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    Hello everyone I wanted to start a new series because school is almost over and I felt like doing something. So I've always been intrigued with Ivy League Schools as of alot of people. The most prestigious schools in the nation. I felt like redesigning them. Now this will be a multi-sport thread with Football first, Basketball second and Baseball last (With other sports added in the future). So without any hesitation here it is. Brown Football
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    I'm loving this.. I actually think I prefer the first sock, but I guess I'm in the minority there.. The only thing I'd like to see changed is the lower left tail of the S should still be pointed IMO, but that's just nitpicking
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    It is a sock, I'll post a version later without it, and with an updated sock. How does everyone feel about the negative space sock? Best aspect of the logo by far, the right-most option looks the best to my eyes. Overall this looks great, though I kind of miss the silver/grey.
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    Why can nike make beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL re brands for college football, then come right back and take a dump on the NFL??
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    NJ shouldn't have professional sports teams. The Devils until recently have done nothing but win and have been a model NHL franchise, and yet still..very few care.
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    Wow, I hadn't noticed the sock between the O and the X until you pointed it out, it's excellent. Nice logo all around, I don't know that you actually need to make changes to it, I'd like to see you leave it as is and maybe put it on a hat or jersey to see what it would look like.
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    Is it weird that I legitimately enjoy & prefer F1 qualifying to actual F1 racing? I mean, qualifying itself seems to decide so much of a race's outcome, & it's actually fun to watch.
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    Hopefully the Raptors listen to the fans like the Suns did and make a purple jersey.
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    What's to test or gauge? They're not going to not wear them. Teams do it for one reason: to show off the latest merchandise, now available at the shop and online.
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    First of all, great concepts, all of them. Awesome work! Just my two cents on Germany: I like what you were doing here. But I would make the green kit the normal away jersey and use the black one as a third. Of course, for some time black and red away kits have been reality but I am still in favour of the traditional green one. And speaking of tradition, please use black shorts on the white home kit. It's just the way the German national team is supposed to look. But now, what with the World Cup victory and all, I am afraid the white shorts won't go anywhere soon...
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    What the hell? I've been able to do this before, and the dynamic notification bubble never, ever, ever works. For the dynamic bubble to work, hover over someone's user name to get the pop-out thing, then click the notification box. It'll pop down.
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    Thanks Morgo! Thanks! Yeah I had a much easier time making the road sets than the home for some reason. I couldn't figure out what colors looked best for the word marks and numbers for the white and yellow sets. I felt like the dark gray was a bit harsh and I felt like it needed more blue when I tried it. On the other hand, the blue didn't quite provide the contrast I wanted with the yellow uniform. And then I felt like I still needed yellow in there somewhere for the white set. The bright yellow was really just intended as a tertiary trim color that would provide some pop but I wanted to try it out as uniform set. Maybe not the best shade of yellow for that. Interesting point on the stripes. I was trying to incorporate the pattern somehow without overdoing it. If I'm following you correctly, I think the only decent way to do what you describe is to continue the stripe all the way down. Thanks! I hadn't thought of including navy. Navy and the bright yellow would work as an alternate or something. The yellow would pop nicely off a navy set. I might experiment with it. I just didn't want to use a double blue. If it were to replace the current shade of blue, I'd be afraid of the navy and dark gray bleeding into each other. I also agree about the idea of the patterned set being a pride uniform. Thanks, I hear you. I'll make a version with their current colors when the design is finalized, just for you T-wolf. Yeah, I couldn't decide on which K I wanted to use so I posted both to let you all decide. I might modify the patterned trim to match the new bolt if that is the preferred choice.
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    I think "worthless" is more than just a little harsh. Like any columnist who's been writing for 15 or so years, you know what you're going to get, and Simmons doesn't really deviate. Along the way, he's redefined what it means to be a sports columnist, and generally for the better. You can be upfront about your biases, interject pop culture, and yes, build your own constructs that only you care about, but are worth general sports bar-type debate. He wasn't writing Shakespeare, but very few columnists are. Here are some examples of what Simmons got right during his tenure at ESPN: - He wasn't afraid of calling out fellow ESPN talent for being terrible - He does the best national NBA coverage (and that only works if you can just get over his Celtics fandom) - He made Jalen Rose likeable - The BS Report and now Bill Don't Lie are consistently good to very good (and at times great) - He's been tireless about seeking out new voices, mostly at Grantland, but also giving them media platforms. Barnwell/Mays do a terrific NFL podcast, and I was taken aback by how good Diana Taurasi was on the last Grantland Basketball Hour. He nurtures talent in a way most people in his position might be too insecure to do. - He's consistently gone after Roger Goodell, who is rapidly approaching Sepp Blatter levels of evil Inasmuch as sports journalism matters -- and I think it does -- Simmons is a voice worth hearing. But I'm also a person who seeks out connections across and among genres, so Simmons is right in my wheelhouse.
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    There is more orange on the bill of the hat than there is on that entire Dolphins jersey...The old jerseys didnt even have that much orange on them i still dont see why there are so many complaints on that If you only look at the numbers, then sure... but there was a hell of a lot more orange on the helmets and the pants back then than there is now. Look at Tanne's throwing arm (and even the lineman in the frame) , u cant even see the orange stripes that were right there .. the design team for the new uniforms probably realized how sleeve stripes get distorted on the newer jersey cuts and removed them After that , there is not a single hint of orange on the jerseys outside of number outline and the original complaint i replied to was there was no orange on the JERSEY. Of course the only remedy for this to add orange to the jersey is distorted sleeve stripes (okay resolution if done right and looks the same on all jersey cuts), toilet seat collar that is orange (PLEASE NO) or some other stupid design element (seahawks template, jags template, vikings ship stripes, etc) which i am glad they avoided. I like the simple look as that is what we have always had ( I do kind of miss the orange helmet/pants stripes but i like the primary color as the stripe instead of secondary )
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    Down 2-1 in the 7th, Terry Collins keeps Jon Niese in the game to hit. He gets a single and scores on a homer, then pitches a 1-2-3 bottom of the inning. A manager makes a tough decision, a good-hitting pitcher stays in the game and gets rewarded with a lead and a chance at a win. NL baseball is much more interesting.
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    Big fan of the updated uniforms, huge improvement on all accounts. I particularly like the idea of an electric yellow alternate.
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    I don't see the appeal of Bill Simmons. To me, he comes off as a over-privileged New England sports fan who doesn't believe he has to be accountable to anyone. And for the record, I am closer to New England than am to NYC, so I know how New England sports fan can be, especially those who had attended prep schools or acts as if they have, like Simmons.
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    I agree with the others in that this is very good, but I do agree with FFWally, the pose does look like he is backing up. If you can make him look more aggressive, it would really improve the logo.
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    Well I secretly (and manually) drained my balls a few hours ago so I guess I'm already following this edict.
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    If we're discussing teams with a lot of changes, one that needs to be mentioned is the Utah Jazz. Since 1996, the Jazz's colors have been: Purple/Green/Yellow --> Purple/Light Blue/Greenish trim/Black --> Light blue/Navy Blue/Purple/Gray --> Navy Blue/Green/Yellow Personally I'm a fan of the original Purple/Green/Yellow scheme and the current scheme, but that is still a lot of change over 20 years. Taking from OnWis97, these are a few my thoughts on other changes over the years Love: Sabres, black/red to current blue/yellow, 76ers Black/gold/red to current blue/red Can live with: Mariners blue/yellow to teal/navy (They're showing sings of returning thankfully), Grizzlies changing in the move from Vancouver to Memphis. I like the look they have now, but I was always a huge fan of the black and teal, it was great to me. Dislike: Nets ditching all colors in the move to Brooklyn (I almost hate it, but they haven't made me despise it yet), LA Kings dropping purple and gold for the black and white look. In looking, it also makes me a little sad how many teams moved away from the royal blue and brighter green to either navy blue and gray or some other scheme (Seahawks, Hawks, Timberwolves, etc.) I think the moral of the story for me here is that I'm in love with the original bright colors of some of these teams and I think every team needs a little color in their sets.
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    Personally I hate the Padres current look. It has gotten to the place of complete blandness to me. Got bored on train rides into city and wanted to share the final product of a rebrand idea I had. Dont post often with time constraints , but here goes. Hope you enjoy. I made a quick booklet (copy and paste link below) http://www.flipsnack.com/UnlikeInk/san-diego-padres-unlike-ink.html
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    TAMPA BAY RAYS As you could tell, I was so much a fan of the Rays' fauxback uniforms, that I thought I'd turn them into a real identity. That sunburst is especially interesting. It may seem simple, but it actually has multiple meanings, as all great logos should. Not only is it a sun, but it's also a slice of grapefruit, alluding to Florida's famous citrus fruit orchards. It's also the roof of the Rays' ballpark, Tropicana Field. The only thing that kept me from doing this concept sooner was that I couldn't figure out what font was used for that cap logo. Turns out it's actually a modified version of Cooper Black, which I used to make the script logo and primary/sleeve patch. Let me know what you think.
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    Why are you always negative towards yourselfHas anyone seen my work. IT STINKS. Why are you always negative towards yourselfHas anyone seen my work. IT STINKS.Every single designer starts out stinking. Practice, hard work, determination, study, taking the advice of more experienced designers: these are the keys to get beyond "stinking." Myself, I know I'm a mediocre designer at best. But that doesn't have anything to do with my innate ability, my ideas, or my potential. It's simply that I haven't been able to prioritize improving my design skills. I'm not making a complete career out of this; it's just a hobby. For now. I've been brought on for this fall to do marketing design and production for a literary journal, so this summer, I'll be upping my game considerably--through hard work. You can do it. You've just gotta give yourself the space and time to do so.
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    I so agree. I hate international competitions (Olympics, World Cups, etc.) where the U.S. or any country for that matter isn't readily recognizable. I don't consider myself overly nationalistic, but I think national sports teams should have recognized brands. Yup. And preferably, Team USA should look like they came out of the 80s: fresh from kicking communism in the ballsack and watching a marathon of Top Gun and Walker re-runs on TNT.
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    Sure. Naming your Canadian team after an American fighter jet fits right in with aping the US Constitution for team spirit.And the Jets already did itNo, they didn't.
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