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    Plot twist: the question mark in the blue circle IS the new logo. The site will be renamed "Chris Creamer Sports Logo Community & International Riddler Fan Club"
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    I was hoping Brandiose designed it, so the site can have 14 secondary logos and a swingin' star/maple leaf.
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    Michael, I like this series overall but now you're just promoting unrealistic beauty standards for numbers.
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    "The white in the 'C' has been brightened to 'True North' White, embodying the passion and creativity of the CCSLC and its members. The outline of the maple leaf has been refined and sharpened, and the red has been brightened. This new, 'Stripes and Maples' red proudly represents strength, clarity, and consistency, cornerstones of Sportslogos.net. The blue remains unchanged."
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    White C inside a basketball with WE THE LOGOS above it in Vegas gold.
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    I actually enjoy the out of sports. You can have a critical look at the team and still enjoy it. I've actually really enjoyed this Ducks season, more than some others, and I am going to enjoy the playoffs. I always do.
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    I really hope that there is some type of black stripe incorporated into the logo to forever memorialize the fallen "Babe of the Week" thread. Never forget.
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    If Chris doesn't present this with a full blown Nike bull explanation, I'm going to be severely disappointed. Not mad, just disappointed.
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    Chris should try to hire Jony Ive from Apple to narrate a logo unveiling video.
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    "With this update we intend to modernize the Chris Creamer brand, bringing it full-bore into the 21st century and reflecting our now-global reach. While in the past the CCSLC has been seen as a somewhat hockey-centric, Canadian and American resource, our impact obviously goes far beyond that."
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    I am going in alphabetical order here. Here is Athletic Bilbao. Also, template credit to Raysox.
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    I hear the new logo will have a hidden beaver.
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    I have a source on reddit that told me that the logo is super minimalist. Chris is from Canada, so he wanted his site to reflect the classic look of an original six hockey team. It'll be a roundel with a plain white maple leaf inside. However, to keep it fresh for the kids, he'll have an alternate that's the icethetics logo/font but will instead show his totally not made up nickname "Creams" going diagonally downwards. Remember, this is from a random guy on reddit, so it's 100% guaranteed to be right.
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    Alvin Williams? I'd like to hear the story behind this choice, so random lol. Floor leader who showed up for work every single day & was always great with fans & media alike. Every team in every league should be so lucky to have that type of starter. MoPete would be my next btw.
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    Maybe within a month depending on when they go on sale. They could go on sale online and ship within "4-6 weeks" . OR you could probably buy a jersey in person at one of the NFL retailers soon afterward Do you think they would have them sooner in the Cleveland area?Probably, but they won't have player's name on the back, just numbers. Then in a month or so, the actual jerseys will be on sale. Trust me no matter how great or horrible they are, people here in Cleveland will buy it. If I'm wrong, oh well... The fans who don't care for the team's history will buy it. Those who do, won't. The battle lines are pretty well drawn here in Cleveland and aesthetics will not factor in at all outside of the people who think only in terms of aesthetics. People tried saying this 18 years ago in Denver as well but by mid season most everyone was wearing the new blue duds. I give it about that long here in Northeast Ohio before we start seeing them everywhere and people give in.I'm in Akron and I'll be picking one up. They should have changed in 99 when they came back but that's just my opinion. If so, I'll be disappointed in my fellow Clevelanders and will truly be the end of the real Cleveland (becoming way too much of a yuppie city, we used to be a city you didn't mess with - see the state of the NFL offices [i.e nonfunctional] for a couple of days in 1996). If you can't tell, I have a not that high opinion of yuppies/hipsters and the non-technological aspects (i.e culture/politics) of the 21st century. The only thing you're missing in this comment is "get off my lawn". I'm a young codger. That's for old codgers. Seriously, though, I probably should turn my ideas on how to fix NFL uniforms into a thread over on the concepts board. Spoiler alert: The Raiders uniform is untouched. Watch Nike turn those to Buccaneers 2.0 lol
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    That's actually two letters.In point of fact, the abbreviation 3D is comprised of one number and one letter.
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    And his now-wife got herself out of doing TV commentary for CSN Chicago by Boynton' him.
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    Your redesign of the Perth Glory logo is excellent. My favorite logo of this thread. Edit: Just saw that the "PERTH" ribbon is off-center.
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    I'm surprised to hear that a lot people really like the Dolphins' new unis. To me, their old set was amazing. They took all the fun out of the logo and the uniform seems entirely bland to me.
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    Apparently the Arizona flag is going to be incorporated in some form to represent Chris' belief that the site can succeed in the southwest.
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    Every Thursday the site will switch to the old All-blue background in our new Throwback Thursdays
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    They made the right choice there.
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    Nike + Trendy + Browns is not something that I cannot for the life of me imagine being beautiful. Their last set would have been perfect with orange pants and the new helmet.
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    "Our inspiration was the strong and beloved identities, such as the Southwest Pennsylvania Magic, Oklahoma City Blue, and the Orange County Blues Football Club. Also, we incorporated a gradient and neon design to represent our association with Canada"
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    The new logo's gotta be lightweight too. Can't have such a not-very-heavy object slowing the website down.
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    So how soon after they unveil these beauties will one be able to procure one?
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    Funny how that jersey style hasn't been used since the early 90s. The Angels used it, the Rangers used it at some point, and I think there was one or two other AL teams that usd it.
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    Then you're in luck! The same studio that made it 8 years a go is releasing the brand new version in early access today at 2 ET. https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/581070771239280640 Review and screenshots: http://gmgames.org/eastside-hockey-manager-early-access-ehm-ea/review/
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    This is the best the Angels have ever looked: The wordmark and cap logo were clean. And it was the perfect combination of blue and red; the (mainly) blue cap and the red socks and shoes worked great.
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    "We're changing our colours away from the iconic, recognisable red and blue to black and beige bronze brown metallic gold. The gold is symbolic of the passion our fans bring to the site every day. Black gives our site an aggressive, competitive edge that others just can't match, but it also draws less attention and is more comfortable for me to wear. We're also going to throw in a barely visible orange accent colour that bleeds into the other two colours, just to make us that little bit more interesting."
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    I don't think anyone is saying they're going to be bad because it's Nike. They're basing their opinions off of things we've heard. 9 combos? Ew. Gunmetal gray? Please no. "Modern" uniforms? We know what Nike does with "modern" unis. The fact is, the last time we had a huge reveal thing like this was the Bucs, and those are inexcusably awful. The Jaguars unis (even without the terrible helmets) are IMO horrendous. I personally think the Seahawks look alright, but I know I'm in a minority here. The Dolphins rebrand was kinda boring. Honestly, the only team they haven't downgraded is the Vikings. So, you'll excuse the people going into this without much hope.
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    I've gotta say that I like all of the Steeler concepts, especially changing away from the italicized numbers. The incorporation of the red and blue as simple stripe sleeves didn't bother me a bit. Well done!
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    Thank you! I really like how these turned out as well aside from it being Seahawks (Niners fan haha). I do have a Titans tweak that's basically done that will get posted eventually. What's wrong with Texans in your opinion? Mainly asking so I can possibly get ideas as I also have Texans basically done but if you're not a fan of the current look in general, probably won't like my Texans much lol. Broncos I haven't touched yet so I'll have to brainstorm on them later but haven't had anything come to mind for them yet. I just think there is so much room for creativity in Houston's brand, yet they are one of the most boring looking teams in the league. Denver is tough. Every Denver concept on here ends up looking the same: orange uniform, blue capped sleeves. Beautiful Steelers concept. Small change that improves the set greatly.
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    Love your designs. Cant wait to see more from you.
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    Is there a way soccer can work in that once-a-game-gorilla that we championed for in future NFL rule changes? We do need more shenanigans in sports.
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    I think I'm in the opposite camp. I wasn't a fan after the reveal but I think they look very striking on the pitch.
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    Yeah, I think it's probably best just to back away from the whole thing. Doubling down on a flat attempt at humor isn't often the best idea.
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    Maybe it'll be thr one with the 5 stripes on the sleeves? That's what my hope is. I love those 1960's uniforms, and it works with the one helmet rule very well, just a facemask change. It's not a big change from the norm, but it's an all timer. However, I believe that it'll be from the early era when the Pack was still blue/gold because the Acme Packer apparel sells like hotcakes here in Wisconsin. And it's a way of selling two different brands of the same merchandise for the team (aka $$$$)
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    I enjoy hockey. I love the sport. The Ducks are my team. That doesn't mean I can't be critical of them, especially when you'd like them to be in better form with the playoffs just a three weeks away. -- It's not just these last two games. It's a trend. Sure the Ducks lead the division, West, and NHL. They also lead the league in one-goal record, at 29-1-7. But why so many one goal games? The Ducks lead the league with 91 goals allowed in the 2nd period. That means theres a lot of comebacks and late wins in those 29 one-goal wins and even more mixed in with the league lead in wins. But it also means a lot of the losses look like tonight in Columbus or Sunday in New York. Sure some of that is resiliency and winning the tight games. Some of it is blowing leads and making comebacks on lesser opponents because they struggle at times, especially of late, to put together a full 60 minutes. And those comebacks don't always make it all the way back. Not to mention I have no idea what Bruce Boudreau is doing recently when it comes to managing the bench, especially the defensive/goaltending rotation. --- I always have hope. I know the team is one of the best in the league and can beat anyone when they are on their game and play the full 60. The resiliency is always encouraging because they believe they can win every game and can lock it down in close games. I'd rather they not have to make all those comebacks, though. They can't play with fire in the playoffs like they have in the regular season, or yes, they'll be out early.
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    Yep. The Raiders have a huge Hispanic fanbase, and they have that "renegade franchise" aura. Both of which would fit San Antonio (large Hispanic population and being the third NFL team in Texas). I like it that the Spurs are silver and black as well. It helps my personal perception that the Raiders fit.
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    lesser known ones:Tulane, Orlando Predators, Oakland Invaders, Frankfurt Galaxy, Loyola Marymount, Hawaii
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    I really like the use of shadowing in this update. The lines creates a wonderful movement within the logo. Great job.
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