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    This is my latest rebrand of the MiLB Salt Lake Bees. "Bumble" is now a lot more aggressive and determined than before. Orange and red have been added to the traditional colors gold, black and white. Red remotely points towards the Bees' MLB affiliation, more precisely the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Cool gray serves as a mark color. Comments are welcome as usual, guys. Before After Primary logo Alternate "Bumble" logo Alternate logo ("B" with a honey drop, in front of a beehive frame in the shape of the state of Utah) Alternate logo (Bee from above, flying over honeycombs) Alternate logo Team initials Word marks
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    Good design concept, wrong elements and execution. I actually really like these ... for a one off I think it's fairly creative. I do wish the black jerseys had less or more subtle lights on the cityscape. This would have been MUCH better for the ASG instead of the crap we have now. I agree i really LOVE these as a one off jersey. Would have been better for the main AS game. Props to for no sleeves!!Seeing all these different wordmarks this year with those basic Nets jersey numbers is going to be whack. Should've kept the concept and coloring and left the team specific number fonts.
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    Guys I don't think there is any need to post advertisements of your threads. The council does a thorough job of reviewing everything so I'm sure they'll see it and if it's good enough it probably stands out on its own.
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    Why didn't you stick with just using black and white logos, like many of us were telling you to do?
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    Up next we have France with their traditional white battle flags and brown pants... Just kidding, but they are next...
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    Texturized is the only word I can think to use for this. In jordyhazy's NBA Urban thread, he used photos from the cities in the backgrounds for the logos. I took this idea, and used it for the 4 major league logos (NHL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) but instead of photos of cities, I used different photos of elements from the sports, or textures, to replace the colors of the logo.
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    Excellent study and posting there on the Orlando City FC crest and branding. I too enjoy the background story on the the development of a brand. I think OCFC is one of the better crests in MLS. Thanks for the share.
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    It's better without the palm tree; that just clutters things up. But there are other problems. The script font you chose for "alifornia" is too thin and wispy both to stand out against the ball in the background and to really go with the big, thick "C" font. And it may just be because of the C, but the basketball looks like it's misshapen, a bit oval.
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    maybe make the palm tree into a "C".
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    Yeah, fix your poll. MLS can never be on par with the other North American leagues as long as it doesn't feature the best players in the world, and all the scarves in the world won't change that. It's on par with AAA, the AHL, and I guess college basketball if we want to sidestep the big lie that the players don't get paid.
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    I like the second option bt if you found a way to make the Palm Tree seem less clustered it might work!
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    "Bowling and Speed Stacking... my two favorite sports" said no one ever
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    I do, but my definition of a "major pro sports league"is defined as the top league for the sport in which you play. MLS is the top league of soccer in the US, so it is a major sports league
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    Just came back to say once again, Love the work. You can seriously make something out of it, it is great and keep it up. As you can see it is a bit choppy, but it's made to be small, thanks a lot, I simply love it!
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    NBA: - no sleeves - no ads - you can dress like Allen Iverson at press conferences
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    Right now the left tooth is curving outwards. I think it would look better/more natural if it were turned inwards.
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    WOW. Love! Are you going to create jerseys as well?
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    I watched the Blue Jackets-Panthers game on game center with my computer muted so I could get the full in-arena experience.
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    Next on the list are the Dallas Cowboys. You could call this a Heritage/Tribute set. I call these the "Americas Team" Tribute Uniforms. With the Cowboys being considered Americas team, I wanted to make sure it had red, white and blue in the set. Dallas used a single red stripe on their helmets for the 1976 season, which I added on these helmets as tribute to the '76 season. I felt since that was the only year they had ever used red as part of their helmet color scheme, I thought that had some significance. The jersey itself is a direct nod to the '94-'95 75th anniversary jersey. I think its a great and classic jersey design. I added to red to the stars and the number outline to compliment the overall look of the set. There are 3 different types of pant designs. Each one I feel gives a different look to the overall concept, but flows together. A good concept that showcases a few uniform ideas from the Cowboys past, as well as showing the tribute to "Americas Team". While also holding on to that modern feel.
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    Very nice work all around. I'll just throw out some comments on teams on this page. Bears: You're missing the GSH on the left (viewer's right) sleeve. I like the changes to the striping, though. Lions: I would thicken up those stripes a little bit. It's hard to tell the pattern at that size. Texans: I would make the pants stripe W/R/W to match the stripe on the white pants. Jaguars: Great job on the logo. It has the depth of the current logo but the feel of the old one. Definitely an upgrade both, IMO. Browns: I agree with sleuthpanther on the striping. On white it would look better B/O/B. Bengals: I like that number font and the return of the old striping pattern.
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    They are also hella annoying to wear.
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    Also curve the teeth a bit, and give it some texture, or shadow. Found this image on the internet, you can see how the bottom of the teeth look, also the shading on it. Try to create that. EDIT: Here's another image of the teeth when the mouth is closed.
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    Good on Stanford for the much needed cleanup. I'd actually like to see them use the tree logo on their helmets full-time. On a related thought....What if the Cardinal dropped the BFBS for Stanford Tree Green? Well, it's definitely not worse!
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    The rings of the S were removed and placed unseen inside the bark of the tree, its age hidden because the Stanford tree is the rare species that stands the test of time better than even the sturdiest of redwoods... Best I could come up with on the fly. Got a little lost in the middle there. It's a travesty if we don't see some hanger effects next year symbolizing the tree bark's tendency to protect and defend its sacred tree against all outside forces of nature and other schools with non-plural nicknames.
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    On the chest logo vs script/lettering debate, holy crap somebody else remembers that 2003 Marlins alternate?!?!? I wanna think that jersey would've lasted at least a few years longer than it did if it'd been a vest, or they'd done more to differentiate it from the regular home jersey, but what do I know? Far as the Giants' road alt, reminds me of when I was little and they had Will Clark, so I'm a fan of it. They should never have added the placket piping to their regular grays too, but that's for another day. Far as road pinstripes...you see teams who wear pinstripes at home but not on the road all the time. The Mets and Rockies use piping, the White Sox, Yankees and Phillies use cuffs, and the Cubs have both piping and solid gray. The late 90s Pirates are the only team I can think of in recent memory who wore pinstripes on the road, but not at home (bright white).
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    I'm pretty sure it's every 2 or 3 years. Frankly I think the refreshes are getting worse every time and I hate the outer shell material they have been using the last several years.
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    I liked all of the road pinstripes and wish one team would have kept them. Or that the Cubs find a way to add them. Can't be worse than that road alt... unless they used that wordmark.
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    That is the font I still associate with Kansas basketball so glad to see it back for a game. Unfortunately Texas has a very similar font. Bring on the western font battle
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    There is already a threads on CCSLC that cover motorsports: 2015 Open Wheel Racing Chat (and more) http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/101716-2015-open-wheel-racing-chat-and-more/ 2015 NASCAR Season thread http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/101184-2015-nascar-season-thread-was-offseason-thread/
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    Laugh if anyone will, yet that combo on that turf under that piss poor Superdome lighting looked cool.
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    It's especially egregious in the case of the Nationals, because they had this option with their gorgeous new wordmark: So much better than the dreck they chose.
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    Calgary has apparently trademarked Stockton Grizzlies. I hope SD goes with the Gulls, and LA is going to keep the Reign name. I will be interested to see what the Sharks go with. I love that they currently use the original Sharks logo with Worcester, and I hope they keep it, but two Sharks hockey clubs in one town?
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    No, but the poor widdle Sharkie-warkies were having a wah-wah because it took too long to fly some guy named "Melker" from Boston to San Francisco.
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    I feel you. I've spent the last 4 years addicted to some form of tobacco. I started smoking cigarettes back in 9th grade, because I thought it was cool and I liked the rush it gave. I did that for the next 6 months until I realized that hacking darts is the worst thing an athlete can do to themselves, so I switched to dip- which I still do to this day. And like you, the guy who introduced me to it also plays college baseball. Sometimes I wish I could quit, but it's become a part of my life now and I just don't have the willpower to stop.
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    This is exactly why MLB needs to ban it unilaterally.
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    A logo can only hold so much before it becomes too busy. @chipper12 the ship is good just the way it is.And yes this is comming from a Warriors fan
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    My favorites: Super Bowl XLI. It's a shame it had to rain that day. Two classic unis that look good together. Super Bowl XXXVII looked great. Last Super Bowl to be played in daylight and it made it look even better,IMO. Another Super Bowl played in daylight, Super Bowl XXX: We really need more west coast Super Bowls. Those late afternoon pics are the best. Worst match-up ever was last year's. Yuck.
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    Good design concept, wrong elements and execution. I actually really like these ... for a one off I think it's fairly creative. I do wish the black jerseys had less or more subtle lights on the cityscape. This would have been MUCH better for the ASG instead of the crap we have now.
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    guiz guiz the league needs to try new stuff to attract new fans so who cares if it alienates its actual fans you gotta try new things like its 2015 now come on some of the new things i came up w/ how about you play in one of those backyard rinks like they build in neighbourhoods in canada alot of players learnt how to play on those so it would be a great way to pay back to the games roots. yeah attendance would be an issue and it could only draw a few fans but i think the revenue losses would be worth itlet the fans play. fans support all the teams and players and tbh imo their part of the team. why not let fans play a little? i mean not everygame bc thatd be an issue but even a few fans every few games would be ok. just not in the playoffsmake the players use wooden sticks again its much more fair because lets face it carbon sticks like they use now are basically peds so go back to the good olde days of wood if greztky can score 900 goals with wood whiny players nowadays can do just fine afterall there being paid millions so they have no right to complainscrew seattle of quebeck or hamilton or toronto make a new experiment team that plays every team on the road. it saves you money of paying for an arena (which cost approximately three to four hundred million dollars, which is alot) and ushers and stuff plus it gives other teams more home dates so they can make more money.. i kno some ppl might complain like o wait why doesnt that team get any home dates but in the dying words of spock the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few so i think it would be better for the league soyou people just love tradition tradition tradition and you never like progress so stfu you have no right to complain if it were for people like you wed still be playing boring old fashioned hockey learn to live a little god
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    I'd recommend anyone who uses Paint as an excuse to look at this thread. These are very impressive for paint, very nice job! Curious, how long did it take to make those logos? As for the jerseys I'm not sure I like the waves on the hem. I think what would be cool would be having the stripes like you do on the arms but where the yellow is have the wave striping..then outline that in gold ...just a thought. Nice job so far.
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    Figured I could share some more of these paid requests I've had shelved for some time now.
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    TV: MH: I was in the negative space mood. This is also my 500th Post. Woo!
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    David, try positioning the pupil at the other end of the eye.
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    Here's another but couldn't decide if I prefer the Eiffel tower clean looking or with the added detail. I was also trying to create a custom word mark for it but didn't draw up anything that was really worth posting so I just went ahead & scrapped it.
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