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    With their win over Mainz today, Dortmund are closer to a champions league spot in the Bundesliga than Inter and AC Milan are in Serie A.
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    That Kings set is one of the most overrated NHL sets ever (right up there with the stick-in-rink). Honestly, the purple-and-black era--once they switched to using the crown by itself as the crest--was the best look the Kings have had.
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    Couldn't they have debuted the Golds against a real uniform?
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    I don't like their away uniform from the era, but I like the 1980s Atlanta Braves home uniform: It'd be cool to see it in action again, maybe as a one off for a day honoring Dale Murphy (on a side note, its a damn travesty that he hasn't been elected to the Hall of Fame).
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    I'm using PRINT colors to provide for the estimates - as I said, teams used these color standards for matching - I'm fairly confident that the Metallic Blue pants had to have been a real pain in the butt for the uniform manufacturers to match correctly. Did the helmet color change as well, or are we only talking about the pants? My argument is that the PRINT STANDARD MAY HAVE BEEN THE SAME. Sure - there were probably a number of color shifts, dye lot changes, etc. during that era, but until the '80s rolled around and the league started providing Pantone values (the Silver-Blue was still a custom ink mix until 1990), it's difficult to know exactly what was intended. Textile colors are a whole other ball of wax when it comes to color matching. Teams these use one set for print, and others for fabrics, thread, twill, paint, etc. My issue here isn't that you've called me out on ONE Pantone estimate out of 93,656 professional color records and 39,951 collegiate color records, it's that you're inferring that I'm somehow lazy in my approach. The Gridiron Uniform Database Project is a great site; in fact, they've credited me for years as a color source, and I periodically update my estimates based on their extensive research. But - they are focused on professional football exclusively. Just as you seem to be primarily focused on the Cowboys. I don't see them also painstakingly doing this for hockey, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, colleges, etc., as I have been doing. I really don't have a problem with being questioned on NFL color estimates - prior to 1980, ALL of them are going to be estimates anyway. Instead of getting heated about this (I'm trying to remain calm here), let's have a real discussion about what SHOULD be estimated for the Cowboys during that era. Contrary to what you might think; I actually HAVE spent a lot of time trying to figure them out, but came up with that Pantone estimate (it's PANTONE 8200 C FWIW) after taking a couple different logosheets from the '70s and matching them to the closest metallic. To be fair, that color looks a LOT different in a Pantone swatch book than it does in RGB.
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    Its a shame cause i loved these uniforms. But not as much as the golden fauxbacks
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    I just hate Toronto using red and black. They used to have one of the most unique looks with the purple and red. I remember the floor was so beautiful too and when they wear the retros, they look amazing today. The color just pops on tv because all other teams use so many dark colors. Why are teams afraid of bright colors today? Even the early 2000's look was great imo with the added black to the purple and red. Anyway i expect the Raptors to re-do the uniforms again in 5 years or so. Why the simple look anyway? Toronto Raptors should not be simple and classic. They are a modern team. They are the perfect team to get creative and experiment. The whole rebrand feels half assed. It feels like there was no love or passion put into the entire process. I'm glad the Clippers are rebranding. Hope it's the baby blue with orange look with a nautical theme. Get as far away from the Lakers as possible, but that doesn't sound like that's happening with the logo rumor. I would have said stay away form integrating a basketball shape into your logo with a simple wordmark in the middle. You're essentially modernizing the Lakers look. Happy the Hawks return to the pacman full time and will go red, black and volt. It sounds exciting and can only imagine what it must feel like to be a true Hawks fan right now. I beg every day for the Rockets to return to something CLOSE ENOUGH to their championship roots. Just hope the Hawks don't get too crazy with the volt and keep it only as trim. I'm okay with the Bucks logo. They just need new uniforms. Right on with the Irish Rainbow. Keep simple, classic cut for the alternate like their current red alt. 76ers. Lost on them. They had the right idea and yet made it so boring. Maybe at this point all you can do is what the NY Knicks did. Take the classic 80s unis and have the new sleeve cut. Add the Ben Franklin logo as an official alt. TWolves: New unis. Prefer no more blue. Black and like an emerald green trim. OR A very dark British racing green as primary away to replace the black and their original 90s shade of blue with silver trim. Houston: Rebrand of course to red and gold. If not, new uniforms with SOME bits of gold in the brand would be nice. Last i can think of: Indiana Pacers. I've hated their uniforms since day one. Modernize the early 90s look. Stop using navy. Oh yeah and i want the Magic to get a minor change. Make the side piping go straight up and down and add the return of the star to the shorts. New v-neck collar.
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    I am a few months away from my pro wrestling debut as "Kung Fu Carl" and started playing around with some merch ideas... as I understand the rules, this falls well within parody/non-competing/"original enough" categories to not consitute infringement. Obviously, I still need to vector this (the final image will be sleeker overall, including the gi): I feel like the hair is sort of arbitrarially "blobbed" and need help with that... but does anyone else have any tips? Thanks in advance!
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    Why is it that every sports team that has an alternate logo that is better than the primary NEVER switch to it? It's super annoying.
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    Here is a sneak peek at a work in progress for the Las Vegas Bighorns. This is from as I was just about happy with the basic illustration part. Top image is the original I drew it from...
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    Designs with gradients will not reproduce in embroidery with results looking like the original. Ultimately trying to fake gradients in embroidery leads to a muddied look. I am not gonna try gradients. FYI: Conversions from bitmapped images to the embroidered look that I produce requires converting to vectors in the first step, dividing the elements for logical visual effects. Not just pressing a button in a program. I use three programs, two on Mac and one on Windows. If you want to see an existing logo as embroidered, simply search eBay or Google and you will most likely find it, like all those international logos. If you have your own design, post it and I may wish to give it a shot. Some I will not want to do, sorry about that.
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    "Marshawn should've ran the ball, God damnit!" *smash*
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    Quick is such a baby. If we all had a dollar for every time he done that... Maybe the NHL outta start a new rule. If you break your own stick, you have to go the rest of the game without it!
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    Brazil didn't factor in my thought process. Thailand changed their primary to red two years ago- which makes them a cliche' in the Far East. I wanted them to standout by returning them to blue and yellow. If you check out GrandSport's work, they LOVE sublimation or gradients. Note, I didn't use "and"; they show good restraint. The look is basically their goalkeeper shirts. Their actual shirts, seems like they were putting their own spin on France. Coincidentally, Brazil is next up.
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    Oh ok cool that sounds good! Looking forward to it
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    I wouldn't classify what the Kings wear as "Bettman piping". This is Bettman Piping
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    I know everyone hates the Nets' look, but I love the herringbone pattern on the side stripes.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2fQ4d89jXc Very, very nice. Glad to see the Kings in Golden Yellow. Also, if your American, the Kings are selling these throwbacks on their site! I hope they bring some to Canada. Even though I hate the Kings, I would even buy one of these. I remember when I first followed hockey, I thought it was so cool that the Kings were a purple-clad team. I also used to have an early 80s Vancouver souviner picture book. Inside was an image of the Kings in their original purples playing the Canucks in their Flying V home yellows. Purple vs yellow, how cool was that?! However, at the time, I thought the Canucks were the only non-white home team in the league. I thought the Kings had the same white look that the Lakers currently have on Sundays. So, one day, I went to into a magazine store and purchased an old Hockey Illustrated magazine with my allowance. I couldn't believe my eyes. Inside the the back cover was a photo of a Kings player wearing the home yellow-gold! My Canucks had company! If it weren't for the Flying V design and if the Stick 'n Rink or a Skating Johnny Canuck on a simple V logo had been on the front, both LA and Vancouver would have had two of the nicest and unique home uniforms in the league. Saw the highlights from last night and those Kings uniforms are b e a u t i f u l. It's just too bad that the Flames weren't wearing their classic reds instead of those white eyesores. Then, again, this is a league run by Gary Bettman.
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    Stop it, you need to let this Scherzer thing go.
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    So here is the Arsenal home jersey. I'll be honest I was having difficulties with making the jersey unique yet simple, since Arsenal kits have always been very bland in my opinion, and so I guess that's how it will always be, I mean they always change the away and third jerseys, why can't they slightly mix about the home. Either way here is the Arsenal home. I was inspired by three jerseys, and that was this years home, last season's home, and also the 90's Nike jerseys. I added a good amount of blue to this to go along with the crest, and I put a simple dark to light red gradient to honour their history of jerseys (which started off with the dark red jerseys in I believe the 70's or so, and now they are light red). I made a simple and thick lined design going on the side of the shorts and shirt. Finally i added the iconic cannon and obviously "The Gunners" nickname. Hope you guys like it, I enjoined doing it, if you think there is too much blue please go ahead and tell me. Finally I appreciate all the C&C, and please don't limit the amount you want to throw at me, thank you. I think you switched up the two, but ya I was going to do that, and thanks for your suggestion. (For the home, before you wrote this I decided to insert blue in the design, if you think it's too much go ahead and tell me, always appreciate the C&C). EDIT: Also if anyone knows a better place where I can upload images other than photobucket, since they have a bandwidth limit, please go ahead and tell me.
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    While I greatly prefer purple and gold to all other color schemes for the Kings, I wish they'd have worn these instead: The inaugural uniforms are extremely boring by comparison.
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    Capitalism has laws? Yeah right. The idea of capitalism is to get as much money as possible and keep your rivals from making any. And don't you think they are looked at as more guide lines? Looking at wall street and the big corporations shows that laws are useless if no one follows them in a system where laws just get in the way. Uhm yes, capitalism has lots of laws. Just because some participants choose to ignore the laws, circumvent the laws, or try to find loopholes in the laws, doesn't mean the laws do not exist. Many companies and individuals have been hit with heavy fines and jail time for breaking those laws. I would say marginal fines and no jail time but to each their own. Laws may be on the books but they are often ignored to due lack of enforcement mechanisms and deterrents. Capitalism is amoral by nature and will absolutely try to push the limits or outright ignore laws on the books (e.g. uber) and will deal with the repercussions afterward when Benefits often exceed costs. Please show your research that shows that only marginal fines and no jail time is received for violating laws. There are more than a few major corporations and individuals sitting in prison that would question this statement. You honestly can't be serious. Other than B. Madoff and Enron being high profile sacrificial lambs you have entire industries using corrupt and illegal business practices as SOP because there's no enforcement or deterrent. The most egregious recently is HSBC knowingly laundering money for terrorists and cartels. BOA/Countrywide (wall st. in general) settlements with mortgage fraud, big pharma paying fines monthly if not weekly for illegal marketing practices, walmart forcing employees to work unpaid overtime, petrol industry constantly paying environmental fines. Shall I go on? Sure some of these companies might be issued millions in fines/settlements but guess what paying those are also tax deductible. How punitive is that? Answer: it's not. Watch cnbc or read google news and see how these stocks react when the penalties are announced. The companies are completely insulated because their practices are priced into the market. There's absolutely zero harm done to the financial health of these companies for engaging in illegal practices.
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    I agree. I feel the opposite of "The shootout is what makes the loser point superfluous." I think if the shootout is going to count (which it should not IMO), then the gap between "winner" and "loser" ought to be narrowed. Really, the team that loses the shootout played just as well as the winner. Both teams scored the same number of goals over 65 minutes and one was victorious in a mini-All Star Skills Competition. That (combined with the impracticality of never-ending OT in the regular season) is why I am OK with ties. I would prefer the shootout be dumped. But it's probably not going anywhere.
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    The Nuggets have nothing but very light colored jerseys in their current set -- it's too much. Wish they'd bring back that dark blue one to replace the light blue one (script would be an upgrade too).
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    Calgary should have worn red (retro's would have been ever better, too bad they are no longer part of their set). It's probably against some rule though to wear color vs. color. Kings jerseys looked great as a one off but wow that was bright.
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    Great stuff Mr. mcrosby. Ajax is one of those clubs that have a great identity but can really use an update, you did that marvelously. I like the helmet rendition, it looks so much better than the first version. You got your self a Dribbble stalker/follower hehe
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    Kings desperately need to go back to purple and yellow full-time.
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    Signatures validated, enough to get Inglewood stadium on June ballot, but city council might just push it through instead: http://www.latimes.com/sports/nfl/la-sp-nfl-stadium-vote-20150213-story.html
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    Whether you buy counterfeit or authentic, you're still indirectly supporting a bad cause. Most NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB authentic gear is made in China with bad labour conditions. The authentic gear is made in bad enough conditions that the UN has spoken up against it in the past. Argue about the profits going to your favorite sports team, or for quality, but don't argue about the ethics of it. Reebok and Nike are as guilty of treating foreign workers badly as any criminal enterprise in China.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2fQ4d89jXc Very, very nice. Glad to see the Kings in Golden Yellow. Also, if your American, the Kings are selling these throwbacks on their site! I hope they bring some to Canada. Even though I hate the Kings, I would even buy one of these.
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    Capitalism has laws? Yeah right. The idea of capitalism is to get as much money as possible and keep your rivals from making any. And don't you think they are looked at as more guide lines? Looking at wall street and the big corporations shows that laws are useless if no one follows them in a system where laws just get in the way.
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    (20/30) LOS ANGELES LAKERS Tried to go for a mix of their classic uniforms and their modern set. I was considering going with purple wordmarks/numbers/NOB and white drop shadows on the home jersey, but I ended up liking how it looked the other way around.
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    My Lord...you are not reading what I have been posting...I never said that they probably didn't change color over the years - it's just that the standards that they were matching against may not have changed. Give me your estimates, and we'll discuss them. Here's a clue - one that I alluded to before - was the helmet the same color throughout that era? My guess is (one I've already stated) that manufacturers probably had a tough time matching the intended color. Oh - and providing three different photographs of game-worn pants (some close to 50 years old) in different lighting environments and on different cameras is not the best evidence of color accuracy. Any estimates we might make based off of those pictures aren't going to be accurate either.
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    Colorwerx builds a new site that anyone can access for free, with how many untold thousands of color swatches for pretty much any team from any era... someone actually uses the phrase "the height of laziness" to describe it. That's the Internet in a nutshell.
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    This is magnificent and all. I want to propose something. What if you named them the Flint and Steels. Obviously a logo change would be needed,and a color change. Honestly it would need a whole revamp. Can't wait to see the updates with my suggestions, thanks.
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    Capitalism has laws? Yeah right. The idea of capitalism is to get as much money as possible and keep your rivals from making any. And don't you think they are looked at as more guide lines? Looking at wall street and the big corporations shows that laws are useless if no one follows them in a system where laws just get in the way.
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    I am actually using jerseys as one of my example of counterfeiting in my government class today.
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    Wow...Hot Damn... I haven't seen any of this series yet. The backstories were nice, maybe shorten them up a bit that way you'd feel inclined to do them again. As for the uniforms and branding, holy cow guys. The logos all look great and the uniforms do too despite a lot of them being super modern and flashy. Each one has a few little nit picky things here and there but overall these are fantastic.
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    Seriously everyone...post names of hockey/soccer/obscure players.The file name "Islanders-Fisherman-Fishsticks-Logo-2015.jpg" tells us nothing. That's John Tavares. Not exactly obscure. or ya know one could use the Google I wouldn't even say that's the issue. If you don't know who John Tavares is to look at then you don't watch enough hockey period to get why it's the wrong jersey to begin with. Behind Crosby, Toews, Kane and Ovechkin he's likely the most marketed forward in the league.
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    Tampa Bay should just have taken their home design and switch blue with black. Simple and there you have a much better alternate jersey
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    This is very rough. Do you use paint? If so you should go check out LEWJ and see how he does his paint concepts. As a paint user myself I have found many ways of utilizing what I have. Try using the curved line and straight line tools and zoom in to make sure every pixel looks good. You can also check out paint.net to help you too (it is very useful). Also take your time to make your work as clean as it can be, if you make something in a couple minutes it probably isn't worth posting because you won't get any positive c&c. I hope this helped you some !
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    Thanks for that. Despite what you think counterfeit jerseys do not matter if the quality is on par with the officials, I having both official and bootleg jerseys. The difference is paying $60 or less for what is a solid replica by essentially chinese slaves or paying $100-400 for a $30 jersey made by essentially chinese slaves that the rich elite consider "authentic products". I don't feel moral either way. I could not see paying more than $50 max on a jersey of any kind. It's something you just wear to support a team, why does it need to be "official"? And yes, you make it up through other purchases to support your team. And they brought up that it sometimes goes into other illegal operations, the two choices for the same product are corrupt businessmen who ruin lives and those in illegal operations who ruins lives. They are honestly on the same level of scum to me, so I just choose to get most of my jerseys from thrift shops. At least i know the money is actually going to help people.
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    Here's the 1950s: The best part about this decade was all the experimentation with facemasks. I had to include the clear lucite mask made famous by Paul Brown. There isn't that much change in the uniform, the jersey sleeves were a bit shorter, and the waistline on the pants lowered some. Bring forth the suggestions and c&c!
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