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    Sorry, the "most fantastic uniforms ever" thread is thataway.
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    But you have to understand that "well, that's the rule, and they broke it, and they have to be punished" is a mentality that, unless you have a career in computer science, is incompatible with real life. Even cops and judges let people off with warnings. Sometimes people break good rules for good reasons. Sometimes people break bad rules for good reasons. Sometimes people break rules for bad reasons but everything manages to keep functioning because it wasn't that important in the first place. And then you have high schools, where there are so many rules flying around that you practically need to buy the program to tell which are the good ones and which are the bad ones. OPTIONAL DIGRESSION: Anyway, for better or worse, the pinkwashing trend has been so ubiquitous in professional and pseudo-professional (read: college) sports that impressionable kids have it in their heads that taking things that are not normally a particular shade of pink and making them a particular shade of pink is the accepted means by which one demonstrates and raises funds for breast cancer awareness. Whatever our grown-up thoughts may be on Komen media-blitzing and the folly of further raising awareness of something which one would think is just about at peak awareness levels, this is the weird consumer reality we live in, and if these kids -- who, for all we know, may have perfectly good personal reasons for caring this much about breast cancer -- want to do this, you're not going to make the world a better place by giving them an elaborate lecture on the emptiness and, quite frankly, the darkness of the whole Komen marketing machine, and you sure as hell aren't going to make the world a better place by punishing them for violating high-school-athletic-federation uniform protocol. And oh, by the way, not sure if it made national news yet, like the rest of the Jackie Robinson West scandal did, but the Little League coach from the neighboring district who did all the investigating to make sure everyone was playing by the rules because the rules are important and without following the rules we'll all descend into anarchy? OPTIONAL DIGRESSION: He just got popped for getting 'faced, chasing a woman down, and banging on her front door trying to get into her house. Now I'm not necessarily saying that every adult who is overly concerned with the bureaucratic minutiae of children's lives is probably a mean drunk with bad intentions, but it certainly wouldn't throw the planet off its axis if we all lightened up about stupid crap that doesn't really matter. Now let's get back to discussing these wordmarks! The school's name is "Narbonne," but the wordmarks just say "Bonne"? These uniforms bite, blow, and suck. And look at the logo creep! Go away, Nike.
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    This thread is now "post anything from the 90's" For the most 90's-tastic uniform it's tough to beat the Pistons teal. There will never be another time when it'd be okay for a team from Detroit, Michigan to wear teal. Like previously said, that had all the dated hallmarks of 90's style. There were other teams who totally jumped on the trends of the day (the Islanders, Houston Rockets, and Anaheim Angels come to mind), but none were so shameless about it and none of those 90's rebrands were ever as ill-fitting for the franchise as teal was the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons threw out all their (recent) history to play trend follower, which is why they were only around for 5 or 6 years. I actually liked the logo, though. When they first switched back to blue and red they still used the logo and it stands up in those colors better than it did in teal and yellow and black. It's a much better logo than the plain basketball and nothing says it has to appear on the uniforms. I wouldn't mind if they still used it as their primary.
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    I've said it close to a billion times on these boards, but man say what you will about the Dolphins' new unis (I like them more than past), but the new Aqua color is amazing. They nailed that out of the park. Perfect color to represent South Florida
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    No one's obligated to do anything! It's a bunch of seventeen-year-olds. American public high schools are already Kafkaesque hellholes of rules and doors and technicalities and pathetic low-rent administrative confusion. Let people at least loosen up for extracurriculars. If kids on a basketball team want to tie-dye their uniforms because they're going through a Grateful Dead phase or something, then wtfever. It'd be something to look back on and smile about as adults when their lives are really crushed by the massive gears of the real world.
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    By far my favorite one. Why you ask. Because it's the first one to use color balancing. If there's anything I dislike about the set it is the socks for the away. I would try and find a way to use the same pattern from the home set.
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    That Kerry Kittles?I actually had those shorts. Had an Arkansas pair too. I'm guessing Apex is no longer in business?
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    To save space. It's easier to see your recent thoughts all in one post rather than post after post after post.
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    Recently, I know the Memphis Tams faux-backs did it: Oregon did it last year too (same colors interestingly enough) The Wizards gold alt was that way: Going way back to the St. Louis Bombers (it seemed more common back then):
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    Sorry, the "most fantastic uniforms ever" thread is thataway. No, you're confusing those with these... I greatly enjoy both of these things!
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    These got to be up there... The Devil Ray's first identity was ingenious, take away the gradient and it's as bland as a paint. Talk about an effective way of making your logo stand out.
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    Some of you may have seen the Johnny Canuck-roundel mockup I did in the 2014/15 NHL Uniforms Thread. For those who haven't, I decided to post it here along with some jersey concepts. Just a note, I do plan on adding a green alternate eventually. C&C would be great on these.
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    *whispers in your ear*: “Hail Hydra.”
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    If you took that as a personal attack, no wonder you have the perspective you do about HS and the real world. And I couldn't care less about making you rethink your approach. I gave my opinion, you responded with WGAF about what uniforms high school sports teams wear, I said it wasn't about that-it was about not having rules you aren't going to enforce and you went on to complain about high schools and the real world. At no point was I trying to attack you or change your mind about anything. I've got my opinion and don't expect everyone, or anyone, to share it. Feel free to have whatever opinion you'd like about pink uniforms, enforcement of rules, HS and the real world.
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    these (as well as the rest of the set) could be worn tonight and still look good if not better than the current ones.
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    Not to be "that guy", but... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Phantoms
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    And teal vs. purple All Star game. How more 90s can it be?
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    Let me help you out...the city pulled its name from the river of the same, which translated from French means "of the monks". An alternate source claims Algonquian roots, particularly the word "Moingona", supposedly from one of the clans indigenous to the area before Europeans showed up on the scene. (I only know this because I used to live there.)
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    Oregon and OSU went color-vs-color in the Civil War.
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    Why do people keep saying this?? McCoy is only 26.
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    OK i made some changes. Logo- Circle, no FC, kept the old logo for comparison On the kits the logo has a white circle behind it so I don't have to change the colors of the logo made the tesla logo bigger and repositioned it away kit- made name and number same color I just edited the original post so look there for the update
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    Is it wrong that I love every one of these uniforms minus Sacramento? I'm sure it probably has to do with me being in junior high for most of these and at the peak of my NBA fandom.
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    I would imagine that there would be a good handful of Cubs fans who would be willing to make the extra 100 mile drive to some games, because Cubs fans seem pretty mobile, but I can't imagine that would fly with most Chicago area Cubs fans for a full season. I'd take the risk of extra possible rainouts rather than crater your local fan base for a full year.
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    Bonus for using Mookie Blaylock, the original namesake of 90s band Pearl Jam.
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    Totally agree. This tone looks way better than the previous one.
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    Stockholm over Copenhagen 15-6 Berlin over Zurich 13-8 Next up the other half! I hate this...it pains me so to not vote for any of the four. Barcelona Dublin
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    In It 2 Winnik has a novel idea! If you're a young, rebuilding team, what's the first thing you should do? Trade a 21 year old, former first round pick for a 27 year old goalie and a draft pick! Yay! Leafs fans on that board are just awful with trade proposals. Thank god, for the most part, we only have knowledge and rational Leafs fans here. I swear, they're three weeks away from asking for Crosby from Pittsburgh in exchange for the privilege of playing in Toronto. EDIT: Apparently, no one is allowed to talk about "anals" anymore. I made a comment, saying that the thread was funnier because of the typo, and it was swiftly deleted. Savages and fascists over there, I tell ya.
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    After going back and forth with the new coach, this is the compromise, and Im happy with it.
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    I'm bumping this back up because I have updated the uniforms. I have moved to a new template, as well as started using Illustrator for uniforms. In this update, I have gotten rid of using the Canucks current name and number font and am now using the Kings alternate font for the name, and the Blues font for the number.
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    This without a doubt: It hits all the required Nineties uniform tropes: 1. Teal! 2. Cheesy cartoonish logo 3. Too many colors 4. Goofy number font 5. Bad, asymmetrical team name font
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    This is Mike Smith's mask for throwback night: And then brace yourselves for the back of it:
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    That would look downright AWFUL.AWFUL like this Titans disaster... (Closest match I could think of) Those look fine because they are balanced out with the shoulder yoke.
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    we (have) tank here everyday.
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    I know this is trivializing, but let's say your shoe is untied. Do you keep walking with an untied shoe until you're clomping around with a shoe barely on your foot before your foot finally comes out and you trip and fall, all the while looking like some idiot who can't tie his shoes, or do you kneel down and tie your stupid shoe already? The Sabres are finally tying their shoe. But I think they'll get where they're going. The Sharks are going to faceplant into a puddle of mud.
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    Buzz's girlfriend in Home Alone. Woof.
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    RedLEGS you communist bastard!
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    I always thought the black hat with the A logo and teal bill was far better than the all-black hat with the D logo that replaced it -- maybe even the best D'Backs hat of all. But that could be just because I've never liked how they had two different monogram logos.
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    Regarding the Padres, I don't think there's a stronger candidate for "nailed it the first time, but crapped it all away". I can't, for the life of me, figure out why they deviated from this (and relatively quick, too). It was, in my opinion, an infinitely better uniform than anything they've worn since. It was a shame that the uniforms sort of "devolved" from a sharp, classy set to the definition of gaudy and overbearing in the late 70's-early 80's. I feel like, save for the colors, the Padres came really close to having a great uniform with their latest set. I really especially love the double piping and the overall classic look. If the Padres were to keep that idea and interchange everything that is navy and sand with brown and gold, I feel like we're looking at the new best uniform in Padres history.
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    Purple/silver/black was the best color scheme the Kings had, though it bears mentioning that they nicked it from the Sacramento Kings, just as they borrowed from the Raiders and Lakers before (and after) that.
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    And here's a comparison on the white uniforms with the new roundel JC (with the white outline around JC) and full-bodied JC.
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    Still MIGHTY - I had thought that too, but that's why I kept the full-bodied Johnny Canuck logo in the set. Couple of different options here. Changed the font on the first one and for the second I loosened up the kerning and added 19 and 70 to the sides of the roundel. I'm not too sure on the 19 and 70. It's supposed to represent the Canucks first year in the league but having the number split in half makes it seem like they are supposed to be separate. I'll let you guys be the judge.
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    From the past few weeks: http://storage.edmontonsun.com/v1/dynamic_resize/sws_path/suns-prod-images/1297608995761_ORIGINAL.jpg?quality=80&size=650x All are particularly bad.
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    Beautiful work. I must say, though, that one criticism I have is the helmet logos. The Ducks logo should both facing the same way, with the heel of the footstep towards the front. The Canucks helmet is beautiful beyond words. The Blackhawks logo is also a C, but the C is more pronounced and central in this logo, so putting it backwards on one side seems worse-looking. To be honest, I think the primary logo (facing forward on both sides) is the way to go, or if you don't want the face to be so front and center, I think putting the feathers on the helmets similar to how they are on the head would look unique and really cool. The C logo can replace the head on the hips. Other than that, I love this. Can't wait for the New York teams.
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    I like the Blackhawks for the most part, but even if the Blackhawks head IS the true primary logo, I think the pans would look better if the feathers were in place of the head. Not sure they look quite right across the stripes.
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