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    Look, friends; I have 9 and 12 year old daughters and I get more than the minimum daily requirement of senseless bickering at home. While I understand this is a forum for casual discussions among logo/design enthusiasts and varying degrees of logo/design professionals, there has to be at least a minimal amount of decorum here. So let me make a few things clear. 1. Never in the history of humankind has an individual "gotten over" anything as a result of another individual demanding they "get over it." So please stop issuing this meaningless command. You will only frustrate yourself further when you see continued evidence of your target's not-getting-over-it-ness. 2. Your number of years in and/or impressive fortune amassed as a result of professional graphic design does not have any effect whatsoever on the opinions held by others. Please do not throw your remarkable credentials in someone's face as you attempt to dismiss their opinion - no matter how stupid it is or how much better yours is than his/hers. 3. Your post count, like your age, is just a number. It accounts for nothing here when it comes to the matter of stating or valuing opinions. 4. Please understand that some of us here like to make jokes or utilize sarcasm/satire, hopefully in a generally inoffensive manner. Some of us are not (always) very good at it (present company included). When you see something that could be satire, just play it safe and assume it is. Feel free to roll eyes or otherwise (inoffensively) chide failed efforts -- if you must -- but, whatever you do, do not attack the poster as it only makes you out to be a colossal jerk and possibly a huge idiot for not getting the joke. That doesn't make anyone look good. 5. Chris has the ability to "deputize" moderators at the drop of a hat. If he feels additional moderation is necessary, he will put the cops on the beat. If you aren't a mod and see someone or something that needs moderation, point it out to a mod. Do not attempt to police the matter yourself as you have limited resources at your disposal and those resources are not appropriate to restore order. Nothing interrupts the flow of a good (or even mediocre) discussion like a string of vigilante mods attempting to shame another member and perhaps another group of bystanders jumping in to either pile on or perhaps defend the other party. 6. <Intentionally left blank> 7. I don't have the time to patrol all of the threads or even participate all that frequently these days, so if I happen to take action on one person's violation of decorum but I don't take action on someone else's, I'm not "playing favorites." I'm going to address what I see and trust there are enough mods cruising the other alleyways to catch the other guys. Naive of me? Eh, perhaps. But that's the deal. No, we're never going to agree with everyone's opinions, but there's a wrong way to go about things and a . . . . well, less wrong way, I suppose. Let's all strive to pursue the latter, shall we? Thank you for your time. yh
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    That's not how it worksThat's not how any of this works
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    When do you ever give meaningful feedback ya hypocrite? Only time I see you post is you bashing on other people for bashing on other people. First you say I post only to bash others. Your craft!? When have you ever posted anything on here that was worthy of critique? Your constant badgering for guys to create photorealistic helmets? Or the pointless poll for your fantasy football teams helmet that, for a logo you didn't even create? Repainting a helmet from gold to green isn't really hard. I group you in with the rest of these guys, no effort, no desire to get better. All you do is sit behind a computer (or however you access this site) and argue with other members. You want others to offer good critiques for these guys at the "bottom", practice what you preach man. Then you say I post to ask for helmets and such. Which is it Chris? Not gonna lie, most, if not all of the posts I have seen from you either are on helmet/ logo requests, or like what Clement has said, bash on other people. On the other hand, for some C+C, yokes don't work to well on baseball jerseys/
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    Here's how it should work: New Orleans takes "Jazz" from Utah (really, have you ever heard of Salt Lake City being famous for jazz?) Utah takes "Grizzlies" name from Memphis (there's no grizzly bears in the city of Memphis) Memphis takes "Kings" name from Sacramento (Elvis) Sacramento takes "Knicks" name from New York (only have to change a few letters on each jersey) New York takes "Nets" name from Brooklyn (paying homage to the old ABA franchise the New York Nets) Brooklyn takes "Pelicans" name from New Orleans (hipsters love pelicans) And that, my friends, is how the Clippers wind up with a new nickname.
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    A better decision would have been to make a logo that was unique, not a copy of the past 5 SB.
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    The last time I checked, a biscuit isn't a fruit. You haven't lived until you've eaten a freshly picked biscuit.
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    I'm sorry, do you think you guys could take this to personal messages? You're bumping down other people's threads. (I'm only posting now because this is currently at the top).
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    Nice signature buddy...class act.
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    First of all, to chrisCLEMENT and coach4fu, you both need to stop getting into these flame wars with each other. They benefit exactly zero people. Remember, YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEED THE TROLLS. Now, to try to get this topic somewhat back on topic, this concept is very lacking. To be honest, it looks like the sort of thing I made in second or third grade. (There's hope, though; I've improved a lot since then, and so can you with some time and effort.) The colors look good, but the logo looks very slapped-together. You need to find a strong central theme for the logo, and you need to render it better. One thing that can help is getting a piece of paper and just sketching out some ideas for mascots, logos, or just anything related to the team name. (Don't worry if you're not a good artist; nobody else has to see them). From there, pick the best and try sketching it in Paint or Inkscape. I am also not a fan of the font you've chosen. My other piece of advice is to study other logos: both (good) concepts on these boards and actual sports logos.
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    Give this man a damn cookie! Thank you good sir. That stuff is just irritating. Back on topic, the only thing(s) the Clippers need to change is the copycat logo and the boring colors. The Clippers should have a nautical theme along with the light blue and orange colors. Period.
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    This isn't preschool finger painting. We're grown-ups. You put out work like this, you're gonna get honest and not an always pretty response. If poster's a kid and they don't like that, then they're probably not ready to be posting here.
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    Echo my statements from earlier perfectly!Actually I started typing it out before you posted, but got distracted watching the Cardinals.
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    We weren't posting them here. These guys starting out should just look around and study how the good ones are being done. It may be a long time, but they shouldn't be posting stuff until they're further along. Anybody can look at his concept and know that it's nowhere near ready. These boards aren't where people go to learn designing from scratch. It's for those who have legit skills and have designs that they want to share with other who share the same interest and to get some feedback.
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    When do you ever give meaningful feedback ya hypocrite? Only time I see you post is you bashing on other people for bashing on other people. Let's be frank here this concept sucks, and why does it suck? Well there is no thought process, no elements worthy of critiques, simple paint by numbers, crappy MS fonts, very poor quality, etc etc. You can only give C&C when the concept actually has a good base, you can't polish a turd, Coach. I'd suggest the OP takes a moment to look at the boards and what's being produced by members and strive to emulate that... If this is the best you can post, is it really worth posting? Some people just aren't ready for the concept forum and thats fine.. Take some time to learn your program (I'd suggest downloading Inkscape and go from there, plenty of resources on the boards and internet to get proficient. Sit down and think about the concept, why are you coloring that section, why are you adding this design, etc. Look at current uniforms for inspiration.. You'll see that nobody just colors the top of the collar like that, you simply painted by numbers. I started with Inkscape a few years ago, wasn't that good to begin with... Was the farthest thing from a good artist. But with effort is possible to improve. The concept section isn't for people who are just looking for "attention" or to have people "stroke" their ego. It's for artists/average guys, with a passion for sports design, and the desire to grow/improve. This is just :censored:. So that's my advice/critique for you. There is nothing from this concept to save.. You can get better but you have to try. There is 0 effort put into this.
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    Thisis another example of what garbage is polluting these boards nowadays.
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    I wonder what the p.r. firm did to help fight the referendum. Maybe hired some of those dinguses we saw speak in July. Anyway, lol at breaching a contract for a polo tournament. Oh, also, the city lost like $9 million on the Coyotes this year. Guess people didn't pay for parking. BUT AS A FORMER FIREFIGHTER I KNOW THOSE 19 FIREFIGHTERS THAT DIED IN A WILDFIRE LITERALLY YESTERDAY HAVE THE SAME COURAGE AS US TO KEEP THE COYOTES IN GLENDALE AND THEY'D WANT US TO VOTE YES or whatever
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    The NBA, where our conference finals end before the NHL's and our Finals start after the NHL's. Seriously, these set dates for the Finals suck. If you're ready, let's go.
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    Never. It's a crime against sports humanity that the state of Utah be able to associate itself with the word jazz and its associated music. Those that know what's right will fight until the rightful name is returned to it's rightful owner: New Orleans. UTAH BOBCATS BASKETBALL EST. 2020
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    The Padres' color scheme was perfect until they added orange. Too much, too cluttered.
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    My friends, they had little choice but to abandon the L, otherwise you'd have to call the game "Super Bowl Capital L" in order to distinguish it from "Super Bowl Lower Case L" which was played in January, 1967.
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    Would've liked if entire logo was gold and maybe an actual gold Lombardi Trophy for the 50th SB.
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    The sheer ignorance of the law and basic business economics in this country is absolutely astounding and it's rearing its ugly head on this board. Before anyone starts bitching about an individual having their business taken from them, do some basic studying up on franchise law and on how constitutional rights apply to contractually bound business associations. Before you start complaining about minimum wage's effect on the cost of popcorn and game programs do some research on how an nba franchise derives the majority share of revenues and profits. Hint: The owners aren't getting rich off popcorn.
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    Not really a historic moment, but I was at the Elite 8 game between Louisville and Duke in 2013. I was the very first row behind the U of L band when I saw one of the most scaring things I will ever see. I saw Kevin Ware not but 20 feet or so in front of me with something white sticking out of his leg (as we all know, it was his leg bone). I will never forget that scream he made and the face of Rick Pitino again..
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    Owning an NBA franchise (an important distinction, because NBA teams are not standalone businesses) is a privilege, not a right. By agreeing to the league constitution and signing all those morals and ethics contracts, Sterling opened himself up to the risk of losing his franchise if his conduct were to have an extremely harmful effect on the league at large.To act as if he's been forced to give up property over mere words is a dishonest portrayal of the situation. What really happened is that he was kicked out of a private club because they were tired of the negative image he brought to it with his words and actions.
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    Better yet, wear a uniform set for more than one year.
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    Boo Packers. Boo AP. Go Bears! That said, when you adjust the colors, this is spot on.
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    The Forum in Inglewood: It's the coziest, most intimate arena I've ever been inside of. I was born too late to witness both the "Showtime" era of the Lakers and the height of the Gretzky-Kings, but I caught the tail end of events in the 1990s before all Forum operators moved to Staples Center. The most recent event I've been apart of the Forum was a 2009 Lakers preseason game, and by that time, its age had caught up to its frame. Tiles were falling apart, the seats were ripped and flimsy, the exterior paint was chipping away, and the sound systems were spotty at best. A couple of years ago, the MSG-Chase group bought the rights to the arena, with the intent on renovating the arena back to world-class status. And boy, did they ever capitalize on that promise. A more intimate atmosphere, velvet seats, better sound system and fresh "Sunset-red" paint. But it's bittersweet since the arena can only house concerts and related events from now on. There will be no more sporting events at the Forum from here-on-out because of the configurations to make the venue a music-exclusive hub.
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    Macron's now done hooped socks all three years with Villa and it's easily the best thing they've done. I like the pinstripes more than I thought I would, though. I'd still prefer the sleeves to be claret rather than blue if we've got the pinstripe motif going but I'll take what we've got. Downgrade from last year but still really like what Macron's been putting out for us.
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    I really like the black Suns uniform. I think it looks better than a purple version would.
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    That Rams logo is sick, whoever was your inspiration on that needs to be applauded lol only change I'd make would be put white in the horns on the helmet as you did in the logo but that's just me...I like the addition of white pants to the 49ers and the red face mask for the Cardinals. Great work again
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    It's not arena baseball, it's improving the current game and not being content with the status quo. They're charging more. Want more. Demand more.
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    Okay so I put the 32 of you into 4 pots based on concepts I've seen and how you performed in the ESCC. When you signed up also was a factor too, and caused some of you to drop down a pot. I hope no one minds their pot. But anyway, I took each pot and randomized it, and the result was what came out below. I did that for all 4 pots. Then horizontally was the group you were paired with. In my opinion, the Group of Deaths are Group D, G, and H. So I took the results from the randomized lists horiontally, and used those results to determined what team everyone had. Happy designing!
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    Made an updated render of the practice court design: i have a feeling the honeycomb might find its way onto the unis somehow...maybe side panels?
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    The Irish rainbow worked because it was used in the context of a traditional basketball template. Side stripes are a traditional template, and the craziness of the rainbow was confined within the sides. This is why I feel the Bengals '80/'90s set and all previous Chargers sets worked well, because the craziness was confined within a traditional striping region. The Astros' jersey was all-out, and basically went against everything a baseball jersey traditionally is. Really, you couldn't work rainbow striping into a baseball jersey in a traditional manner because there are no large striping sections on traditional baseball templates. The best you could do is racing stripes on the pants and sleeves, but that's better left in the '80s.
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    I disagree. I don't think this is like the Jaguars or the Seahawks, in which I could find a few redeeming qualities if I squinted and turned my head sideways. Every bit of the Buccaneers' new look is horrible. Every single aspect of it. Socks, pants, jerseys, fonts, logos, wordmarks, helmet. And worst of all, it was a "transition" which didn't need to be made. Like the Chargers back in 2006, the Bucs had a really good modern set and a really good classic set. Since they couldn't choose, they threw both sets into a blender, ate them, crapped them out and covered themselves in the excrement.
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    Put this logo at center court and it would be 1000x better:
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    Let the home team decide which jersey they want to wear. If they want to wear whites or colors or go half-and-half, let them make their choice before the season and have it published so the road teams can prepare.
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    There is no way the NBA approves another team with black and red in its color scheme when you have Chicago, Miami, Portland, and Toronto running around.
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    I'm done with school for the year! Now I'm back. "READY TO POUNCE" The Panther crouches, ready to attack with ferocious speed. Stealthily crawiling through the grass, only to jump and attack when the moment is right. The black throughout the uniform represents the stealth of the panther. Carolina Blue claw marks found all over the all black uniform. The Panthers are ready to pounce on the NFC South.
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    I loved those too, except I hate that black Capitals jersey. It's never made sense to me that they completely abandoned the awesome blue jerseys in favor of the black. The blue jerseys only got five years as primary status. The black jerseys got 7 years as the primary jersey. That's stupid. Also, the sock stripes not matching the jersey stripes will never stop bothering me.
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    I've wondered the same thing. You'd think a community built upon sports logo and branding interests would see the value in having another quality league around introducing new looks on a regular cycle. I do. This isn't it. Quality leagues don't abuse/use kickstarter among other things.
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