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    The Browns did a great rebranding.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
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    "But the Browns organization worked really hard." "So do washing machines."
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    Enough. Both of you. Make constructive comments. If you don't like the comment, rebuff the comment without flinging insults. If the comment is valid and you don't like it TAKE THE CRITICISM! And you have to fight about it, take it to PM. If this keeps going the way it's been going the thread's going to be deleted.
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    Question, is tonight a Legend's Night for the Kings?
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    100 pages......for the cleveland browns?? Might as well change the board logo to this
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    Especially when it looks like this in phone:
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    Sheesh. Can we stop quoting the entire thread?
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    I wanted to announce in honor of the Browns making the big logo change they did that all 32 teams of my league will debut new logos in the next few days. Stay tuned!
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    One of us should just post a bunch of bad designs with enlarged logos and see how many media outlets pick it up
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    This is really awesome! I would like some Northern Ohio teams, but that's beyond my control. Seeing that leagues are popping up is great for designers, perspective owners, and fans of the sport. I need to keep watch of this league.
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    Browns Management: Everyone Else:
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    sixers claimed him off waivers, so that photo can be added to the "legends in the wrong uniform" thread (legend can be used loosely, here)
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    Concept just means an idea, which leads to a lot of bad designs and possibly the start of something good at the end result. I don't think they are not that terrible because they are concepts but they would be if it were the actual design the teams wanted to go for IMO. At the same time a real designer would give proper feedback and tips, instead of someone who hasn't designed or touched anything in the adobe suite give such negativity towards something they can't contribute and make better LOL
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    Not a fan of the socks for the Texans (I think I'd prefer something more minimalist like just having the star two-thirds or so up) and I wonder how their wordmark would look in white instead of red, but everything else about that uniform I love and wish I could see used irl. It's interesting to me that you kept the yoke for the Titans. I know it's a part of their history, but I'm not sure how many people like it. I'm also a little thrown off by the socks stripes; were they meant to match anything? Regardless, this is another uniform I love, especially from the pants on up (it doesn't hurt that it has possibly my favorite helmet of this series).
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    The color scheme on those shirts is perfect for the Bucks.
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    It's very common for companies to go to outside agencies for rebranding, and then the internal creative employees just maintain that brand and put it into circulation within the company.
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    I'm sure they're busy going through 12 months of concepts and determining what fits where. I believe patience is key in this matter.
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    Love these last four, Brandon. The unique striping is really refreshing, and the Titans' helmet is exquisite. Additionally, the template is great, and I like that you're utilizing the undershirt in the design. If the NFL were able to make the undershirt mandatory, I'd really like to see these types of designs.
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    MIND. BLOWN. How'd they even manage to pull this off???
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    If they were called the Cleveland Helmets as opposed to the Browns, that comparison would make sense.
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    whats wrong with having a helmet as an identity. the red sox and white sox have socks as identities and that works out fine for them
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    Anyone else seeing this? Admittedly a stretch, but...
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    My attempt at NBA minimalist logos. Also did some ABA logos.
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    Count me in the "glad this wasn't some art school disaster" camp. Yes a helmet may stink for a primary, but you don't have a lot of options with the name Browns that doesn't also privilege a band of drunken a-holes. Granted they still get their secondary logo, but if it isn't used that much it's ok. Also the Nike marketingtalk is bad, but at this point that's not changing short of a bloody purge of their marketing consultants, so that's just something we'll have to live with. Bingo.
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    Absolutely! Either white or brown is perfect for the Browns and I'm thrilled they picked one of those. I love the new helmet...expect it to be metallic or have a matte/glowing effect and really pop on TV and under the lights. I did not want the Browns to stray from the classic logoless helmet and dump their identity. I'm relived. Now that "dawg" logo...it's horrible but I doubt it will appear anywhere on the uniform.
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    the fact that people like us waited months for this is our fault not theirs
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    I don't have any issue with the helmet style they used in the logo. I don't care that it's not currently being used. I think it's a much more visually attractive helmet style than any that are currently used. That's essentially how a football helmet should look, while all the current helmets have ridges and swoops to help brand them and give the manufacturer free advertising increase player safety and stuff. Besides, that helmet style is the same style which the NFL still uses for all teams in its graphics. If anything, it would look weird for them to have a Revo Speed official logo, but then still have a generic logo for NFL use alongside other teams' helmet logos.
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    Tip of the hat, Charger. Perfect.
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    Meet the new Browns, same as the old Browns.
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    This is so Cleveland. I'm nearing my wits end with this franchise.
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    Unpopular opinion, apparently. But I see nothing wrong at all with any of the Bucks' current logos and uniforms. Okay, the logo isn't the best logo ever, but I don't think it needs to change and I do like it. I really like the uniforms. Out of all the newer uniforms that have come out, they rank somewhere at the very top with the Nets and the Cavs.
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    I refuse to believe that they cannot come up with something more creative than a helmet or a stylized 'C' for a logo. I know most will say you don't design something for a seven-year old, but this franchise is in danger of losing its young fan base. The obvious cure for that is to start winning football games, but at least give us something amazing to rally behind with this rebrand effort.
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    I'm so pumped, new era of the Browns starts today, lets hope it's the start of a good one.
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    I for one, won't miss the old unis one bit. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow; regardless of how much or how little is actually changing.
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    sorry,but some of these seem pretty good. But why are only Oregon's and Michigan's sparkly? No these are all terrible, and even worse that this guy is getting all kinds of recognition and possibly design jobs from this terrible, uncreative work that is nowhere near as good as anything on this site.
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    In RI, however, "privately-financed" usually means "Oh look! We've found some money behind the state house that totally didn't come from the government!" Considering I work a few blocks from two of the possible sites, I can see two sides to this: 1) I'll be able to walk to games after work! 2) Traffic will be even crazier on nights when I don't go to games.
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    Maybe if Western countries started to put serious economic sanctions on countries who support ISIS, there won't beIt's not the issue of countries supporting ISIS, it's western world countries who sit idly back while the Qatari government gets away with slave labour, not paying their workers for months on end, having them live in slums with 5-7 people per room, confiscating their passports so they can't leave, and having the worst safety record on construction sights with ZERO oversight and care about the deaths of migrant workers. Many journalists write these big expose iase on the state of construction within Qatar, and some politicians say a few things how they condemn Qataris for doing this when they are trying to get something else passed. But nothing really happens.Slaves are hardly the biggest issue(for whatWestern interests are, of course) when you're talking about Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. the real issue is that they support financially terrorist cells in the Middle East and the Maghreb, while also sending hate-preaching wahabite Imams to European banlieus to preach action against Western Countries. But some Presidents are still going to the funerals of the house of Saud. Regardless of what his countrymen/relatives do, Saudi Arabia is still ostensibly an ally. You attend the funeral when your ally's head of state/government dies. It's diplomatic etiquette.
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    It's very possible to do something without doing something so grey and so over-the-top. (Two words I never expected to go together in any circumstance.) I think it qualifies GFGS because grey becomes the main color of the uniform when the only uses of grey Tech has ever used in the past are as an accent, or as a pants color. If that's not enough, then the less offensive, but still awful grey versions of their normal uniforms work in the place of these.
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    NFL: Bucs MLB: Rangers (TEXAS word mark, Red/Blue cap swapping, weird player name font) NHL: Avalanche NBA: Sixers
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    Hey there, I have been designing cycling jerseys for over a decade, from small clubs to pro teams. The vast majority of jerseys have raglan sleeves, there are a few who use set in, but the seams over shoulders are an issue as riders are in an arms up position most of the time while riding in the drops. Also add side panels. This is prime sponsor space. Other than that this is a great template. Hey FFWally, did not expect to receive any more feedback on this. Thank you very much for your input. I refined the areas that you referred to and also put in a design to see how it works. atbw Daniel
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    ^ Are those Cowboys pants manufactured by Nike or are they outsourced like the Raiders do?
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