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    Nah if they're going Navy and Yellow something like these would be better IMO. This is beautiful. No, THIS is beautiful... No that looks like a hurriedly put into production jersey for an expansion team... which is probably what it was given the year they first wore it.
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    I got a really cool PM this afternoon from Darknes, in ref to the Orebro Svartfodman. He had written a chant, that Black Riverman supporters began chanting during the 1972 season... here it is presented as it should be.
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    Gary's in!Did somebody say strip malls in a suburban area?!
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    The amount of awesome contained in that shot cannot be quantified. It is THE picture to represent FIFA and Sepp Blatter perfectly. One minor nitpick though...if the money is fake anyway, dude should have used $100 bills.
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    Those aren't remotely the same issue. The Wild have been called that for fifteen years now. Let it go.
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    Italy's away shirt for the EURO 16 has been leaked. It's seriously the best Italy jersey I've seen.
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    Correlation ≠ Causation. Simple as that. Just because teams won in traditional looking uniforms doesn't mean the uniforms had anything to do with it. I won't even call that a dumb argument ... it's just dumb.
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    "The cut lines on Miami's shoulders call to mind the iconic way the cocaine trade in Miami thrives by cutting lines."
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    I was just messing around with some countries and may later turn it into a new topic and concept but for now I am just posting my concept for United States. I wanted to bring gold into their uniform so I contributed that into the Home uniform. I also wanted to bring the Away uniform back to blue since I thought it looked very classy. I was contemplating just doing the red and white horizontal stripes but everyone seems to do that so instead I did a light darker blue stripes in the Away. Enjoy!
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    ^ Also, the baseline text is the actual font, rather than Agency.
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    The new font is definitely a better looking for the Steelers, and I like that the full stripes are back. I really like how you have the logo on the opposite side of the yellow and gray helmets also. My only suggestion would be to swap the facemask colors of the gray and black helmets so they match the shell. Nice job.
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    Those are fairly good matchups for the CFL. When Calgary sticks to the R-R-B combo, they look pretty good. Blue bombers look good contrasting them
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    Since the Redskins can't wear those beautiful simulated leather helmets due to the 'one-helmet rule', what they should do is when wearing the throwback jerseys remove the stripes and current logo from their burgundy helmet and replace it with the same retro logo that is sewn into the sleeves. The contrasting logos look silly. This would be the perfect helmet for their throwbacks... Granted it is a different shade of red and doesn't meet the one helmet rule. . Your concept work looks pretty good, except for the QB who is nothing but a 1-year wonder and a coach-killer. I really wish this 'one helmet' rule would go bye-bye, then they could wear those simulated leather helmets and we can see alot more throwbacks which I like alot, such as Atlanta's and Dallas'. Even though Dallas wore more of a royal blue in '60-'63, not navy.
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    I might get boiled alive for this, but...40 years later? The tequila sunrise is still a gaudy, eye-searing uniform. There's never any decade that will look good in.The Rangers look okay, though. Those uniforms weren't great by any means, but they weren't horrible, either. Just okay.
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    Fantastic. That steel gray really gives that Pittsburgh feeling with a great uniform
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    Boise State to the PAC-12!! That program just has a big time feel that surrounds it, and there is not doubt they deserve it.
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    Powder blue thankfully does not appear to be part of the Padres new color palette if their website it to be believed. So it's just Navy and Yellow. Nah if they're going Navy and Yellow something like these would be better IMO. This is beautiful. Definitely won't be mistaken for any other team that's for sure.
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    They should just burn their entire collection and start over SERIOUSLY
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    TV numbers on KU and UMass?!? What a are you doing Adidas? Your supposed to never do anything right.
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    London's expansion mates should be Helsinki...cover all four Scandanavian nations here to reaffirm that the league will honor its roots.
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    You know how they'll fix that? Slashes through them.
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    Am I the only one that thinks Kansas can get away with some chrome? Now I agree chrome numbers are overkill, and chrome silver has no place in their color scheme, but the blue and red they use looks GORGEOUS in chrome. Now that red uni they used last year? Ridiculous. But I do think that Kansas can pull chrome off a lot of the time. Did I say chrome enough times? Chrome.
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    All in all, I genuinely thought "not too bad a list" until I saw the Predators ranked #11, and the Ducks ranked #16. The Ducks don't even belong in the top 30; I'd rank them out of the NHL and in between a few AHL messes, for pete's sake. It's pretty hard to rank NHL uniforms, because I truly think there are so many good ones. But that also means it shouldn't be hard to catch the few bad ones and throw them into their rightful place in the bottom crap zone.
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    Their main objection to the Sharks is that they're teal and they claim it doesn't work? I'm sorry but that's been the defining characteristic of their uniforms for over 20 years now, and it's worked wonderfully since day 1.
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    Nah if they're going Navy and Yellow something like these would be better IMO.
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    This has got to be one of the best pictures in the history of sports management
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    With what environment does that actually camouflage?
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    What software do you use to get the digital version so clean and sharp? (Can't depict individual pixels)
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    My fear as well. These 1000 slashes across the uniform will probably happen and one of them will be across Sparky...Or make them look like the LA Kiss
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    They also picked the same team to both finish last in its division and have the first team QB. SECMD voters make no sense. Well, to be fair, that Western Division is going to be really, really competitive. Any of the 7 teams can either be in first place or in last and it not be surprising. Prescott is, far and away, the best QB in the conference. There are a ton of question marks at QB in the SEC this season.
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    Indians "blood clot" uniform. Nuggets "skyline" uniform. Sixers "waterfall" jersey. Buccaneers "steaming pile of crap" uniform (current one - possibly not an official nickname - but should be)
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    The history of a relocated team should always go to the league and remain dormant until a new team is placed in that city. No one in Dallas/Raleigh/Winnipeg gives a good f-ck about anything that happened on the ice in Minnesota/Hartford/Atlanta. i ask for the second time in this thread, what are you basing this opinion on? do you know a lot of stars fans, or attend a lot of stars games? do you have a good understanding of the stars fan base from some other source? i'm in dallas... and i'm a big dallas stars fan. i own multiple north stars jerseys/hats, and wear them interchangeably with dallas stars stuff. i'm not alone... a sizable portion of the stars fanbase wears north stars stuff in the stands every night, and they sell quite well in the pro-shop. stars fans consider the stars franchise to be one entity that stretches back to the 1967 expansion. people wear dino ciccarelli jerseys to stars/predators games... just because you arbitrarily decided that people in dallas SHOULDN'T care about the minnesota north stars doesn't mean that they DON'T care about them. it is quite the opposite, despite your profane assertion that we don't care. i can't argue that people in winnipeg care about the thrashers, or that people in new jersey care about the rockies... i'm not familiar enough with the fanbase to argue that they're anything like the stars, though i assume they aren't... but that is likely due to how the team introduced itself to the new city. some teams come in and completely rebrand everything, treat their team like an expansion team, and even unretire numbers. other teams do not. the stars treated relocation the same way the san francisco giants, los angeles dodgers, indianapolis colts, arizona cardinals, etc treated their relocation... some teams opt for the phoenix coyotes, new orleans pelicans, baltimore ravens, washington nationals mentality. i think a lot of it has to do with the sense of entitlement of the new city. winnipeg, for example, seems like a fanbase that is almost "too good" to celebrate the history of the atlanta thrashers... the nationals play up the history of DC baseball and ignore the quebecois legacy of the expos... the stars fanbase, on the other hand, feel fortunate to have inherited one of the most iconic and beloved NHL franchises of the modern era. everything that "traditional hockey fans" love about the north stars is exactly what texas hockey fans love about the north stars. why distance yourself from that greatness, when you have every right to embrace it? i'm glad the stars honor and respect their heritage the way they do. and after over 20 years of celebrating the legacy that we inherited, don't hold your breath for us to throw it away now just to fit your narrative.
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    "Adidas" is a common nickname for ugly uniforms.
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    Maybe not but take a look at every national champion from 1991 to now. Notice a trend? Every champ outside Miami 2001 has worn classic uniforms. I mean that's pretty uncanny irregardless of what impact one attributes to unis. But maybe Oregon finally kicks the door in for Team Fashion. Irregardless is not a word. "Regardless" means the exact same thing, so the "ir" is irrelevant. Grammar duty done for the day.
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    These are "God awful"...?
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    I think it's the Remparts jersey with the Nordiques logo digitally inserted. Quebecor, who wants to bring the Nordiques back, also own the Remparts and will be playing in the new arena. I love that subtle end shot of that video with the guy in the Nordiques jersey. I think it is just a slightly edited Remparts jersey. Why the CCM is on the front, I have no idea, unless, they edited their one game only Memorial Cup jersey they wore back in May. I hope Quebec gets their team back. They have great fans there and they will do a lot better than some franchises have in the past few years. I much prefer the blue one. The main stripe should never be the same colour as the rest of the uniform. Great to see that the logo is Johnny Canuck. I also love the striping. The fact that the green doesn't bleed into the blue makes it that much better. Even the silver is a nice touch. As for the Canucks' state of the union summit, the comment made by the fan who asked Linden the logo question was very spot on. The Canucks need a logo that says "Canucks Hockey" and not a reminder of the previous Orca Bay ownership. What Chief Operating Officer, Victor de Bonis said about the "orca not going anywhere" and what the club will eventually do down the road are entirely two different things. However, the reason he gave for keeping the orca is that "it's what the 25-and-under fans have ever known. The kids, the grandkids". Really?? What a lame excuse for keeping a logo that's irrelevant to the club's name and heritage. He even got out of his chair and bellowed, "WHAT ABOUT FIN? WHAT ABOUT FIN?" Had I been in attendance, I would have told de Bonis that both the Winnipeg Jets and Seattle Mariners have a moose mascot and neither of their logos feature a moose. Great sports franchises have a brand that represent the majority of their fan base, not one that caters to one particular demographic or two. The majority of a team's fan base is obviously over the age of 25. Those long-time fans need to have their voices heard first. I was 27 at the time when the Canucks ditched the Skate logo. As much as I loved the identity of the '94 Cup finalist team, I was more than accepting to say good-bye to it if Johnny Canuck, the Stick in Rink or even a 'V' logo with "CANUCKS" on the inside had been the new logo. Only to be hugely disappointed that Orca Bay had put it's corporate animal in the Canucks' identity. Keep in mind too that there are teams that gradually promote a third jersey to primary status. I wouldn't be surprised if de Bonis was simply biting his tongue on what is really going on behind the scenes. As a fellow Canuck fan, in my early 20's, I can honestly tell you that I do not care for the Orca. I grew up with it and even when I was younger, I still much preferred and still do to this day, all of their older looks over the entire Orca era. If the Canucks do promote their third jersey, they need to lose the Agency Font pronto. That font is terrible. If the Canucks keep the blue and green, I hope they bring back the 40th Anniversary jersey. Say what you want about the Original Stick'n'Rink logo but that jersey is outstanding. If the Canucks come out with a new alternate, I hope they finally attempt a jersey with Johnny Canuck. It's time for the Canucks to change one of their three main jerseys. A little off topic from recent talk on here but is anyone starting to think the Ducks are just bringing back their Stadium Series jersey as their new third jersey? I hope that they don't because that jersey was so plain and boring. I wonder if Frederick Andersen's helmet might have leaked it. You know, the one with the orange jersey that had the Mighty Ducks logo on the front. I'm pretty sure it is not that but that wouldn't be a bad choice though.
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    yeah the Rams will be interesting. Will they be their current vegas gold? or will he decide to go with something like the Rams current alternate jersey? Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner. St. Louis Rams (16/32) Things I kept: Helmet. Like the Bengals, it is a unique and iconic design element. No need to change it.Logo. I think the current Rams logo did it perfectly.Things I changed: The set was based on the current throwbacks/90's uniforms, with inspiration taken from both the current set and the old blue and white Rams. The basic design is that of the 90's Rams, but with the current blue. The road jersey is just blue and white as an homage to the old uniforms. And with that, we are halfway done unveiling all of the concepts. Before I post the next team, I'll quickly go back over each team and make sure I know what changes I should make.
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    I do like the colors and the kits, but not crazy about the logo. I don't see it as an upgrade over what Nashville FC already has:
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    I'm going to be unpopular with this opinion, but I LOVE the color scheme for this logo. Sure, it may not have brown, but it's still perfect for the Padres. The blue makes me think of ocean waves, the yellow makes me think of the bright rays of the sun.... I'm super excited to see how the Padres incorporate this beautiful color scheme into their next rebrand!
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    So a team with a bright green uniform with traditional stripes and a star themed logo would look nothing like another team with a bright green uniform with traditional stripes and a star themed logo. OK. Those teams were founded more than a century ago when there were different sensibilities in place. In this day and age, having the Stars and the North Stars with not only similar names but with similar uniforms, logos and colours would create brand confusion. It's bad enough that we already have the Blues and Blue Jackets in the NHL. We don't need more similarly named teams in the same league.
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    TEAL AND PINK I LOVE IT the color distribution looks really really good and the clash kit is a beauty
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    You can add all the funny pics you want, but that era in 49ers uniform history is flawless. That was a perfect example of how to modernize an old look. The black color addition goes perfectly with the dark red. The red facemask is light years better than the horrible grey facemasks. The "SF" intertwined into the sleeve stripes looks great. Even the gold trim around the numbers and finished with the black shadow is flawless. It was a tragedy when they got rid of these.
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    Adobe has some decent apps if you have a CC subscription. Illustrator Draw and Illustrator Line are useful. Paper is a great app for sketching (to go with your pencil).
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