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    "The matte side signifies the rich history of the Cleveland Browns, dating back to 1946. The chrome side reflects the bright future the city of Cleveland can look forward to with these new-look Cleveland Browns. The helmet as a whole is a literal complete history of the team, encompassing all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. The helmet is love. The helmet is life. The helmet will give immortality to those who wear it. ALL GLORY TO THE NEW HELMET. The brown remains unchanged."
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    Those jerseys didn't get anything right
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    I think he had bigger things to worry about than handing the "reins to someone else" like, you know, cancer.
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    What'd you want him to do? He was dealing with something more important. The only thing I find selfish is your post calling him selfish. I'm blown away by the lack of caring by people for real life. Hockey is a game. Dying of cancer is real life.
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    I am still kind of new to concept making. I've done a few before but I am not the best. However practice makes slightly better. So here is my first team, Anaheim. I drew inspiration from their original EDGE jerseys but edited it to look better. **UPDATED VERSION ON POST #4** C&C more than welcome
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    Some of you guys are selling Milwaukee short. Wisconsin is a cold state with lots of interest in hockey, there's a much higher passion for spectator and participation sports per capita than other states, and the governor is a fetal-alcohol-lookin' dickhole who loves giving tax money to billionaires. If you ask me, the stage is set!
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    Oslo Drager (Norwegian for Dragons-of the Viking longships, the drakkar is probably the best-known style, with a dragon's head as the bow and its tail as the stern). Copenhagen Kongelige (Danish for Royals-thanks to Hamlet, the best known distinctly known thing about Denmark is its royalty)
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    The UC-Irvine/Louisville game was a great game. Eaters almost got 'em.
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    Just the black trim alone, which they tacked on to their home & roads about a decade ago. No thanks.
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    So how about a list of very specific BFBS/GFGS offenders: Schools that have a color in their name but frequently or always forgo the use of that color for black or gray. Here's a partial list in college hoops: Duke Blue Devils (part-time black road jersey; at least they wear blue too) Harvard Crimson (full-time black) Tulsa Golden Hurricane (forgo gold for both white and black) St. John's Red Storm (gray) North Texas Mean Green (black) Niagara Purple (black) ...I believe the St. Francis (PA) Red Flash wear black instead of red, but I'm not 100% sure ...The California Golden Bears generally wear yellow/gold and navy, but didn't they have a GFGS alternate a couple years ago? Minnesota Golden Gophers (black alternate, fortunately not in full-time use at this time) Tulane Green Wave (black, but I believe they sometimes wear their green jerseys too) Southern Miss Golden Eagles (black is a school color for them, but do they have a yellow/gold jersey, or is it just white at home and black on the road?) Wichita State Shockers (black is a school color, but they get an honorable mention for no longer wearing the yellow color that a shock of wheat is) I'm sure I'm missing a few...feel free to add to the list. Haha, I had just mentioned their avoidance of yellow jerseys. Great (or greatly disturbed) minds think alike, eh?
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    Wichita State breaking out their GFGS today vs. Indiana -- WHYYY when the Shockers can just wear their yellow?
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    A little gold (cream? beige? whatever.) could go a long way for the Harvard hoopsters.
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    Do you mean what program, or how I draw them? Everything for those is just done in paint. For logos and such, I just draw freehand with the pencil tool, or if I need to I make circles and lines. I bring up images of trophies or logos and draw to the best of my ability. Since the scale is so small, it's less about creating exact replicas, and more about drawing something that, when zoomed out, is readily recognized. This becomes apparent on some logos with writing, where lettering is just a line or two with notches to look like words. God you make it look easy Maybe I should make a video showing my process with that like I did with the others. We'll see. Now for the requests... I decided to take a crack at Moser's. Hope it's good enough: For MBurmy I switched the middle images so Elvis would face in towards the middle. I like orienting the images as such as if feels more balanced. Hope that's okay: biscuit:
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    I agree with you Ralph. The Rockets had really beautiful courts from the 1995-2003 :-) we should thanks to kodrinsky for these and all of his courts concepts :-)
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    At this point they won't be done by opening day. The RF bleachers won't be useable until June or July. The rest of the park is still usable, though. They didn't do the full renovation this year, and when they do, it will likely require an entire season. Gotcha. Just out of curiosity, when they do the full renovation, do you have any idea where the Cubs will play? No. They haven't even talked about that yet, and I'm not sure if they've even officially come to an agreement with the city about fixing the rest of the structure. I'm not a Cubs fan, so I don't know the full story here. If it comes to them missing an entire season, there's no way the politicians would allow them to leave Chicago for an entire year. They'll end up at US Cellular Field.
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    Reflection of the dysfunctional management and owner's inability to make sane decisions.
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    I just remember the teeth-gnashing I would do back in the day reading those dept store catalogs when the 'Team Available" section hardly ever contained the Lions. You young guys don't know how good you have it! /old man Also those peanut machines are awesome, and are probably a real collector's item at this point. I couldn't find one out on eBay.
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    Secondary Logo I wanted something that utilized a symbol of Vegas for the secondary, to be used as a shoulder patch and for merchandising. The "compass-star" is a common element in heraldry, so I took a piece of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign...and "knighted" it...
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    Primary Logo I've combined the knight chess piece with the "bK" monogram to create the primary logo. Here's the colour version and a B&W simpler version for small applications...
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    Cool idea! And maybe the concession stands can sell organic soy hot dogs and small batch craft beer. Don't forget the kale chips for the kids! And the first thousand fans who arrive get a free unicorn that poops gumdrops. In short: all these things will never happen. Still: I love your work and it is a noble idea!
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    Without the Twitter stuff?! Twitter handles in place of NOBs is probably the plan for next year's All Star Game.
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    Really nice job on all of these, great updates without going too crazy. In the Nike'fied world which we currently live in, it's nice to see what you're doing.
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    First up for uniforms: Baseball
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    Can I call it now? The NHL announces two expansion teams, netting the Coyotes ~$30M in expansion fees before they can reach the magical $50M threshold.
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    "I don't mean to rag on the guy, but let me rag on him..."
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    Can we all agree that Florida, Texas, and Arizona are too warm for hockey and their teams should be moved first?
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    Agreed. That's why you have to put on it to attract Final Fours and other large indoor events. That's why Cleveland really screwed up not putting a dome on the Browns Stadium. Yeah, because when I think of a great site for really big events with global exposure, Cleveland comes immediately to mind... I honestly think the A's should get a group of the team's businessmen from San Jose - the area within about a square mile of where they want to put a stadium - together, help them get organized, donate $1 million to them, and then persuade them to file a federal anti-trust suit against Major League Baseball. They could easily claim that by prohibiting the A's from relocating to the site proposed for the stadium, MLB is using its monopoly powers in a fashion that restraints trade (specifically, theirs) - action which constitutes a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Win or lose, the mix of PR nightmare and even a sliver of a chance that they could lose a $ 1 billion anti-trust suit (which, for reasons I've never understood, would be trebeled under federal law) might help the A's in a resolution. Nah, that's a bull :censored: argument. There. FTFY.
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    May I ask what planet you are from? anyone can have an opinion. That is just one I haven't heard in awhile.
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    Nothing about the Devils Red and Green look has ever reminded me of Christmas. As Ice Cap said earlier, the colours are reflective of the Italian population of area. They don't remind me of Christmas any more than a sign at a pizzeria. Awesome mockup though. Maybe the green should be a little darker. Incidentally the reason green was ditched in the first place was due to the production issues associated with replicating it.
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    Biscuits, why don't you just stop posting in this thread until you have a concept prepared. You're pushing threads with real concepts in them further down the line while not actually contributing anything to the boards.
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    Dang it Iowa State. I take a huge leap sending them to Indy in my bracket and this is how March responds! That's the risk with big gambles, though. You're either the one guy in the world who truly had a "gut feeling" about Butler a few years back and enjoyed some great compensation, or your face down in the bracket floor screaming "FORGET YOU CYCLONES!!!" I'm hoping Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Virginia (my underdog champ!) help me out...
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    Yeah! I liked that idea! Why not???? It should be fun!
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    I wore black pants for a season or two when I played Little League. I'm so ashamed.
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    Conrad has it available for download.
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    I like these a lot. the only thing I would change is leaving the name as it is now, white outlined in blue on the black jersey, white outlined in black on the blue jersey, and black outlined in blue on the black jersey. the outlined name works really well in football imo. also, black pants with the blue and black jerseys would look great. other than that, these are great.
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    If we keep it up then the thread will end up Jack-jacked.
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    Thank you. Most of the anti-Adidas crowd loves to kneel at the feet of the almighty Swoosh™, just because it's Nike. Yes, we know Adidas has put out some ugly templates lately. But as Buc said, Adidas was not the first to template its teams. Nor add unnecessary colors. Or oversized collars. And illegible uniforms.
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    I'm really enjoying how many companies are opting for a more simplistic and cleaner look
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    From the AdAge article above: OH THANK GOD. I was nervous for a minute!
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    Wouldn't this look so much better than what they have today? Until they wear it with black jerseys and pants. Then they'll look like a high school team.
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    Big Baby Davis will NEVER be able to roll in his grave, they can´t build them that big
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    Looks great, one of the best updates I've seen for the Panthers. Your English is perfectly fine, dont worry! Minor suggestions: black pants, and if you're tweaking the font, try to find a way to work grey into it. White numbers look a tad off on the blacks especially, as white isn't used anywhere else on the uniform (which I'm a fan of).
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    Tiniest little detail would be the black nike logo on the sleeves of the black jersey, great upgrade using the silver very well in this concept
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    Welcome to the boards! Great start here. This is actually the only Panthers concept I ever liked.
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    The Summit (1996/1997)
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    Needs less black. IMO, a Dolphins-like scheme would have been nice.
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