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    You know how you can tell the new Blues jerseys are about as perfect as the team can get? There aren't a few dozen concept threads of "how I would fix it". In fact, I haven't seen a single concept trying to improve on that design yet. When Carolina unveiled their new jerseys, the front page was monopolized with Hurricanes posts. Ditto San Jose. Dallas had bunches with the new logo. St. Louis? None. Clearly they did it properly, because nobody here is trying to change it...at least not with quick fixes.
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    I don't get the point of comments like this. Yeah, you can dislike the patch, but there are about 20 franchises in the league right now who would gladly swap their histories with the Islanders. Not to mention the team was just sold to some pretty wealthy individuals and they're moving into the newest (and most profitable) building in the league next season, in the most popular borough of the biggest city on the continent. Calling the Islanders franchise a "mess" right now is about as ill-informed as it gets, and is a lazy trope that's brought out every year by hacks in the Canadian hockey media. Ah yes, Mockba: Herald of the Canadian Hockey Media. It's him and Don Cherry man.
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    Here's a commission I began for Ocean City, but the process has come to a halt so I feel fine posting here. The team was looking for a more professional (less clip-arty) look that contained symbols more locally important. So we've got a whole lot of elements that I think I've got together pretty well. 1) storm symbol 2) ferris wheel 3) New Jersey 4) soccer ball
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    Grammar helps you get your point across...
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    I think they're trying a air force jet like number font. Gotcha. Hamilton's looks like a bad create-a-team uniform in Madden. Not much originality...Anyone here could have designed that based on college uniform trends, and our designer would have used a better number font.
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    Nothing about that story confirms anything as being false. If anything it sounds like what has been said by shaw and his family did occured and people want to take the heroic act away from him by making bs phone calls to the AD. What would be his motive to lie about what happened?
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    A 15-year search is OVER!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-WLAF-Orlando-Thunder-Jersey-/161399314944?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item2594261a00#ht_24wt_1020
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    I'm not seeing how those UA are exactly Maryland-inspired. The wordmark and number font is Maryland's.
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    I don't know if it was "officially" confirmed, but it was hinted at by those "in the know" that the Eagles will have black pants. Weather they get worn or not is a different story. Is this the same cast of characters that keep spreading the kelly green rumours? No.
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    it's not great design, but i love seeing videos like that. it makes it all worth it and shows the importance (or at at least justification) of using alternate colored uniforms. thats exactly what you want an alternate to do, signify that it is a special uniform preferably used for a special game, and get the players and fans excited about the brand/school/game. i would grade that uniform at about a C-, but its cool to see design bring excitement and energy to a group of people rather than the headaches and near loss of sight it usually brings us in this thread. Wow, that's really a "glass half full" way to look at it. Maybe I should try harder to see it from this point of view... they are just kids getting excited, after all. But, honestly, I generally have a completely different reaction. There's a blond guy in a gray t-shirt in the crowd... you can start to see him at about the 30 second mark... who is going absolutely out of his gourd. Maybe I'm being a little cynical, but that reaction just comes off to me as more than a bit phony. If he was acting like that after winning the lottery, I'd have to tell him to tone it down a bit. I can't help feeling that some of this is a reaction to these kids watching other team's "reaction videos" and feeling the need to play their part. I just find it all kind of calculated and uncomfortable. Again, maybe I'm just being cynical. i never felt it was staged. i think these kids just see schools like Oregon with the alternate uniforms and just hope one day their school will get one. They don't see everything that comes out like we do and most might not even see a gray alternate unless they play a team that wears one. i think it's still something fresh and new to them and makes them feel a little bit more like the cool kids at Oregon. Yeah, I wouldn't have said "staged" either, exactly... at least not in the sense that the kids are being told how to act. I don't know if I'm describing it very well. It just feels to that some of the reaction is a bit over the top. They know the camera is on them, and they (presumably) have seen other team's "uniform reveals" on youtube, and they react the way they think they're supposed to. But you might be right... it could all be very geniuine (in which case, the poor boys just have really bad taste ).
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    I love the Devils jerseys, but they are a bit boring and I think we need new ones... No.
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    Either a dog or a priest. Maybe you could do a dog riding a priest. Wait that can't be right
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    I don't know if it was "officially" confirmed, but it was hinted at by those "in the know" that the Eagles will have black pants. Weather they get worn or not is a different story.
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    While I think things like this always bother me, I'm usually able to accept it. I think the difference is that this is "my" team, so I really want perfection. The Bruins is a good example. The mismatching striping from sleeves to shoulder bothers me, and I'll be quick to point that out if asked for analysis. But if you just ask me if I like their uniforms, I do. This is true, but not, in my opinion, a good excuse for not making it right in the here and now. Also, I'm willing to cut shoulder stripes some slack on thickness. I think the nature of that spot on the uniform calls for stripes a little thinner. But on a similar note, someone tweeted at me yesterday asking "Could there be anything more Blues" than being infuriatingly close to being perfect but falling quite short? And on that note, perhaps in a way, these actually are perfect. And now I'm sad.
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    I have always found that as long as the overall look is nice and clean and the general concensus is that it's good, I can easily overlook it's flaws. One of the weirdest examples is the Montreal Canadiens, who only have hem stripes and no where else on their white jersey and while they already have the big body stripe and arm stripes, they put hem stripes on the red jersey anyway. Not perfect, but so iconic. Or the Blackhawks who have the same striping pattern on the hem and sleeves on the white jersey, but the red jersey's sleeves only have half the stripes of the white. Yet also quite iconic. Even the Bruins yokes work fine for me even though the white and yellow are touching. The Jets have completely different hem striping that they do on the sleeves, but I still love those jerseys. Now I've seem the full uniforms, don't mind the sleeve striping on the new Blues jerseys now that they are being emulated on the socks. Something I've also noticed is that of all the Blues jersey that had a yoke over the past 47 years, none of the yokes ever truely matched the sleeve or hem striping. (Even the pre-Edge set, while it had the colors in the correct order, the stripes were too thin.) So they are keeping a consistent record of not being flawless. Accepting these mild incosistencies, I give this new Blues set a solid A.
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    I have the same opinion I had on the Blues jerseys when the leak came out. That extra stripe they inserted on the sleeves, torso, and socks comes from nowhere. It no longer matches the shoulders or the numbering. To me that stands out like a sore thumb. These are a good set of uniforms, but they could have been nearly perfect. And it was right there in front of them. The exact uniform they pulled inspiration from had it right, and they changed it for the sake of change. So while these are good, I will be annoyed by them for their entire existence. To me this reeks of amateur design. It's the sort of detail a good designer wouldn't overlook.
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    Now, any words of the Flyers new alternate ?
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    As said by every Anaheim Angels fan since October 2005. Angel Hernandez, Joe West and CB Bucknor are far worse yup, and the Angels still lost 4 straight after that call
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    All three are fake- all the jerseys' numbers are either off by font, and the cuts of the jerseys are off. Not to mention the third one is more green than aqua. How much are you looking to spend?
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    "I'm back, boys! And I'm so thrilled, I made smoothies for all of you! Drink up!"
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    Tebow time? Hahaha *walks up* *snaps poster's neck*
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    These "naysayers" happen to be legit and some of the best artists around here, so I wouldn't exactly dismiss what they're saying. THEY'RE the ones you could really learn a lot from.
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    Looking at those, I don't think MLS has it all that bad.
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    Like GFB said, I think the main problem here is it looks too much like a traced image (which it is) and not like a logo. I would encourage people to use multiple images as sources and sketch out some ideas on paper first. To be honest, I don't think it's a valid excuse to have difficulty drawing on paper. I understand not everyone's a great artist, but in order to improve on a computer program (paint, in this case) you have to first improve on drawing skills. I think the rest of your tutorial is probably a good resource for how to transition ideas from paper to the screen, I just don't think it's best to start with a single image from a google search.
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    I'm sorry, I stopped reading at "Step 2: Insert the picture into Microsoft Word." Look, I get what you're trying to do and it's coming from a good place of trying to help people... but really, this is like a guide for turning a trampoline into a back patio. They'd be better off drawing the tiger with paper and pencil and then scanning that into the computer, rather than computer-tracing a photo into a logo (which is really hard to do with professional design software, let alone Microsoft Office products).
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    What does the maple leaf stand for in Nebraska again?
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    You know who else can't tell the difference between Creighton and Toronto's logos? MY MOM!
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    Nova Scotia: Australia: 1957-65 Canadian Red Ensign: (I prefer the 1921-57 version, though this was the highest-quality pic I could find of either version)
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    Typical U.S. state flag:
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    Red Sox fans are the worst fans in sports. Signed, a Red Sox fan.
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    Not 1,000 empty seats, not 2,000, not 3,000, not 4,000...
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    What a polite way to ask for something. Anywho, heres a OKC rebrand with a hyperelite template!!
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    hello gents. The colors of the lakers kit , along with the colors of all the kits in this thread , are consciously chosen. I wanted the faded look you described
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    Heres a really simple minimalist one thats again, a WIP. Number placement is an issue, though it might work right under the 'RS' as with traditional Spurs number placement. This ones inspired by the old San Antonio jerseys, the Gervin-y ones. Spurs Change Kit Please click for detail on the cuffs and such.
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    Hey thanks for the persistence. Sticking with the template for a bit, though. The colors are a personal choice. Conscious decision. Hows the honeycomb not 'work'? Cheers Cheers, mate. Drop a request if you have one, most will be rebrands. Cheers, same as above, request away if you have it.
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    ACC teams to possibly play non-conference games against other ACC teams. EDIT: Hot off the wires: UMass football to the Sun Belt?! *gets another gallon of LSD for Mr. Popo*
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