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    With the new logo package, I figured it was worth making a concept. - More interesting wordmarks that match the Sixers' font. - Number font that matches the Sixers' identity. - Secondary logo on shorts, tertiary logo frames the front numbers. - I thought the old shimmery star-pattern fabric that the Magic used to use would be perfect for the Sixers. - The rest of the uniform is simple in order to not be too overbearing. - Fauxback with the Iverson-era colors. Thoughts?
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    Kentucky will now have the checkerboard pattern in the endzone:
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    Oh for sure bro he can totally play. All that dope swag yo he's the future of the Twins, legit!
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    It's nice of them to put checkerboards in the end zone so we'll feel at home when we play there on Halloween.
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    I loved that first powder blue jersey. Ridiculous, but awesome.
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    Hell yes! Instant buy for me.
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    Ok, hop in the time travel machine and go to 1965.No, I want it now. To see Trevor Plouffe facing Clayton Kershaw? That would be EPIC.So you'd hypothetically rather watch current Trevor Plouffe and Clayton Kershaw than Harmon Killebrew and Sandy Koufax in their prime? Ok… Bro, Plouffe is legit. He can play. He has swag, and he's part of the Big Three of the Twins, next to Hunter and Mauer. Suddenly the mystery as to why Minnesota has been so atypically awful recently begins to solve itself.
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    The number font looks so much better without the alarm clock dashes inside the digits. (that's not saying much, though)
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    Not only is the font boring, but it's on such an awful, steep curve on that wordmark. Such a horrible use of space. The only redeeming qualities about this set are, 1) They appear to be in an actual basketball template rather than the neck piping crap of the last 15 years; and 2) They have an outline on the names and numbers. Other than that, bland for no reason, forgettable, and worst of all, the alternate jersey eschews team colors to promote a B-list rapper.
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    This minimalist trend in the NBA is really annoying. Not a fan of the "Let's look like a JV team from the 1950s".
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    Already mentioned a page or two ago. .. .sry
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    It'd be cool if the Caps could do a complete rebrand. IMO, the classics are bad and the modern sweaters are worse
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    Based on Chris' mockups on the home page. The new jerseys aren't horrible but still a slight downgrade. Some people probably won't even notice the difference other than the OVO alternate. The logo still sucks though. Oh and obligatory #BringBackPurple.
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    $43.61 and a dream, if we count for inflation.
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    The sublimated checkering looks nice and is enough different from Tennessee that I think both teams can rock the checkers.
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    Bring back the Smushcalade!! I'm a bigger fan of the Kemp-era "paint brush" jerseys that preceded the black era pictured above.
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    I really like that idea too. Slogans on the inside collar. I probably won't do it here but it may be something i include on every team in 2.0. Moving on to finish up Africa. I Decided to go with the antelope here especially because of how it orange coat fits so well with the colors on the the Cote D'Ivore flag. This won't show up here but on the jerseys: I imagine the team will have a nick name (think "habs" for "Canadians") of "Bongos" both a local word for these type of antelope and an english word be it for something else so others will still think it catchy. I give to you the Abidjan Antelopes!
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    Go Hawks. They'll beat Anaheim in six, then New York in five. #BookIt
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    Thanks for the help. Anyways I have not heard about K-State moving away from the destroyer template. Wouldn't that make them the last one left?
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    I wonder what the actual stat is on that. And compared to MJ and others. Bird and Magic probably have two uniforms each. MJ obviously had a second team. I think he had a black alt. I also think the bulls had a "Chicago" script on the road his rookie year and a "cheaper" looking home jersey as well (i.e., oddly spaced letters, front number not centered). So he probably had at least eight. Regarding the Cavs, I am disappointed. I wanted all current non-blue uniforms to be the entire look. It's not flashy but I love it. No surprise though. I feel like they pretty much always wear the blue on the road. They also use blue on their floor. The biggest surprise is that they won't use blue on every single uniform (including the home primary). Give me this and you have a top-5 look in the NBA (Maybe even #1): The original LeBron set was actually pretty good. But this, as basic as it is, is just really nice. No blue needed.
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    I really love the navy Broncos concept. In particular I would love to see that white facemask.
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    This is a false dichotomy. There's plenty of room between generic FC names and ridiculous x-treme 90s names. Nothing wrong with names like the Timbers, Sounders, Whitecaps, or Fire.
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    I think the Wizards other alternate is going to be a chinese heritage jersey. Check the hat description: https://s3.amazonaws.com/adidas-team/SLD_Licensed/NBA/2016/NBA_SP16_AP_INLINE/index.html#?page=236
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    When it's all said and done, LeBron will probably have put on over 100 different uniforms in his NBA career. I'd like to see the Cavs use these as a throwback someday. It'll probably never happen though, those were some dark times.
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    come on man, you know they are lying, noone here on these boards have a girlfriend.. . I know mom never would let ME have one, and i am fine with it, i am content with living down here in the basement.... as long as i have internet access and 2 meals a day, i am happy I have 2 girlfriends that my mom has no idea about...Lucy and Rosie. I alternate nights between the 2 ladies. But yes, anyway, the Capitals is the right spelling. sounds nice, but what if one girl finds out about the other ? i would think the penalty would be worse then a spanking from mom.. anyway, the Capitals is the right spelling. Hahaha dude Lucy and Rosie aren't real people. L. R. Haha thanks for clarifying my story to Jason!
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    The Chicago Rhythm story is pure hogwash. The name and its associated cobra branding were created by Nike, but got quashed by Peter Wilt and the other people on the ground level of founding what would become the Fire, not by some Helen Lovejoy at AEG's offices.
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    Billy Gabor and his surviving teammates get NBA Championship Rings they earned 60 Years Ago. These rings were recently designed and awarded to the 1955 NBA Champions - Syracuse Nationals. Any comments about the design of the ring? I wrote a blog story and the very special gesture another Syracuse sports owner did to get the surviving players these rings.
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    Awesome work! Only one problem; its Cincinnati not Cincinatti
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    wow, so many great combinations! I will just say this: I admire your thought process, your skills and work put into making these!
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    It's cutting into my ING mimosa time, all right!?!
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    Californias are always buzzed in the morning so what is like 1 PM to the rest of us is like the crack of dawn for them, they tend to wake up around 3 or 4 on weekends.
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    "PHILA" on a jersey front actually dates back to, ironically, when those same Warriors that Shadojoker brought up were in that town.
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    Not a fan of those, except for the pants stripe I love that for some reason
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    How's that any different from 12:30 Eastern games with the Penguins, Rangers, Flyers, etc.? You don't understand. They are California. They are special. Their minor league teams get to play fewer games than the rest of the league because of their specialness.
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    I'm guessing for the Hornets it'll be a black "Buzz City". Hasn't it been confirmed the Bucks alternate will be black? Pretty sure it has. Also a few pages back when the style guide was linked, the heat alt is confirmed to be a military pride alt which will most surely suck. I really don't what the wiz will do but I'm pretty sure it wont be DC flag. Maybe a blue and gold alt? Also clippers will have a black jersey and I'm pretty sure that the clutch city jersey will be yellow with some other alt for Houston, maybe a home version of the current alts.
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    I think the Flames pre-edge set were as close to perfection as the franchise has ever gotten. A similar but slightly updated striping pattern (which is almost what They have right now if you take away all the awkward vertical striping and piping) could easily end up being top 10 in the league, but for now they're stuck in the bottom 5 with seemingly no signs of an update. I was going through the Sens season gallery tonight, and came across what is quite possibly my favourite uniform matchup in the entire league. I think teams like the Flames, Avs, Caps and Sens/Pens should look at sweaters like these as a barometer of how to build a modern identity. It's not so much about going 'classic' or 'fauxback', but reverting to bolder simpler design elements that have always worked in hockey. The need for flashy, complicated (see Flames, Sabres) or oversimplified (see Leafs, Coyotes) design elements thrived in the 90's and early 00's, but when Reebok took over they continued this trend not realizing that hockey sweaters at their core are simple and clean, and don't need to be so 'modernized'. The 90's passed us but in some aspects the sweaters got stuck with us. This is why the designs in hockey that we still talk about as among the best are looks like the '95-'07 Avalanche, or the '93-'06 Mighty Ducks, or the iconic original-6 looks whose design elements have practically stayed the same since the early days of the league; and not the pedestal Flames, or the gordon fisherman Islanders, or the post-edge Capitals. *I'm talking about the oversimplified and overcomplicated teams just after (or before in the Sabres' case) the edge takeover, and I'm not necessarily calling the Avalanche, Ducks, or all the original 6 teams sweaters the best of all time, but we usually all agree that they are among the best we've seen in the league in the past few decades.
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    So...Sharks East? No, wait, the Caps actually have a Stanley Cup Finals appearance to their name...
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    If Arte Moreno is to be believed, I am, once again, correct in picking this WCF matchup.
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    Yeah I wasn't really counting that one since it's just using the logo. This one will actually have an OKC wordmark.
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    Finally the NFC West: San Francisco 49ers: Jerry Rice era Arizona Cardinals: Pat Tillman era Seattle Seahawks: Steve Largent era LA/St.Louis Rams: Current Throwbacks
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    Here is the NFC South: Carolina Panthers: Current alt. Atlanta Falcons: 1998 New Orleans Saints: 1987 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Creamsicle or 1997 (Love for them to wear both )
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    Thread is an elaborate humblebrag about the OP's Venezuelan girlfriend.
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    Some really great points here. I totally agree with the adding black part for the Mets. When the Mets did that I think they lost some of their historical zest that we had come to know. I am really glad they went back to their classic color scheme. I think when the Lions did it, it was a great move. The overall consensus I think from my peers who also watched football was that the Lions looked too much like the Cowboys. Even though the Lions can claim much more history as a team, it has to come down to the Cowboys ruling the 90's pop-culture scene (even though the Lions had the best RB ever). Detroit was trying to distance themselves from that, and I think black has worked really well as another color for them. I think the overuse of navy in baseball is so apparent now that if the Padres brought back brown and stuck with it, they would hit a home run. Not only with merchandising, but with being so original as the "brown" team in the MLB that it could help them stand-out a lot better.
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    Shame, probably the best jersey they ever had.
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    Does anyone want to take a stab at modernizing this logo?
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