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    Wisconsin in TechFit vs. Duke in disruption. May the lighter jersey win!
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    Haven't posted in years....... coming in hot .......
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    MLF helmets I got the idea to do this after I saw JTrainGBR83's NBA football helmets thread.
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    Gonna beat unbeaten Kentucky but lose to Duke.... That'll be the last time I pull for a Wisconsin based team.
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    This site actually has it. http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/5263/full/8729_arizona_coyotes-alternate-2015.png
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    Actually it's 3.. A's have 9 championships Oops! How could I have overlooked that? Thanks for the correction.Anyway, the larger point stands: that there is a growing sense of embracing of the team's entire history on the part of the Giants. The Giants are one continuous entity, as are the Braves and the A's; each of those teams is one entity every bit as much as the Yankees and the Cardinals are, notwithstanding any moves. Of course no one around today rooted for Christy Mathewson. That isn't the point. The point is that, when you have a culture in which the importance of history is acknowledged, a young kid who has become a Giant fan and who then learns about Matty and about John McGraw will understand that those guys belong to his team. When I as a Yankee fan growing up in the 1970s began learning about Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, I felt that I was learning the history of my team, that these were "my guys". This, despite the fact that the Babe came to my team before my parents were born, and before my grandparents had even arrived in this country. It still was my team that I was reading about. Every Giant fan deserves to feel that same pleasure of discovery in getting to know the long, rich history of his/her team, that same pleasure that we Yankee fans felt as we got to know the history of ours. It's not necessary for a person living now to have been there personally to see the historical events in question; and it's not necessary for the team to have played in its current town. When a respect for history is transmitted as a cultural value, a young fan internalises it; the historically-minded fan then understands that the things that happened before his/her lifetime are important. For the Yankees and their fans this is second nature; the Giants seem to be understanding this more and more, and to be promoting this view of the team. Do people from Western states go around thinking that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin are irrelevant to them because their states weren't part of the U.S. at the time that these men lived? Of course not. So, just as a person from California can regard Washington and Franklin as important figures in the history of his/her country, so can a Giant fan regard Carl Hubble and Frankie Frisch as important figures in the history of his/her team. Kudos to the Giants for promoting this view.
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    Why is it always speeding?
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    Er, that is an extremely different moral circumstance than domestic violence. Or rape. Also, there's kind of a pretentious assumption in this argument that everyone should just assume that the current state of the justice system is perfect and infallible, which should at least have room for debate (but not here. Ought to end it soon before this thread gets too far Justice-jacked). Believe what you will, but don't let that take away from another's right to believe what they would like. The OP believed that the man's past affected his credibility, but if it does not for you, then just ignore it because others may not feel the same way.
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    The D-Backs are going with matte helmets for 2015.
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    MLB should have a rule - no alternate jerseys on opening day.
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    since I didn't see a 2015 in season thread yet, I'm going to start my complaining about the Pirates wearing their black alt on opening day right here. O/U times black alt is worn this season...75?80?
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    The Reds have recently been doing that too and I hate it. The only time they wear white for home day games anymore is on opening day. The rest of the season it's red jerseys during the day. I liked it better when the red shirt was only Sunday home games.
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    This....and make sure to douse it with lighter fluid before you set it on fire. Because, why else would someone want an Arsenal jersey? What's that? I can't hear you all the way up here in second place.
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    Hey, they didn't know it would be cold in Chicago in the winter, lay off!
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    https://twitter.com/ruiterwrongfan/status/585165988217257984 @RuiterWrongFAN: "#Browns new helmet will be matte orange with modified brown & white oreo stripe + brown facemask"
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    Why did you feel the need to include that when we are here talking about jerseys? Simply state he is a sports announcer. That's it. LOL! Because he is. Doesn't that irk you when you hear sports radio guys talking about Tyson and don't mention he's a rapist? Not in the least. People who were convicted of something and who have served their sentences have paid their debt to society, and are perfectly entitled to resume their lives free of harassment. They are equal to anyone else; and rest of us are morally bound to acknowledge this. Of course, many fail to acknowledge this. Those who ignore this essential moral obligation are entirely in the wrong, and are behaving in a shameful manner unfit for a civilised society. Exactly we've all made mistakes in our pasts, some worse than others. What is most important though is how you learn from them and overcome them, and become a better person because of it. for someone to constantly ridicule someone for a mistake they made in their past and not look at what they have done since is simply ignorant and no better than s/he is.
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    Other than the patently stupid nickname? Sure.
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    Bill Simmons reaching for the lazy, tired joke? Quelle surprise.
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    If it's anything close to the 2011 postseason, with all the storylines, twists and turns it had...then by all means, bring it on.
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    agreed. i'd say the Cavs will just have a new alt uni and maybe a new "fauxback" CavFanatic or somethin like that. they could probably even stretch it to an alt uni, Pride uni, actual throwback and a fauxback to make that Bron-money multiplied times 4.
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    Cubs fan opinion - snarky dismissal from other non-cub fans - recycling of jokes - rinse, repeat.
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    Completed another unique design idea for TCU
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    That logo the Rangers use on the front is a lot better than the New York Rangers-esque logo they normally use.
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    TFC... how very TFC of them.
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    Looks like an unlicensed knock off ready for the clearance rack at Ross.
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    Your obsession with crying children is disturbing.
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    Next year's Blue Jackets will be scary.
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    If it's true, they'll be the Florida Gators of the NFL with the stripes. Kind of the flaw in "the stripes have to be absolutely 100% consistent".
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    God I hope thats not true. They really need a new identity. That logo has run its course.
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    The A's should go back to using their home cap on the road.
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    Da Bears- If you haven't noticed by now, I definitely love striping. The Bears use a consistent striping pattern, which is basically what's on their current away jersey. They also get a 1940s retro treatment on the throwback. Home Away Away alt Throwback (one of my favorite concepts)
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    The Giants go heavy on the old-school stripes and balance the colors on the away set. The blue has been darkened to more of a navy. An alternate navy blue pant is available for the away set. The throwback harkens to 1933 with the two-tone helmet and jersey chest striping. Some creative liberties were taken with the throwback because visual references are hard to come by. Away alternate Throwback
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    It's one of the larger NFL stadiums located in one of the smaller NFL markets. Jacksonville is an easy target but I think most teams put in that situation would have had the same problem. The pool area was just a creative way to remove some of the tarps; as it took out 9,500 seats. It removed 6 tarped sections. There are only 2 left and they are working towards removing those as well. Jacksonville isn't the first pro team to add a swimming pool and I don't think they'll be the last. I'd say it's more about the grandiose vision of the owner. I mean, this is the practice facility he is wanting to build. Where in London is this project being proposed?
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    nobody is going to read that.
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    LV bombers Better with or without the word mark?
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    I liked Florida's old beachy double blue third jerseys from a while back. While I didn't care for the roundel panther head on the front, I loved the overall color scheme and FLA/Sun logos on the shoulders.
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    Hello All, Two more concepts, First is buffalo, I never hated the turd burger, but it's not a good jersey so here is my fix!
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    You're not the only one! I've always really liked the Ravens identity. When they stay away from the black pants, I feel like they're one of the better looking teams in football.Count me in too--sort of. Granted, purple and black ain't the easiest ccolorway to work with, but the problem with the Ravens' set isn't the homes...it's the roads, chiefly because of that ginormous black dropshadow. If they eliminated that and just kept it to a black outline--and possibly swapped the black and gold around to where the gold is the outermost trim--it'd probably help things. It'd also help if they replicated the helmet stripes on the black pants--or even tried a white/purple/white braisher on the pants. Or just kept it to white over white on the road. I think the home uniform just falls into the "sort of bad" category, while the road (black pants version) and the all-black alt go all the to horrific. My issues with the Raven's uniforms (top to bottom); The helmet - The logo has always looked vaguely dorky to me, and the "B" lodged into the poor guys head is just bad. Bad on both sides but especially bad on the left version, where it has to be awkwardly flipped. Also, the spiked kind-of-stripes would be a dated relic from the 90's, if they weren't so dark you can barely see them. The jerseys - To me, that particular shade of purple is too dark to try to pair with black. Black and purple are hard enough to distinguish, but when you use that very dark purple, it just gets worse. I'm not a fan of the font, personally... just feels like some designer was trying too hard. And the thick drop shadow makes a mess out of the white version. The shield logo is kind of a nice design IMO, but too big for current sleeve cuts. The pants - Well, the white pants are servicable, but not great. The lack of gold in the stripe has always bothered me. And I've never seen the great need for a logo on the hip (unless you're Florida State). BUT... the black pants are an absolute crime against humanity. I'm not sure how they accomplish this, but those black pants actually have the ability to make any player wearing them instantly look like a friggin' idiot. And when teamed up with the black socks, they become my least favorite look in any sport on any level. I literally have trouble watching the Ravens play when they're dressed in black from the waist down... it's physically nauseating to me. The white jersey over the black pants creates a weird optical illusion of being bigger on top than below, like the players are all steroid meatballs, who overwork their chests and arms while their legs shrivel away. And the all black alt makes them look like a rejected Image Comics supervillian from the 90's... just total fake-tuffguy clowns. So... just my opinion, I know, but I am always stunned when anyone compliments the Ravens uniform in any way.
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    I would revisit the Seagulls name. Especially being that close to the Seahawks. I wish i had a good alternative name but nothing comes to mind
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    I dig that the Calgary Flames alternate captain As are the old Atlanta Flames logo.
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    The Yotes properly honouring the heritage of their franchise Although the Nats un-retired all the Expo's numbers, they at least honoured Gary Carter properly with this
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