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    Last night I was talking to my dad about this and I thanked him for never beating me with a switch or anything else. His response: "well I was disciplined with objects when I was growing up and I vowed I would never do that to my kids". So the "it's how I was raised" argument is for morons who can't see past their own arms. If you were abused as a child and you use physical harm and fear to discipline your kids then you're perpetuating a dangerous cycle. Part of being human is evolution. As people we get better, we learn from mistakes, we grow, we move on from poor practices and figure out better ways of doing things. There was a generation that was raised in factories getting their tiny fingers and limbs cut off by giant machines. Those people didn't force the same childhood on their children because "it's how they were raised". Instead they made laws that forbid it so their kids could have a better life than them. Isn't that the point? Why would you want your kid to have it exactly as good as you? Why wouldn't you want to make their life better than yours?
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    I'll see what team I can combine them with. In the mean time...
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    This is actually the primary reason that logo sucks. They still use the bengal head, but it's been relegated into obscurity, much like the Bengals franchise, for the last decade. Hey now, the Bengals are one of only five NFL teams to make the playoffs in each of the past three seasons, and have made the playoffs four of the past five seasons. Yes, I know they still haven't won a playoff game, but they aren't exactly "relegated to obscurity" these days, at least to people who actually watch the NFL. As for the "B" logo, I don't like it, either. I refuse to own anything that has it on it. I like the tiger head, but it has always bugged me that he's looking to the left, which seems backwards. The leaping tiger was backwards, as well.
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    Well, anyway, I think we see why Condoleeza Rice should be nowhere near the NFL.
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    clas·sicˈklasik/adjective 1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. "a classic novel" We'll see.
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    I'll see what team I can combine them with. In the mean time... MARY MOTHER OF GOD THIS IS PERFECT.
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    You wouldn't believe the number of old people starting up with the rants about "I was spanked as a kid and I turned out okay, all kids are spoiled brats these days, pussification of America, etc."
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    [mod redacted] A World Series between teams that play close to each other does not mean it will be a classic.
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    "I got spunked as a child and I turned out okay."
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    There's still things I would tweak - "Marlins" wordmark at home, orange caps/helmets/undershirts only, sans-serif numbers that actually resemble the wordmark font - but overall, in a league full of dull uniforms, red/white/blue, and navy, at least the Marlins actually tried to create a vibrant and unique look, so I have to give them props for that.
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    I believe the repeated recent mention of how ISIS probably wouldn't even exist if not for the whole "let's invade Iraq guyz!" bit is reminding the social justice crowd just how crappy a President Bush was. As well as looking at one's pay stub or job prospects.
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    I'll bet they even put second plate base between first and third... just like in Target Field! Bastards.
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    Hmmm. This is interesting because I have had a similar talk with my parents in the past and I thanked them for spanking me as I needed a stern force belt across the butt because I was a horrible kid at times. I used to have the mentality of everything should be given to me because I was the baby of the family. But my mother had no part of that and she eventually taught me that I was no better than my siblings. Was I beaten? No, but I did receive my fair share of spankings by belt, switch or fly swatter and sure I had welps on my butt sometimes, but it was necessary to put me on track. I understand that everyone has a different thought on this manner and this may be cultural/regional way of disciplining children. I have witnessed both methods (spankings or timeout) and based on the teenagers that I have seen grow throughout their life from young children to young men and women, I see positives to both methods. But I have seen more discipline and work ethic come out of the children that were spanked. I see a lot of teenagers today that are lazy, stubborn and self-centered and I blame that solely on discipline in the household. While I see other teenagers out working at McDonald's, working on a farm, or being involved in school or local activities and most of those kids were spanked as children. For me personally, I have been working since the age of 11 and now I am 41. I have an outstanding work ethic as I strive to be the best at what I do. I have respect for others and love everyone (even if we disagree on topics). One of my friends is 39, his father pays his child support and rent. He blows his money as soon as he gets it. He moves from job-to-job and yes, he was never disciplined as a child. He used to say that I had it rough as a child, well, looking back through time, I believe he had it rough and he could have been so much more than he is today. My grandfather was thrown down a flight of stairs on the day of his bar mitzvah because he was supposedly disrespectful to my great grandfather. My father was whipped with a wire hanger as a form of discipline. Me? My father never laid a hand on me. Why? Because he knew that sort of crap belonged in the G-ddamn old country. He never hit me, and he never hit my sister. We turned out perfectly fine. Here's the thing though. This isn't about simply being able to spank an unruly child. That's not the issue, and you should know that. This is about Adrian Peterson beating a four year old with a stick to the point that he was bleeding from his thighs and scrotum. I don't care if you think a parent has the right to spank a child or not. What Adrian Peterson did went so far beyond that, it's sickening to see so many people defending him.
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    Barkley is really hard. Sixers is where he became a star, got put in commercials, was a regular on magazine covers, etc. It was with the Suns that he developed (at least nationally) in to the lovable fat guy that he is today. He was more of a bad a-- with the Sixers than later in his career. I naturally still think of him as a Sixer, and really think that's the right answer, but I get why people would say Suns. He's a perfect case for a thread like this (if I get the point of it.) Dickerson = Rams. Clemens = Red Sox. Whether their fans hate him or not is irrelevant. I think that most of the country associates him with that uniform. When I hear Roger Clemens, the very first image that comes to mind is his rookie baseball card, followed by him striking out his 20th batter in that game when he set the record.
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    Posted this over at dribbble already but figured y'all would like a chance to tear it apart
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    They have a long history of silver/crimson helmets ncaa rules require that all schools must have a white helmet in order to fit in with the rest of the crowd.
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    Well it is the "unpopular opinions" thread.
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    While not without flaws (cartoony logo, inconsistent outlining, side panel on the home jersey), overall, this is a good uniform set:
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    I know...it is the debate team coming out in me. It's like politics and religion, people are gonna believe what they want to believe. Even if it's really dumb and not correct in any way shape or form. Well, you're both experts in that area.
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    sparky: "Hi guys. I think the new southern Ontario team should be called the "Ontario..." the admiral: "Oh...blah-blah...the overarching hockey culture is a Canadian thing...blah...you're using purple prose, you bastard!...blah-blah...dances with coffee and Zambonis...in two languages...blah-blah...Ontario's just a big, arbitrary shape...Ontario doesn't have a monopoly on upper mid-western wildlife and recreation...blah-blah...you're wrong and you fluff it up with a lot of empty verbiage!" sparky: "uhh...What?"
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    This guy. Maybe sports aren't for you, pal. Every year there's at least one team that starts hot and ends up finishing like 6-10 or 7-9. Every year there's a team that starts poorly and makes the playoffs. It happens every season. It's not "sad" that the Colts are 0-2. So are the Saints. Is that sad? Can we also motion to put a ban on the one-word sentence of "Sad."? I hate to go all backseat mod but I've been wanting to punch my computer screen every time I see it, which seems to happen more often these days.
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    Probably because the one on the back got replaced by the NBA logo
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    It's like putting the Arch in something St. Louis related, or the Nebraska Cornhuskers being aptly named.
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    I have an unpopular opinion that I have enjoyed all the MLB overhauls so far. Miami Marlins really captured the spirit of Miami in what they did and they show off some city pride. I like the orange too.
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    Great series! Nice to see something fresh and humorous. The Florida logo is spectacular.
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    My idea of being an Ontarian is that you live in some interminable suburbia, think shoveling your driveway makes you a badass, and brag about your assortment of esoteric ethnic restaurants downtown, where the mayor is a national embarrassment. In other words, it's exactly the same as being a Chicagoan, except our hockey team wins, dammit. I've always felt Ontario and Manitoba are more like the midwestern U.S. than the midwest is like other parts of the United States. That's why I spend the Winter Olympics rolling my eyes as everyone feigns this wide chasm between the kids of suburban Minneapolis and the kids of suburban Toronto. The Nine Nations of North America provides a good breakdown of cultural regions, though I'd move a few things around here and there. If you really want to make things interesting, put all the northerners against the Sharks' World's Greatest Rec League.
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    This racing team does not appear to have any link to the District in which the American capital of Washington is located, the capital of South Carolina, location of the University of Missouri, river in the Pacific Northwest, British-named Canadian province, American record label, film studio, or television network, the sportswear company, the tallest building in Seattle, or the university in New York City.
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    Kickstart this. I bet the CCSLC community would fund it completely.
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    his body language suggests that he was not worried about her wellbeing, but more thinking about how to deal with her lifeless body at that point. It's not "oh my god, the love of my life is unconscious. Please wake up. Are you okay?". It's " . What do I do now? How do I get out of this?" Then he drags her out of the elevator, encounters another person and tries to play it off like it's normal. Maybe it's just a "cultural thing." Maybe where Ray Rice is from, it's common practice to step over a woman after you knock her the out. (The "cultural defense" seems to be working for Adrian Peterson. Maybe it applies across the board. )
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    I would..... But to my "humble friends" When he was playing for the New York Rangers, I got an autograph from him. Him and Richter made the Rangers somewhat palatable for me. So I was quite happy about his success in Florida around 96.
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    Hi, this is my new rebranding made ​​for a basketball team of top Polish league. https://www.behance.net/gallery/19523473/Twarde-Pierniki-Torun-TBL What do you think?
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    why? ive never understood this and that seems like a dumb rule. you think they'd be more original with an orange "C"? Well since the Bengals name is already represented by the stripes it would make more sense to have a C for the I represented city name than having the team name represented twice.
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    If the Bengals get so much flack for having a B as a logo, Why don't the Falcons get the same treatment for having an F? Stupid double standards....
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    It looks terrible on their field. I used to love watching the games at their stadium with the leaping bengal at midfield.
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    That logo does suck but I wouldn't call that font block...,maybe to extend the selection this thread should just be about lackluster single letter logos in general.
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    First of all, if you're going to do a monogram logo, it needs to be the first letter of the city name (or school name in college), not the team name. Second of all, it replaced a far superior primary logo.
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    Proof you don't have to spend big bucks for a legitmate jersey. There's just two things: You have to keep your eyes peeled constantly for deals and you have to be fine with non-current players. Picked up this sweet Wolves sleeved jersey at lids. Originally $110, marked 50% off, then an additional 30% off. Great jersey for $38.50! No China needed!
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    Anything that brings more color into courts is fine by me. Hated the trend of the last 10 years where it was no paint and all 2 toned wood. Looked good with some, bad with most. paint=good in basketball courts
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    While it's not my favorite court design, the new Toronto floor finally got rid of that 3D blight along the baseline. Good riddance to that piece of garbage.
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    I'm still plugging at these Ravens' concepts. I don't know if I've ever been really happy with them. Here, I'm adding a steel blue, like the Seahawks' fromer jerseys. Why? Why not?
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    New shot at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I tried to save the pewter, but in the end the only workable solution to the pewter I could find was basically the uniform they stupidly abandoned. So, here you go...
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    I'm very much against the City of Atlanta. I don't mind the stadium being built in Cobb for multiple reasons: 1. I live in Fulton County. I'm not being financially affected by this! 2. It's not going to change the number of games I go to per season. Whenever we go to a game, we make a full day out of it. Not very often where we'll go to a game on short-notice. 3. I like how the Braves called the city's bluff. Atlanta (and Marta) had nearly 50 years to make Braves games easier to reach via public transportation and more of a destination spot on game days. 4. At worst, the traffic at 285/75 stays the same (congested during rush hour). I would think the Braves and Cobb have some suggestions on handling the extra traffic. 5. I actually live closer to the new ballpark than Turner Field. The new ballpark is about the halfway point between my girlfriend's and my work places. 6. New buildings are always fun.
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