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    I hate this new trend of dirt fields. Are we going to see every team do this now?! Is nothing sacred?!?!
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    Here's my take on some football teams. Nothing fancy, but a classic vibe on every team. Spain National Team concept 2015 (field player home kit)
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    Here is the Orlando Magic update, now featuring stars blended into the panels (like my Clippers concept), no arm trim, and a better piping scheme (so that the stars can blend). That way, it doesn't look too dated or too generic. The logo sheet and court are the same as update 2B. Alternate Without a doubt, Orlando was one of the most pain-in-the-ass teams to do. All of their previous looks are either way too dated or way too generic, and it's incredibly hard to find a balance that actually looks good and unique to the Magic. I think I've done it with this one, trying to balance the current look with the past. Up next, the Suns!
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    I'm guessing its a reference to Cornelius Vanderbilt, the founder of the university
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    Not sure Majestic or the MLB would let the Sharks be the one team in the entire league that doesn't use the mandatory batting practice jersey template.
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    This shouldn't be that hard...it's been 75 years since that famous speech, which makes it the 74th anniversary, not the 75th! Kudos. You made it way more complicated. Anniversaries are no different than birthdays. A 75th anniversary means "this event happened 75 years ago". LOL! Yea, my head's still spinning but it seems you (and others) are correct...
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    I liked it at the time, but later realized how bad it is. That logo/uniform set would've been perfectly fine if the Angels were a '90s expansion team, but it didn't fit a team that's been around since the early '60s.
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    "...and boom goes the dynamite." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W45DRy7M1no
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    Looks like age is catching up to me.I think you need new material, so i'll just leave this here
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    Looks like age is catching up to me.
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    With how role players have been getting overpaid this summer, $23 million is an absolute steal for Hawes. I like this signing.I don't understand what anyone sees in that guy. He doesn't even really take up space since he tries to hang back around the three point line. He's lazy, and just a jerk.
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    I don't mind these as much because all parties involved benefit. The college obviously benefits with the player coming in, the athlete gets that "moment in the spotlight" for a few minutes and a fully-paid scholarship, and the high school gets that national exposure. There's no jilted lover at the end. Signing Day is a bit ridiculous at times, but for all involved....it's a positive. A professional athlete seeking so much attention that he has a TV special to announce his free agency destination....that's over-the-top ridiculous.
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    The patch is correct. 1 year after the speech = 1st anniversary 2 years = 2nd anniversary 10 years = 10th 75 years = 75th
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    Tut tut! They're matches. On a pitch. Wearing kits. Anyone else see this?
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    Yeah it's stupid. Completely avoidable most of the time too. It's ruined my enjoyment of the games just a little bit. I want to see Brazil looking like the Brazil that we all know, not some weird, washed out white and yellow 'we-forgot-our-game-shorts' team. Why didn't France wear white shorts and Germany black shorts? It's completely dumb.
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    The strictness of the FIFA rules in regards to dark vs light kits for every match has ruined the look of this world cup IMO.
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    You're confused. If 1939 was the "first annual speech day" or something, then yeah, this year would've been the "76th annual speech day". That's not the same as an anniversary. 1940 was the 1st anniversary of the speech, 1950 was the 11th anniversary, 2000 was the 61st anniversary, and 2014 is the 75th anniversary. There's no problem here.
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    For Rave Green, I did a translation of their current primary jerseys paired with slate pants.
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    Even if the Kings used the Purple and Gold throwbacks full time, the colours are different enough to avoid looking anything like Detroit. With Tampa they just replaced one heavily used colour with another.
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    You want those unis back? With all those unnecessary outlines cluttering things up?
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    They're ostensibly 'own brand' but I don't know if a regular manufacturer is just making them unbranded for Southampton. Anyway, good to see them back in their proper stripes.
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    The Saints are finally back in stripes! Don't they have a kit supplier anymore?
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    Hoffenheim. When a sponsor fits perfectly!
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    Dear Matt, Thank you for writing your letter towards our organization. However, we will ultimately go with the best interests of Lakers basketball. We do not feel that our advertisements to try saving Dwight Howard were pathetic. We do not feel that we overpaid for the services of Kobe Bryant, despite his age and Achillies injury. We do not feel that we turned our backs on our fans when we made all our Lakers games cable-exclusive. We will be actively pursing the services of Carmelo Anthony, and we will be aggressive towards it, even as you call it "overpaying" for those services. Thank you for your patience. Mitch Kupchak General Manager Los Angeles Lakers
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    So nice I decided to throw together something similar for a signature file.
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    Reddit's annual r/Hockey rink diagram:
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    Unpopular Opinion: I HATE the multicolor pinstripes. It looks horrible. The only reason any of you like it is because it is "throwback"
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    Okay, the concepts and ideas are definitely there, but the execution and presentation are definitely lacking. Nearly all of the logos are stretched vertically and the template, like others have said, is pixelated. Fix your presentation and that will help tremedously. Also, don't use a generic number font, and it would be nice to see the numbers for each team as well. Either include a back view of the jerseys or show the numeral font across the bottom or something. Now as far as the concepts go, you have some really good ideas, but most of them need some work. Phoenix: Love the striping and colors, but the crest on the home needs a white keyline. Black alt doesn't really bother me either. Atlanta: I'll echo the hockey puck in the claws and drop the wordmark on the red alt. Also, maybe use the new pacman logo as a shoulder patch. Boston: Use the striping from the trim on their basketball uniforms. Not a big fan of the Leprechaun head on the home and away, but I don't hate it. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with it. The black alt doesn't work. maybe green with gold and white trim would be better with a shamrock trimmed in gold for the crest. The shamrock roundel should be the shoulder patch for all three. Brooklyn: No complaints about the home and away, but the alt needs to be scrapped. Is it supposed to be grey? Maybe go with a white alt with the old Brooklyn Dodgers script. Charlotte: The home and away crest is too busy. I think the new Hugo would work great for a primary crest and i shouldn't like the alt, but I really do. Chicago: Right now, the striping is almost exactly the same as Boston. Use the pattern from the basketball uni trim. Use the Bulls' block font on the black alt. Cleveland: The primary crest is not working. It's too horizontal. Maybe the C sword logo. On the white uniform, drop the yoke and side panels. The crest on the alt is too big also. Dallas: Not bad, but I would go ahead and add the basketball back into the primary crest and just turn it into a hockey puck. Without that part of the logo, there is a lot of empty space in the awkwardly shaped logo. Denver: don't change a thing. This one is a homerun
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    I guess I'm not seeing it. Some of these just seem a little too unimaginative. I guess the Nuggets is interesting even though it is just the Avalanche's old template and the Mavs is quite original. The Away Cavaliers is original as well, albeit a little unconventional. Overall the presentation needs a slight bit of work. I suggest a possibly larger template so the images don't look so pixelated. Some Shoulder patches and numbers on the back would be nice. The logos are also a little too large. As suggested, you may want to try actually doing some bigger edits to the logos themselves. The Hawks one could easily have the Panthers style broken stick in the claws. The clover by itself would be better for the Celtics. I would have used another Hornets logo as not many Hockey teams have words on their logo. The Round logos make good shoulder patches. Also, the images look stretched out vertically on here. When I click on the image though, it goes to it's normal shape. Not too sure why that is happening.
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    Updated All-Star concepts... This bump is also going to give a chance to see these concepts to those who missed them.
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