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    I hope so. That logo sucked in the 1970's and sucks today too. They should have flushed that logo away along time ago. Here, the Canucks don't even have to flush it. Just hand it to me and I'll take it down into the sewers for them.
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    It's a discussion for another day but reducing a team's performance over 165 games to a three-game stretch is such a horrible, horrible idea. I'd have loved to live in the day where the AL's best team and NL's best team played for the title.
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    Unpopular opinion alert: I like and actually prefer the italicized Futura numbers. Aside from the fact that they've had that number font on their helmets since at least the '70s if not earlier (seriously, go back and look--how's that for tradition?), they've also had them on their jerseys since '98, meaning almost an entire generation has grown up with them. To add to that, since so many people love using championships to justify uniform decisions...the Steelers have won two Super Bowls (& appeared in another) with those numbers. The other thing is this: they add just the right amount of modernity to their look--and short of axing all white from their home look, that's about as "modern" as I'd care to see them go, as I shudder to think what Nikefied modernity might turn the Steelers into, if the Rooneys were ever deluded enough to sign off on it. Speaking of which...for those pining for the Steelers to ditch the Futura numbers, y'all better be careful what you wish for. You really wanna see something like the Jaguars' or *gulp* Buccaneers' number fonts stuck to the Steelers' jerseys? I know I don't. I also don't seem going back to regular block numbers just based on the tenure of the current ones. I've come to accept the block numbers are a relic of the past and should stay there--& if there's ONE city in this country that needs to break free from the perception of living/being stuck in the past, its Pittsburgh. (I lived there for four years and still have strong ties there--trust me, I know.) So again...be careful what you wish for. (Did I really just waste all those keystrokes defending the Stillahs of all teams? )
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    I'd have cut out the feed after the first period and replaced it with a talking French pineapple closest NBCSN would get to a Habs game this year
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    I'll reserve judgement until its in actual light.
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    For a second I thought I clicked on the "Emptiest Stadiums" thread
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    Hideous. They found a way to make a terribly drab uniform even worse. Burn them so we never have to see them again. Better yet, burn everything in their closet so they have to start over again.
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    Whomever does the games on radio for the Royals is about the most unemotional announcer I've ever heard. The Royals win the pennant and he doesn't even raise his voice. That said, the Royals are the only thing that has kept me watching the post-season.
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    This is amazing and wonderful for baseball. Go Royals!
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    Yes. The Jets would've played Minnesota in SB XLIV and Chicago in SB XLV. (They would've also played in SB XXXIII [also against Minnesota] and the Dallas Cowboys in SB XVII).
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    So how long before we call the Panthers "Les Nordiques de Quebec"?
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    I think the Raiders channel the spirit of Broadway Joe in this world and the underdog Raiders stun the football world as the Raiders topped the Brownies. The score is probably really close to the actual SB III score; maybe a few more points scored by each team (something like 21-17).
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    Why did you kick Tulane out of the conference? Or are you doing the 2nd half of the conference with another post? Tulane and the rest of the conference will be up Thursday!
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    This probably belongs in the Pointless Realignment Outpost thread, but since it's only a suggestion for restructuring the postseason format and it's a topic of discussion at the moment I'll give it a shot: 1. Adopt an NFL-style postseason structure. Yes, this would allow one more team into the playoffs each year, but would pay dividends for the teams that finish first and second in their respective leagues. 2. All four series (Wild Card Series "ALWS and NLWS", ALDS and NLDS, ALCS and NLCS, and World Series) would be played in a best-of-seven, 2-3-2 format. This would lengthen the season by around two weeks and likely force the MLB to begin its season in latish March, but would force non #1 or #2 seeded teams to win 16 out of a possible 28 games games to win the World Series while the #1 and #2 seeded teams would only have to win 12 out of a possible 21. 3. A hypothetical playoff scenario had this format been enforced this season: ALWS #3 Detroit Tigers def. #6 Seattle Mariners in 7 #4 Kansas City Royals def. #5 Oakland Athletics in 5 NLWS #3 St. Louis Cardinals def. #6 Milwaukee Brewers in 5 #5 San Francisco Giants def. #4 Pittsburgh Pirates in 5 ALDS #1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim def. #4 Kansas City Royals in 7 (due to depleted pitching, presumably) #2 Baltimore Orioles def. #3 Detroit Tigers in 5 NLDS #5 San Francisco Giants def. #1 Washington Nationals in 6 (just 'cause Nats can't hit) #3 St. Louis Cardinals def. #2 Los Angeles Dodgers in 6 (just 'cause Cards are gonna Card, but Dodgers would still have an advantage and would beat most other teams in this scenario) ALCS #1 Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem over #2 Baltimore Orioles in 5 NLCS #5 San Francisco Giants over #3 St. Louis Cardinals in 6 World Series #1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim over #5 San Francisco Giants in 7 --------- I dunno. In some cases, upsets will still be upsets, but in others I think the teams with byes could deeply benefit. I mean, can you imagine every starter in the Dodgers or Nationals or even the Angels rotation pitching on the kind of rest Jeremy Guthrie was pitching on last night, plus a well rested bullpen, going up against a team coming right off a best-of-seven series? It'd be a whole different ballgame.
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    With the exception of the Giants and possibly Dolphins, every set mentioned is better than the current versions and would work well as a regular today. And even with the Dolphins they should have done a cleaned-up version of the early Marino sets, but instead they decided on crap. The current Bills set fixed a lot of the glaring problems with that throwback, but the inclusion of navy is awful and jarring.
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    But I don't think that's a perfect, apples-to-apples comparison because MLB inherently places more weight on their regular season than the NHL, and certainly the NBA does. I mean, I do enjoy basketball, but outside of the marquee of the marquee games, it's hard for me to get excited to watch because the league is more top-heavy and the emphasis is on the postseason, not the regular season. (THIS IS NOT A CRITICISM) MLB plays every day for six months. There are more natural ebbs and flows in baseball than in those other sports. It has the largest regular season sampling size. And a team like Anaheim, who won 98 games in the best division in baseball and posted the second best run differential to go along with it, well, turns out they did the dreaded "peaked too early" thing. In the short-term period following Garrett Richards' injury, they rolled off an 18-5 stretch, or thereabouts. Of course, they did that in the middle of September, and not the middle of October. Silly people. If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times - it can't be considered a good thing to have a playoff format in a sport where, since 2000, there have been more teams to win the World Series sitting between 80-89 wins (2, three if we get a SF-KC World Series) than teams who won 100+ (1) (and, of course, nobody ever wins 100+ games anymore, anyway). I mean, maybe others can see it, and if they can, then, sure, go ahead .I can't. And I'm too perplexed by it to be able to be convinced otherwise.
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    Seems like the Celtics and Adidas took a look at some Georgetown shorts over the years and said "Yeah, that'd look pretty cool for us."
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    I always have felt as follows (and suspected many others did, but perhaps not): We have postseason because just playing out a regular season and crowning a "best record" team champion is boring and does not capture interest of most fans.While best record is not necessarily who's best (thanks to injuries, schedule balance and other forms of luck), it's a pretty solid indicator that a team did all they needed to do all year.But that team must "prove it" in a pressure-filled tournament.Just because a team wins the tournament does not mean they are the best team. But that's OK because being "World Series Champs" (or Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, etc.) is not inherently about that.Does anyone remember that the 2004 Minnesota Timberwolves had the NBA's best record? At no time have I ever thought it unfair that they were not crowned champs. Why? For one, they had that by one win (I think). Two, a series of things can change one or two games for an NBA team (bad calls, injuries, playing a team during its hot streak). So they went through two rounds of the playoffs and lost in the conference finals to the Lakers. They had home court (which they blew in game 1) and were unable to come out on top. Essentially, they had the best record and were told to "prove it." And they could not. The Lakers were a better team. The Wolves proved (for one year and one year only) that they were among the best, but not "the" best. Now I know it does not always work that way. I don't think anyone really believes the Royals are the AL's best team. And I am as much for making post season fairly exclusive as most anyone (though not the "one per league only" crowd. But after watching the performances of the Angels and the Tigers, does anyone really make a compelling case as the AL's best team? Both were asked to go out and take their great record for a spin and neither really rose to the occasion. So it's really a giant messy combination of things...luck, hot streaks, timing, etc. And it's what makes it fun. They Royals did what they needed to do to get in. And they have responded big time in the postseason. It's fun to watch the best team just go through and win (1984 Tigers come to mind), but this is fun too. And it's hard for Tigers and Angels fans to really complain after their teams kinda laid eggs in the ALDS.
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    Honestly, I think that they should've stuck with that helmet. It'd be another way to pay tribute to the Oilers without actually being them.Use a red facemask and your idea works well. Looks good but I think the NFL has too many teams with white helmets as it is IMO.
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    mod edit *Please note my intended joke wasn't meant to be a homophobic slur it was more intended to bring up a point example of its context I intended was if Australian courts permitted gay marriage it could be a $70 million a year market for the wedding industry. I do apologies again for my joke not portraying the correct context it intended.
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    Dennis! We haven't been honored with your delightful "throwembacks" term or your blatant misuse of apostrophes in a long time. Now go away.
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    Well if the "best" teams don't win, how can they be considered the best teams? Being the best should always be measured beyond just the regular season.
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    Socks should never match the pants. Ever.
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    While not quite jackets. I know baseball players used to wear button up sweaters back around the turn of the century. Especially in northern colder climate cities.
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    Did anyone else catch that These O's Aint Royal T shirt Jeremy Guthrie was wearing? That was awesome. I want one of those.
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    No. Ties are allowed, and it's actually remarkable that all three got the same points total after 10 events. They all finish tied in first place.
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    I know not everyone is a fan of the white panel hats, but I really like it. It works great with the O's. I also liked this hat, even though it was short lived.
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    I keep seeing Winten Classic. Fix the damn R.
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    Throwbacks should only be worn by the team with the history and not by the team that is a completely different franchise with its own seperate history just because it now plays in the same city/state. That should only happen if the original team no longer exists, which is obviously not the case for the Wild/Stars. There's also nothing about the original North Stars jersey that screams Minnesota which would stop Dallas from wearing them if they chose to do so. I think the perfect way to settle this, actually, would be for neither team to every wear a North Stars throwback, or the Stars should wear them against the Wild only.
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    Adam Silver is allowing too many changes to the game we grew up with. Sleeved, advertised jerseys, and a shorter game is not what the NBA should be about. They're just catering to what these corporations want and completely ignoring the fans.
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    The leafs and a giant deodorant stick? The jokes write themselves
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    No way a team named New England Revolution should have a red primary.
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    This. Those white panel caps and helmets look so incredibly gimmicky. And would it kill them to wear a white jersey? Yes the road cap as the home cap would be best. And add an all black road cap.
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    This Konerko jersey, even better if in Jim Thome. Or one of these, but not Sosa. McDowell, Ventura, Bobby Thigpen, Ozzie Guillen, Dan Pasqua,Harold Baines are all fine, Frank Thomas would be the best choice:
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