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    i present you the dolphins logo...
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    Stuff like sock length, pant length, accessories, etc... Has never botherered me, I always been on the side of what ever makes the players comfortable to a realistic point. As much I love the aesthetics of sports and the discussion of it I think we harp on these things too much.
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    Really? They replaced a skull and crossbones lifted straight off a treasure map with a gleaming, too-perfect Photoshop job. I'd say it's actually the opposite of "less generic than the old one."
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    Arsenal third kit looking... divine. Seriously though, is nice
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    That's an improvement. Lamest arena name gone, plus there's a little synergy between Yotes and Gilas, I guess. There's even more synergy between two entities whose financial survival depends on dumb people throwing good money after bad.
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    Pirates wouldn't have swords that shiny, seriously? Thats a bit of a reach Do you know how quickly ocean air corrodes metals? Not a reach at all. No polishing is going to keep those swords looking good for very long. Lol wowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQR1r1KTjaE
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    We as a society should be proud of how far we've come, but it's important not to be satisfied and lose sight of how far we still have to go.
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    That's the least-surprising news of the summer. Courtois might be the best keeper in the world.
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    Im gonna go ahead and post the unis now since I have um done. Ill get to the court later on. ENJOY! And In youre wondering I used Oshie's college number since thats when he was famous in North Dakota.
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    Pads above the knees are more comfortable
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    It feels more comfortable to them, and less constricting. The NFL has rules against it because of safety but NCAA does not. And the phrase you are looking for is biker shorts not basketball shorts
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    The new aqua is good. The orange is too muted. The navy is bad, and shouldn't be included in the set. Orange needs to be more prominent. It's tertiary in this set, and in the places it's used, it is dwarfed next to navy and disappears from any distance. The new font and wordmarks are awful. Maybe most importantly, the new logo is terrible, both on its own merit and for departing from a consistent image the Dolphins have had. It's been said a thousand times, but that's not a football team logo. It's a soulless corporate logo to be used by an airline or travel agency. The helmet/pants stripes are also bad on their own and wrong for the Dolphins. All they needed was a clean-up. They were a team with strong historical imagery. Instead, they blew it all up and everything outside of the shade of aqua is worse than before.
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    It blows my mind that people aren't in love with the Dolphins new logo/uni. I loved the old set, but this is miles better. Logo is great, colors are amazing. The aqua just pops on the white like crazy. The font is a little meh but at least no drop shadows. Same with Seahawks, that's a total upgrade
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    Thats really funny! Didn't notice it myself. Not really sure i can fix that with the "LI" dynamic and all and really I kinda like in in a "Disney Innuendo" sense. Their tails aren't bushy at all though, thats what really make them pretty distinct.
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    I definitely preferred the uniform pre-tiger on the sleeves. They already were adorned with tiger stripes. Adding the tiger seemed like overkill. I also feel like (and I could be wrong) the tiger stripes got thicker in the "tiger on sleeve" set. I liked the thinner, more numerous stripes on the pants/shoulders.
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    The only problem with the cap sleeves is they either need to put TV numbers on them or logos. However, I will take these basic jerseys any day over any modern chrome crap (Ex. Kansas).
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    haha I know I'm just joking around. I saw it when I was going through the pages and took my opportunity
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    Only the people who quote week-old posts. You must have wandered into the wrong neighborhood by mistake. You'll have an uphill battle trying to convince people not to care about uniform details... here.
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    Cap sleeves are the new flywire. And need to disappear just as quickly if they're going to drag down a whole uniform set the way they've done with Houston, Middle Tennessee State, and now UAB.
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    The best uniform set the Cincinnati Reds have ever had. No black, not a pullover/sansabelt pants set, and no faux-western lettering/number font. Just clean and simple (a Mr. Red patch and some piping could look good with these uniforms, but it's not essential).
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    This... ...better than this... Time to rid of this garbage and go back to the other style.
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    The modern Senators "Roman senator" look is far superior to the generic "O" logo used by the original squad..
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    It's disrespectful to refuse to call someone by their name. If your name was Bill but I just called you Jack because I wanted to, wouldn't that be annoying?My name is Jack....Shut up Fred.
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    i can answer this one question myself. I am a resident of Phoenix, and have volunteered at both SB XXX and XLII, and will do so again at SB XLIX. The design was the first to use the "Modern" facemasks, and it was right about then the "official" helmet logos transistioned from the "2 bar" to the "Cage" mask. This one design only showed up in this Super Bowl as in SB XXXI and beyond the helmets where on the field area, or completely changed in size altogether. And from SBXL no longer present on the field at all!
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    New primary uniforms aren't happening. The article that came out many months ago with quotes from players spoke of an update to the jersey sleeves b/c our players don't like them too wide. That article on Houston Chronicle was removed within minutes.The Adidas catalog showed no change to our sleeves either. What is nearly confirmed due to Daryl Moreys quote and the Adidas catalog is that we can expect a city pride jersey. Possibly yellow with "Clutch City" on it. I don't really care for too much yellow in our uniforms nor do i care for an alternate uniform we get to see a few times a year. If we are still wearing those atrocious primary sets with the same dull and boring logo, than i will continue to wear my retro Rockets gear for games or any time wear. I will never ever buy anything that is related to this current brand. I've even given away playoff shirts b/c that is how much i hate this current brand. I'd be okay if we just went with home versions of our current alternates, but eventually i'd still whine because i hate the overkill on yellow instead of being just a highlight color. ProjectThirtyfour made a really great update to the alternates that i would be thrilled with as a primary uniform. But, my all time favorite Rockets concept is without a doubt Berlin Wall's work. I find myself starring at them every other day wishing and wanting and only to be left sad inside knowing Les Alexander will probably never return to the glory days of the Rockets and my childhood. If he was willing to rebrand after back to back championships, i am willing to bet he will never go back. *man tears*
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    Below is my favorite college football jersey ever. I think the block font is way better than the loopy font everyone loves so much. That font just does not say "football" to me.
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    Because the Blackhawks and Reds are historically relevant and important to their respective leagues, and are noted for being more than just embarrassments. Was Schott the owner when they won in 1990? With the exception of the very recent past, the Clippers franchise was nothing but a drag on the rest of the NBA, subsidized by both its far more respectable fellow tenant and the rest of the league. The Clippers made dumb draft picks, hired bad coaches, played poorly, and leached off the rest of the league. If the Lakers didn't keep the Clippers afloat for as long as they did, the Clippers would have graciously disappeared ages ago and we would have all been better off for it. I'm glad Sterling's gone and I'm hopeful Ballmer is a productive owner. But I think any romanticism of the Clippers is misplaced -- among historically terrible franchises, they're probably the worst. Just terrible.
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    This goofy thing right here should never go away.
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    Thank you, very much. It's good to hear that I've inspired someone. I was inspired by TheGiantFan's hand-drawn thread that he started a while back so it's cool that we're all inspiring each other. I saw the thread you started, and I, like many others, would recommend that you draw some stuff up before you start the thread. One easy way to do so if you're hand-drawing is to print out a uniform template and either draw right on there or trace it onto another sheet. If you have any questions or need some help, please feel free to send me a message and I'll be happy to help.
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    The black laurel jerseys with the 2d logo would be perfect.
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    I agree with you completely here (as well as with your earlier post). I've made it known many times on this board that I am not a fan of the whole Roman theme. Ottawa is the birthplace of the Stanley Cup and home of the NHL's first dynasty and the nickname is meant to represent the city's storied hockey history. I like the =O=, as well as the Peace Tower logo (the one with the maple leaf next to it, although the wordmark had the right idea, it just wasn't executed smoothly). If people need to have some kind of mascot then why not go with something like a Mountie or a Parliament guard. They both are closely tied to Ottawa and the government, and they both wear black and red. If they do insist on keeping the trojan/centurion/spartan theme then the 2D logo is definitely the way to go. Nashville made the wise decision to drop their 3D logo, and I can only imagine the outcry if Chicago ever released a third jersey with a 3D Chief Blackhawk on the front. The team also needs to bring back black as the primary colour. The Blackhawks and Devils pretty much own the black helmet/pants, red jersey/socks look. There isn't a single team in the NHL that wears head to toe black with white and red stripes as a primary. It's a look that the Sens could own.
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    I'd prefer the never used update they gave to the original. The centurion in profile has always been my preference to the 3D variations. That's my preference if they have to stick with the Roman theme. Which they probably do at this point.
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    My problem with the Roman theme is that it's so slapdash. The team name is Senators, obviously in reference to the Canadian Senate. And their original logo concepts tend to reflect that, using the Peace Tower in some form. Then they went with the Roman centurion theme because Rome also had a Senate. Which seems forced because centurions were not Senators. Some individuals held both roles, yes, but the two occupations were not joined at the hip. Those that were both were centurions in battle and Senators at home. Then you have Spartacat, obviously an illusion to Spartacus. Except that Spartacus was a slave who rebelled against the authority the Roman Senate represented. So now you have a team named after the Canadian Senate using a Roman centurion as a logo because Rome also had a Senate and the mascot is named after a guy who fought against both Roman centurions and the Senate they served. It's a mishmash of unrelated Roman imagery. Not to mention that the "3D" centurion logo is just awkward in its own right.
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    Gather around children, it's storytime with Grandpa Critical Thinker! Back in my day, names used to have meaning. The end.
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    Oregon Ducks The Inspiration By taking inspiration from teams of the past and applying it to Oregon’s current brand elements a tasteful and eye catching look has been created. The classic yellow/green/yellow uniform combination has been used featuring the Ducks’ modern wing design on the shoulders. As the wings approach the sleeves they take the form of the classic striping pattern that once adorned Oregon’s uniforms. The number font is an updated and stronger version of the font featured in the original Nike rebranding of the program; inspired by the shape of the classic O logo. A simple stripeless helmet has been used, putting all of the attention on the O. The striping scheme from the jerseys has been carried over onto the pants in order to create a cohesive look that harkens back to Oregon’s uniform history. The Design Oregon State Beavers The Inspiration While strongly inspired by the uniforms worn by the famous “Giant Killers” team, this Beavers uniform also has some modern flair. The historic striping pattern has been altered to feature both a bark pattern* and angular cuts to represent the image of a tree after a beaver has gnawed through its trunk. This imagery is meant to be symbolic of the way that the giant killers cut down some of the biggest opponents in the country at the time, just as beavers topple some of the largest trees in the northwest. The drop shadow numbers are a slight nod to arguably the most successful team in the program’s history, the 20000 Fiesta Bowl champions. *Oddly enough I had this uniform finished about a month before the Oklahoma alternate release. Briefly considered ditching this for something else, but I liked the design a bit too much to part with it. The Design
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    Im working on it for the silver. Im just about to sing "auld langs syne" if that tells ya how far along I am.
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