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    Here's my mock-up for those wondering what a little restraint could have looked like for TCU.
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    I personally love the M's new uniforms. I believe that they're much easier to read and much easier on the eyes than the old uniforms.
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    It's a paint job on a house that needs to be torn down. Why does the house need to be torn down? Replace it with some inaccurate trident logo because "Hey an upside-down trident makes an M!"?? The Mariners' primary logo is one of the best in sports.
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    I decided to take a shot at some of the expected uniform changes in the NBA for the 2015-16 season. First up is the Hawks... I decided to run with the red/volt/charcoal color scheme that's been reported. The uniforms are sort of a mix of eras. I kept the current wordmarks and numbers, sans beveling. The unis feature the diagonal stripe/wordmark on the chest from the 80s, a straight stripe down the player's left side a la the early 90s set, and the updated Pacman logo on the right leg that was feature on both of the above. The left side of the shorts feature a vertically stacked "ATL", with "HAWKS" on the charcoal alternate, reminiscent of several different sets the Hawks wore. I tried out a full charcoal court, which has also been rumored. Not sure how I feel about it, so let me know what you think. And no, I will NOT do a volt uniform.
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    Well, that's how I pictured some jerseys for Toronto with a 90ish inspiration, I know they're about to show soon the rebrand of the franchise but I think they could still use some stuff an recycle others cuz is a team funded in the 90's so... C&C is appreciated!
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    Which team is the "NHL's best farters"? I can support them...but I'm not getting behind them!
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    Really liking that the Lightning's road to the ECF would be Detroit and then one of Montreal/Ottawa. Shades of '04 when two great match ups in the first two rounds paid dividends later on.
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    Five NHL teams based in Canadian cities will be in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. I really hope, for the sake of all that is good in hockey, that they all advance as far as they possibly can. I would love to see two Canadian-based squads competing for the Cup. The thought of Bettman's head exploding at the loss of US TV ratings would be tremendous.
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    Nothing beats the 2013 use of Spoon's "The Underdog" Also sweet missed opportunity with the McDavid tank thread for not using any use of Treble Charger's "Brand New Low" or Billy Talent's line of "cause being great must suck"
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    Why do I picture the Rockies in that?don't worry, they'll turn blue once the player wearing it gets cold.
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    At least you have the Lakers.
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    I know the Penguins hate is strong but they're the lesser of two evils here. Go Lightening!
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    That woulda been perfect or even just using it for cuff and collar trim if they wanted to change it up a bit more. But as is they overdid it. Really disappointing.
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    It does give hope that the primary uniform will be brown (or at least as an alternate), if not outright confirming so. Of course, if those wearing tinfoil hats are to be believed, this could just be a massive troll job.
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    Agree completely. A little off-topic, but oh-well. I was born after a lot of you here probably graduated high school, yet I don't have any Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. I have found better volumes of meeting people on the internet (namely places that you might share a common interest with other members *cough) and I don't really think anybody out there cares that much about what I have to say. What can I post on Twitter that can possibly interest someone? I don't know. If I'm going to communicate with my friends, I'll just text them. I don't need to be friends with hundreds of people on 6 different websites to feel good about myself.
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    Goteburg - New GM Axel Wahlström broke the silence and explained the reasoning behind the new Orange for Göteburg. Wahlström, "for the past 5 seasons the Trolls have been "lagom", it is time the Trolls become champions, and with this bolder, more aggressive orange, we feel like this new look along with our new uniforms, the team will feel more like winners in the very competitive Western Division"
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    Does Alex Winter know he's the second highest rated NHL prospect in this year's draft?
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    Nope, completely wrong. As a business, the manufacturer's number one priority is to promote its own brand and make money—Nike and Adidas aren't not-for-profits. So it's going to push the envelope as far as it can when it comes to promoting it's own brand, whether it be through three stripes or ugly, template-emphasizing designs. And the more the manufacturer is allowed to do this, the more it'll pay the team for the opportunity to do so. So the teams are benefiting as well—Man U is getting £75m a year from Adidas. And the teams' brands don't seem to be hurting, especially in the Premier League. Die hard fans buy new shirts every year, no matter how small the changes. So until the teams decide that the purity of their uniforms is more important than millions of dollars, this trend is going to continue and probably get worse.
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    I'm not surprised that manufacturers try to elevate their brand over that of the team. I'm surprised the teams let them. I think there should be rules that manufacturers get one self-promotional opportunity. If shoulder stripes are your thing, then no logos on the front. The NFL holds their suppliers to it, so can every other league.
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    It'll be fun seeing Canadia eliminated one by one.
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    Please offer up other times they have given different information to different people to see what gets out (other than the draft). Plus it's different when it's hearsay versus photographs at a Dick's Sporting Goods with legitimate Dawg Pound shirts on the same display. If the jersey was fake...wouldn't the Browns take the side of "Yeah, take as many pictures as you want of that orange jersey...it's not real anyway"...? Seems to me that if the jersey was fake, more than one Dick's store would have it (to make it look like the new stock is rolling in) and more than one out-of-box pic would be "leaked". https://twitter.com/RuiterWrongFAN/status/584450665629356032 I don't think the Browns operate logically so we can take that thinking out of the equation. But if it is fake… why stop people from talking about it? Everyone's talking about the Browns right now.
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    I think the St. Louis Cardinals' uniforms are incredibly boring. No red alternate, no piping, nothing. Just a white or grey jersey with the logo and some numbers slapped onto it. They honestly look unfinished.
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    As long as there will be alternate jerseys (we all know they're not going away anytime soon) you can't do any better than this one with the Mets colours and script. It's a beauty...
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    Nike doing their best Adidas impression with these TCU uni's, and they're nailing it. By nailing it I mean the Adidas impression, not the look, because those are awful. Worst downgrade in recent memory.
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    It be too late to alter course, matey. Yeah, they'd be better off posting designs to our Concept Forum if they wanted feedback from a focus group.
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    Dodgers are wearing their regular road jerseys tonight!!!! Hopefully they wear them more often than they did last year. So much better than the 'Dodgers' alternates. And by more often I mean every road game they play.
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    I do not understand how you go from the best look in college football, to... this.
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    Member has been suspended for two weeks for overly descriptive and sexual posts.
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    The circle jerking going on over two of the California teams being eliminated is one of the weirdest groupthink examples I've seen in a while. Makes me wonder if we'll see the same reaction when Chicago, New York or DC not make it in.
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    wait a second, they aren't USM&WNT kits, they're Stankonia Kits: And in that case, they look great.
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    My first post! I've been reading these boards forever... I don't know how it took me so long to sign up. I'm a die-hard baseball fan AND an artist/art teacher so uniforms, logos, colors, etc have always caught my eye. Anyways, just chiming in on the new Cleveland midnight navy. Its definitely a blue as I went and found multiple pictures of it but it's also definitely too dark. The Sox use a midnight navy helmet and cap that can come off as black but their navy blue tops are clearly blue. I like that the Indians are trying to match the jersey to the new shade on the cap but if this keeps looking as black in so many instances, they might have to lighten it up a few notches to avoid the confusion. As of now, while it kinda looks cool as an "almost-black" it also looks like a mid-2000's fashion jersey and I highlt doubt that's what they were going for. Someone did point out that it does finally differentiate between Cleveland and Minnesota and that is at least a positive. Overall I'm a big fan of them making all their navys match and darkening them up. The light navy didn't work for me, the picture a few posts up that shows the new and old comparison nails it for me. And others mentioned the Rays and Brewers using a light navy but in my eyes it works fine for them, especially Tampa Bay who is trying to represent the oceans and marine-type of things like that so the lighter shade is best and the darker might not work at all. Milwaukee looks ok because its paired with gold though a darker tone would still look good. Cleveland pairing the light navy with red was a killer for me.
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    I think the wine and gold options of the current set look great. The navy doesnt work at all for me, especially compared to the last navy uni that LeBron loved so much. But that's probably because of where I fall on the outline/no outline debate. They kind of need to blow it up if navy is going to get such a major promotion in the second James era, because that current alt just muddies up the simplified look that replaced the first LeBron unis.
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    I hate when people call other teams by childish insults (See: Bungals, Ratbirds, Stoolers). Every team in every sport has one and not one is clever.
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    I don't know if it's just me, but I keep reading this as #GATEWAY TO HELL...
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    The Cowboys' mismatched colors was something I didn't notice until I did, and now I can't not notice it. I know there's a sentiment behind some people being fond of the look, and I understand that. But it's a relatively recent discovery of mine and every time I see it, it bugs me. As for the Falcons, when I update them I'll add black pants and an alternate red jersey for them, likely with white pants. I won't be posting updates until every team is posted first, due to the amount of time these tend to take me. I want to get this completed before I tweak it. Also, to answer kennycolors question, I do freehand draw these. I just use a picture of the players as references. Moving on, today is the Miami Dolphins. The pants stay the same, but aqua pants will only be worn with the white away jerseys. No more mono-aqua for them. The logos on the sleeves are replaced with stripes, and the numbers are the same ones from their uniforms before the Nike rebrand, minus the drop shadow. Navy remains in the color scheme, limited to an accent color. The white facemask is gone, replaced by the aqua ones from before. In addition, orange as an alternate returns. The on-field looks also include Ndamukong Suh, which was fun to draw in orange. Enjoy!
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    The Texans' current uniforms are okay, but kind of have that "generic team from a movie" or "FCS team's catalog-ordered uniforms" look to them. They don't really stand out in any particular way. For my concept, I gave them an asymmetrical look based on their logo, including a two-toned helmet - which surprisingly isn't unprecedented in football. Their rarely-used alternate logo makes an appearance on the pants, which are kept otherwise plain in order to keep the focus on the helmet and jersey sleeves. The Colts get some sorely-needed striping consistency, as well as some more color with the reintroduction of blue facemasks and the mid-'90s blue road pants. I also brought back the pants horseshoes because they were a cool and unique element.
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    First up is my Arizona Cardinals. Their uniforms have potential but they're not great, and don't stack up to other uniforms in the team's long history. The numbers remain unchanged and the black outlines remain on them and the pants stripe, which is straight now instead of tapered. A black stripe is also added to the socks. The piping on the jerseys is gone, and logos are added to the sleeves, a different one on each sleeve. The state flag is a callback to the away jerseys from the Jake Plummer era, which is one of my favorite uniforms of all time, while the team logo is placed on the other sleeve. The red sleeves on the away jersey are gone and the awful red pants are no longer an option for them. On the black alternate, red cuffs and a white facemask are added to give the team a modern looking third option that is miles better than the current alternate they have right now. And now for the on field looks. UPDATE: Red pants added as an option for the white jersey. And to show you guys the size, the paper with Tyrann Mathieu is 8/1/2"x11" with my hand and the uniform next to it to give you an idea of the size of what I'm doing.
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    If the NFL HAD to go international, I'd prefer it be Mexico and/or Canada. An NFL team in Europe should not occur.
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