtu.be/7K6TuXKZFLs Tutorial Part 3: http://youtu.be/CAAzhH6v9QI -McElroy19's IceBorn Tutorial (Illustrator) Download can be found @ Icethetics! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFLf5y3Nsm4 Football -Djruggs Football Speed Art Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQR9m7Qodiw#t=48
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    Five titles. I'll say he did a better job than most at "imitating" Jordan.
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    Ummmm....why not? You can't change the channel without running into a college football game in the fall.
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    Commendable work you've done. This shows promise. Now, you can take some of the less original logos (Seattle Rain, off the top of my head) and rework them. You can use the forums here for feedback on your redesigns. It looks like you already have the skills to go forward. I would love to see what more you can do.
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    I'm finally back. Here are the Giants; nothing too revolutionary. Let me know what you think. I basically kept their current look except I added the striping from their 1983-1993 uniforms. I didn't know if I would keep the drop shadow, but I was surprised by how much better it looked than the shadow-less script. I eliminated all white from the uniforms and substituted cream to match their home uniform. Their orange jersey is very similar to this year's alternate, but I matched the late-70s jerseys with the thicker outline, no drop shadow, and front numbers. The black alternate also doesn't have a drop shadow. I also decided to keep the orange-bill hat since they wore it with the original uniforms.
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    I despise self-bumps, but with the rash of crap clogging up this forum, I figured what the hell
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    This is just being a revisionist.No, what's revisionist is the image of Jordan sold by the media as a basketball god who won every championship 1-on-5, had no help on his roster, never choked in the playoffs and took and made every game-winning shot. This untrue portrayal of him has stifled legitimate basketball discussion. It ruined the league for years after he retired by creating a generation of wannabe Jordans such as Kobe, Iverson, etc. who thought that hogging the ball and chucking could make them "be like Mike" without learning to trust their teammates like Jordan eventually did. Worst of all, it's led to every superstar being held to a ridiculous standard of having to exceed the media's mythical version of Jordan and then being ripped to shreds when they don't. TalkToChuck is right. Jordan was a great player, but the myth and the hype has FAR outgrown the man himself, and it's become tiresome. Look dude, you want to knock Jordan down a peg so you can put James up on a pedestal. That's what it comes down to. It's not his fault that a generation of players with less talent them him tried to emulate his playing style. And to lump Kobe in with those "wannabe Jordans"? Jordan's detractors talk about his legacy making discussion impossible. I'd say your clear James and Clippers biases are making things impossible. You can't be argued with because your only goals in any discussion involving Jordan or Bryant is to tear Jordan down to build up James or trash the legacy of one of the Lakers' greatest players. It makes Jordan a sociopath, but it also makes him the better player. Jordan wouldn't want to be friends with and play with Wade and Bosh. Jordan would want to beat them down because he knew he was the better player. I'd rather see competitiveness return to the NBA rather then watch a bunch of guys across a few teams who are all friends. I mean it's pro sports. If there's one place to go to see sociopathic athletic competition this should be it. If that were true they probably would have went 6-0 in championship appearances too.
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    Still too early to call this series. But for all the talk of the Blackhawks having the Kings' number, it's certainly been encouraging seeing the Kings play their game effectively so far. Watching you trying to talk hockey is funny.
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    Let me guess, it'd be more impressive if he did it in a pullover and Sansabelt pants? Just ignore him (that is what I did). Time for to bring out the brooms because the Rays sweep the Red Sox! Hell yeah, next stop Toronto.Be careful what you wish for
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    Let me guess, it'd be more impressive if he did it in a pullover and Sansabelt pants? Just ignore him (that is what I did). Time for to bring out the brooms because the Rays sweep the Red Sox! Hell yeah, next stop Toronto.
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    But you know what you do have? A pencil and paper. If you're limited by the software you have, then you shouldn't be using that software. You should only use a program or an app or whatever if it enhances your ability to convey your idea. In this case, the execution hinders the concept. I would try hand-drawing some concepts and see if that helps.
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    Visor colors are not a concept nor a design. This visor wouldn't see the field in the first place.
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    The concept section is going through a dark age. I call it the "Instagram Takeover" because this is the kind of crap the kewl kids post on instagram with #dope. So many new guys posting "custom NCAA concept alt helmets". Please, think through these concepts and don't just slap logos on chrome or matte helmets because its #fire. As for the concepts, I think Northwestern is pretty good, I like the stripe, but I couldn't see it ever happening. Ohio State is bad, solely because its camo, and Army isn't terrible, because they get a pass for camo. I actually like Army a lot.
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    Utah Jazz jersey, or Sierra Mist jersey? I just can't say I'm feeling the gradient at all
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    i feel like its missing something...just dont know what
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    Thought I'd go ahead and post my most recent update. I changed up the "chin" area. I realized the top of the "goatee thingy" was tilted up when everything else in the logo was tilting down. Other than that, just kind of experimented with some shading elements. I also posted a version without all the shadows.
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    Phantom watching the highlights of that game last night was like watching porn highlights.
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    The bull heads didn't bother me that much, the gradient banding under the sponsor logo did. It just didn't fit on either kit IMO. I also don't care for all of the yellow piping on either kit. And a personal preference of mine are kits that are more unique in color choices. Maybe a third kit with completely different colors would have given a better overall look. Lastly, I think the stokes on the crest could definitely be heavier. It just doesn't come across as a sports logo to me with such thin stokes (specifically on the gold ring around the edge).
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    Can't tell if you're kidding or partially illiterate, Wonka was talking about Jake88, not you.
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    Who's uniforms?I love it when the "grammar police" doesn't know the difference between who's and whose.
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    I could live with this concept. Especially if you swap the shorts logo for the secondary C shaped swarm logo.
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    Thanks for the advice, but this is my second concept thread, and I can take it. Football isn't my area anyway, but I thought I should go ahead and make myself a reference template like I have (for myself) for football, and then I figured I would use it and try to tweak the Giants.Also, if I remember right, you are the one who put out that horrible Clemson "concept", this is merely taking what the Giants already have and (hopefully) trying to improve it. hahaha yea I did put that clemson uni on here loll. but I changed my response. I apologized.
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    You're a bit behind on some of this. The veto was overridden a couple of weeks ago, so that insane income tax cut is happening in the next few years, because screw our state legislature. Bunch of morons. I don't, however, know that this will be a major factor in the stadium issue, but that really depends how much help Kroenke is looking for. If it's so much that the state (and not just the region) has to pony up a substantial portion, then absolutely it becomes a factor. On the other hand, this stupid legislature is probably just as likely to vote to cut all education funding for the next decade to build a billionaire a stadium because they're that kind of dumb. I hates it. Wish St. Louis could freaking secede.
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    Back home again in Indiana And it seem that I can see The gleaming candleligh, still burning bright Through the sycamores for me The new moon hay sends out its fragrance Through the fields I used to roam When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash How I long for my Indiana home Happy Race Day Eve, everyone!
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    I honestly was never a part of this site in the 'glory days' but I wish I was. I believe I actually created my account around this time last year. So I'm fairly new compared to some people including yourself. When I started these boards were filled with great stuff. A lot of people were giving great feedback and the worst person was actually not bad. There's been an influx lately of people who join in and think this is just a "whatever I think this is cool" type of thing. It seems like since I've joined people have lost interest in actually designing for the love of designing something awesome but instead to design because they had a quick tweak idea. Some do this for a living, most don't on these boards, but that isn't an excuse to put time and effort into something and show it off. I myself lately have felt like a professor on these boards. I'm no where near the level of some people, but I'm trying to be the Simon Cowell of these boards right now. Straight feedback, no gimmicks. I do try to keep it respectful though because lately a lot of 'feedback' has been a direct hit instead of harsh feedback. Harsh feedback is needed. For instance the other day I told some straight up that it was terrible, but told them what needed to be fixed. Then there are some people who are straight attacking someone's work which leaves them in shame. I started a tutorial thread hoping some people watch or take some pointers from it to try and elevate work slowly. I guess it just frustrates me a little when people don't take it as seriously as me. Sometimes I do go back in the old threads and read through everything just to soak in what it must've been like here when daily the concepts were amazing.
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    unfortunately for us, it looks like more are coming. One just asked me how to join dude stfu you are an instagram account so be quiet manThe thing is that we aren't (I'm not trying to offend anyone when I say this, so don't be harsh, because what I'm about to say is a real term) swag [mod redacted] who like chrome helmets and unnecessary all black and all white uniforms. Sure I made that one Miami concept with the chrome logo, but that's just a very rare example from me. I like modern mixed with traditional. I enjoy looks like the Vikings(excluding the stupid "sails" in the numbers) and the Panthers. They keep a fairly simple uniform design, while still looking a little bit ahead of their time. That's the difference between STL and I and the Instagram swag uniform people. Also, please use capitalization when you post.THANK YOU! Here's the thing @future_unis, I started on this site watching people design and create great stuff. I didn't join and start putting my crap wherever I felt like it, or in 5 different threads. I used this site to get better, and learn from some great designers. I didn't start an Instagram page until somebody on Instagram posted my stuff, so I made one so I could out my stuff on there. All you did was take the template I was using and ruin it for me. Me and @griffinmarlins are completely different from you and the rest of those Instagram accounts, you guys just take templates that other people made and slap your "swag" stuff on there. (Yes I use other peoples templates too, but I make my own also, and I show respect and thankfulness to those who make the templates) I'm just saying man, you should probably show a little respect and learn this site before you act like you are
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    Well, I've been using Britains Got Talent references all day...and this is like the Susan Boyle of the concept boards today. I thought this was going to be a face palming post when I saw your grammar and the post you left on my thread. Wow, great job here with the execution for a beginner (if you are one). Next thing to work on is just the design. I think arm and hem striping are fine but the yoke is...okay... I'd say you do what Jake said and add some gold. Either as a small accent stripe or make it a prominent stripe. Maybe even think gold stripes separating the yoke stripes?
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    1. Two expansion teams, one per league. In the American League the Charlotte Knights, in the National League a new version of the Montreal Expos. 2. The Houston Astros are moved back into the National League. 3. The Arizona Diamondbacks move to the American League. 4. The Expos/Nationals rivalry would be both international as well as similar to the Browns/Ravens type rivalry in the NFL. 5. The Miami Marlins become the Florida Marlins again, with their original logo. The Los Angeles Angels become the Anaheim Angels again. 6. Four 4-team divisions per league. Each group of 8 divided into East and West. and West champions play 7. Atlantic & Central Division winners play the best 3 out of 5 to determine the East Champion, Midwest & Pacific Division winners play the best 3 out of 5 to determine the West Champion. 8. East & West Champions play the best 4 out of 7 to win the League Championship Series. 9. League Champions AL & NL play the best 4 out of 7 in the World Series. In all post-season series, the home team will alternate every year. In Round 1, it will be 2-2-1, then 2-3-2 for the other 2 rounds. 10. No more wild card teams, only division winners qualify for post-season play. 11. No more interleague play. Being without it made MLB unique from the other major sports and should go back to that, especially since the AL has the DH rule and the NL does not. 12. 22 division games vs. the other 3, 12 games vs. the other 4 non-division teams in your own region, and 6 games vs. the remaining 8 teams from the other region in your own league.
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    Hey I was just trying to be nice and offer some constructive criticism. No, it's not that good but seeing as he's probably a beginner and it's damn hard to improve on the perfect set the Cards have now, I would cut him some slack. I think it would be interesting to see a concept with just the Cardinal's head. If done right.Might I ask what program do you use? I don't believe I ever said your name. And if your last question is for me, I use Illustrator CS3.No you didn't. I just felt like making a point I guess. Hell I remember patsox's concepts. At least there's been people who have actually used the C&C and made themselves better designers. Myself included. There's always going to be those that just don't get it. Not saying you're one Jake3.roo. I dunno. Maybe I've just been away from the boards too long. Also that last question was for Jake3.roo, sorry for the confusion.
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    That yoke makes them look like refs
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    Sorry to bump for a such a small update to something you can already see above, but this is a better look at the helmet.
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    Yeah, choose yellow and brown or orange and brown. Not all three.
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    Newbies happened. Today has been the worst day since I've joined. Four new threads exactly like this.
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    What the hell has happened to the Concepts page???
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    But Haslam is a smart business man and he knows fans will buy the jerseys no matter what they look like. Being originally from Ohio, I still know lots of hard core Browns fans, and it's absolutely true that the vast majority would hate pretty much any change, and will be up in arms over it. But that doesn't mean it still won't happen. In fact if you think about it, for certain teams, its almost a win-win situation. Debut a butt ugly uniform, get lots of press, sell a ton of jerseys to the young mouth-breather set, and then in 5 or 6 years when the bump has run its course, you can pull out a back-to-basics, return-to-tradition campaign, and the fan base will eat it up. The Detroit Pistons did it, the Buffalo Sabres did it, the San Francisco 49ers did it... you could even throw the Vikings on that list to some extent. By the way, this whole argument that the tradition doesn't mean anything because its attached to losing is straight up stupidity. People always make that dumb argument about someone else's team. The fans of the team itself never see it that way... it's their history and it means something to them.
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    I "misremembered" but I believe your banned too- here's the board admin telling you he's tired of your spam- hope some admin here would do the same. I remember you were banned on the old jersey central board before it went offline I can't get the damn URL to work here on my phone- accept my apologies while I google it for you. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.projerseytalk.com%2Fmlb-jersey-talk%2Fv-neck-pullover-jersey-sansabelt-knickers-thread!%2F} My birthday is just fine- being up at whatever time I like is part of being a grown up. As matter of fact I stay up to 4am every morning.
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    The lesson there for the kids is that if you whine and complain and tank a team's season and future plans you get everything you've ever wanted. How do you figure? By "better" I meant more interesting. In thirty years nobody is going to give a :censored: about the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes, but dynasties like this one Chicago is writing are more fun to read and/or talk about. Sustained greatness is more impressive than one year of getting it right at the right time.
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    Not sure yet man but hopefully a lot more teams! Some could use a tweak here or there!
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    Thanks for the C+C, guys. CHARLOTTE HORNETS Because they have no current uniform yet, this one is based on speculation and my wishes (as well as Conrad's Buzz City font). I wanted a bit of a 90's flair to it, but have some modern additions/cleaning on top of the original look. The logos are much the same as the ones that were unveiled, just with the "Buzz City" logo and the silhouette removed. The court does incorporate some typical 90's elements, like the two logos in the lanes. Probably my favorite feature of the court though is the sublimated honeycomb pattern in the purple panels in the free throw area, which also appears on the uniforms (I always like to incorporate uniform elements into the courts when I can). The uniforms are also a mix of classic Hornets and modern embellishments. The light blue color is used for the pinstripes on the home uniform (as the teal clashed too much with the wordmark and numbers), and the honeycomb pattern is subliminated into the side panels. There are only four pinstripes on the uniform, as I wanted to separate them from the fuller pinstripes of the Magic and the paired pinstripes looked far too busy. The teal is still dominant, as it was on the original Hornets' set (I think the new Hornets will probably be dominantly purple, but teal is a unique color that they can really make their own if they don't bog it down like the Sharks or the 2003-11 Marlins). I also went with a bracketed collar, because I felt it looked like a hornet's stinger. The alternate is a purple version of the road uniform, with the textless primary logo on the shorts replaced with the "CH" logo. Because of the desire to make teal prominent, and the dominantly purple court, I felt it would work better as an alternate than a regular road uniform. On deck, the Chicago Bulls!
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    I wouldn't say that just yet. Putting on my tinfoil hat, in light of the Donald Sterling headlines I wouldn't put it past the league to do so for ratings.* That, or more gradually as the Clippers gain (and retain) relevance (think of the ratings for "The Battle of LA!!!"). This is the NBA--who IMO pretty blatently altered the outcome for Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals in order to secure a seventh game--after all. You should really read that grantland article about that Kings-Lakers series. I posted the link a few pages back, but I'll post it again. http://grantland.com/features/2002-western-conference-oral-history-los-angeles-lakers-sacramento-kings/ It really makes you think about what really happened. IMO, I don't believe the NBA actually threw the game for the Lakers. I believe that the officials made some pretty blatantly terrible calls (in the article, one the refs actually talks about it and the mistakes he made) going against both teams throughout the whole series. People like to point to that Game 6 and shout, "conspiracy I tell you!!" but they conveniently forget about Game 5 of that series where the refs made some terrible calls in the final minutes which directly led to the Kings win. Referees are human and will make mistakes. That series, and the end of Game 5/all of Game 6 was the worst officiating in NBA history. But, it wasn't a conspiracy to get the Lakers in the Finals. And on topic, the Clippers were screwed on that call. Again, not a conspiracy, but that was a bad call.
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    I liked the stripe on the back, but I don't like the numbers. Why the silver? Why the little thorny serifs? I would have gone with more traditional numbers with double outlines: red-white-blue at home, blue-red-white on the road. But that's just me. I'd have nutted up and called them the Bullets again, too. I don't see The Clash's Greatest Hits featuring "Washington Wizards," now do I.
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    I think the Capitals should go back to the blue and bronze color palate. Red, white and blue is overused and it's something that would fit the geography of the team, while being slightly differentiating. Example And yes, the Hawks sweater is pretty overrated. Top 5, I could understand, but 'best in hockey?' Nah.
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