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    Michael bay actually designed the uniforms.
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    I love the new Warriors unis. SAID NO ONE EVER.
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    Ah. Why not just go full rebrand?Remember, you never go full rebrand
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    yeah, "the best sleeved jersey" ....... it´s like saying i got the mildest / best case of Ebola
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    I fail to see how Boise or Illinois have "screwed up" blue and orange. Also, Denver's uniforms are ugly and outdated.
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    I do care. This thread is to share buisness/fantassy models that we think could work and also to share opinions like yours. Nothing wrong with debate. But I can't say I agree with your post. Were the 40 000+fans per game who watched the USFL Generals, Bandits and Bulls just friends and family? Same thing for markets like Birmingham and Memephis and multiple others in the USFL in the 25/30 k range per game. And even the XFL had good numbers in New York and San Fran and over 20 000 friends and family per game in 6 out of 8 markets... You misunderstood my point. The people who attend low level football are the wives/girlfriends/family. That level of football is poorly attended. As you get to bigger levels of football, you get more attendance, generally. You want to point to attendance from the USFL, even though others have pointed out how the landscape has changed. Then you point to a few good numbers in the XFL. May I point out that both of those leagues folded, meaning that they are NOT good business plans? Thus, my statement that there isn't a good business plan for this. By the way, if I HAD a good business plan for this, I wouldn't share it -- I'd own it :-) But the best way to end up with a small fortune is to start with a large one.
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    Best sleeved jerseys are the ones we don't see
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    Ah. Why not just go full rebrand?Remember, you never go full rebrand
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    The state of NCAA and CFL football says otherwise.The CFL's uniforms are done by Reebok, which is owned by Adidas... and most of the worst college football uniforms are by Adidas.
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    I think it'd be interesting to see how these look with the new black pants that were just unveiled.
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    Hello all, I'd like to apologize for not being able to keep up with the ongoing requests and submissions. Thank you all who have continued submitting their work and fulfilling requests. As most of you have realized, this list hasn't been updated for atleast a year. If you have submissions for this list, I strongly suggest you post a reply containing your submission. Updating this list is a tall order that may not be done. Thanks! AFL (Aussie Rules Football) DETAILS anchor vertical stripes wider horizontal stripes sash straight pinstripes narrow v wide v wings BASEBALL NBA atlanta boston charlotte chicago cleveland dallas denver detroit golden state houston indiana los angeles clippers los angeles lakers memphis miami milwaukee minnesota new jersey new orleans new york oklahoma city orlando philadelphia phoenix portland sacramento san antonio toronto utah washington BLANK system of dress rounded neck v-neck v-neck/insert wishbone neck blank FONTS BLANK uniform full body procombat tops bottoms helmet styles revo speed striped procambat with flywire no flywire techfit tops reebok tops cleats white black no sock black2 revolution helmet F S B HOCKEY CLASSIC NHL all star 07/08 E W all star 08/09 E W all star 09/10 E W all star 10/11 E W anaheim 93-06 H R anaheim 98-06 A A1 A2 atlanta 99-07 H R A boston 81-95 H R boston 95-07 H R boston 96-07 A A2 boston 09/10 T buffalo 90-96 H R buffalo 96-06 H R buffalo 00-07 A A2 buffalo 06-07 H R buffalo 07/08 T buffalo 07-10 H R calgary 81-94 H R calgary 95-00 H R A calgary 00-07 H R A carolina 97-07 H R chicago 90-07 H R A chicago 08/09 A columbus 00-07 H R A colorado 95-07 H R A dallas 93-94 H R dallas 94-99 H R dallas 99-07 H R A detroit 86-07 H R detroit 07/08 T edmonton 90-96 H R edmonton 96-07 H R edmonton 01-07 A A2 florida 93-07 H R A hartford 90-92 H R hartford 92-97 H R los angeles 90-98 H R A los angeles 98-07 H R A minnesota 90-91 H R minnesota 03-07 H R A montreal 90-07 H R montreal 09/10 T T2 T3 nashville 98-07 H R A new jersey 82-92 H R new jersey 92-07 H R ny islanders 90-95 H R ny islanders 95-98 H R ny islanders 98-07 H R A ny islanders 07-10 H R A ny rangers 90-97 H R ny rangers 96-07 A A2 ny rangers 99-07 H R ottawa 92-95 H R ottawa 95-99 H R A philadelphia 90-07 H R A philadelphia 07-10 H R A philadelphia 09/10 T phoenix 96-03 H R A phoenix 03-07 H R pittsburgh 88-92 H R pittsburgh 92-02 H R A pittsburgh 02-07 H R quebec 91-95 H R quebec (unused) 95/96 H R san jose 91-97 H R san jose 97-07 H R A st. louis 90-94 H R st. louis 94-98 H R st. louis 98-07 H R tampa bay 92-99 H R A tampa bay 00-07 H R tampa bay 07-11 H R A toronto 92-97 H R toronto 97-07 H R toronto 07-10 H R vancouver 92-97 H R A vancouver 97-07 H R vancouver 03-07 A A2 washington 90-95 H R washington 95-07 H R A winnipeg 90-96 H RCURRENT NHL anaheim H R A atlanta H R A boston H R A buffalo H R A calgary H R A T carolina H R A chicago H R A colorado H R A columbus H R A dallas H R A detroit H R edmonton H R A florida H R A los angeles H R A T minnesota H R A montreal H R nashville H R A new jersey H R T ny islanders H R ny rangers H R A ottawa H R A philadelphia H R phoenix H R A pittsburgh H R A T st. louis H R A san jose H R A tampa bay H R A toronto H R A vancouver H R A A2 washington H R T AHL abbottsford H R adirondack H R A albony H R binghamption H R A bridgeport H R charlotte H R A chicago H R A connecticut H R grand rapids H R A hamilton H R hershey H R A houston H R lake erie H R A manchester H R A manitoba H R A milwaukee H R A norfolk H R oklahoma city H R peoria H R portland H R A A2 providence H R A rochester H R A T rockford H R A san antonio H R springfield H R syracuse H R A A2 texas H R toronto H R A wilkes-barre scranton H R A A2 A3 worcester H R A AHL CLASSIC bridgeport 08-09 H R A hartford 08-10 H R hershey 08-09 H R A iowa 08-09 H R manchester 08-10 H R philadelphia 08-09 H R A providence 08-10 H R rochester 08-09 H R springfield 08-10 H R syracuse 08-10 H R BLANK socks pants 2 edge full gear rink/arena INTERNATIONAL australia H R austria H R belarus H R canada H R china H R czech republic H R denmark H R estonia H R A finland H R france H R georgia H R germany H R great britain H R greece H R hungary H R ireland H R italy H R japan H R kazakhstan H R latvia H R lithuania H R mexico H R norway H R H1 R2 romania H R A russia H R serbia H R slovakia H R slovenia H R south africa H R spain H R sweden H R switzerland H R H2 R2 ukraine H R united arab emirates H R united states H R CHL acadie-bathurst baie-comeau barrie belleville brampton brandon 2 calgary 2 cape breton chicoutimi chilliwack drummondville edmonton erie everett gatineau guelph halifax kamloops kelowna kingston kitchener 2 kootenay lethbridge lewiston unused london medicine hat mississauga-st. michael 2 3 moncton montreal moose jaw niagara oshawa ottawa owen sound peterborough plymouth portland prince albert prince edward island prince george quebec red deer regina 2 rimouski rouyn-noranda saginaw saint john's sarnia sault ste. marie saskatoon seattle shawinigan spokane sudbury swift current tri city val d'or vancouver victoriaville windsor I would suggest using IrfanView for resizing and rotating images. Big thanks to andrewharrington, theflakeband, kiwi_canadien, smeagle (bigfooty.com), and anyone else who may have contributed, directly or indirectly.
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    They are 274-226 since the Bird had come back. They are now 2304-1827 all time with the Smiling Face adorned caps. Their winning percentage has risen a point. Is it a coincidence that this team got better once they brought this symbol back? Or is it ..Magic? (BTW, the white panel Bird cap is my favorite cap in all of baseball.) Anyway, discuss away.
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    Actually, this week it was FTL... FML... And in response the "the admiral," why do you feel the need to bring up "stupid fat people?" Way to perpetuate that stereotype, dude. You had all sorts of valid observations that were completely discredited by that comment.
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    The problem there, from my POV, isn't even taking James Shields out. Two base runners to start the inning and someone who already homered against him. That part is defensible. Ned Yost dick-tripped into having the best late inning trio in baseball this season, and then REFUSES TO USE IT IN THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON! That's incredible to me! I have long felt he's one of the worst managers around, and I'm obviously not alone in that opinion. He already did something of fairly epic stupidity just a couple weeks back against Boston and defended it by saying "Aaron Crow is my sixth inning pitcher", because, you know, we're to the point where 6th inning pitchers exist. Kelvin Herrera is outstanding. Wade Davis is outstanding. Greg Holland is outstanding. USE THEM! I'm rooting for the A's in this game and even I'm in a total state of shock. That is one of the worst managerial decisions I've seen in a long time. Using a 23 year old rookie, who started just two days ago, inheriting two men on with zero outs in a one-run game instead of using Herrera? Unreal. You don't deserve the playoffs, Ned Yost, and barring a KC comeback, he won't be getting any playoff baseball.
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    Really? I like it. I thought the pervious court was horrible, and I see this as an upgrade. I also like the return of blue . the blue cavfanatic alt needs to be the template for the wine/gold/white jerseys Their best unis in their current set.. period! All they need to do is add blue to their home uniforms and then this new court will help turn their dull identity around completely. ahh dont get me started..you KNOW they will have throwback unis from the lebron era uniforms!! they will look amazing on that court
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    Eric Byrnes does radio work in the Bay Area and he's pretty much fantastic.
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    I think the only reason we see so much fanfare for one disease and its associated color is because they're pandering to get additional fans. If they truly cared about overall health, groups would also do something for a men's health issue as well. MLB does light blue bats and accessories for prostate cancer awareness in September but it barely registers on the radar for most people since it just doesn't stand out from other things that use light blue. Pink is not used in any major way by sports teams except for BCA so it's been more of a brilliant marketing strategy than anything else. Correct. Considering that the marketing budgets/ad campaigns advertising this annual quasi-charity effort exceed the actual amounts donated to the partner organizations, the biggest beneficiaries of this program financially are the ad agencies and media companies, with the merchandise producers coming in at a comfortable second place. When you buy that $85 camo/pink hoodie, typically less than $5 goes to the donation. Some deal. Cancer of all kinds (or charity in general) is not a holiday or seasonal marketing event, but it's being commercialized that exact way. Hopefully the general public will eventually wise up and realize that consumerism does not effectively support causes. Direct donations to research and volunteering is what makes an actual difference.
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    HotWheelsdude contacted me and informed me that he no longer wished to continue visiting the site. He insisted that his account be banned.
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    Former Alabama and NYJ quarterback Greg McElory had done pretty good for the SEC Network. Also, some dude named Tim Tebow has gotten a lot better than he was when he first started.
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    I'm not in love with the current eagles set by any means but their last version of the kelly set was terribly bland and really did not utilize the color scheme well at all. I feel like a lot of this momentum is purely from a retro/nostalgia point of view and not a real design standpoint (e.g. padres return to brown). It seems like when teams go back to their old/classic look it generates some initial buzz but if the team doesn't win from the get go, merch sales will disappoint despite the perceived fan demand. If they want to go back to kelly and silver fine but it needs to be a unique and distinct design (i.e. vikings new set) not like the last set that could have passed for a high school uni.
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    This is basically how a perfect bengals uniforms would look. Get'r done Nike. Or if the Bengals and Lions are ever forced to merge and form a "Ligers" franchise.
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    Vincent Tan is involved? Oh, :censored: this. This can't end well.
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    The Bears' throwbacks are useless and awful and only tempered by not being the erstwhile "orange swarm" alternates. Yeah, one week Lovie was like "we want our fans to help us create an orange swarm," which sounded ridiculous because he said it with all the conviction* of a guy who was fed the line ten seconds before the press conference by some typical-for-the-Bears incompetent p.r. dimwit. "Oh, don't forget to mention the orange swarm!" Nothing rhymes with "orange," the slant rhyme is worse than not trying to rhyme at all, and never in the history of animals has anyone ever heard of a swarm of bears. Bears do not swarm. Also, those jerseys tended to be worn by really stupid fat people who mispronounce the best player the team's had in thirty years as "Ur-Locker." But yeah, rough sledding this week, huh? Even the best match isn't very good. EDIT: *I'm talking a lack of conviction by Lovie Smith standards, to clarify.
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    The last black jersey was my least favorite of the set. If they woulda used the current black set meaning half pink feathers, I think it woulda looked a lot better. Not bad though. I think it would look even better if they swapped the black with green and the pink with yellow.
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    It'd look worse without pinstripes, and better without sleeves. Orlando's pinstripes are pretty much a staple of the uniform. This sleeve thing is so lame. Leave the sleeves for the college and rec league ranks. I almost think that blue pinstripes would be better than white. The one thing that I think makes it look sorta bad.pajama like is how big the shorts are, especially when they wear the top so tight. I know I know its not "dope" to wear shorts right at the kneecaps or just above it, but it would look better. That uniform is so garish when you combine those bold white pinstripes and overly baggy shorts it looks like a zoot suit.
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    No! He's either #1 or he sucks! Why is it in this day you have to either love something or hate it? I think Derek Jeter was a pretty good ball player. I don't think he was the greatest Yankee ever, Jorge Posada. I'd put Yzerman above Lidstrom on the Red Wings list, behind Gordie Howe, but I'm okay with Howe-Lidstrom-Yzerman as well.
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    Brady Hoke is a jackass. An academic institution of Michigan's caliber should not employ someone of his mental incapacity. As much as I hate them, college football is more fun, and the Big Ten is healthier when Michigan fields a strong football team. Get it together, blue.
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    I could live with either of those (Old English preferred). I can't stand the O's cap.
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    In the mid 90s in the Australian Football League, the West Coast Eagles changed from royal and athletic gold to navy and athletic gold, and their fans have been calling for a return to royal and gold since. My theory on it has always been 90s merchandise. In the mid 90s, merchandise design was in your face, overstated and garish and to combat that, the AFL teams without navy or black as a colour adopted one of them for merchandise purposes, so that they could use that colour on their merch to tone it down a bit. Sydney (red and white) used navy on their merch. Fremantle (purple and white) used black. Hawthorn (brown and athletic gold) used navy as well. North Melbourne (royal and white) used both black and navy at different times from memory. The only club to actually change their playing uniform colour was West Coast, who swapped out royal for navy (as well as a particularly heinous rebrand where they ditched a classic logo for a downgrade and threw away their league best uniform design for a boring tripanel design). However by the mid 2000s, all those clubs had dropped the navy or black from their merchandise because merchandise design had gotten to a point where it was sleek, understated and didn't require a dark colour to avoid looking like a neon sign. The only remnant of that is the Eagles, who maintain the navy currently despite a big fan push to go back to the royal and gold and their old uniform design.
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    Howe, Lidstrom, Lindsay, Fedorov, and Draper, right?
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    Oh, and the Pittsburgh Penguins assembled their 1991 team Miami Heat-style to account for the oft-injured Lemieux, who missed 74 games over their two championship seasons, being unable to do it by himself. This spending spree ultimately led to the club's bankruptcy.
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    Are you going to count Lemieux's years at the end where he suited up for the Pens as an owner just to give them a better player on the roster than Rico Fata? Or Orr limping into retirement with the Black Hawks? Gretzky's 1669 points with the Oilers would put him ninth all-time if he had retired in 1988 -- you know, if he had decided after nine seasons at age 27 that he no longer wished to play professional hockey for the rest of his life. But he did wish to play, and he averaged 1.7 points a game, or let's say about five points every three games, in eight years with Los Angeles. That's still an astounding rate of production. Can't believe we're sitting here trying to argue for the most inarguably great player there's ever been. Some people will tell you the sky is green on a sunny day, I swear.
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    How Pardew is still in charge is staggering. Each week I say he will be the next boss to get fired and yet he is still going. If he had been at Spurs he would of been sacked by Levy.
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    OK, so I took bkknight's advice and switched the face for a visor and I've got to say, it looks much more aggressive: I will still keep the other template open for those who want the face over the visor. With that, I now declare this template OPEN. ENJOY!
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    CSU-Sacremento wants to have a word with you
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    Was hoping for something a bit different with Auburn, but you did just what I expected you to do, and that's fine. I've seen so many concepts for Auburn, I was hoping for a bit of creativity out there. Ole Miss feels very dark to me. I would like to see some white or something in the blue jerseys. The M doesn't work too well on the lids in my eyes. But I always have liked the script. You have Miss State wearing the gold uniforms for homecoming, yet the gold is entirely for the Egg Bowl vs Ole Miss. Curious as to the reasoning for the switch.
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    Look at all these new footy kits from Assidas ...for BASKETBALL. I can't hardly wait to see how they eff-up the All Star Game at MSG. Magic: The blue shoulder stripes creating the illusion of a basketball jersey with a shooting shirt underneath is a bigger farce than Toronto's 2013 baseline graphic creating the illusion of a 3D font. Rockets: Yao's gone. Lin's in LA. Why are still trying to create the illusion of being China's favorite team? To appease your Vietnamese population lol? Did the Yao/Lin era make you THAT MUCH money to sell out like this? Look at Howard's "WTF" look on his face. This is terrible, just a plain red shirt with Chinese characters. Not even a dragon... GSW - Speaking of "WTF" ...that's not slate, it's black. Also the white font looks out of place on the jersey compared to the colored trim. The font should've been blue trimmed in yellow. The only thing Assidas has gotten right this year was the Hornets ...and they can thank Brand Jordan for that.
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    Colts safety LaRon Landry has been suspended 4 games for PED violation. The hell you say. He looks fine to me.
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    It'll be interesting to see if we get some new blood in the NL. Since 2007 and Rocktober, only 3 NL teams have made the WS- Phillies, Giants, Cardinals. Obviously, Philly ain't what they used to be, but the last 4 years one of STL/SF have found a way to the Fall Classic if the other didn't make it. We'll see if due process holds or someone crashes the glass ceiling.
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    Thanks for all the votes, guys! Really solid work here, so it's an honor. Looks like you and I are in a standoff for first, Jordan...
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    Nice. ...taking any requests? Sure! Awesome. Alright... Cowboys, Spurs, (current) Stars, Rangers, and TCU. Nothing too specific... outside of the Stars, of course. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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    I agree with rainmaker. The orange pants don't do anything for me. And I like the grey facemasks. Gray facemasks rule. Especially on the Browns' plain orange helmet. As for the orange pants, I think they're just OK... it would be nice as an occasional change of pace on the classic uniform. I would actually really like the brown pants IF they had an orange/white/orange stripe, and IF they only wore them with the white jersey, and IF they always wore them with the road socks... but that's a lot of "ifs".
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    True. I actually prefer it that way, where teams can experiment with the au courant while not prostituting their visual identity. Best of both worlds.And FWIW, you're right that red is considered lucky, but Cardiff City's change was pretty openly commercial - the new owner thought he could sell more red shirts in Asia than blue. No way ?? ! That is some bull , he should never had been allowed to buy the club, keep those english clubs on english hands. That's borderline racist. Racist? No. "English" doesn't automatically mean "white", no matter how much groups like UKIP and the National Front want to pretend it does. But it does betray bad geography, as Cardiff is in Wales. When did I say that? I'm just saying that if you don't allow people from other countries the opportunity to own a team, that's prejudiced. Maybe it's not "racist" but it's still prejudiced.
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    True. I actually prefer it that way, where teams can experiment with the au courant while not prostituting their visual identity. Best of both worlds.And FWIW, you're right that red is considered lucky, but Cardiff City's change was pretty openly commercial - the new owner thought he could sell more red shirts in Asia than blue. No way ?? ! That is some bull , he should never had been allowed to buy the club, keep those english clubs on english hands.That's borderline racist.
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    *oh i'm sorry was that too confusing for you? Probably. Using "their" or "there" when you mean "they're" should be confusing to anybody.
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