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    So you're upset that it was a well done concept? For :censored:'s sake...
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    So was that Pierce's first shot made as a retired player?
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    There's no doubt that Miguel Cabrera is a GREAT player. Anyone who wins the triple crown has to be considered in that upper echelon. That being said, this will forever be the first thing I think of when he's brought up. I STILL can't believe he struck out to end the World Series on a weak as hell Sergio Romo fastball.
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    Teal and navy can't be sacrificed, even for blue and gold. The Brewers need to embrace the latter.
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    His story will restore your faith in humanity!Number 400 is almost unrecognizable!
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    Nope.Who's us? Proud baseball fans. Cabrera is one of the greatest players to walk the face of the Earth-and I am privileged to watch history. Witnessing greatness. I swear if this isn't...
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    His story will restore your faith in humanity!
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    Cabrera stepped to the plate with 399 home runs... AND YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HE EVISCERATED NEXT!
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    Nope.Who's us?Proud baseball fans. Cabrera is one of the greatest players to walk the face of the Earth-and I am privileged to watch history. Witnessing greatness. Look man, if I want to loathe baseball fans I'll just hit up Viva El Birdos. This is a sanctuary from that place.
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    These would be much better if the uniforms had 'Cardinals' on the front. Use that St. Louis script (which looks nice) on the road uniforms where they belong.
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    Absolutely. And yellow doesn't look good anywhere on a cream uniform. And it's silly to put a blue outline around the yellow outline. To me, the only redeeming quality of these is the great, underused color scheme (sans cream), but the Mariners found their true color long ago and shouldn't go back to these. The Brewers, on the other hand, have meandered in other colors and should return to royal blue and yellow.
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    Cream is kinda silly on a throwback uniform that was originally white polyester.
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    No. I love the primary uniforms. While the alternates are a cool fauxback, the Mariners current home uniforms are beautiful. When I think of the Seattle Mariners, my mind instantly pictures legends like Ken Griffey Jr, Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez, and Randy Johnson while also thinking of the Mariners today. When I think of those players, I think of the classic uniform that has tied those eras together. I think of The Double, Junior hitting nearly 50 home runs a year, the start of Ichiro's brilliant career, and the dominant pitching of Felix Hernandez. Blue and yellow is a color scheme that makes me picture the Milwaukee Brewers ball in glove Sunday alternate uniform and the failure of Seattle's first MLB franchise, the Pilots (who crashed their first and only year in Seattle). Northwest green/teal and navy blue is a color scheme that no other team currently wears or has ever worn in MLB history. To abandon one of the best uniforms in the big leagues today in favor of a silly alternate that's not designed for full time use would be almost as stupid as the the Rays abandoning their uniforms for their silly 70s fauxbacks.
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    Please change "Concepts" folder to "Lies" folder
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    It is a damn shame you arent the entire 49ers design team.
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    Hey guys, their new jerseys were unveiled today!!!
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    There's also already fans wearing it in the audience. Were they already for sale, or do they sell next season's jersey at the last game if they decide to also wear it?They were on sale at White Hart Lane today - lots of Spurs types were wearing them around the ground.
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    There's also already fans wearing it in the audience. Were they already for sale, or do they sell next season's jersey at the last game if they decide to also wear it? Went on sale in the clubs megastore yesterday. I have mine. I have never seen the term audience used to describe the crowd or fans. Watching Spurs is like being at the theatre watching a tragic comedy sometimes though.
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    When you try to make it as real as possible, the intent to trick people is always there. Hollywood has known this for years. I'm just glad that he cleared it up and admitted it was fake. You know how much money I lost because of his fake ad? $0.
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    What? No. Gross. Stop it. The Blackhawks have one of the best sets, if not the best, in all of sports. ALL. of. Sports.
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    Math CCSLC post counter: Ignore math!Most were duplicates anyway. We know sports,not math. There are 3 types of people in this world: those who can do math and those who can't. (I saw this somewhere online, I don't remeber where)
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    Breaking News.... Kentucky to add a red alternate uniform so they can look like both of their rivals. BTW the new UK logo looks like University of Houston. Good job UK Really??? They both ripped their look off from Buffalo. I believe you mean the State University of New York at Buffalo.
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    Actually, it is because all teams should be required to wear a home uniform or light-colored alternates at home. "It's our road uniform but we wear it at home cuz whatever LOLZ" is stupid.
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    Having watched Livermore play regularly this season, I can safely say that cocaine shouldn't be considered a performance enhancing drug.
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    I just read that as one dollar million dollars... My typing was deflated.
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    You got that right big man! I look at this concept -- and I like it -- but the black on the bottom half of the home sticks out like the crazy Gretzky "era" Blues red to me. I don't hate the black C, but I wish they could incorporate more gold somewhere. What if the you altered the striping so there's less black?
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    You mean adding the blue outline only around the basketball like this? And here's Maximus89's Rockets request (the other one)
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    What about the Yankees, Rays, White Sox, Twins, Royals, Rangers, Astros, Phillies, Marlins, Cardinals, Reds, Brewers, Padres, and Dodgers? Yankees, White Sox, Royals, Rangers, Phillies, Marlins, Cardinals, Reds, Brewers and Padres all have white on their road jerseys. Not that I think it's necessary to justify a white cap logo on the road - gods know that most of these teams, especially the Yankees, would look so much better without the fussy white outlines. Ahh... Don't mind me. Little brain fart on my part. I was just thinking you were talking about white on road caps not fitting, given how often the argument over light colors with road uniforms has happened on here, especially when the Cards ditched wearing navy road caps full time. I greatly disagree with you on the Yankees aways, though. It would be so drab with just the navy on gray. Look at how the Red Sox aways looked for a few years there. (Yes, I'm aware people were complaining about those unis for the lack of red, but I still think they looked pretty drab regardless of the team's colors)
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    this is Nike's usual bag of tricks. pattern fill on the sleeves, new number font, a few helmet options, etc. but what they've done with Wake Forrest and all the CFB teams this year is their best work in a long time because they've gone about it so tastefully. TCU seems like an experiment, but looking at Colorado, WF, UNC, Army, and even Oregon Spring Game stuff i think this is Nike's best design year for CFB since they redefined what a uniform design could be in 2010. im the first to call Nike on their typical BS and horrible decisions, but i can't say anything too bad about them this year. in fact, i think Army's re-brand is by far the worst of the bunch but that's because of the identity as a whole - the football uniforms still look great. in the NFL it's a completely different story. i wonder if they now have 2 teams handling the football design (and maybe more than that) because the CFB stuff looks nothing like the NFL. i want to see what Under Armor does before the beginning of the season, but im about to call Nike the best design team in NCAA football right now. i couldn't say that the last few years, but they've really turned a corner for the good.
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    Why do the Islanders need a black alternate? The only uniform in their history to use this crutch was an unmitigated disaster and I'm sure this will be no different. They're just trying to cash in on the inexplicable popularity of the recent Nets rebrand...
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