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    I don't say this to sound rude, but... I see Waldo, legs outstretched... with an erection.
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    WOW! How did you get to be so funny?!!
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    I like these, and the idea behind them: I don't see why everyone wants to ditch the red for another shade of green or two (green and red go well together, are unique, and the team has a history with them), and the idea of taking an old template and changing the colors up is a good move in my book.
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    Exactly. That's exactly why I don't watch any ESPN programming. I really don't much either except for college sports & 30 for 30. I just make fun of ESPN for their lame biases. It's fun.
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    There are jerseys/uniforms that I don't like, but there are none that make me angry. If a jersey and/or uniform are making you angry, then you need to set up a bunch of sessions with your local psychologists as you have serious problems that can't be cured in one session.
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    When I first saw this picture my first thought was, why do they have a Titans player standing next to a guy from some two bit AF2 team? Then I realized that was the Bucs new uniform and my second thought was, why do they have a Titans player standing next to a guy from some two bit AF2 team? Good God, those are just historically bad.
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    well since they got bought by the guy who used to run Microsoft
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    Useless piping and panels: And finally, the vast majority of red-white-and-blue uniforms. It's such an overused color scheme that at this point reflects an utter lack of imagination or caring about the team's visual identity.
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    Orange vs red is a terrible idea. I know there's a huge contingency on this board of people whose pants get tighter at the very thought of color vs color matchups, but IMO it would be a bad idea at least 75 to 80 percent of the time. USC vs UCLA football works for a number of reasons... not just the obvious color contrast of dark red vs light blue, but the fact that they're huge rivals and can both logically claim to be home teams. If you can find another situation that's equal in all those areas, great, but otherwise forget it. For color vs color to make sense you need a significant contrast of colors... opposite sides of the color wheel AND contrast of value... like gold vs navy, or orange vs dark green. Also, it really only makes sense on a neutral field. One example that gets brought up here a lot is how great it would look to have the OSU/Michigan football in color vs color. But WHY would either of those teams allow their biggest rival to come into their stadium in home colors. Just so it would look cool to us? I'm a grad of tOSU and I'd be pissed if OSU agreed to let U of M wear navy on our field... and I would expect a Wolverine to feel the same. As for the original question... I prefer dark at home for the NHL.
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    Must have missed last year's NFL uniform reveals.... Or, about 10+ years-worth of examples on this very board.
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    I may not like specific jerseys, or the act of changing them and downgrading the appearance, but none of them incite anger in me. You might want to change hobbies/passions/interests if something like a uniform angers you, maybe even seek help.
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    One thing: are the "triangles" under the sleeves and at the bottom of the shorts solid or is there a stripe running down the middle seperating them into two? It may just be the way you executed it that's making it a little unclear. Other than that, these are simplistic things of beauty, IMO. A lot of white on the blue set, but honestly I like that. There's not a royal and white team so it helps differentiate them from the other multiple royal and red teams on the blue uniforms.
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    Brad Solomon ‏@kingofbuzzcity 4mPic taken by #CharlotteHornets G Jeff Taylor of the new shiny practice court @PhilHecken @sportslogosnet @UniWatch pic.twitter.com/RIHmbarxZy
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    The thing is that some teams' best look (at least IMO) isn't their dark set. Mostly the monochrome teams - LA Kings, Red Wings, Maple Leafs. Something about the monochrome just doesn't look good (in hockey) to me, and I think that a team should look their best at home. The Red Wings white is far superior IMO due to the red sleeves and the contrast with the pants, also I feel that the Leafs look far better in white. It really frustrated me when the Flyers had the all-black look. All-black looks horrible in hockey (again, just to me.) It was worse because they had white sleeves, so they were just black and white. Maybe orange sleeves would have added enough color to make it tolerable, but their switch to an orange primary made for a dramatic improvement.
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    CFCS....Cream for Cream's sake. I hate this fad so much I can no longer watch the MLB on Saturdays when most teams wear this garbage
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    That Redskins logo is awesome. He looks angry at the Democrats for their latest pathertic attempt to kill him off.
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    Dallas rumor: Beginning in 2015, every players' nameplate will read "JONES, JR."
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    That's an unpopular opinion? If so, we're living in a crazy world.
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    Good for MSU. Those colored yokes drove me nuts. Now, get rid of the chrome helmet and we'll be talking.
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    Dallas Cowboys. a.) too many mismatched colors. b.) tghey're the Cowboys.
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    Heres an all-gold Packers TV15, The all green packers and all orange broncos will be in soon.
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    Challenge accepted. I'm serious. i want that dollar bill.
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    They are actually kinda like the 2010 Slovakia.
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    Big leaguers aren't "way above" AAA players in terms of skill. Good AAA players can do all the things a big leaguer can do, they just can't do them consistently enough to stay on a major league roster. That is the biggest difference between a career in MLB and a career in the minors.
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    How about double green (forest and lime to be exact) with a bronze or copper accent?
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    Don´t see why anyone would get angry over NFL jerseys......they are just t-shirts with huge numbers on the front and back, really hard to make then look nice.
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    I love these. My favorite 90s experimental jerseys.
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    You could also make a ketchup/banana/pickle/cheese sandwich... Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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    Yes, the series doesn't start until Wednesday but...I can already tell that the Rangers are going to lose this (choose one: a.) series b.) game.) Just look at how (insert Rangers player here) is (insert hockey terminology that I don't fully understand here) against (insert tonight's winner here.) It's been obvious since the (a. opening faceoff b.) some point in the 1st period, etc.) Unless the Rangers (insert some nonsensical reasoning here) they may as well just pack it in and go home. Lundqvist can't (a. stop a beachball b.) do it alone.) Enjoy the golf course, fellas. Am I doing this right?
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    It was a stupid question, considering it's impossible for anyone to answer. Plus, he's just generally annoying, so there's that.
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    If you change the name now, the Clippers name will be forever defined by Donald Sterling. If you keep the name and push forward, this whole ordeal will be nothing more than a foot note in the franchises history.
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    The slanted serifs make the two ends odd the logo look like a woman's legs... And the Washington Monument looks like.... You know what, forget that. This is the most appropriate logo for Washington DC I've ever seen.
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    Look we are posting logo concepts what more do you want dont wanna start anything..but where are they then...a concept thread should never be started with out a concept posted..if one is asking others to post, thats a request Who made you the board police? You're a newbie. Shut the hell up.
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    Washington (independent) Hockey Logos. Some folks will get the reference.
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    I'm rooting for a Heat win just for the hilairty of how Greg Oden got a ring before Kevin Durant
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    All sports should have far more colour on colour matchups. In fact i'd love to see colour on colour as the default and only introduce whites/thirds for colour clashes. Home sets are almost always better and represent the team better. Colour on colour would look best for most matchups.
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    SE Louisiana looked horrible today. So did Bryant. Teams looked too much alike and that ugly camo uniform should be burned.
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    I'm probably on my own here but I prefer the real life bird logo for the Orioles, not a big fan of cartoonish logos.
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    It's boring when you attend games and every team that visits is in white. Nicer to see variety.
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    Not collegiate, but this is one of my absolute favorites.
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    Here's a Green Wave you don't see much. He looks like a St. Patty's day beer spilling out:
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    I'm assuming that you've been trying to use the paint fill tool? If so, that won't work for vector elements. You need to select each individual element with one of the two selection tools, then choose/ adjust the colors.
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    My current whale is a yellow #9 Oregon wings jersey Let me know if you guys see anything
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