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    I wish people stop saying "pitch", it's not a pitch, it's a field. It's North America, not freakin' Europe, stop being so pretentious... Pitch... Pitch... Field....
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    I don't think any multi-billion dollar business enterprise can be trusted to be self-regulating, so of course FIFA can't.
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    Uefa wants presidential election postponed "These events show, once again, that corruption is deeply rooted in Fifa's culture," Uefa said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/32904317 Also the new cover for Fifa 16
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    Come to the concept forums, they said. There will be concepts, they said.
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    Here is my take on an updated New England Revs crest. They've long needed a do-over as their current look is extremely generic and outdated. Inspiration was loosely taken from uniforms worn during the American Revolution. The tree at the top is obviously from the flag of New England. The stars at the bottom reference the 6 states in New England and also note the year of the Revs' first season. Thoughts?
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    Mattingly! For the last time get rid of those sideburns!
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    Don't gild the lily. Thanks to Michael Jordan, the Bulls' own uniforms represent Chicago just fine without the skyline and the transplant tattoo all over them.
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    Re-posting this from whenever I first did it. Mini helmets with assorted facemask colors for the Patriots. The red probably looks worst here, but in the context of their uniform, red is clearly the best colour for them. If they removed it there wouldn't be enough red on the uniform I don't get the logic of that. Red is their tertiary (at best) color. If you think the Patriots need a red mask because their uniform doesn't otherwise have enough red, then you should think the Bills and Giants need a red mask, the Dolphins and Bears need an orange mask, the Chargers need a yellow or powder blue mask, the Panthers need a light blue mask, the Vikings and Chiefs need a gold mask, the Seahawks need a neon green mask, etc. These are all teams with a trim color that is relatively under-represented on the uniform. And in all cases, making the facemask a color that doesn't appear that strongly in the uniform would be a bad choice. Just like it is for the Patriots. Navy is easily the best choice by far. Gray would be second.
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    hahaha "first few weeks of May"........ 4 months later......."we decided we don't want a new court design anymore, thanks for the submissions!"
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    lol those are the only options. To windell: on the image, under Tokyo's logo, it says ASIAN CHAMPION, and I suggest taking off the N and making it ASIA CHAMPION.
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    I always thought Scottsdale Community College had a great modern look, THE ARTICHOKES! Their home look is nice, or at least they have a very unique helmet being the frills of an artichoke. SCC also had an all gray look Complete with awesome chrome artichoke helmet.
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    Go nuts http://www.mediafire.com/download/f9t1f2g6qco6uzs/NewTemplate.svg I made a nike, adidas, and puma specific template. Then a generic one for all your new balances, UA, and Kappas. I included several band logos at the bottom. There's also an alternate collared shirt for each too. I've played with all of them so they should be fine, let me know!
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    No. No we didn't and would never. I'm perfectly happy with the Sharks having zero Cups. I was ecstatic to beat the 2009 Presidents Trophy Sharks as an 8-seed. I was borderline livid losing that series to the Kings in that fashion on home ice to end Teemu's career then see those asshats go on to win a third Game 7 and another Cup. None of what you said really exists here. There are those "oh I root for both!" people, but they're a small minority that should be lit on fire. No.
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    Uh... yeah True, but the NCAA's corruption looks like amateur hour, pun intended, compared to FIFA (in fact pretty much everyone is an amateur compared to FIFA). I mean the NCAA has not been responsible for thousands of deaths, displacing thousands from their homes, creating kangaroo courts that convict men to prison for 15+ years in under two days, etc... etc...
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    I feel sorry for the Hornets, Pelicans, Magic, Clippers and Pacers. Silly me, I forgot Cleveland.
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    If the Patriots were to get rid of the red mask they would have to find a place for more red on the jersey/pants. The grey and blue masks just make the set look dull to me.
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    Yeah, as a Rams fan, I could see where that would feel comfortable I haven't played Madden for a little while now. The latest version I have is 12 and that was for PS2. However, I usually had a franchise mode in 11 in which I had control of every team. The farthest I went was around Super Bowl LV. All I can remember from that series was that the Vikings, Eagles, BROWNS, Patriots, and Broncos were the dominate forces. The reason I controlled every team was because I wanted to have control of the trades, free agent signings, draft picks, and relocation if it ever occurred. I was also running a Dynasty mode on NCAAF 11 as well where I would control one team from every conference + an independent. In no time at all, I had the Ohio Bobcats, Navy Midshipmen, and Mid Tennessee State fighting for a national championship alongside Wisconsin, Nebraska, Boise State, and Florida State. I would always make sure that my non-conference games were against some of the other top CPU-controlled teams such as Ohio State and Alabama to ensure that my teams had the perfect resume come BCS time. Back to Madden, it got to the point where practically every team was at the point of relocation. I remember relocating Pittsburgh to Boston, Tampa Bay to Austin, and Oakland to Vegas. The only way I was able to do all of this was to simulate the games. I had A LOT of free time throughout Jr. High
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    Any word on the FIFA officials, upon learning they were going to be arrested, if they fell to the ground in pain before the cuffs were placed on them?
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    These uniforms are incredible
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    99% of my work is in Banking compliance (including limited AML and FCPA work)... This whole situation fascinates me. My business life and sports life rarely, if ever, intersect. That being said - where was the Audit and Compliance committee in all of this? They have a presentation online talking about "self regulation" that was published last year. The main question was, is it still sustainable for FIFA to be a self-regulating body. I guess the answer is a loud "No". Reading the (probably) limited charter on FIFA's website for the A&C Committee, it looks like there was a tone at the top where compliance was not a priority to "upper management". Only making sure the final financial statements are right is mentioned in there, that should be the tip of the iceberg for a compliance committee - especially considering FIFA probably has limited users depending on their financials. Please, pass the popcorn on this one! /compliancegeekmode
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    Hmmm, I'll see what I can do. I don't know how I feel about a neon color, personally, but maybe I'm just too old-school. That is sharp. Love all versions in this thread, great work.
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    I like how the template jumps out... I can get used to it, as far as the font on the old jerseys.
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    The Steelers could pull off gray facemasks pretty easily, just like they did in the 70s. The gray facemask would complement the gray outline of the logo. Being able to pull it off and improving the look are two different things.. Everyone used to wear grey masks because that's the only color that existed, but even some "newer" teams like Miami have been around since the grey only era, so it's not like it's really that much of a "classic" thing.. At this point, it just looks cheap and lazy unless it truly improves the look.. The Steelers in anything other than black is a downgrade
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    Passing a flaming basketball on a toilet seat, the new Taco Bell slogan
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    You've got quite a lot going on here! I love how you re-incorporated red piping and trim as well as red socks into the home white jerseys, something that I wish the Indians never would have gotten rid of. The blue piping on the road grays is a nice touch too. The cream alternates look WAY better with the old-school style hats with red bills on them! The "Indians" script on the road gray jersey looks good but I wish they would have kept the word "Cleveland" in the same type of cursive font, as I think it matches better and is a more consistent look. The blue alternates look really good too and the red piping really makes the lettering standout well. I don't care for the red alternates though. Seems a little too loud for my taste. Finally, I love how you went back with the "Indians" lettering on the BP jerseys as opposed to the plain old letter "C" that they have now. The block "C" is a great old fashioned look that looks great on the hats, but to me it just doesn't translate as well when blown up onto a jersey. Great stuff overall! I have my own concept for the Tribe and eventually I'll get around to posting it when I get to the AL jerseys on my MLB Uniform Adjustments and Concepts page. (Shameless self promotion.)
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    What the hell is this logo supposed to be? I need help. I don't know if somebody already answered this, but I shall do it anyways! It has wings and a basketball because they're a basketball team called the Hawks, and hawks are birds with wings. The flame is supposed to create negative space inside the trapezoid shape to create the visual of an 'A' for Atlanta. Why a flame? Because back in the Civil War Atlanta was burned to the ground by General Sherman in his march to the sea. After, Atlanta has risen from the ashes of their previous city and returned, hence why they call themselves "The Phoenix City." Because a phoenix is a mythical bird that never fully dies, but instead burns to ashes when it dies, and resurrects from its own ashes. This also helps explain how the Calgary Flames got their name, since they moved to Calgary from Atlanta in the late 80's, and were the Atlanta Flames prior. It also explains the future Atlanta soccer team's heavy consideration for being named the Atlanta Phoenix. Hope somebody read all that and helped somebody. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Thanks for the info, very helpful . . . Still a :censored:ing :censored:ty logo though
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    Honestly, this actual news is good. Soccer, at the end of the day, will be around for centuries... it's really not going away nor can it be dragged down by a handful of bureaucratic clownshoes. Ppl talk about American football as being bigger than its league, 'the shield', & that's true enough to a point. Soccer? Child please, this is a drop in the bucket. Maybe they should ban them for 4 days' work, take away their parking spaces, & fine them a million dollars yes?
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    The train's never late! AHAHAHAHAHAHA ahaha.... ha.............. I'm sad now.
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    That's a nice logo and I really like that first color scheme you had going. I went to your Behance page to compare your project to his "project" and I'm thinking -- Ooh this is cool. Click. Oh, I like this too. Click. Wow, look at this one! Click. -- There's so much good stuff on there. You can tell he just used the paint bucket tool to swap colors by all of the rough edges. I also noticed he went ahead and "borrowed" your Lions wordmark while he was at it. I'm guessing the culprit is a kid.
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    Uhg... that orange totally does not match the passion of the City. The new orange is oranger!
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    LOL freakin awesome nuff said
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    CFL time! EAST DIVISION Ottawa Rough Riders/ Renegades/ REDBLACKS : Jackson 1960's era Montreal Alouettes: 1970's/ 2010 retro Hamilton Tiger Cats: late 1990's early 2000's Toronto Argonauts: 2012- present WEST DIVISION Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 70's and 80's, 2010 retro, current third Saskatchewan Roughriders: 1960's, 70's, 80's and current third Edmonton Eskimos: 2012-pres Calgary Stampeders: 2014 Signature B.C. Lions: 2013/14 Signature
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    Sorry, Jason! No hard feelings! I had to do it.
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    I prefer the new one, it's a lot less red looking which makes it more unique IMO. 1996 just kind of looks like a typical red-white-blue team. I think one of the things I like about the Western Conference is that it has a lot more unconventional and interesting colour schemes than the east, and the Avs update is a big part of that.
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    I just don't see how a team.with those hideous bumble bee throwbacks that they wear twice a year can be ranked #1.
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    There is more orange on the bill of the hat than there is on that entire Dolphins jersey...The old jerseys didnt even have that much orange on them i still dont see why there are so many complaints on that
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    Arizona Diamondbacks:
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    I think that's a good question and a fair one. And you've pretty much already hit on the answer in your earlier post. Nobody EVER came to me with dissatisfaction with the lineart. Let's get that out of the way. And while I have honed my skills over time, I did not obsess over any imperfections in the Moose logo in any George Lucas....gotta fix it....sort of way. So neither party (I think it's fair to say) was angling for tweaks. Secondly, any tweaks that were eventually made were 100% mutual. I don't think anyone seriously would advocate a professional team rocking a 13 color palette. So if you intend to streamline or unify the colors at all...you have to explore knocking some of them out. And you (IMO) do that very carefully. You don't simply recolor. You nudge and massage and delicately figure out a line art solution that let's you drastically simplify the palette while being faithful to the original. And that's what I meant when I said I was proud of how it turned out. I changed A LOT. Not a couple of things. Not here or there. Almost every line and shape. And yet in the end it's a simpler and tighter file in every way, but if you glance at it (lineart-wise, not colors) it's essentially the same. The mood, pose, feel; everything feels the same about it. But it's just a tighter, better, more workable file. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back, but I think the conversion is in the same spirit anyway as maybe the Arizona Cardinals or the Seahawks. Those updates were on my mind the whole time. Like I said earlier. That's fair. That's an opinion. That's a larger issue that you're free to take as a sports and logo fan. If you disagree with any affiliate using parent colors there's little I can do to change your mind. For this? I think it makes all kinds of sense. If you don't mind the palette overlap but wish the jersey were different? That's a reasonable opinion to have too. I like that they are the same. Honestly. And even if I did not, every project has parameters and particular challenges. It seems a little lost in the shuffle that this too was a QUICK turnaround for the team, the league, the vendor. You could say, "Hey, they're wearing Jets jerseys with a new crest!" Or you could say, "Hey, they're wearing IceCaps jerseys with a new crest!" and you'd both be correct. Yes? Not sure why the Milwaukee Bucks (as a point of contrast) get the benefit of the doubt for putting THEMSELVES in a time crunch. While teams in a real time crunch maybe don't quite get the same benefit of the doubt. Talking now about all relocations...not just the Moose. The real world , operational concerns and efficiency, logistical hurdles and timelines...all of it always plays a part. And I'm only writing anything here at all so you guys know it was always in good hands every step of the way. This was by no means an intern and a recolor. I chopped a little out of the response, but this gives me what I see as insight into your feelings on the Bucks' reveal. I assume you already had the Moose done or nearing completion, and thus knew that the Bucks' designers response was total BS since you had accomplished what they said they couldn't. Very awesome insight into the process. Thanks for sharing.
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    Over 10 years and 20,000 posts? Yeah, I must not have a true interest in logos. Try again dude
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    Is it bad that I can't think of one off hand? What sport does that elephant tusk one play? That actually does have the equipment pictured. It's for a jai alai team.
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