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    this is what your dawg pound logo makes me think of
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    Aren't the Browns technically named in honor of an old NFL team that used to play in Cleveland and was named for Paul Brown?
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    Browns season ticket holder here. I like the Brown facemask. I wasn't ever thrilled with the gray cage, but wasn't really against it, either. As for what's been said about the uniforms/logos. I wanted a logo. But, I wanted the uniforms mostly to be left alone. Color shading didn't matter to me. In fact, I felt the Browns had too much of a creamsicle look, especially when they wore the orange pants or the orange jersey (thank god those two didn't exist in the same season). Issue with the brown pants was, as mentioned, the lack of a stripe equal to the white or orange pants. But, back to the logo. I wanted something for merchandise. I wanted a team logo that could be placed about the stadium, on publications, etc that would, if not immediately, would become our 'identity' when off the field, but the iconic orange logo-less helmet would be our identity on it. Sadly, the team failed to learn. They seemed to go in the complete opposite direction, and it appears because they a) didn't ask the right questions, and made assumptions based on those questions' answers. Namely, fans didn't want a logo on the helmet and were defiant about it. I agree. I do not want a logo on the helmet. We've gone since 1946 without a logo on the helmet, why start now? However, they seemed to make the assumption that not wanting a helmet logo meant not wanting a logo. Which was idiotic at best, or 'That's the Browns" at worst. Problem is, I don't think they asked these 'focus groups' what they wanted with regard to a logo. Or whether they were happy with the helmet logo. In fact, I'm faily confident that they gave fans the option: get a helmet logo and merchandise logo, or maintain the status quo. This reminds me of the College Football Playoff. The fact that nobody could agree on a 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 team playoffs, neutral site/bowl games/home field, December, January, etc schedule that somehow the status quo was what the majority wanted. Without realizing that the majority would take any form of a playoff over the BCS. I have two shirts my fiancee has purchased for me. Both are simple wordmark shirts that read "CLEVELAND BROWNS" in two rows. That's it. The one has a very tine helmet under BROWNS about the size of a quarter. I'm not interested in wearing a giant orange helmet anymore. Mostly because they had other options that would work for merchandise. The football B, the dawghead logo, the elf, anything. I bought them and wore those. Or the jersey itself. But, it just seemed idiotic that today, in 2015, we're using, essentially, the logo that Art Modell pioneered. He hated the Elf, I say bring him back. The best the Browns ever did was with the Elf. The most heartbreaking times in our existence (3 AFC championship losses, two playoff losses to Pittsburgh, losing our team for THREE years, etc) all happened when we just had a helmet as our logo. I think that about sums it up.
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    NOW UP AFC NORTH Steelers - Browns - Bengals - Ravens -
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    Those all look good until you get to the waistband. Those shorts are wretched.
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    The Cleveland Browns were not named after a color, but after Paul Brown. There is no need for their helmet to be brown. Also, yes, we know poop is brown. The joke has been made thousands of times before. Thank you.
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    Finally, the Aztecs uniforms HOME yellow AWAY white ALT green Thanks to @dolphinsmanatee and @llfhockey for the template
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    Just something I was playing around with... by no means is this a "prediction".
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    I just dislike the Spain front numbers being off center... Maybe slide the design over a little or squish it?
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    I second the TRoy comment. We Want Clowns! We Want Clowns! We Want Clowns! #WeWantClowns
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    the arm sleeves left blank really got me. you have a nice start here but there needs to be consistancy through out. For example puting a gold line between the orange and the white. also having the bottom stripes on the arms. it just makes every thing more even.
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    Must have been a spot he really needed on his bingo card.
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    Ahh... I would appreciate any help on team names. Uppsala has the Slott, the Cathedral and the Kings Mounds. So I incorporated Norse Mythology. Tors Hammer. I am open to better choices for team names in Sweden. Fotbol clubs are AIK, BK Häcken, Malmö FF, so help with naming would be appreciated. Malmö is a port city. I looked at Kraken? Jag har tillbringat sex månader bor i Uppsala, men min bakgrund på svenska idrotten cykling och kusiner i Allsvenskan, Mens och Womens. Jag skulle uppskatta hjälp med bättre namn ... sjömän är inte satt i sten.I like Malmö Sailor(Sjöman) but I know many teams from Skåne uses birds like Malmö Redhawks uses a Redhawk and Rögle BK uses a Griffin like bird on there logo and Skåne Kommun uses a griffin on their weapon. But I think Sjömän will work for Malmö but if you had plans for a team i Karlskrona it would work even better If you want some inspiration for future teams check this out http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kommunvapen_i_Sverige There you have some ideas for teams like: Karskrona Anchors, Visby Rams, Södertälje Saints, Örebro Eagles etc
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    It's a nice logo, definitely. But I also saw those as baseball bats initially. I think you probably could have left the bases off of the bottom of the poles and they would have been fine.
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    No. Thats right Gothamite this is the original Browns for sure! Quietly waiting for IceCap to start commenting..... They're only the original Browns if you closed your eyes and put your hands over your ears going "lalala I can't hear you" between 1996 and 1999 The NFL disgraced itself when it "transferred the history" (as though such a thing were possible in the world of reality) of the Browns/Ravens franchise to the expansion Browns. The appalling dishonesty of the whole matter continues to disgust. With that act of pandering, the NFL set a terrible precedent which has left a toxic wake across the sports landscape, as evidenced by the San Jose Earthquakes and the Charlotte Hornets. And the next version of the Seattle SuperSonics will do further violence to actual history, making us all collectively a bit dumber still. So it's right that historically-minded people continue to complain about this travesty. The most ridiculous part is that it was unnecessary to do this in order for Cleveland to have its Browns; the new team could still have been called the Browns without this ahistorical nonsense. The template was set in baseball: the expansion Washington Senators existed just fine without the Major Leagues "transferring the history" of the original Washington Senators after they had moved to Minnesota. Aaaaanyway...back to the logos.
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    I think the torch-and-stars logo would be a pretty sweet waistband logo, instead of reusing the IU trident.
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    I wasn't making a point, I was making a joke. Just thought it was funny that a fan of team A would say "team B will wear anything" and then post a pic of team B wearing a color team A has already worn. Guess it didn't come across that way. I don't take any more offense to Baylor wearing grey than I did when TCU wore it. It isn't a school color, and looks like garbage, so why wear it?
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    It can't be for the Isles, it doesn't have 4 stripes anywhere!
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    Would be nice but I highly doubt the Wings are involved 2 seasons in a row (and 3 out of 4). They're not the Blackhawks.
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    I'm an equipment manager. Granted, I don't work in the NFL, but I have worked with college football. First off, most helmets DO make it the entire season without cracking. Cracks do happen, but not very often. If I had to guess, the most number of cracks I've seen during a season is around 5, and that's for the whole team. Riddell stopped making new VSR-4s a few years ago. That is the truth. Everyone at Riddell I've talked to will tell you the same thing. The reason that Tom Brady or Jared Allen or anyone else can wear one of those is because the team has extra shells on hand. When they run out of shells, those helmets are gone. They can't get new ones. Riddell would much rather a team purchase a new Speed Flex than a bunch of old shells for a helmet that rates at the bottom of those Va Tech safety studies. Your assertion that the equipment manager is lying (or part of some conspiracy) is ridiculous.
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    Thank you! Surprisingly, nobody said that about Royal Princeton SC (the first concept of this series), who has 12 championships. Glad you like Henderson, though! Thank you! And I surely like incorporating y'all's suggestions into my concepts! Thank you! And as I said above, I'm surprised at how nobody's said that about Princeton. Haha... The marker surely does show the design better, thanks for your suggestion in that matter! Those colors surely look great together, don't they? Glad you liked Henderson! Glad you liked Henderson! Surely was a fun one for me to make, indeed! --------------------------------------------------------------- League I Windport SC Windport City, Monquin Founded: 1967 Last Promoted: 2013 Championships: 0 Windport City (founded by the Spanish as Puerto Viento, "Wind Port") is notable for setting the lead in the nation for the movement towards clean and renewable energy, which has become dramatically widespread throughout Los Altos. Furthermore, the Alton Space Program is based in the outskirts of the Windport City area. The crest combines these two identities into a single image, with a wind turbine taking prominence in the center of the crest, which itself is shaped like a rocket ship. The stripes on the crest represent wind (it is Windport City, after all) and the 13 stripes represent that Monquin is the 13th state in the nation. The home kit emphasized wind and the blue sky and a "W" pattern is sublimated into the design, splitting at the left edge of the jersey. While the home jersey emphasizes renewable energy, the clash jersey represents the city's space culture, with the gray and black stripes representing the night sky and the yellow representing the stars. The kits are supplied by Puma (I can never draw the puma in the logo right) and the sponsor is Tesla Motors, which has a large industrial presence in the Windport Area. Enjoy! ~ Daryl
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    I miss seeing this helmet graphic for teams. Reminds me of the 80's.
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    On their white helmets the script is white with a red outline. I'm not a fan of either. The rest of the Wings' uniform is as simple as it gets, so the switch is an unnecessary step away from that simplicity. I agree that's a stupid change and there was no good reason for it. It doesn't do anything to improve their look. They probably did it just to mess with people like us who obsess over small details haha.
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    Exactly. The Galaxy should be able to wear their whites everywhere, except when they go to a place like Vancouver. Then and only then, change kit. But I do like stepping outside the regular color scheme just a little for that change kit. Especially when you can make it traditional, like Arsenal's blue and gold.
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    I believe you mean dobry wieczór. Nice concept here! Hard to imagine why they didn't accept it. It's a really nice logo.
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    The reason it wasn't clear-cut for most people is that Paul Brown originally didn't want the team named after him. For those that don't know, Paul Brown was a mythical coach that started coaching HS football for the Massillon Tigers. After creating a 'super team' at that level, he moved on to Ohio State, where he won a national championship. He then coached for a military team during the war and then rather than return to Ohio State, opted to join the new AAFC venture in Cleveland. The fan support for him was so huge, it was just a given that the team would be named after him. Plus, the team was continuously referenced as "Paul Brown's team" which becomes "Browns team". (similar note: Thiel Tomcats in NCAA D3 were so named because they had a coach named Tom while being called the Huskies that another coach said they played like "wild cats", and since the coach was named Tom, they were Tom's Cats... Tomcats, purely organic and no focus group needed). The problem with the Browns was, that Paul Brown did NOT want the team named after him. He thought it was too much praise, given that he had yet to even coach the team. So, the original owner opted to name them the Panthers instead. However, there already was a team that had already used that name and, though dormant, refused to giveup rights to the name. So, it went back to Brown and asked if they could, again, use his name for the team. He agreed, however refused to let the team acknowledge that they were named after him. Although nobody could believe for a second they weren't named after him. They also kept his color scheme (Massillon wore black and orange, Bowling Green wore Brown and orange, and so his new team used Brown and Orange as well, because the brown jersey hid the ball and the orange helmet made it easier for the QB to find his receivers down field, the uniforms were entirely based on advantages). When he started the Bengals, he went back to the 'Tiger' genre he started with at Massillon, including using black and orange. He, too, wanted to use a blank orange shell for the Bengals, but the NFL said he couldn't. So, he put a plain BENGALS across the helmet. Now, those that may not know much about early NFL,... but Paul Brown coached the Browns to seven championships in ten championships games in the first ten years he coached professional football. Otto Graham was his QB those first ten years. He won FIVE straight to start as coach (4 in AAFC, 1 in NFL), before winning two more in the next 5 years. And this is where his legend is cemented, in my mind. Cleveland had an NFL team in 1945 known as the Cleveland Rams. They JUST won the NFL Championship over Washington, 15-14, in 1945. With the creation of the Browns, the Rams suddenly had lost their entire fan support to stay in Cleveland, as the Browns secured the lease to Municipal Stadium. The Rams moved to Los Angeles that offseason. Now, you're the coach of a team that bears your name and your city's CHAMPIONSHIP team had to leave because the support your new team got. And yet, you win five straight championships to start the team's existence? Unworldly is the best I can describe it. And, after 4 years of laying waste to the AAFC (which included the SF 49ers and the original Baltimore Colts, who also joined the NFL), the NFL finally gets to put the Browns in their place. The 1949 champion, the Philadelphia Eagles (who beat the aforementioned LA Rams in the championship game), were scheduled as the Browns first opponent. The NFL wanted to put prove they were the better league with better teams. Browns won, 35-10. They finish the regular season at 10-2 with two losses to the Giants. Who, they then beat 8-3 for the right to play... you guessed it, Cleveland's former team, the LA Rams in Cleveland on Christmas Eve Day. Browns win 30-28 on a Lou Groza (the street the stadium is on is named after him) field goal late in the game. You have to be a great coach for that to work in your favor. You couldn't even conceive of anything like that happening today. If a new team was named after a coach, they'd have a target on them every week. The team would basically be giving them the right to coach for life. Which, is why, sadly, new owner Art Modell's decision to fire him that much more appalling.
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    I think the Blues are due to learn from their previous post season failures and make a run. Part hunch, part wishful thinking because I love their new uniforms. Nashville has been spectacular this season but so was Colorado last year. Not saying they will suffer the same fate but I'm not convinced they are unstoppable... Not yet anyways.
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    Like this? I did one using the city shield a couple years ago, too. It would be really easy to incorporate.
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    No cartoony number font Orange Pants Great modern jersey Orange Pants Nothing too ridiculous Orange Pants!​
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    Are the lakers going to have a polish sausage????????????? Nice job btw. That was just intended to be funny
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    this is an amazing work, it's also a great looking for any sport event such like a baseball or basketball tournament! But seriously this is too good to pass over! Nicely done!
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    Why are you looking for an argument? Why can't you just say "Cal has worn gray" and then link your pic and move on. And I don't even understand how what he said has anything to do with Cal, but what do I know
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    First, Dzien Dobry! Welcome! I don't normally comment on concepts here on the CCSLC (because, sorry to say, most stink) but I have to say, well done!
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    wildcard playoff games are such a bad idea it's amazing the NHL isn't already doing it. Please don't further mess with the best playoffs in sports. It's nearly perfect.
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    Meh, I only like the wordmark from all of the design.
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    Keep in mind that a lot of times the ads are tailored to you based on your history/cookies. I've had several ads for my big and tall clothing sites after I tried to fruitlessly search for size 20 shoes. So, if you're getting more NSFW ads, might want to clear out the cookies...
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    I sincerely hope not. I'm of the mind that a Rhode Island Red-based identity package should be reserved for an ice hockey team in the state. Preferably, a rebranded Providence Bruins AHL franchise. Ice hockey is the sport that the Reds name - and, by extension, Rhode Island Red imagery - has been most identified with over the years. That tradition should be preserved.
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    The new orange is dark enough to stand out on a white jersey, especially if trimmed in brown. I wonder if that's one of the "bold" uniform changes.
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    That wordmark looks great on a baseball uniform. The only change I would make is to replace the jayhawk logo on the cap with the KU wordmark.
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    I think a certain Charlie O. would like to speak to you from the grave. At least there's only one hat/pair of socks! Also I'm pretty sure one of those yellow unis were only practice unis. But you could say they're the grandfather. From the beginning of that set in 1972, the A's used the yellow and green pants very very infrequently. (Though Vida Blue did make one high-profile appearance wearing yellow-over-yellow in the 1975 All-Star Game.) Like the Indians, Orioles, and Phillies, the A's abandoned their dark pants after only a few outings; the team eventually used only the white pants, and so wound up with three uniforms. The A's never even experimented with green-over-yellow or yellow-over-green, which would have been the equivalent of the the Pirates' unsightly black-over-yellow and yellow-over-black combinations. Unlike the embarassing garb sported by the Pirates, the A's uniforms actually looked sharp and dignified. I'd say that the A's were the only team wearing pullover and/or beltless uniforms who ever looked really beautiful . Blah blah blah
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    yea the asymmetrical design choices were made to reflect their unconventional offensive philosophy. Nike's whole line of Pro Combats in 2010 were based on the same kind of thing; there was a lot of thought put into those designs. ever since then, schools have just copied whatever they liked best and turned them into terrible trends
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