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    This is the single best uniform in Marlins history, by far.
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    I know what you mean...it's really hard to get people to support a losing side and even harder to get yourself there. Well, I gotta go. Gonna go watch the winless in the NASL Indy Eleven tonight with 10,000 others.
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    Why can't the sabers third jersey be a primary jersey with the colors reversed
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    Before anyone else on here goes bananas, I would just try to make these more creative. For an example Green, Black , and Red really don't work well together. Also, try to use more variety to the standard MS Word type font.
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    Can you do a smaller one so I can put it as my profile picture?You could always just resize it yourself.
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    Honestly, outside of those orange pants on Welker, I don't see anything different...the white has a grey/very light blue shade to it in the numbers and logo, but that's all I see...
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    It looks like Georgia Tech is bringing back the throwback look this year with helmet decals.
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    I give up on trying to do the tv numbers haha
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    Taveras' swing is basically baseball porn.
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    The Marlins haven't been a truly teal team since 2002. The 2012 rebrand was a lot less drastic then some of you make it out to be.
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    I just hope green will feature in the new look/colours. This is honestly beautiful!
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    I vastly prefer colors at home. White blends in too much with the ice; the home team should stand out.
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    Please please please. Where did you buy the "Black" Jays low profile 59Fifty? I've looked for that hat for almost a year. Check minor leagues.com I check minorleagues.com religiously every couple of weeks and haven't found nothing. Not even on newera.com This is off topic, but is minorleagues.com a legit website with high quality items or is it mostly just Chinese knockoffs?
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    I mean this with respect, but your opinions as a whole have always made me think "God, really?". Not meaning it as any disrespect, at all. You've always seemed to bring different opinions to the conversation. I'm all for the Bravos getting rid of the bloated "A". For real. I can't understand how anyone could prefer the thick A unless you're just a born contarian.
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    I'm not sure I understand how the ESCC scoring system works.
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    F~~K NO!!! Those were atrocious. I still can't believe anyone liked those.
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    WISCONSIN EVERYBODY! Which makes ZERO sense, because the team is called the Bucks, not the Hunters. It'd be like the Celtics adding orange, because Ireland.
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    *they'reHTown1141, don't be THAT guy. There is no reason to make a post just to correct someone! But... If you do, get it right! It isn't there, or they're, it is their!!! With that said I hope for a triple green rainbow Uni with purple trim, numbers and word mark.
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    I wish a team would make a field with really unique dimensions. Minute Made's has its hill but other than that there's nothing. I want a remake of Polo Grounds
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    The bottoms ones are so clean
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    Something-something baseball fans are dumb, blah blah.
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    How is it that the toughest game in sports has so many whiny-ass drama queens for fans?
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    I agree, Berlin and Genoa Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
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    Seriously, shut the f*** up. If this whole postseason has shown something it's that the Kings keep finding ways to survive.
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    A commercial real estate service from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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    I mean this with respect, but your opinions as a whole have always made me think "God, really?". Not meaning it as any disrespect, at all. You've always seemed to bring different opinions to the conversation. I'm all for the Bravos getting rid of the bloated "A".
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    Looks sharp! I love United here (the font I think it is) really makes it bold. Nothing crazy, nothing over the top and gaudy. The way a football field should look.
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    The NBA without Donald Sterling Pacific: Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings Seattle Supersonics (formerly Clippers) Midwest: Denver Nuggets Memphis Grizzlies Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Timberwolves Utah Jazz Southwest: Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets Oklahoma City Thunder Phoenix Suns San Antonio Spurs Atlantic: Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers Washington Federals* Central: Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers Toronto Raptors Southeast: Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets Miami Heat New Orleans Pelicans Orlando Magic *Anything other than Wizards
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    That is just straight-up theft. Also, phrasing.
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    Green underbills on the hats.
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    Mighty, non-ironic mustaches.
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    I miss being excited to see an alternate jersey. It used to be a treat to see the Blue Jays in their blue jerseys or the White Sox in their black jerseys. Now these things are worn so regularly I'm excited to see teams in standard white or grey.
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    i miss the sleeveless jerseys per se. But the thing that i miss most is the team logos on the outfield walls!
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    What did Austin Peay do to tick Bane off?
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    I always liked the Bucks uniforms worn in the Sidney Moncrief / Don Nelson era. Felt that they had the right amount of red / green distribution, and the multi-colored green panels on the sides bordered by red were greatness, as was the type font.
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    I know. I did an all state one for Wisconsin which makes sense as the Packers are well loved state wide. I wondered if Memphis and Nashville hated each other enough to to negate this combination. Guess so. But to be fair, so did the rest of the world. Boom.
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    Decided to try this myself and did one for Jacksonville. Took me a while and after some playing around with it, this is the final result. Pretty good if you ask me...
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