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    I think we all knew that was coming at some point. Gather round, kids, and warm your hands by the spontaneous combustion.
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    Rece Davis during an in-game update: "Illinois wearing grey uniforms for some inexplicable reason." Followed by Brian Griese in the booth saying Illinois needs to have some orange in their uniforms. THE MOVEMENT AGAINST STUPID ALTERNATE UNIFORMS IS SPREADING!!!
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    I understand that. It's why I went in and removed all discussion re: the gun control debate. It started before we even knew the identity of the shooter, much less how he obtained the firearm. I didn't want rampant uninformed speculation to turn into an argument that would eclipse the the actual events taking place. We do try to keep things on topic and nip problems that can derail a story and legitimate line of discussion in the bud when we think our involvement is needed. I agree entirely. And I see no reason why we cannot honour his sacrifice as a community in the thread dedicated to the tragedy in which he lost his life. As Mockba stated, we're tasked by the administration with the smooth running of the boards. That includes merging threads dedicated to the same topic. And Cpl. Cirillo's sacrifice fit the purview of an existing topic. Your post wasn't deleted or altered in any way. It was simply moved to an established thread where the majority of the user base would be looking for information regarding Ottawa shootings. Information that includes anything on the arrangements for, and honouring of, Cpl. Cirillo. I understand that there is a knee-jerk reaction to seeing a topic you started suddenly gone with no explanation. A quick check in the Ottawa shootings thread would have cleared up what happened. Again, nothing was deleted or edited. Just moved for the sake of keeping the board running smoothly with as few duplicate threads as possible. Actually that was the first place I looked was in the Ottawa Parliament Shootings thread and noticed buried. Yes I know it was not altered or deleted but that is not the point. Thanks Ice_Cap for the cleanup of that thread. And for all the naysayers, maybe you would act the same way if you truly felt like I do with the death of Nathan Cirillo and trying to show a little humility and honor to him through a independent thread based on his funeral procession. Because here in Canada this doesn't happen much, losing a military member. We have a small military (55,000 total) and whenever we lose someone through killed in action (Afghanistan), suicides and now this act of cowardice (including Warrant Officer Vincent by a hit and run last weekend). But maybe down in the States everyone is so numb and oblivious to when it happens to your military members that it doesn't register anymore. But that is not my concern, my concern was wanting to tell people of the touching event of Friday. And I give two :censored:s about ram80's views. Both ram80 and CS85 have now repeatably hijacked my thread posts (in numerous threads now pushing their own childish views. ram80 was already warned twice on this matter and to stop posting in threads that does not interest him just to start an argument. But as you can see the warning means on here. Same goes with CS85. All the warnings in the world will not change these bullies attitudes. I'm sure the swine will be punished for his intolerant views.
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    It's........ beautiful!!!!
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    Thank you DanO and BK. Ha! Yeah, I know what you guys are thinkin'... ...and I'm not going there.
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    Would anyone like a slightly used Kris Versteeg, or perhaps a partially-encrusted Brad Richards? Anyone? We'll throw in a vintage Michal Rozsival for no charge, but if you call now, we'll include not one, but TWO Daniel Carcillos*. * - will be torn in half, some assembly required Update: Ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Blackhawks:
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    BP Cap Mark - 2013 through present: In addition, the A's wore the White Elephant mark on the sleeves of the 1988 road uniforms: Note the different shades of Green and Gold in comparison to the present-day BP caps.
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    @LEWJ: That is an awesome jersey, however, if I got it, I would've sold it because Jim Harbaugh coaches a rival team (for me, at least), or at least entertained offers out here. But good on you on finding that gem.
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    That's a standard retail authentic jersey. For $8, though? An absolute steal.
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    Things I took from today: Illinois really did look like ghosts today. It was absolutely weird to see them in grey, like they were supposed to be in orange, and the colors were just squeezed out of them. Mississippi State looked good and Kentucky just needs a lighter grey and separation from chrome helmets. Western Michigan looks like the Miami (OH) Redhawks. (adidas can always find a way to fail) Mississippi | LSU is probably the best looking matchup of the day, IMO.
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    You're making this more of an issue than it has to be. You're angry about your thread being moved, okay. But it's not an bullying problem or some sort of ethnocentric thing.
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    Oh, I think I'm going to enjoy the explanation of how I'm a racist pig.
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    Outside of the white-gray-white, I agree with this statement. I nominate these as the worst uniform of the 2014 season. Here's them vs USC last year:
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    They don't even have them anymore. They were sold for $1,000 each, with proceeds going to the Chucky Mullins scholarship. Disappointing, from an aesthetic standpoint.
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    You've had one of the moderating team give a well- and kindly-worded explanation. I'm not going to bother reiterating that. If you can't accept that and continue to feel exceptionally angry about this action on an internet message board, perhaps you should reconsider your priorities. Furthermore, your assessment about the moderators acting as if we run the place is... well, true. This board is owned/paid for by one Mr. Chris Creamer. He has asked us to moderate it--on a volunteer basis, no less--so that people may continue to find them useful and enjoyable. We do what we can to maintain that status. Given that many of us have been part of this "community" since before it even had its current home, I'd go so far as to say we feel a vested interest in keeping it that way.
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    I think Utah State is pretty sharp in all combos.
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    I made this mock up (what seems like) not too long ago. I don't want to see a roundel logo anymore than anybody else, but it was my attempt at seeing what powder blue and chocolate would look like. I've always been a fan of the color scheme, so I like it. That's just me. (Depending on your monitor it may appear black, it's not. I promise. It could use some lightening up.)
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    Am I the only one who thinks the template that mississippi state is wearing today is way better than the throw backs? They shoulder stripes don't get warped like the throwback, it's way cleaner with no black, and the pants look so much nicer without the silly oversized logo Kentucky has good uniforms but needs to stop with the chrome and the black. Other than that, they have one of the more solid modern looks
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    Teal and green would also work. Or pick up the abandoned Marlins colors of teal/light blue and black. That wouldn't be bad.
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    I know this situation hits close to home for you and it does for me as well, considering I have several family members who served in the military. Though if I were a mod, I also probably would've merged that into the already existing thread. However, whatever mod that moved it should have left a note saying it was moved, because transparency is a good thing.
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    Ever think that it's a Saturday and they have lives?
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    What's up with Michigan State's uniforms? All I see is grey with splotches of green
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    What a convincing victory today by Real over Barca...Neymar scored early in the match (4') but since that opening spell, Real had controlled the match. I think Real is only going to get better as the season goes on.
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    It didn't. Er wait, I'll let a mod tell you the same thing over this "outrage."
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    It's no secret that it's my personal favorite sets of all time from the islanders, but I can't imagine there is a market for anything fisherman related except for people that are either contrarians or nostalgic for 1996. Personally, I thought it was a good look that was given an unfair chance.
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    Everyone? Not me. I prefer the Vegas Gold.
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    I don't think over ever seen a clown dressed in black, white and grey...
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    No, I think you mean, "appropriate, considering the man on the left." But the fact that you misused words while critiquing another's word choice is ironic.
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    The Blue/Grey/Pink combo doesn't look too bad, but the Orange accents on the number outlines ruin it, IMO. Pink + Orange = no bueno. Not a Dunkin Donuts fan?
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    I don't think anyone will criticize you. it is just your opinion.... and considering you are a Bengals fan, I think most people will consider the source. There IS a reason there is only side covered with an emblem. If you look at the Steelers logo, it was taken directly from the United States steel industry logo. the way the word is on the left side of the 3 hypocycloids, and flows into them gives the logo a definite flow. And the Rooney's decided that when the logo was on the other side of the helmet, it didn't look the same. unlike a logo that can be flipped, (like just about every helmet logo out there), the Steelers can't reverse their logo. It is what it is. So, it is on one side only, and that is the way it always will be. If you think about it, it DOES make sense. Think of any standard logo... say the Arizona Cardinals.... the bird can look the same, and face the front of the helmet from either the left or right profile. The Cardinals would never put the same profile on both sides of the helmet, as one bird would be facing the front of the helmet, and one would be facing the back of the helmet. And essentially, this is what you would have if you put the Steeler logo on the opposite side. If someone has the ability to photoshop this, I think anyone who can't picture what I am talking about will immediately understand. anyway, my number one vote is for the Steelers. I have hated their slanted numbers ever since Nike screwed up the jersey about a decade ago. the numbers are terrible. First, they are slanted, which seems to make it difficult for whoever sews the numbers on to line them up correctly. Some double numbers have massive spaces between them, (like 77 or 79, for example). Second, the font choice is terrible. Just because they used that font for the numbers on their helmets since the 70's (and I have never been able to find out why this particular font was chosen... probably just laying around. and if you look at a picture of someone who wore both in their career, you can see how much nicer the old block numbers from the 70's looked. Here is Jerome Bettis, with the new, slanted The 6 looks like it is slanted too far to the right.... and each time you look at one of these jerseys, unless it is a single digit, the numbers always look too spread out, too slanted, or mismatched. They suck. another example of the bad number placement: look at the black uniform look at the distance between the top of the 3 and the 6! here is a pic of Bettis and 78 Starks (I think), 84 (Tuman) and 83 (miller) in white..... finally, the old Steeler uniform with block numbers no contest.
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    Well, he's a Clippers fan. So am I. It doesn't hurt he's a rapist.Yeah I'm sure you can't imagine cheering for a team who's star player was accused of rape...
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    Heres one: I don't like the use of the word "as" in almost every single post.^
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