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    I really can't stand the MLS's and its fans insistence that they must be more European. Why must it be called "football" by the hipster fan club scarf toting d-bags? What is so wrong with calling it soccer? I am an FC Dallas fan, but it drives me freaking nuts that its not SC Dallas. We are playing soccer aren't we? Sporting KC? That doesn't even make sense. MLS didn't have this issue in the Dallas Burn days. I just don't get it. If you want soccer to be accepted in America, don't act like its some foreign niche game owned by a bunch of Europeans.
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    Pictures from my big night at Centurylink The really cool framed poster they gave me. Even cooler that it'll forever be associated with a W. VIP and the blank Sounders jersey I found for $20 I had a fun time. It's like any other sport - much better in person.
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    I'm going to call them the "Atlanta Avengers". The shield just makes it easier to do so...
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    It looks like the image you'd see in this forum in a thread titled "Tweaking the NBA" and the subtitle "25/30" Raptors are now up!" It looks like a failed China counterfeit
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    Hopefully a little more maize in the away jersey. They look a bit like Penn State. Well, yeah... except for the maize pants and instantly recognizable helmet. Viewing the jerseys by themselves isn't the point... and, besides "looks like Penn State" sounds like a complement.
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    "I'm just middle aged! I can't be held responsible for robbing the US Mint. BTDubs the art on these dollar bills suck, yo. And I should know, I once drew a stick figure of Lincoln."
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    I'M BACK! Now lets get down to business: As requested: What I came up with: (Assuming number preference, but it can be changed if needed) Sorry I couldn't update it with another cup... I was rooting for them too. Take whichever you like:
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    this was too good not to share
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    Overheard in the newsroom I work at: "So for this Clippers thing, which logo should I use? The "LAC" or the one that says "Clippers"?" "They both suck" "They both do suck"
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    The last uniforms unveiling was a deception for me. Many many fans are asking the Als to get back to the great late 70's unis and they denied.
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    Except that it doesn't suck. It's far, far, far better than the messy throwback script.
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    Wait guys....Teal doesn't like these. Does that mean they're actually good?????
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    It's a shame they're sticking with the skeleton look.
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    I also mentioned I'd rather have the Brady/Navarre uniforms back first, there, homeskool.
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    Why would they switch for these? They look like a really cheap knockoff of the last jerseys... I can't believe this is the real thing. I mean, these are almost identical but with some minor changes that are all downgrades.
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    I commented on his whole project with "My favorite part of this project is the work Diego did first." I got a nice laugh out of that... Just waiting to see how he responds haha.
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    I'd rather they use a uniform ad then change the team's color scheme to an advertisment for a company. I can't believe Nike had the *censored*ing nerve to compare a team wearing one of their national colors as a uniform to them literally abadoning the nation's colors to promote themselves. This is a new low even for them. Yup, cant waaaaait for them to take over the NBA, just like how they were gonna save the NFL, right guys?
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    It helps elevate the level of the league. Now I do agree that if they are fc then they should probably be sc, however it is still "football". Soccer isn't even an American word, it's actually a British term that puts the suffix "er" on a shortened version of association (soc+cer) as in association football. Sporting JC does make sense it's a sporting club, it has the soccer team but also helps promote other sports like lacrosse. I played in the KC lacrosse championship which was put up in sporting park. It like sporting Lisbon or any other sporting club. The thing is soccer is growing in America and people like the more European style names with obviously home influence. Atlanta will be called Atlanta united which I don't like they haven't merged anything, but one of their proposed names Atlanta rise sc which would been a good mix of American style and european
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    Yeesh, how embarrassing. I have much to learn about Keith Hernandez. I only know him from the Mets and Seinfeld.
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    What's even better, is that his other project is not completely original either. He mentions, "Diego Guevara" as inspiration for his Atlantic City FC project. Diego's logo: Jamgo's logo: At least he acknowledged it this time...I guess.
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    Someone should enlighten him about the law not discriminating by age.
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    First person I've heard say this. I could see the red uniform being an improvement over the "Toga" but the white road an improvement over this? Respectfully disagree. I really think this uniform needs to come back with the matching black counterpart. Their very first set may very well be the Senators' best look. I hated when they added white to the black jersey. I wouldn't be mad against bringing something similar back using the updated 2d logo. That includes the S-wing (?) shoulder logo. As for the anniversary logo, I'm guessing that isn't the actual patch they will put on the jersey and more just for putting on banners and posters, which would be kinda okay. Speaking of their anniversary, it would be a perfect time to make a jersey switch.
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    I'm sitting here watching the 1974 MLB All-Star Game on YouTube, and a few random thoughts came to mind... 1. I really like uniforms without NOB's. Especially those teams that used 10" numbers and had to shrink them to make room for the name. 2. At one point in the game, Joe Garagiola says over a shot of Thurman Munson, "for a catcher, he sure can run," to which I sadly immediately thought, "Yeah. Too bad he couldn't fly." 3. Three Rivers Stadium, by today's standards, was CAVERNOUS. 4. Seeing Reggie Jackson swinging a bat at as Oakland A is a treat, but seeing Whitey Herzog and Frank Robinson in Angels uniforms caught me off-guard.
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    For what it's worth I've been mildly interested in handing off the NFL's Alternate Universe series for a while now for the sake of seeing it finally get it's due and get finished. I'm intrigued at the thought of seeing what someone else could do with it while following along with the guidelines and ideas that I give them...similar to Lucas handing over the Star Wars franchise
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    Theories: They submitted all designs to census groups to see which garnered the most reaction. Whether it was good or bad reaction, they were just going for which one stimulated discussion. CLActangle was unanimously the central focus of all laughter and conversation, being the unfortunate disgrace that it is, and they figured "at least people will be talking about it." The new owner's kid made this on msPaint and he went with that because screw everyone else. The new ownership wanted to get attention away from the Sterling stuff and figured the easiest way to do that was to shock their fans with an abhorrent design. They basically sacrificed their aesthetic dignity for short-term profits of reporters asking different questions. Everyone associated with the Clippers is retarded, and they have no idea what they're doing.
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    A lot of places like to use vector images, so I'd suggest learning the pen tool in illustrator. In a similar vein, the photoshop pen tool also works wonders when selecting pieces of an image, say isolating a football player from the rest of an image. Otherwise, there's hundreds, if not thousands of YouTube tutorials. If you're like me, it's easy to get lost in YouTube, so when you find some free time just check out some videos and practice. Also, if it's an ad agency, one of the underrated aspects of ad/layout design is the typeface. Browse for different fonts and font types to use in your work. You can make a great looking, dynamic piece, but if the type doesn't fit the subject properly, it will hurt.
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    Oh lawdy that is turrible. Jus turrible
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    That bucks helmet is absolutely STUNNING the Irish rainbow looks amazing
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    Argos' white helmets should be their regulars. + bring back the boat logo please... That would instantly be in my top 10 logos in all of sports.
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    That's a shame. That was my go-to car on the Nascar 2003 game
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    A bad day for Adidas is always a good day.
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    Just came across this thread and it is one of my personal favorite soccer threads. I live in central PA and have been to many of the cities that have teams and the team names and colors fit the cities very well. Nice Job and can't wait to see the New England league
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    Good news for my other fav college (behind my alma mater, TN). Now, both my schools are in Nike, where they belong.
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    So file this into the list of things that will never happen, but I would love to see: Next year, instead of the star spangled jersey and hat, just have each team wear a hat with a flag patch and a flag patch on the sleeve of their jersey, but with a catch - they wear the flag of the country when their home state joined the union. It'd be interesting, and give a bit of history and diversity. It'd break down like this: Either that, or all the teams should just wear throwbacks on the 4th. Enough of this craziness though. This is the year they officially went overboard. They looked like clowns.
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    All established traditions have to start somewhere; that was my point. Being that women's soccer is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, that World Cup victory yesterday may be the beginning of a new established look. I don't expect any other team or organization associated with the US to start wearing these colors, but I can somewhat understand the thought behind the USWNT owning this look.
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    Fontbonne is outstanding. HUGE upgrade from their current logo. I'm loving all these, keep it up!
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    Foreshadowing a Stadium Series appearance?
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    Look, children. It's a falling star! Make a wish!
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    What a uniform mismatch. The Argos would have one of the best uniforms in the NFL; Saskatchewan looks like a high school team ripping off the Broncos.
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    I mean, c'mon folks. This has got to be one of the worst things to ever happen in uniform history. edit: I've decided I'm not done. This is the worst branding/"logo" in the modern era at the big 4 level, and let's define the 'modern era' from around 1992-onward. It's not even a logo. It's 3 letters awkwardly masturbated into a rounded rectangle. The wordmark is copypasta from every EA Sports game from the last decade. The jerseys...my god, the uniforms are just awful. Nothing is arranged properly. The logo looks like a crappy patch but then you have the number of equal size next to it?! The black involved is just...just garbage. This design so sickens me that I can't even begin to find the words. Basically this is not a design, or branding, or a logo, or anything -- it's nothing. There's no skill involved in its creation, no love or feeling or passion. No effort. It's the branding equivalent of putting a spoonful of plain water in your mouth. It's not a drink, but it's not a meal. It's not even soup. It's just water being put into your mouth via spoon. It doesn't even have any character to speak of or defining characteristics that make it unique. It's so hollow that I can't begin to believe that it's real, yet there it is on a ing NBA uniform. If I was a Clippers fan, this would genuinely make me abandon the franchise. Losing or winning, Blake Griffin or CP3, it's embarrassing to root for a team that looks like that. It's awful.
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    Favorite jazz uniform of all time right there My sympathies to you both.
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    Eh, nothing can salvage that logo.
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    I made this, because I loved the suggestion. Here's a retro remake of the Black Fauxback jersey for Philly. Los Angeles Clippers Next! C&C Please!
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    I smell a lawsuit. Maybe EA finally do something good for people. The funny thing is...EA Sports will find a way to screw up the new uniforms in NBA Live 16.
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