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    Okay, this is probably a highly unpopular opinion, but whatever. This? This is a horrible jersey. Now, I'm fully aware that the Falcons' current jerseys aren't exactly top-notch, but that hardly excuses these. There's a fine line between beautiful simplicity (Green Bay) and generic movie team (Miami Sharks), and these dance all over that line. First, the color balance is off. I've never really been a fan of the "nothing matches" combo, but these particularly annoy me. Bright red helmets, nice...but where's the rest of the red to bring this together? Why are primarily black socks being worn with this jersey, confining the rest of the red mainly to pants and sock stripes, giving the impression that this is a black/white team, with red as trim (save for the helmet, of course)? And speaking of stripes, why are there none at all on the jersey? There's a clear stripe on the jersey, pants, and socks, so why is the jersey bare, save for numbers and another pet peeve...a 95% black logo, with nothing else save thin white and red outlines, on a black jersey. Brilliant. Maybe this is where some modern looks got the idea from. Truth be told, this doesn't look like an NFL jersey. This looks like a retro Texas Tech knockoff, or some random college squad. I firmly believe that this is one of those looks that only gets praise due to the majority of modern designs going off the rails. Again, there are truly classic looks, and then there are those that pitifully try to imitate them. These are the latter, in my opinion.
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    A lot of you need to get over the anal retentiveness of the stripes everywhere have to match. If it looks good, then it looks good. Not everything has to be symmetrical... or match.
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    I'm sure this has been posted, but as a Red Sox fan, it's strange to see David Ortiz in a uniform that isn't Boston's. But it turns out he played for the Twins from 1997-2002, which was a time period I didn't pay attention to sports that much. It's also double strange since I began watching sports in 2003, Ortiz's first season with the Red Sox and Boston's championship year. Bonus points for being an alternate that he only had the chance to wear for three seasons.
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    I just noticed that myself... was wondering why it looked so familiar. It'd look a lot better if they radially arched "MILWAUKEE" the way "BROOKLYN" is on the Nets' unis, and if they dropped the superfluous yellow outline on the numbers and wordmark. I have a feeling the black versions are gonna be a jumbled mess. For some reason I really like the Nets ripoff look. It seems so much better when a 3rd color like the gold is added to it. Looking forward to seeing the black and probably gold alternate.
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    Great work as usual. My only concern is the R looks a little goofy. Maybe making it more of a crisper curve would help, or maybe even bringing the entire text down to the ground level would help.
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    Growing up in an American League city, I never saw the Padres until the 1990s. So in my mind they've always been navy. But I still want them to return to the brown and gold, which is to my eye not only a superior color scheme but (if being superior isn't enough) has the added bonus of being unique in pro sports.
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    How on Earth is sabermetrics "sucking the joy out of the sport"? Easy. By reducing the game to a stream of numbers. Baseball's always been a stat-heavy sport but the sabermetrics geeks will take it to such extremes that, in some cases, you can honestly question whether they've seen the games they're talking about. 10-15 years ago? I would have agreed with you. Now? The Kansas City freckin Royals are playing for the World Series. Back in the early 2000s it seemed like the big markets would always be on top because they could just outspend everyone. There was no hope if you were a mid to small market team. Now? I won't say we have parity in MLB but we do have a more open field then anyone imagined we'd have with the current economic system a decade ago. Not that it matters, really. I'm talking about sabermetrics. So that's where we're going to keep the goalposts located. Again, I'm talking about sabermetrics. Let's keep the conversation focused. Traditional stats like RBIs and batting average don't do any better at quantifying intangibles like "team chemistry" than sabermetrics do. But stats of all kinds are still useful because relying on the eye test alone would produce biased and non-generalizable analysis. I never said sabermetric stats were useless, or didn't have a place. I'm just tired of people over-inflating their importance. You see the SABR crowd getting particularly uppity about the fact that the Giants and the Royals are playing for the World Series. Well..maybe it's because the stats you claim are at the centre of baseball really aren't. Maybe there are aspects of the game you just cannot measure. Stats, traditional or otherwise, are useful. Let's stop pretending the game revolves around them though. Good luck with them on that. I might as well try to measure a unicorn's horn. They're called intangibles for a reason. They do. Which is why I find the fawning over them as the be-all-end-all of sports analysis to be insane. Let's take a look at analytics, which is basically sabermetrics for hockey. The thing they love to push is "puck possession time" leading to wins. Well...no crap. The teams that control the puck the most will win most of the games. I don't need a stat line to tell me that. I figured that out when I was a tyke. Just like I know that getting on base is important when it comes to trying to win a ball game. I appreciate the existence of these stats, but I'm sick of them being fawned over because it all just boils down to common sense anyway. That and, as stated above, there are certain intangibles you just can't measure. So just sit back and enjoy the ball game. Let the stats become part of the experience. Don't let them become the experience.
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    Any remaining NFL jersey with a toilet seat collar. And the Pellies. So much potential, so mediocre:
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    Baseball stats are fascinating because from day 1 they were meant to evaluate players. And any time we acknowledge flaws and try to improve them, we find flaws in the new stuff. IN a sense we are trying to totally quantify something that is not totally quantifiable; we keep chasing it and getting closer but we will never be there. There are so many variables why a player gets X number of chances on defense, or a lot (or few) ground ball outs, etc. Admittedly, I don't know what most of these newer stats mean. I don't know whether the models are right and I don't know how much human judgement goes into some of the metadata. I cannot name one person who has ever won the WAR crown. Still, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that the batting and pitching "Triple Crown" stats are flawed. Home Runs. Pretty good stat. Ballpark and weather impacts but no fielding.Strikeouts. Pretty good stat. Batting average. Very flawed stat. First it was created with no recognition that walks are "earned" by hitters, but on the belief that they were simply a result of "bad pitching". We are only recently getting into an era where walking a lot is viewed as a good thing.RBI: Very flawed. Obviously a function of how many people are on base when you get up to bat. I remember thinking that as a kid and my dad correcting me with "no, it's an indication of clutch hitting." The conventional wisdom on that is turning around. Some people think there is no such thing as clutch hitting (i.e., anyone that would make the majors should not have this choking problem). I am not smart enough to know whether that's true, but there still has to be an element of luck/circumstance to RBI totals.Wins: Very flawed stat. I once followed a Joe Morgan chat in which he literally said that a pitcher who wins 6-5 pitched better than one who lost 2-1 because the latter did not do enough to win. That's the problem I have with the steadfastly anti-SABR crowd. Sometimes they view stats like wins so myopically that they don't even want to listen to the circumstances surrounding them.ERA: Not necessarily as flawed as AVG, RBI, and Wins, but still...You are charged an earned run if your defense has bad enough range not to even have a chance for an error. Some even think almost all outs on balls put into play are essentially luck for the pitcher. While it is true that only strikeouts and home runs are totally in the control of the pitcher/batter, I don't know if I quite buy this argument. ERA seems to be a pretty solid indicator of a good season (for starters at least).These stats are fun. We have over 100 years of people winning these crowns. But to think they tell the whole story is naive. Anyone working in a front office making personnel decisions on these stats will not last very long. We focus more on OBP and Slugging (OPS) because we recognize that runs are produced by getting on base and getting extra bases. And that walks are as good as singles. These are obviously not SABR stats but they add more to the "old school" stats. I don't need to get into an argument over whether player X is better than player Y because of his WAR. Whether I am lazy or just don't have the time, I have not chosen to get into the weeds on these stats. But I also know that the above stats tell a very small part of the story. As for team performance; I honestly don't care. We judge on wins and losses and I don't care whether the second place team does better in certain stats than the first place team. If they would just balance the schedules, there's be absolutely no point in this stuff for judging teams. Yeah, there is luck of running into a hot/cold team, but wins and losses are always going to be what matters. Also, what the hell is a duel table?
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    It was only the Chick-fil-a bowl for 8 years. I'm guessing the Citrus Bowl will forever be the Capital One Bowl for you too? I'm glad these wrongs have been corrected. Now if we could only get the Gator Bowl back.Yeah the Gator Bowl being called the Taxslayer Bowl is beyond ridiculous.
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    Not a friend - just someone I saw post in a Facebook group. I wish they had taken a picture of the price sticker under the bill. That would've essentially proved if it was a defect or a real 2015 hat. The thing that makes me think it might be real is that the Tigers feature no orange bills, so it would be odd to get that mixed up. The defect A's cap I got was basically the home version with the logo in all gold, like their previous road cap. But the cap shared a mixture of current elements. So it was understood on the error. But that's just my assumption how things are done in the NE factories
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    Not a friend - just someone I saw post in a Facebook group. I wish they had taken a picture of the price sticker under the bill. That would've essentially proved if it was a defect or a real 2015 hat.
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    I grew up in the 1970s and 80s. I'd like most of the fashions from those eras placed at the bottom of a very deep hole, covered with a layer of industrial nuclear waste and then buried under six feet of concrete. I know you have a better argument than trying to paint everyone else with an exceptionally broad brush. I certainly wouldn't want to paint all 22-year-olds as insulated kids who don't know the difference between timeless style and passing fads. That pretty much describes me. Growing up in the 70s and 80s I loved pullovers, white panel caps/helmets, AstroTurf, and the bright colors and crazy designs of the Pirates, Padres, and Astros. Now I realize how hideous they were and consider the late 60s - very early 70s to be the golden era of MLB uniforms, even though it was before my day. Today's MLB uniforms are, for the most part, the best they've been since the early 70s, and in some cases better. I still don't like those alternates, though.
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    To say he's "not black enough" is of the highest levels of douchebaggery.
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    these penguins uniforms are fantastic and fun as an alternate, but need a lot of cleaning up if they're going to become the full-time look.... as with all throwback uniforms that come back full-time, the team/league will completely ignore what needs to be fixed, and just go with a straight throwback because they think thats what people want. it's a great base for a future uniform. but it really does need some cleaning up and modernization.
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    Those uniforms just prove what a piece of crap the black and Vegas gold color scheme is.
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    Here's one for the Kings, M. The L.A. chapter decided to show King Cod with the Cup. Why not? If ya got it, flaunt it, right?...
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    It IS a go..that is a PERFECT look to balance out both aspects.
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    So they're going with the pro soccer method. That's a bold strategy, Cotton.
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    Disagree. It definitely treads on Boston territory and it's all mismatched. I think it works as a novelty but it doesn't look as respectable as the pre-edge set.
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    Appalachian State needs a rebrand. Bad.
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    That is gonna be hard to read In theory, shouldn't the blue font be easier to read? I actually don't mind the NBA logo on the back as much as I thought I would, but I do miss certain team's secondary logos that were once in that spot (Knicks, Nets, Raptors, Wizards, etc.). It's almost as if those logos were completely erased from the team identities.
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    I want to say he was quoted saying that's (Bucks) where he wanted to go, but don't quote me on that.I heard that too, but I think that's more of a "saying the right thing" thing than any actual truth. Eh, yes and no. You don't typically say that about the city whose team holds the #2 pick...
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    The jerseys, by themselves, are fine. It's the combination of the stripes on the pants and socks that have no natural business being on this uniform set that make the uniforms busy and unattractive. I want to like them, because I like the jersey by itself, but I just can't; they're too busy.
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    Small difference, but it's actually SunTrust Park.Another small difference: It's Barves, not Braves.Haha. What about the Natinals?
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    I guess I'm in the minority that really likes it. I think it is a perfect way to separate eras, and does add a contemporary touch to an otherwise uber traditional uniform. That it's not a jaggedy, overdesigned custom font is part of what makes it great. It doesn't have the same contrived "qualities" as many of the current custom fonts, isn't the cliche stencil font that every concept seems to use, and they kept it one color which IMO keeps the emphasis on the "fancy" sleeve stripes, but adds just a little bit of style to the body. I see people all the time point out differences in the way some numbers are slanted, and that it doesn't match the helmet numbers exactly, and I just can't see an issue here. Other than subjective love for the "classic" style (which is perfectly fine if anyone feels that way), I haven't read any objective critique that I agree with - the "flaws" that are pointed out IMO aren't flaws.
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    Why? There was a time every team was white and grey with very little variety in the supplimentary colors (and very little use of them). And this is in a sport that's largely been traditional over most of its history with the most iconic uniform sets largely still adhering to that. That said brown may be associated in some folks of a certain age's minds with the Padres but fact is they've worn blue through more of their history now than brown and gold. They're as much a blue team as they are a brown team. And that's only if you count the MLB years. If you go back to their origins in 1936 they've not only worn blue (through an even longer stretch of their overall history) but also various times black and then red have also been their primary colors. Brown was only one of many primary colors they've worn in their history. And the presentations of it were not their best uniforms, PCL or MLB. They will NEVER be a navy team no matter how long they wear it Somebody grew up in the 70's/80's. What I've learned number one on these boards: majority of the time, if it's from the 60's/70's/80's, it's better than "the crap" that is out there today. Not because it actually is better (some cases it is better but it's about 50/50 let's be real), but because most people on these boards are older/middle aged men who grew up in that time period, and they grew up with that look and to them that is the best.
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    OK: Aberdeen IronBirds (New York-Pennsylvania League) - 2013 through presentAtlanta Braves (Major League Baseball) - 1972 through 1980Augusta Lynx (ECHL) - 2005-2006 through 2008-2009Baltimore Colts (National Football League) - 1982 through 1983Binghamton Mets (Eastern League) - 1992 through presentBridgeport Sound Tigers (American Hockey League) - 2010-2011 through presentBrooklyn Dodgers (Major League Baseball) - 1938 through 1957Brooklyn Dodgers (Major League Baseball) - 1932 through 1936Brooklyn Robins (Major League Baseball) - 1914 through 1931Buffalo Bills (National Football League) - 1980 through presentBuffalo Sabres (National Hockey League) - 1970-1971 through 1995-1996Cape Fear Wildcats (arenafootball2) - 2002 through 2004Charlotte Checkers (ECHL) - 2002-2003 through 2003-2004Chicago Blackhawks (National Hockey League) - 1955-1956 through 1998-1999Chicago Cubs (Major League Baseball) - 1903Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball) - 1982 through 1986Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball) - 1969 through 1970Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball) - 1948 through 1959Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball) - 1918 through 1931Clearwater Phillies (Florida State League) - 1985 through 2003Cleveland Indians (Major League Baseball) - 1974 through 1986Columbus Cottonmouths (Southern Professional Hockey League) - 2004-2005 through presentColumbus Cottonmouths (ECHL) - 2001-2002 through 2003-2004Columbus Cottonmouths (Central Hockey League) - 1996-1997 through 2000-2001Connecticut Brakettes (National Pro Fastpitch) - 2006Connecticut Whale (American Hockey League) - 2010-2011 through 2012-2013Dallas Cowboys (National Football League) - 2012 through presentDayton Bombers (East Coast Hockey League) - 1991-1992 through 1996-1997Fredericton Canadiens (American Hockey League) - 1993-1994 through 1998-1999Fresno Falcons (West Coast Hockey League) - 1998-1999 through 2002-2003Houston Astros (Major League Baseball) - 2014 through presentIndianapolis Colts (National Football League) - 1984 through 1996Kitchener Rangers (Ontario Hockey League) - 1984-1985 through presentLexington Legends (South Atlantic League) - 2013 through presentLondon Monarchs (World League of American Football) - 1995 through 1997London Monarchs (World League of American Football) - 1991 through 1992Los Angeles Dodgers (Major League Baseball) - 1958 through 1971Los Angeles Rams (National Football League) - 1981 through 1993Mahoning Valley Thunder (arenafootball2) - 2007 through 2009Montreal Canadiens (National Hockey League) - 1917-1918 through 1998-1999Montreal Expos (Major League Baseball) - 1969 through 2004Montreal Impact (Major League Soccer) - 2012 through presentNew England Patriots (National Football League) - 1982 through 1992New England Riptide (National Pro Fastpitch) - 2004 through 2008New York Giants (Major League Baseball) - 1936 through 1939New York Giants (National Football League) - 1980 through 1999New York Islanders (National Hockey League) - 2010-2011 through presentNew York Mets (Major League Baseball) - 1962 through 1992New York/New Jersey Hitmen (XFL) - 2001New York Yankees (Major League Baseball) - 1946 through presentOrlando Thunder (World League of American Football) - 1991 through 1992Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Southern League) - 2012 through presentPeoria Rivermen (International Hockey League) - 1984-1985 through 1994-1995Philadelphia Blue Jays (Major League Baseball) - 1944 through 1945Philadelphia Phillies (Major League Baseball) - 1992 through presentPhiladelphia Phillies (Major League Baseball) - 1951 through 1969Phoenix Roadrunners (World Hockey Association) - 1974-1975 through 1976-1977Pittsburgh Steelers (National Football League) - 2012 through presentReading Phillies (Eastern League) - 1998 through 2007Richmond Speed (arenafootball2) - 2000 through 2003St. Louis Blues (National Hockey League) - 1967-1968 through presentSan Diego Chargers (National Football League) - 1980 through 1984Seattle Seahawks (National Football League) - 1980 through 2001Tampa Yankees (Florida State League) - 1994 through presentToronto Maple Leafs (National Hockey League) - 1927-1928 through 1986-1987Vancouver Canadians (Northwest League) - 2000 through 2007Vermont Expos (New York-Pennsylvania League) - 1994 through 2005Vero Beach Dodgers (Florida State League) - 1980 through 2004Washington Freedom (Women's United Soccer Association) - 2001 through 2003Wichita Wings (National Professional Soccer League) - 1992-1993 through 1994-1995Worcester IceCats (American Hockey League) - 2001-2002 through 2004-2005Obviously, some of these colors are used as secondary or "additional" colors; there are many other examples where this color (alright, it's PANTONE 287 C) is used in miscellaneous logos as well.
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    The Patriots uniforms. I don't get why anyone on earth would like it other than the fact that they won superbowls wearing them. Team success while wearing a certain uniform does not make them better than other one that they had less success in. In other words, the red jerseys with the white helmet were much better.
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    It sounds like Thunder Bay needs to decide on the viability of the Centre with or without the AHL, with such a move being considered a bit of gravy for the city. Thunder Bay would definitely be a more convenient location for the Jets, as long as the cost of said convenience isn't too much. (I wonder though, how many AHL teams actually "make money"?) Thanks for the insight greyraven. Here's Ottawa TK...
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    I believe "Baltimore oriole" is the official name of the bird as well.
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    Thanks, I appreciate it. And I'm sure many people appreciate my work, they just don't comment - I can tell by the 100-500 views everytime I post on here, unless someone is refreshing like a madman lol. I just felt my work was starting to lack in creativity or repeat itself - at the same time, I try to make all my work follow the same design language like Raysox' work, and well I guess yours too since you only draw them In the meantime, I have been working on this bad boy. I believe I will make a new thread here later on that is strictly about Tamaria - except for the sports related parts of course. But I have flags, maps and license plates for most of them, plus I was going to make Police Cars for major cities and road signs, all the good stuff.
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