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    i guess now you cant say the rays dont have any cash what is this im in phone
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    I've been considering doing something like this for a while now, and I thought I'd finally put pen to paper. The U of I athletics were given the "illini" name in honor of those Illinois residents that fought in WWI, and the university has distanced itself from the Native American imagery for the past few years. I wanted to make a nice Doughboy logo, but keep the Chief's face from their old logo. I will be updating the face to clean it up a bit and will likely add some shading as well. For now, let me know what you think of the idea.
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    Another one that I've started months ago but haven't finished. I would really like some feed back as this one assome potential.
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    But they did lose to a 7-5 team by 14 points. TCU only beat them by 1 point. The FSU game wasn't as close as the score, IMHO. This was easily one of the best games FSU has played this year. If they just could've capitalized in GT territory more often instead of settling for 3 field goals then it wouldn't have gotten close at the end. FSU deserves a spot in the Playoff though. And I'd drop TCU out for Ohio State. And if Florida had capitalized more often in FSU territory instead of settling for FGs, they would have lost by two touchdowns last week. It doesn't really work like that. The problem for FSU is that this was their most impressive victory and, by and large, it wasn't that impressive compared to what some of the teams they're up against put together this week.
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    If it comes down to TCU, Ohio State, and Baylor, I'd choose Baylor. Baylor would be a conference champion, beat TCU head-to-head, swept their non-conference games (the games they have control of when it comes to scheduling), and didn't lose to a 6-6 team at home.
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    Glad Ohio State didn't drag out that gimmicky rivals look for either the Michigan game or this one. The standard home look is amazing.
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    Boise has a chrome face mask on the blue helmets, and it looks great IMO. Fresno is in W/W/N.
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    I wonder how many Ohio State QB's will need to get hurt and the team doesn't skip a beat until we all start to give more credit to how good the rest of their team is.
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    ...Although if SMU can keep THIS up... ...they'll become a definite challenger. That is an awesome look.
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    HOme and road are pretty much the same as the old one, so I'd like them. For the alternate, execution note, the back of the jersey the design of the logo would be leaking onto the left side of the back
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    Oklahoma State upsets Oklahoma in OT. Oklahoma State is now bowl eligible and there's a decent chance that Illinois won't be going bowling now.
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    Consolation. Left over from the days when there was no championship game. The Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Peach, and Fiesta do rotate as part of the playoff. This year, the winners of the Rose and Sugar Bowls will play each other in the championship game.
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    Does he not go on to state that it's complete bull? Also, the first two words state it is a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION? Quit yelling, I just didn't think the "hypothetical situation" was very logical. But then again, in the NFL anything can happen with Roger Goodell. That's hard. I can't think of a single shade of blue, red, or Orange that would benefit every team that uses it.
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    Does he not go on to state that it's complete bull? Also, the first two words state it is a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION?
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    Does anyone do anything right for you? Were you not hugged as a child?
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    Oklahoma vs. Okie State looks great. Oklahoma in their traditional homes and OSU in B/W/O/and blacks socks.
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    yeah the Colts and Jets could make this happen, they just choose not to. Stop telling me it can't happen on a modern template because it can. Even the tighter cuts on Panthers like Jonathan Stewart would look better on the Jets and Colts. Here's a picture of him playing the Jets so you can see the improvement. I think the Jets look better here. The Carolina stripes are pulling and look odd to me. Of course, they are not as bad as UCLA/Adidas, but I think the Colts/Jets have it right. Of course, the LSU stripes look marginally better, but they also just land in the middle of nowhere and make no sense, aesthetically. That's an opinion you're allowed to have, but that makes no sense to me. The Jets' and Colts stripes also stop in the middle of nowhere, but unlike LSU that middle of nowhere is the tops of the shoulders, which looks worse because it's farther away from what the goal of the UCLA-style shoulder striping is supposed to do. The Jets's stripes are supposed to be a green stripe flanked by a white one that butts up against the green sleeve. They're not supposed to have that odd notch created by the green-white-green insert. It's supposed to be flush with the green sleeve because that's what Namath wore, that's what Testaverde, hell, that's what Favre wore. The Colts/Jets don't have it right. If they had it right they would look like this: to each their own, but sheeesh
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    Wow historically downtrodden NJIT beats Michigan in Ann Arbor.
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    Perfect...right during finals week :(
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    Next is a redesign of a logo for one of the oldest bowl games in the country, the Orange Bowl, sponsored by Capital One. 'King Orange' is back with a happy face and ready for the game! Before After Orange Bowl logo (1989-2010) Logo detail
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    The Canadiens took the decal off the helmet and now wear it as a patch on the jersey. Oh and those Stadium jerseys suck noodles.
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    If you watch the video it shows its evolution.
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    Actually, in today's economy, due to turmoil in the middle east, economic uncertainty in China and emerging markets, and especially because of Barak HUSSEIN Obamacare, it wouldn't surprise me if more teams decided that they couldn't afford decals for both sides of the helmet, and I think it's only a matter of time before we see a single-wing eagles helmet.
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    You miss the whole point of creating concepts though. Sure, some "classic" looks are better than others, nothing wrong with that. I agree with that but you aren't really doing anything "creative." That's what gets people behind concepts, whether it's a hit or miss or not at least people will see you put real TIME & EFFORT behind these, it shouldn't matter how fast or when you get these done....what should matter is that the final result is something you think and the people you want to comment should think that the team should come out in. If if you don't wanna hear everyone's opinion please remove the title of "NEEDS C&C BADLY." Otherwise, listen to what everyone has to say and actually apply it to your concepts, it'll make you a better artist, until you learn that, you are gonna be stuck in this defensive "what I want now strictly goes" matter which strictly defeats the purpose of "C&C." If that's the way you want that's fine, just don't get so defensive when people are trying to HELP you get better. This is the last post I'll make on this thread cause it's clear to me you'll either get "it" or you won't. It's up to you to decide how much effort you want to put into it and how much positive or negative feedback you want. The only reason I've commented so much so far is because I think you are really close and really good for a beginner but I think if you'd take what everyone suggest (whether it's a template or design matter) you'd be even better!!! You do a great job of keeping everything clean which is something no starter especially on MS paint does but you are missing key elements that would make people not care what program you use. I think you're a good artist, I just wanna see you get to your full potential, that's why I'm "pushing" with these comments.
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    Looks like the uniforms that USF wore a couple years ago.
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    He looks kind of like Morgan freeman to me......
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    I've never understood the love for the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet. There's a logo on one side and not the other, for heaven's sake, and that logo is almost a complete knockoff of an existing corporate logo. Take away the six championships and the love for that helmet would not run nearly as deep. It's surely based more on team success than on aesthetics.
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    How does a classic team, like the Chiefs, get a "creative" concept, while the "modern" Jags get a simple, boring one? It seems too me that you're trying to be "safe" with your first series. Don't be afraid to go out of the box.
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    Awesome I'm getting started right now
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    It looks like I'm in the minority, but I prefer the Colts' striping template over the LSU/Ole Miss. To me, there just isn't enough room on a modern template for the full wraparound stripe, so when it is put there, it just looks cramped and forced. I think the Colts' stripes could definitely be elongated, but they look much better because they look natural in the template.
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    If Bart drew those All-Star jerseys...
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    Personally, I think it's more about location then recruits. C-USA has had UAB in the fold since the league's beginning, so losing a in Alabama creates a gap in the footprint. Adding South Alabama gives them another school in that state, not to mention that it's location (Mobile) can be quite a gem for the conference. You may literally be the first person in history to use Mobile and gem in the same sentence.
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    I don't see why the Giants couldn't do a combination of eras of sorts for their uniforms. Keep the current Giants home jersey, make the road alt the primary road jersey, and make black and orange alts with the cursive Giants scripts. It'd be a nice nod to both the New York days and the Candlestick days, and it would keep the current elements they've had since moving to AT&T.
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    Next NCAA bowl logo is a redesign of the mark for the Texas Bowl, sponsored by Advocare. The colors of the state of Texas remain unchanged, along with silver as a supporting color. The host stadium, Houston's NRG Stadium, is seen at the top of the logo. Before After Logo detail
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    Next one is the logo of the New Orleans Bowl , sponsored by R+L Carriers. In my view it's one of the most boring designs of all the Bowl logos one can find, so I tried to give the logo a fresher and modernized look keeping the color scheme for the most part. Before After Logo detail
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    You know, I don't know that I've ever seen those to pictures next to each other like that. What a massive downgrade. I knew it was a downgrade but it's not even close. The no hem stripe thing is awful and the way they use the orange. Either use it like you did before or just remove it altogether. The asymmetricness created by the one thin stripe is frustrating as hell.
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    I'm of the belief that stripes don't need to be 100% consistent to have a good football uniform, but those pants would likely look better if it was the thick double stripe (maroon and white) that were the same style as the white and maroon pants.
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